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January 24, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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January 24, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, J~NUARY 24, 2014 9 "AS I Remember" by Allen "Hook" Hill Editor's Note: Longtime Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hun- dreds of stories and po- ems. Back in the 1980s he began writing a col- umn entitled "As I Re- member." With his per- mission, these columns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County HeraldAllen Hook from time to time. Hook, who is 92, still lives in Lordsburg. This column "appeared in the Lordsburg Liberal on May 5, 1989. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg The years from 1932" through 1936 Were burro-riding days. There are a hundred tales from those years but a couple will suffice for now. It was summertime, memo- ries of which tend to make me a little im- patient with those who now advocate year-round school, and we had been ,busy. Short, one- day jaunts had occu- pied our time but we had a big one in mind. Early one Hill morning four of us set out aboard our burros for the open country to the south. We had bedding, food,. water, and other necessities for two or three days. There were few fences at the time, so access was easy. We went up through Shakespeare, exploring as we went, and on around the west side of the "85" hill, where we really did some exploring. There were plenty of old uncovered What kind of person are you? By DR. HOSEZELL BLASWCotton City What kind of person are you? The world is looking and searching all over America and else- where for good men. So, the question that is so frequently asked is, "Where have all the good men gone?" The United States Marines' slogan is "a few good men will do". But the endless Search goes on and on looking for good men. During Jesus' time, the different sects of people had different ideas about him. Some thought he was a good man by doing wonder- ful deeds; some thought he was a bad man trying to equate himself with "God the Fa- ther". Jesus knows everything, but he posed the question, "Whom do men think that I am?" He did not want to hear what others were saying about him. He wanted to know specifically what one thought of him. I believe that the measure of a man is not the size of his bank account. The measure of a man is not determined by his bragging rights. The measure of a man is not measured by his professional membership nor his religious affiliation. America is looking for men who have conviction and will stand by them. America needs men who have a will to do what's right. America needs men who will not be led astray by fast talking politicians. America needs men who will stand for something; else they will fall for anything. And America needs men who will treat people like they treat their dogs/pets (they buy their pets an abundance of food). What kind of person are you? Some people are just like wheelbarrows they are no good unless they are pushed. Some people are like canoes--they are just waiting to be paddled. Some people are like kites--you'll have to tie them down before. they fly away. What kind of person are you? Some people are just like baby kittens they will do nothing unless they are petted. Some people are just like footballs--you can't tell which way they will bounce. Some people are just like colorful balloons--they are full of hot air, waiting to blow up. What kind of person are you? Some people are just like hickory nuts--you can't get through them unless you break their shells. Some people are just like heads of lettuce--you'll have to watch people closely, lest they wither away. Some people are just like giraffes--they are always busy by sticking their necks into everybody's business. What kind of person are you? Some people are just like elephants--they are as big as life and always throwing their weight around. Some people are just like unicycles--everything is about me, myself and L Some people are just like ticks--they are very parasitic and they will suck you dry. What kind of person are you? Some people are just like diamonds they are no good unless they are seen. Some people are just like foxes--they are real tricky and extremely crafty. Some people are just like the seasons--they come around at least once a year What kind of person are you? Some people are just like a bar of candy--they are extremely sweet, but it has so many side effects. Some people are just like bubble gum-=when exerted, they will blow up and pop. Some people are just like snakes--they hide out and are always ready to strike. Tell me, what kind of person are you? Hosezell is a member of the International Poetry Hall of Fame Dr. Hosezell Blash can be reached by email at hosezellblashl mineshafts that needed our atten- tion, and got it. There was also a nice long drift which must have been an air hole for the "85" Mine. The inviting open drift demanded a little of our time. We had to rig up some torches in or- der to give that one its just dues. A rattlesnake or two were dis- posed of before we could keep going but we managed to get in quite a distance before the spooks drove us out, We finally finished the im- portant necessities in the area and went on around the back of the hill to the Bonnie Mine. The ,Bonnie was shut down at the time but the Sto'rtrum family was stay- ing there as caretakers. They had twin boys just younger than we were and another boy just older than we. They knew we were Coming and were prepared for our arrival, though we got there a little later than expected. We spent