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January 24, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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January 24, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014 7 Just A Thought ing our By RICK KRAFT Zig Zigler used to tell the story of a man in Alaska who had two dogs, a black one and a white one. Each week he would take his dogs to town and they would fight against each other. The locals would gamble by betting which dog they thought would win the battle that week and then make or lose money ac- cordingly. Some nights the black dog would win and other nights the white one would succeed. After years of people guessing which dog was going to win on any given night, one of the lo- cals noticed a pattern that the owner of the dogs always seemed to bet on the winner. The local confronted the dog owner and asked how he always guessed correctly as to which dog would come out on top. The owner smiled and replied, it is easy, I always bet on the dog that I feed the week before. And so it is in our lives. God made us with appetites. We each have a black dog and a white dog in our life and we decide which one we feed. We must recognize that whichever one is fed will Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to voice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Dr~ve, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment fight of free speech. Thanks Dear Editor Many thanks to all who par- ticipated in making the Maver- icks 40th anniversary celebration such a great success! It was a memorable, unforgettable, event for all who participated. A spe- cial thanks to all of you for your care and compassion to our 1939- 74 Maverick basketball teams. Thanks go out to Berna Arambula, Josie Ornelas, Irene i Galvan, Saucedo's Super Market, Richard Chaires, John Jarrott, Mathew DeFoor, Tina Diaz, Rosa Dominguez, Marsha Hill, Johnny Hill, Jeannie La Marca, Sal Guardiola, Frank Chaires, David Noce, Jenny Garcia, Connie & Louie Baisa, Cecilia Orona, Irene Alvarez, Vera Newell, Nicole Gandara, PAL and Comer Mart. Terry Ibarra Lordsburg New recipe Hid ig Rick Kraft ppetites andaddictions dominate our life. Too often we feed the wrong appetite and then we get discontent because of it. In other words we do it to ourselves...we are our own worst enemy. Our appetites can lead to addictions. We all have addictions. Some addictions are shunned such as ille- gal drugs or abuse of alcohol. Others addic- tions are more ac- cepted such as ones for food, power, or fiches. Regardless, we all have appetites and the propensity to have addictions. Our lives are lived feeding and denying appe- tites and determining whether or not our appetites will lead to ad- dictions. I will come back to this. Appetites are a given. That is the way God made us. Just as the white dog and the black dog had to be fed to live, we also have appetites that are essentials. Hav- ing an appetite is not a bad thing, like gravity, it just must be rec- ognized and addressed. The question comes back to "Which appetites do you feed and which do you deny?" We must feed at least minimally our appetite for food to remain on this planet. Yet we can choose to over- feed this appetite. We must feed the appetite to have material be- longings to have shelter and clothing, yet we can choose to overfeed this appetite also. We desire financial security, yet we have an appetite to enjoy life fight 'now. We have an appe- tite that says, if I can take this item home now, why not do so and en- joy it right away? The creation of credit cards allow us to feed the here and now appetite for mate- rial things while pushing the con- sequences of feed|ng this appe- tite down the road. We desire to have retirement in the later years of our existence, but to voluntarily put financial resources back for the future takes denying an appetite to sat- isfy the present. Minimizing im- mediate fulfilling of our material appetite can result in significant benefits in the years to come. We have a desire to have a healthy marriage or healthy rela- tionships with family members, yet each of bur worlds rotate around ourself. We have a desire to fulfill our own selfish appetite to have our immediate needs taken care of, yet we can't create or maintain healthy relationships with other family members with- out.recognizing their appetites and denying ourselves. There are appetites for spiri- tual connection, emotional affec- tions, physical fulfillment, au- thority over others, sexual needs, rest, and the list goes on and on. An immediate appetite that was fulfilled resulting in signifi- cant long term consequences can be read about in the Bible in Gen- esis chapter 25 when Esau sold his birthright to his younger twin brother Jacob for a bowl of stew. for County seniors The bowl of stew was fulfilling Esau's immediate gratification at the expense of giving up. his valu- able right to be recognized as first- born with the authority, blessings, and significant inheritance that went along with it...all for a "pot- tage of lentils." I guess what I am saying is that each of us has the same ap- petites. God did this when He cre- ated us. Call it human nature. Each of us is a different mix of which appetites we fulfill and which ones we deny. Over fulfilling an appetite leads to an addiction. An addic- tion to put oneself second and to serve and fulfill the needs of oth- ers may be a good addiction. An addiction to physically abuse others is obviously a bad addic- tion. But each addiction begins with us feeding an appetite. Some people have an addic- tion to be wanted or to be needed. These people live their lives to please others and the measure- ment of their success in life is placed into the hands of what oth- ers think about them. And the list of addictions goes on and on... My challenge to you first is to recognize the appetites