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January 8, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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January 8, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2010 9 Outdoor recreation and safety tips from GNF 'Information courtesy GILA NA- one who knows the area or at least medical conditions, discuss your Wear appropriate clothing TIONAL FORESTISilverCity speak with those who do before plans with your health care pro- for the trail conditions and sea- The .most effective way to you set out. If an area is closed, vider and get approval before son. prevent mishaps is to adeqpately do not go there. Know ahead of departing. Make sure you have Check your equipment prepare for the trip. Knowledge time the location of the nearest the skills you need for your camp- Keep your equipment in of the area, weather, ter- ing or hiking adven- good Working order. Inspect it rain, limitations of your ture. You may need before your trip. Do not wait un- body, plus a little com- to know how to read til you are at the trailhead. Be sure men sense can help to a compass,'erect a to pack emergency signaling de- ensure a safe and enjoy- temporary shelter, or vices. able trip. give fii'st aid. Prac- Be weather wise Travel with acom- tice your skills in Keep an eye on current and panion advance. If your trip predicted weather conditions. In You don't want to will be strenuous, this area, weather can change very be by yourself in case of get into good physi- quickly. Know the signs for ap- .an emergency. Leave a cal condition before preaching storms or changing ' copy of your itinerary setting out. If you weather conditions. Avoid bare with a responsible per- plan to climb or ridge tops, exposed places, lone son. Include such details . ..... travel to high alti- trees, streams, and rocks during 'as the make, year, andli-  . tudes, make plans lightning storms. Find shelter in cense plate of your car, for proper acclima- a densely forested area at a lower the equipment you're '.  tization to ttie alti- elevation Even irrthe summer. bringing, the weather tude. exposure to wind and rain can you've anticipated, and when telephone or ranger station in Think about your footing result in hypothermia. 'you plan to return. If you'!l be case an emergency does occur on while traveling. Learn basic first aid entering a remote area, your group your trip. Think about your footing Learn basic first aid so you hould have a minimum'of four . Be in ;cod physical condi- while traveling near cliffs. Trees will know how to identify and people; this way, if one is hurt, tion and bushes Can't always be treat injuries and illnesses. Carry another can stay with the victim Set a comfortable pace as trusted to hold you. Stay on de- a first aid kit with you. Learn how while two go for help. If you'll be you hike. A group trip should be veloped trails Or dry, solid rock to identify the symptoms of heat Violets "Blanca" Jaure going into an area that is unfa- designed for the weakest member areas with good footing, exhaustion, heat stroke, hypoth- miliar to you, take along some- of the group. If you have hay , Wear appropriate clothing know how to treat them.ermia' and dehydration, and 00'aure new mem ber v,"' LE( ;AL NOTICE Make camp before dark Traveling afterdarknesshas HMS mental health staff Lordsburg Hidalgo Library to those broadcast stations li- be approved bya majority resulted in many accidents from Board of Trustees , censed by the Federal Commu- vote of a quorum of the falls, so travel only during day- Resolution No. 121409 nications Commission and other Board of Trustees during light. Set up camp well away from Violets "Blanca" Jaure is the newest member of the mental health WHEREAS, the Lordsburg Hidalgo New Mexico newspapers of gen- theopen meeting.Theau- the edge of cliffs, and learn the staff at Hidalgo Medical Services. She is now seeing patients at the LibraryBoard of Trustees met in regu- eralcirculation which have made thority forthe closed meet- terrain during daylight. If you larsessionattheLordsburgHidalgo a written request for notice of ing and the subjects to be have to leave camp after dark. stay- HMS Lordsburg Clinic and will begin working with students at Library on December 14,2009at5:00 public meetings., discussed shall be stated in areas you have seen in day- School-Based Health Center on the Lordsburg High School campus p.m. as required by law; and 6. For the purpose of special with reasonable specificity light, go with a friend, and always in early January, 2010. WHEREAS, Section 10-15-1(B) of the meetings and emergency meet- in the motion to close and use a good flashlight. Jaure recently ret#rned to her hometown of Silver City, NM after Open Meetings