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January 29, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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January 29, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 29. 2010 7 Just A Thought With one exception, the world consists of others By RICK KRAFT judge others by their actions, we of itself. But regardless, all we "If you judge people, you judge ourselves by our inten- . can control is the tree. What have no time to love them." Words tions." All I have to go by when I happens with the shadow is out- of wisdom from Mother Teresa. judge another is what I see exter- side what we can control. " Which is more important in our nally and what I assume is inside So if you take very good lives, judging others or loving the individual conducting the care of your character, don't get them? actions. too caught up in how others In our lives we IfI pass someone I judge you. spend alot oftimejudg- know in a store and they In the Bible at Matthew ing others. It happens are rude to me, I assume daily, even hourly, they think I have done 7:1-5 Jesus says "Do not judge, There are two critical something wrong in or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge oth- things to understand their eyes. This person about judging others,may have been rude to ere. you will be judged, and with we judge from our own me because he just had the measure you use. it will be personal framework an argument with his measured to you. and we often don't wife in the car before "Why do you look at the have all the information coming into the store speck of sawdust in your about the person we are RickKraft and he is upset about brother's eye and pay no atten- judging, what she said to him. In tion to the plank in your own Let me explain. Each one of other words, his behavior may eye? How can you say to your us has in our head a framework of" have had nothing to do with me. brother. 'Let me take the speck what we believe is acceptable and I just happened to walk into his out of your eye,' when 'all the unacceptable behavior. It began path when he was very frustrated, time there is a plank in.your own the day we were born and has de- Nevertheless. 1 go home and in eye? You hypocrite, first take the veloped over our lifetime. It has visiting with my wife I say "such plank out of your own eye, and been instilled in us from things and such was rude to me at the . then you will see clearly to re- we have been taught and things store." we have experienced. Since noIn this situation 1 am entitled move the speck from your one on the face of the earth has to form my opinion. It is human brother's eye." been taught exactly what I have nature and a way of life. But if I. At Luke 6:37 it is written been taught and no one has ex- go on for a half hour blasting the "Do not judge, and you will not perienced the steps I have expe- individual because I am upset be judged. Do not condemn, rienced, there is not another per- about notbeing treated friendly, and you will not be condemned. son alive who thinks out of the I am probably walking too far Forgive and you will be for- exact same framework that I do. down the "judging" path. given." I have been programmed by So when we judge, we not Back to Mother Teresa's a great set of parents. I have been only judge based on our own "set quote "If you judge people, you influenced and developed as I of rules," we usually judge with- have no time to love them." Is grew up by my family members, out knowing all the steps the it possible to judge others and my friends, my school teachers, other person hhs walked, still love them? Sure ii is. but it my Sunday school teachers, and Character Counts founder can make loving another more so on I went off to college and Michael Josephson put it well difficult. Obviously if you judge had a whole new set of when he said. "We judge our- others positively, your judging influencers who worked onme for selves by our best_ intentions and helps the relationship. But if the next six plus years. I moved our most noble acts. However. we to New Mexico and there has are judged by others by our last your judging results in criticism. been yet another group of indi- worst act." Think of public fig- you are less able to love the one viduals who have impacted my ures whohave fallen from grace. "you are judging. In Mother Teresa's world. life. One action by a person sets Twenty-five years ago I got in motion an array of different loving others was what her life married and my thinking has perceptions by others of the act was all about.,She changed this been and continues to be shaped performed. I like former UCLA world one life at a time. She by my wife. I interact regularly basketball coach John Wooden's worked hard on meeting the withthose I work with and those discussion of "character" and needs of the one in front of her I go to church