that you have. Accept them. They are programmed into you. Your par- ,ents likely played a key role in how you view your appetites at this stage of your fife. Second, assess if you are feed- ing the right appetites. You con- trol you. You are the CEO of your life. If you are feeding appetites that you should not be feeding, don't blame it on others, look in- ward. Change. Third, after assessing your appetites, assess your addictions. Assess what dominates your mind and your decisions. What you are addicted to will determine your years ahead. Understand that you can conquer or change your ad- dictions. Sometimes we need the help of others in managing our appe- tites or conquering our addic- tions, but any change in these ar- eas begins from within. Assess and then bring about change if you need to. You can do it, one choice at a time. Just a thought... 'Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ kraftandhunter, com or write to P O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. Correction Last week's Herald carded a photo of Allen "Hook" Hill and his son Bob, with a cut-line read- ing that they are the only father and son duo to have played on LHS State Championship teams, Hook in 1939 and Bob in 1974. Coach Louie Baisa made this an- nouncement during the Maverick Stampede on January 11, when he introduced the teams at their 75th and 40th year anniversaries that weekend. However, to put a fmer point on the record of LHS father-son champs, Coach Baisa's daughter, Victoria, sent a note to the Herald pointing out that "Mr. Hill and his son" are the only duo in the sport of basketball, but Chano Talavera and his son Daniel accomplished the same feat in the sport of track. Thanks, Victoria, for setting us straight. Submitted by ENA MITCHELL SENIOR CENTER/Lordsburg The Ena Mitchell Senior Center will be hosting a recipe contest for all Hidalgo County seniors age 60 and over to help raise aware- ness of the senior center program. To enter the contest please submit to the senior center a family or favorite recipe that the senior center will fix for our pa~icipating seniors to try and judge. The best receipt will be incorporated into our menus and will be named after the senior submitting it. An example would be: Jane Does' Green Chile Enchiladas. Any category is acceptable: main dish, vegetable, bread, dessert, snack. Besides appear ng in our menus for our seniors, there will be a very nice prize awarded for the best recipe. For more information contact the senior center at 542-9414. 4, 2014 Rx PRESCRIPTION PREVENTION Whl "Pharming Parties"? Pharming parties, also known as pharm parties, are youth get-togethers in which prescription drugs are gathered, randomly exchanged, and ingested causing youth to become intoxicated. FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING PRESCRIPTION PREVENTION SER- VICES, SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREAT- MENT, OR FOR SAFE DISPOSAL OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, PLEASE CONTACT EDGAR GOMEZ AT (575) 542- 3304 OR EDGAR.GOM EZ@LAFRoNTERA.ORG Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale Lordsburg 49 "x 8 " printed on foam core board--can be framed or displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald. Call Edmund Saucedo at 575-542-9716 A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDO/Lordsburg Photo courtesy PAUL FLORESILordsburg First Grade - Central Elementary School - 1961 The names of the students were not available at press time. Two easily identifiable students are Eddie Vargas and Tommy Valdez, front row, far left. Is that Irma Renteria (white collar) in the middle row, fourth from the right? Sitting next to her is one of the Flores girls - either Elvia or Fina. The teacher was Miss Lucy Bugg. Can you identify the other students? Ring in the New Year with By RAY VlGILISocial Security ity payment for an individual is Public Affairs Specialist in El $1,148 (in 2014)," up from Paso, Texas $1,131 (in 2013). Many people ring in the newThe basic monthly federal year with Champagne. People payment for SSI is $721 (in who receive Social Security or 2014), up from $710 (in 2013). Supplemental Security Income Some other changes that (SSI) get to ring it in with a take effect in January of each COLA. This year, more than 60 year are based on the increase million Americans are receiving in average wages. For example, a 1.5 percent cost of living ad- the maximum amount of earn= justment (COLA) in their ings subject to the Social Secu- monthly benefit payment, rity payroll tax (taxable maxi- The 1.5 percent COLA be- mum) will increase to $117,000, gins with increased benefits for up from $113,700. Of the esti- more than 57 million Social Se- mated 165 million workers who curity beneficiaries in January will pay Social Security taxes in 2014, and payments to more ' 2014, about 10 million will pay than 8 million SSI recipients in higher taxes as a result of the in- late December 2013. crease in the taxable maximum. The estimated average The amount of earnings monthly Social Security pay- needed for one credit of Social ment to a retired worker is Security coverage has gone up as $1,294 (in" 2014), up from well, but all workers can still earn $1,275 (in 2013). The average up to four credits in a year. In monthly Social Security disabil- 2014, a worker earns a credit af- ter earning $1,200. In 2013, one credit of coverage was $1,160. It takes forty credits to be fully in- sured for retirement benefits. Information about Medicare changes for 2014 is available at Visit www.socialsecurity .gov/pressoffice to learn more about the COLA and other Social Security changes in 2014. From everyone at Social Se- curity, have a Happy New Year. Week{y Inspiration I~ Fast Approval I Buiid, Your Credit No Checking Account Needed No Hassles I~ Call Us Today! Apply in person on call ahead! 224 E. Mot I D I Call today/