Act (NMSA 1978, ings described in paragraph 3 the vote of each individual Be alert for slippery areas graduating with.her Master's degree in order to be closer to her family Sections 10-15-1 to -4) states that, and 4 of this resolution, notice memberon the motion to Be alert for slippery areas and and give back to the community in- which she primarily grew up, exceptas may beotherwiseprovided requirements are met ifthedate, close shall be recorded in take your time to avoid tripping. Jaure received her Masters degree in Counseling and Educational in the Constitution or the provisions time, place and agenda is pro- the minutes. Only those Low-hanging branches and van- Psychology from New Mexico State Un!versity in 2008. Prior to that. bf the Open Meetings Act, all meet- vided by telephone to the local subjects specified in the able terrains make running un- she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as Chemi- '!ngs Of a quorum of members of any area newspaper of general cir- motion may be discussed safe, and leaves can hide slippery cal Dependency, graduating Cum Laude from Western New Mexico board, council, commission, admin- culation and posted on the public in the closed meeting, areas underneath. )strative adjudicatory body or other bulletin board outside of the b. If the decision to Alcohol and cliffs don't mix! University. ' olicymaking body of any state Or Io- L0rdsburg Hidalgo Library.Tele- hold a closed meeting is If you drink, stay away from Jaure has worked with diverse populations in many different set- ;al.public agency held for the pur- phone notice also shall be given made when the Board of the cliffs. Judgment, agility, and tings and has experience working with family systems, and with chil- ;:ose of formulating public policy, dis- to those broadcast stations It- not in an open balance are all reduced by alco- dren as well as adults. She is currently recognized by the State of New ussing public' business or for the censed by the Federal Commu- meeting, the closed meet- hol consumption. Mexico as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a Li- purpose of taking any action within nications Commission and news- ing shall not be held until Think before you drini! censed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADACI. he authority of or the delegated au- papers of general circulation that public notice, appropriate No matter how clean or pure ,thority of such body, are declared to have made a written request for under the circumstances, stream water looks, it's likely to be public meetings open to the public notice of public meetings, stating the specific provi- contain water-borne parasites and Sell those u nwa nted ite ms at all times; and 7. In addition to the informa- sion of law authorizing the microorganisms that can cause with a Classified Ad in the ,WHEREAS, any meetings subjectto tion specified above, all notices closed meeting and the discomfort and sometimes serious theOpefi Meetings Act at which the shall include the following Inn- subject to be discussed illness. Pack your water in. or  I HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD! discussion or adoption of any pro- guage: with reasonable specificity, purify thrqugh chemical treat- 505:542.8705 posed resolution, rule, regulation or  If you are an individual with is given to the me,mbers ment. formal action occurs shall be held only. a disability who is in need and to the general pJublic. after reasonable no "rice-to the'publi -ofamader, amplifier, quali .... -. -c. .. F O  I o xv. i-n -g and. fled sign language inter- completion of.any closed ,WHEREAS, Section 10-15-1 (D) of the preter or any other form of meeting, the minutes of the Open Meetings Act requires the auxiliary aid or service to open meeting that was Lordsburg Hidalgo Library Board of attend or participate in the closed, or the minutes of Trustees to determine annually what hearing or meetings, please the next open meeting if the constitutes reasonable notice of its contact the Library Direc- closed meeting was sepa- ]oublic meetings; tor at 208 East Third St., rately scheduled, shall NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RE- Lordsburg, New Mexico; at state whether the matters SOLVED by the Lordsburg Hidalgo least one week prior to the discussed in the closed Library Board of Trustees that: meeting or as soon as poe o meeting were limited only 1. All meetings shalrbe held sible. Public documents, to those specified in the . at the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library including the agenda and motion or notice for clo- , at 5:00 p.m., or as i0dicated in minutes, can be provided sure. the meeting notice, in various accessible for. d. Except as pro- 2. Unless otherwise speci- mats. Please