with and they in- "reputation." He said. "Be more and didn't waste time trying to fluence me. I listen to CD's of concerned with your character judge the person she was mm- books and of speakers I look up than your reputation. Character istering to on her view of the to - these national figures impact is what you really are. Reputa- world. my thinking, tion is wiSat people say you are." There are instances in our I am the result of the influ- He points out that reputa- lives that require judging. Rais- ence of many people. I see the tion is often based upon char- ,ing children involves continu- world like no one else ever has or ever will. actet, but not always. The ~ii~ ous judging. We mifsi':~'~icig~ When I judge another, the I picture his message is that when we choose a spouse, de- roots of my judging come from character is the tree. it is at the termine who to hire, and select my view of the world that has de- center and is reality. Reputation who to vote for m an election. veloped over the past 51 years, is the shadow thrown by the The list goes on and on. So what Secondly, when I judge an- tree. It is what is perceived by I am saying is that there is a other I often don't have all of the others If you take care of the certain amount of judging re- information. It is the saying "We tree. the shadow should take care quired in living our lives. But there is much judging that doesn't need to occur. "~ .............. My challenge to you today Your vote on March 2. 2010 is to follow Mother Teresa's wilt be appreciated T more and judge less. Recognize that you are judging another based upon 111 L PHILLIPS your own internal framework. This is alright, just recognize it. Then seek to understand the other person's behavior. When Lordsburg City Council, Position 1 i feel like being critical I often think "Is there a set of circum- Proud Lordsburg Native, stances that would cause the person I am being critical of to take the action they have taken?" yA0uality Remember the scripture found in Luke, do not judge and you will not be judged, forgive and you will be forgiven. BODY & PAINT Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational Insurance Claims , FREE Estimates speake~ a published author, and Expert Color Match an attorney. To submit comments. Fiberglass Repair Lou Montenegro contributions, or ideas, e-mail to Buffing Wabash Street rkraft@kraftandhunter, com ,across from McOonatd'sl Detailing Lordsburg, NI~ 88045 mailto.' All Makes, All Models ~ ............. or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, Uall b/~ 14,1 g/~l ti~,l~i~ ~ot~,~ I " " New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. We Will Help You YOU MONEY! t WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL TAX PREPARATION SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. 575-542-3125 21 " * * * 2 E. Motel Drve Su tea Lordsburg A Picture From The Past- Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg Photo courtesy PEGGY MOYA MORALESITucson, Arizona We were unable to identify the individuals in the photo except for Jenny Gonzalez (far right). Photo taken in Lordsburg in the mid-to-late 1920s. Jenny worked for Doctor Edwin DeMoss in the 1940s and 1950s. and later at Lehman's Department Store. Jenny passed away in 2009. Jaguars Don't Live Here Anymore By ALAN RABINOWITZ weighing up to 250 pounds, with a recovery plan for the jaguar.'And Published: January 24, 2010 in distinctive black rosettes on their since jaguars have not been able the New York Times fur - are a separate species from to reestablish themselves" natu- Submitted by JUDY KEELER/ the smaller, tawny mountain li- rally over the past century, the Animas ons. which still roam large areas government will likel~ have to Earlier this month, the of the American West.) go to significant expense to at- United States Fish and Wildlife Two well-intentioned con- tempt to bring them back - espe- servation advocacy groups, the cially if the cats have to be rein- Service announced it would des- ignate "Gitical habitat" for the Center for Biological.Diversity troduced. endangered jaguar in the United and Defenders of Wildlife. sued So why not do everything we States and take the first steps to- the Fish and Wildlife Service to can. at whatever cost. to bring jag- ward mandating a jaguar recov- change its ruling. Thus in 2006. uars back into the. United States? ery plan. This is a policy reversal the agency reassessed the situa- To begin with, the American tion and again determined that no Southwest is. at best. marginal and. on the surface, it may appear areas in the United States met the habitat for the animals. More tm- to be a victory for the conserva- tion community and for jaguars, definition of critical habitat for portant, there are better ways to the largest wild cats in the West- the jaguar. Despite occasional help jaguars. South of our border, ern