the night there in a little frame house. The next morning the Stortrum boys joined us with their burros and we dida thor- ough two-day tour of the area around there. The Miser's Chest mine was closed dowri but we gave it a good going over to the extent that it's a wonder some of us are not still lost in there some- where. From that area we rode over to the Aberdeen Peak to check out the mines in that region, along with the eagles that had a nest on a ledge up on the peak. The mines were more of the same but those eagles were another story. We watched two big, beauti- ful birds fly around for quite a spell before deciding we should go up to the ledge and get us a couple of young eagles for pets. We put our burros out to graze and started the climb up to the nest. All went well for us until we were just about to the top. At that point the two adult eagles began to kick up a fuss. We kept going for a while but I'm here to tell you, folks, youthful minds can be changed in a hurry. One of those eagles, with about a six-foot wing spread, came banging off that ledge with his outstretched tal- ons aimed right at our heads. Scared? Heck, no! Petrified! We got down off that peak and I've never been back. We horsed around there a wlaile longer but somehow the spark of adventure had left us. Before long tile Stortrum boys started for home and we loaded up our burros and headed out. Our passage led us down through Cottonwood Springs [south of Shakespeare Cemetery but east of the Banner Mine Road], where the Ragsdales lived. We watered our animals, rested a while and came on home, miraculously all of us still in one piece. [It was reported that the water in the springs was used for a bootleg- ging operation, but that's another story for another day.] To be continued .... Hook hook june @ Hidalgo County Heritage Society Save Our Building Help Restore the Enrichment Center for more informatioa call {575) 542-9716 or email hcheritagesociety~? HCDP selects delegates for State Central Convention The Hidalgo County Democratic Party field their monthly meeting on January 14, 2014 in Lordsburg, making local selections rfor the New Mexico State Central Democratic Committee Convention, which will be held March 8, 2014 in Albuquerque. In attendance at the meeting were candidates Howie Morales (NM Governor), Roxanne Lara (U.S. Congress District 2), Merrie Lee Soules (Public Regula- tion Commission), Irene Galvan (Lordsburg Mayor), Luz Marquez (Lordsburg City Council), David Escobar (Lordsburg City Council) and Alfredo Morelos (Lordsburg City Council). letters were read from upcoming candidatesTom Udall (U.S. Senate), Tim Keller (State Auditor), Maggie Toulouse Oliver (Secretary of State), Tim Eichenberg (State Treasurer),Those in attendance : also participate in Skype ses- sions with candidates Allen Weber (NM Governor) and Deb Haaland (NM Lieutenant Gover- nor). Pictured above are Irene Galvan, Roxanne Lara, Howie Morales, Merrie Lee Soules and Alfredo Morelos. Pictured at right, local Democrat Larry Martinez signs a petition to put Roxanne Lara on the ballot for Congress. Courtesy photos Is there deadly gas in your home? It takes only $7 to find ut under $25. However, New Mexico partment at 505 476-8608 to get residents can take advantage of a information about Ways you can discount offered through the state reduce radon gas in your home Environment Department, which and minimize your exposure. offers test kits for only $7. To Radon problems can be fixed by learn more about radon and this qualified contractors for a cost special offer, visithttps://similar to that of many common, home repairs such as painting or The New Mexico Depart- havinga new water heater in- ment of Health provides stalled. If you smoke and want to downloadable resources about quit you can learn about cessa- radon and information on how tion options by calling 1-800- you can order a low-cost kit on QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669). its website, httpsi// Radon is the second leading If your test cause of lung cancer in the U.S. shows evidence of radon gas at after smoking and the leading levels of health concern in your cause of lung cancer among non- home, call the Environment De- smokers. Submitted by NM DOH/Santa Fe The New Mexico Depart- ment of Health and the New Mexico Environment Department are encouraging New Mexicans, especially smokers and former smokers, to test their homes for radon, an odorless and invisible gas. January is National Radon Action Month. Radon testing is easiest and most effective in Cooler weather months when houses tend to be closed up for warmth. "Since we can't see or smell radon, people tend to downplay exposure and ignore the possibil- ity that there might be a silent killer in their homes," said De- partment of Health Cabinet Sec- retary Retta Ward, MPH. Breathing in radon can in- crease the risk of lung cancer. This risk is much higher when a per- son is exposed to radon and also smokes. This is why it's especially important for current and former smokers to test their homes for ra-- don This gas can build up to dan- gerous levels inside new and old homes. The only way to know if radon gas is seeping into your home is by testing tbr it. Testing is easy, lnexpenstve and only takes a few minutes. Radon test kits can be purchased at local hardware and home improvement stores and are typically priced : We Will Help You Keep More Of t ? FER PROFESSIONAL RE RATION SERVICES ..... AFFORDABLE PRICES. Ask us about our layaway program ~3 214 t:. MOI El I RIV[ IN LL, RDSBIIRG -~ DON'T Be CAUGHT OFF GUARD! 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