contact the vided in Section 10-15- fled, regula r meetings shall be Library Director at the I(H) of the Open Meetings " held each month on the second Lordsburg Hidalgo Library Act, any action taken as a - Monday of the month. The ifasummaryorothertype result of discussion in a agenda will be available at least of accessible format is closed meeting shall me twenty-four hours prior to the needed, made by vote of the meetings at the Lordsburg 8. TheLordsburgHidalgoLi- Lordsburg Hidalgo Library 201 smo 'ree Hidalgo Library, 208 East Third brary Board of Trustees may Board of Trustees in an St., Lordsburg, New Mexico. closeameetingtothepubliconly opening meeting, year for you and your family! Notice of any other regular meet- if the subject matter of such dis- Passedby the Lordsburg Hidalgo ings will be given ten (10) days in cussion or action is expected Library Board of Trustees this day advance, of the meeting date.The from the open meeting require- of December 14, 2009. Smoking Cessahon Classes notice shall indicate how a copy ment under Section 10-15-1 (H) Wilfred F. Lackey of the agenda may be obtained, of the Open Meetings Act.. iresident 3. Special meetings may be a. If any meeting is Lordsburg Hidalgo Library Board of called by the President or a ma- closed during an open Trustees 8-weeksession jority of the members upon three meeting, such closure shall O8c (3) days notice. The notice shall LEq NOTICE include an agenda for the meet- ing or information on how mem- LORDSBURG bers of the public may obtain a STATE OF NEW MEXICO copy of the agenda.The agenda LORDSBURG..O.'.O ..,,,, H M 5 C li n i shall be available to the public at OPEN MEETING NOTICE least twenty-four hours before In compliance with NMSA 1978, Section 10-15-1(C) and Resolution 121409 any special meeting, adoptedbytheLordsburgHidalgoLibraryBoardofTrustees, the following are Every Monday starting Jan. 11 4. Emergency meetings will the dates and time of the.regular meetings to be held during the CalendarYear : be called only under unforeseen 2010. 5:30pm to 7:00pm circumstances which demand Date Time . immediate action to protect the January 11 'h :00pm 575-542-8384 th * health, safety and property of the February 8 5:00 p.m. , citizens or to protect the public March 8 t" 5:00 p.m. ; body from substantial financial April 12" 5:00 p.m. Food will be provided " loss.The Lordsburg Hidalgo Li- May 10 th 5:00 p.m. ' braryBoarddfTruste, es will avoid June 14 'h 5:00p.m. at all sessions. Come th ," emergency meetings whenever July 12 (Annual Meeting 5:00 p.m. and let us help you '" possible. Emergency meetings August 9 th 5:00 p.m. : may be called by the President September 13 'h 5:00 p.m. with your New Years '4 . or a majority of the members October 12 th (Tuesday) 5:00p.m. Resolution today! " upon twenty-four (24) hours no- November 8th 5:00 p.m. -. tice, unless threat of personal December 14 th 5:00p.m. injury or property damage re- Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the members qureessnticeThenoticefrbygiVingnessthanthree(3)daysadVanCentiCeEergencymeting HIIS ,* all emergency meetings shall in- may be called by the President or a majority of the members by giving no less '; clude an agenda for the meeting than twenty-four (24) hours advance notice. An agenda will be available at the or information on howthe public Library twenty-four (24) hours before the meetings.Thetimeandplaceofany HIDALGO MEDICAL SERVICES may obtain a copy of the agenda, special and/or emergency meetings will be posted on the public bulletin board i ;" 5. For the purposes of regu- outside the door of the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library, 208 EastThird St, Lordsburg, " - ." lar meetings described in pars- NewMexico. graph 2 of this resolution, notice * If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of a reader, amplifier, IIJ: .  requirements are met if notice of qualified sign language interpreter or any other form of auxiliary aid or service ou..s tsouRct CErIR . the date, time, place and agenda to attend or participate in the hearing or meetings, please contact the Library is placed in the local area news- Director at 208 East Third St., Lordsburg, New Mexico, at least one week prior .,.; . , . ,  .... .. ,,, : = ,-_- '" paper of general circulation and to the meeting or as soon as possible. Public documents, including the agenda " posted on the public bulletin and minutes, can be provided in various accessible formats. Please contact www.hmsnmeorg "- board outside the Lordsburg the Library Director at the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library if a summary or other Hidalgo Library. Copies of the typeof accessible format is needed. 1-888-S28-4325 written notice shall also be mailed J8c L