Hemisphere. sightings," mostly within 40 miles from Mexico to Argentina. thou- Times Topics:'Endangered and of the Mexican border, there were sands of jaguars live and breed in still no data to indicate jaguars their true critical habitat. Govern- Extinct Species But as someone who has had taken up residence inside the ments and conservation groups studied jaguars for nearly three United States. (including the one I head) are al- After this second ruling was ready working hard to conserve decades. I can tell you it is noth- made. an Arizona rancher, with jaguar populations and connect ing less than a slap in the face to good science. What's more. by support from the state Game and them to one another through an changing the rules for animal Fish Department, set infrared- initiative called the Jaguar Cor- preservation, it stands to weaken camera traps to gather moredata, rider. " the Endangered Species Act. and essentially confirmed the The jaguars that now and Fish 'and Wildlife Service's find- then cross into th~ United States , The debate on what to do about jaguars started in 1997, rags. The cameras did capture most likely come from the north- when. at the urging of many bi- transient jaguars, including one ernmost population of jaguars, m ologists (including me), the Fish male jaguar, nicknamed Macho Sonora. Mexico. Rather than de- B. who roamed the Arizona bet- mind jaguars,return to our coun- and Wildlife Service put the jag- derlands for more than a decade, try, we shoul6 help Mexico and uar on the United States endan- But Macho B. now dead. might other jaguar-range countries con- gered species list. because there have been the sole resident serve the animals' true habitat. had been occasional sightings of The recent move by the Fish the cats crossing north over the American jaguar, and his exten- stve travels indicated he was not and Wildlife Service means that United States-Mexico border. At the same time. however, the having an easy time surviving in the sparse federal funds devoted agency ruled that it would not be this dry, rugged region, to protecting wild animals will be Despite the continued evi- wasted on efforts that cannot help "prudent" to declare that the jag- dence, the two conservation ad- save jaguars. It also stands to uar has critical habitat - a geo- graphic area containing features vocacy groups continued to sue " weaken the Endangered Species the species needs to survive - in the government Apparently, they Act. because if critical habitat is want jaguars to repopulate the redefined as any place where a the United States. Determining an endangered species- critical habi- United States even if jaguars species might ever have existed. don't want to. Last March. a fed- and where you or I might want it tat is a first'step toward develop- to exist again, then the door is ing a plan for helping that spe- eral district judge in Arizona or- open for inany other senseless ef- dered the Fish and Wildlife Ser- forts to bring back long~lost crea- cies recover, vice to revisit its 2006 determi- The 1997 decision not to tures. determine critical habitat for the nation on critical habitat. The Fish and Wildlife offi- jaguar was the right one, because The facts'haven't changed: ciats whose job it ~s to protect, the even though they cross the bor- there is still no area in the United country's wild animals need to der from time to'time, jaguars States essential to the conserva- grow a stronger backbone - stick don't occupy any territory in our tion of the jaguar. But. having with their original, correct deci- country and that probably asserted this twice already, the sion and save their money for means the environment here is no service, now Under a new presl- more useful preservation work. longer ideal for them. dent. has bent to the tiresome liti- Otherwise. when funds are needed In prehistoric times, these gation. On Jan. 12. Fish and Wild- to preserve all those small, ugly, beautiful cats inhabited signifi- life officials claimed to have non-charismatic endangered spe- cant areas of the western United evaluated new scientific informa- cies at the back of the. line. there States. but in the past 100 years, tion that had become available may be no money left. there have been few. if any, resi- after the July 2006 ruling. Lo and Alan Rabinowitz, the presi- dent breeding populations here. behold, they determined that it is dent and chief executive of The last time a female jaguar with now prudent to designate critical Panthera. a wild cat conserva- habitat for the jaguar in the tion group, is the author of"Jag- a cub was sighted in this country . uar: One Man's Struggle to Es- ~h;S 'w:r~hes t~'ly_tl9rOO:st (Jw;g2:~s: ?W~. i tdTidhi ;t:utm~i a2:w t hl: to Ft i Shu;2tde t;beli:hteh.f,Wrld'sFirstJaguar I Bnntheel C nwhng 'i|l I PnetrUFlesta I " I Lordsburg,HidalgoCounty ~ ~~i I . 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