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January 31, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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January 31, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014 9 The deer that came to church on Easter "As I Remember" by Allen "Hook" H, 2 ByDR, HOSEZELLBLASH/Cot- nut cake. on the church's grounds. Editor's Note." Longtime just sat around the fire swapping long we wore out and the wind ton City It was Easter Sunday and most of the .people in the neigh- borhood decided to go to church on this specific Sun- day. It was a warm day and there were no ,, .... clouds in the sky to - be seen. The roadside and the landscape were filled with blooming dogwood trees, pine trees, oak trees and cherry trees. From Jeffersonville, Geor- gia, to Mount Olive Baptist Church, much of the highway and upper banks were filled with hon- eysuckles wild flow- ers and yellow blooming daffodils. One could tell that spring was here. I asked my father-in- law, Bennie Roberts, to ride with me to church. Since he had a vacant Sunday, he agreed to attend church with me. For this I was very thankful. Bennie Roberts, most intimately called "Pa Bennie", was a great father- in-law. We were great friends and a very wholesome rela- tionship existed between us. One of his friends said of him, "Bennie Roberts is an outstanding man. Everyone loves him. He can tame a ti- ger." This father-in-law and son-in-law link was so strong that it would never be broken until death. During the seven mile. drive to the church, Pa Bennie and I had a great chat. We talked about poli- tics, school, my three chil- dren and about the big pro- gram at church. Everyone as- sured us that this would be one of the best "Easter Days" ever. Our church had a great pastor who was anointed to preach the gospel. Everyone loved him dearly but they could never understand his South Caro- lina accet. He had an accent that would drive you crazy. Sporadi- cally, one would hear great laugh- ter in the church. One member would say, "What did he say?" "I don't know," she said. "Do you?" "The Lorrrrd is myn Sheppherrd," said Pastor Robert Bryant. (There was laughter from the members.) Actually, the only thing that stuck with me about my pastor is that he loved coco- The church was to have good ole preaching and god ole gos- pel singing. Besides, the kids were to showcase their new out- fits and recite their " "?  Easter speeches. "It's gonna be a great day," Pa Bennie replied. "I think so," I replied Pa Bennie and I finally arrived at Mount Olive Bap- tist Church. One could hear the songs coming from inside of the church. "He arose. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow." As Pa Bennie and I got out of my parked car, I took a look up the highway and just what did I see? "Look! Look! Look Pa Bennie. There's a deer coming to church!" "Wow!" he replied. "Pa Bennie I'm going to get my camera out of my car," I said. I rushed and got it. Click! Clck! Click! I took several pho- tos. Then I pet the deer and ran my hand through its ribbon. "Good deer," I said. As Pa Bennie and I walked into the church, the deer roamed PERB I00gTggiglg tlggN 209 Southern Pacific Boulevard Lordsburg, NM 88045 8AM- 575-542-3400 11 PM Pastor Bryant preached on the subject, "The Risen Savior". As he preached, the sisters in the "Amen Corner" of the church shouted "Amen! Amen! Halle- lujah! Hallelujah!" The choir sang joyfully as the audience listened attentively. He arose, He arose from the grave!" When the program began, this was the kids' time. They pa- raded up to the front to recite their speeches. They were dressed beautifully in. their Eas- ter outfits. The audience smiled and clapped as each child recited his or her poem. The audience went crazy as little sue recited her speech. "Why you looking at me so hard? I didn't come to stay, neither come to play. I just wanted you all to know that today is Easter Day." Then a song from the choir, "Shouting time, it's shouting time," they sang. As they sang, sisters and brothers were shout- ing throughout the church. It seemed that the Easter spirit affected the animals too because the pasture and homes surrounding the church contained many animals--the dogs started barking, the hens started cackling, the rooster started crowing, the birds started singing and the grasshopper started hop- ping and jumping. Now it was time for Easter dinner on the gounds and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. The church was surrounded with an array of trees-- dogwoods, plum, China and cherry trees. The birds were singing their songs as they flew from tree to tree. As the kids looked for Easter eggs, they came to the tables to eat. Some of the kids spotted the deer and spent all of their time playing with and petting the deer. They loved its red ribbon around its neck. "Oh' boy! What a treat," they shouted. All attention turned to the deer who was eating the only food it loved--a bowl of tossed salad. "Oh dear," she shouted, "Where am I?" "At church," said Pa.stor Bryant. "Well, I'll be darned," said the deer. "I heard you preaching out- side. You can preach but I did not understand your South Carolina accent," exclaimed the deer. Well, come back next Sun- day. It's great when a dear (I mean deer) comes to church. The photo I took was an award winner in the animal cat- egory in 1998. Dr. Hosezell Blash can be reached by email at hosezellb lash I @ aol. com RegMerto 00/rOTE IT'00 YOUR RIelIT. IT'S YOUR RKgPONglBILITY. To vote in the March 2014 Election you must register by Feb. 4 We Will Help You Keep More Of 70011 MONI00! Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hun- dreds of stories and po- ems. Back in the 1980s he began writing a col- umn entitled "As I Re- member." With his per- mission, these columns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, who is 92, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared in the Lordsburg Liberal on May 12, 1989. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg Thank goodness for the stat- ute of limitations. Early one spring several of us, including Arvil Gale, Ace Hillman and I think Chuey Padilla, and one or two others mounted our burros and headed down the old Hachita railroad tracks toward the Muir Ranch. It was a cold, windy, blustery day-- one of those days, in Brooklynese, where we should have stood in bed. We didn't know anything about Brooklyn jargon, so off we went to conquer the world. I really don't know where we were going. Just down the tracks till we turned around, I suppose. The trip out went particularly well, so we should have known, but who were we to question easy going? The wind was coming out of the east. We were going south- east so the wind was hitting us on the left side and not bothering our progress too much, but still mak- ing it somewhat uncomfortable. After about two hours we decided to stop and build a fire so we could warm up. We pulled up at a railroad bridge, unloaded, put our burros out to graze, and set about gathering wood for the fire. After a time we had a nice big blaze going and it didn't take long to thaw out. Of course, there was no rea- son to waste a good fire, so we pulled out our food, cut some greasewood sticks and proceeded to roast some "weenies" for hot dogs. After the hot dogs had been disposed of we polished off a few roasted marshmallows then we Allen Hook Hill lies. Well, never are more than two kids together long with- out some horsing around. We were more prone to that sort of thing than most, so it wasn't too long in coming. Somebody threw something in the fire, someone else kicked it out, fire was strewn around and before we knew it an ember was caught by the wind and dropped in the dry grass about ten yards away. Man, that grass took off like gasoline had been poured on it. We dropped everything and dashed over to contain the blaze but the high wind took it out of control before we could even get started. We had no real firefighting tools so we took off our coats and beat the blaze as best we could. We'd get one spot out and another would crop up someplace else. We'd go fight that one and two more would blaze. I don't know what went through the minds of the others but I could envision our burning the whole southwestern range- land. Jail was most surely immi- nent! We fought on but before whipped the fire on an impossible arc that left us standing there, shaking our heads. We gathered up our burros, loaded up our gear, and got out of there. We slept fitfully for several nights. Just how long it would take the law to catch up with us we weren't sure, but we weren't too disposed to aid them in their efforts. Several of us did ride out a few weeks later to see where the fire had stopped. It had consumed quite a large area southwest of the tracks. I felt pretty bad. You now, I would have had that bad feeling all those years, except...we went out there again after the summer rains and the burned spot had the greenest, most luscious grass in the area. I was kinda sorry we hadn't burned more! Hook hook june @ hotmail, com 9/1/14 Salazar \\;J. ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTANCE THAT'S TO-NONE. COND- OUR HEALTH CARE GUIDES ARE HERE TO ANSWER YOUR INSURANCE QUESTIONS. The wortd of hearth insurance can be confusing.So to hetp you understand the many new options that are avaitabte to you, we've emptoyed over 350 speciatLy trained and certified HeaRh Care Guides. Located throughout the state, these Guides are avaitabte to answer your questions, determine what tax credits you can get, help you fitt out paperwork and get you enrottedl To schedute a free and confidentiat meeting near you, car 1-855-996-61,A9 or visit BeWettN WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL TAX PREPARATION SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. 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