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March 19, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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March 19, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD Don't be "fooled" by weigt,t-loss myths Submitted by TOPS/Milwaukee, Wl April Fool's Day may be synonymous with pranks and practical jokes, but members of TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the nonprofit weight- loss support organization, know better than to be fooled when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Ahmed Kissebah, M.D., Ph.D., director of the General Clinical Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and medical advisor for TOPS, offers the following information to dispel common weight-loss myths, separating fact from fiction. Myth #1 - Eating grapefruit burns fat. Dozens of diets based on eat- ing large quantities of grapefruit claim that grapefruit, grapefruit juices, or concentrates in the form of a pill, contain enzymes that help digest fats and then burn them away. There are no enzymes in grapefruit that are known to increase the speed or the quan- tity at which the body burns fat. In fact, there is no, food that can cause fat to be burned away. Adding grapefruit to a weight-control plan can be a good idea, since grapefruit has very few calories and creates a sensation of fullness. But there is nothing in grapefruit that will suppress appetite or cause calo- ries to be burned faster. Crash diets that sometimes recommend eat- ing grapefruit and eggs, grapefruit and bacon and eggs, or other high-fat, high-protein foods, could have a serious side effect• These may cause an increase in blood levels of cholesterol, which can predispose a person to a high risk of heart disease. Myth #2 - Potatoes are ex- t'remely fattening. Potatoes have no fat and no cholesterol. They are high in fi- ber, vitamin C, some forms of vi- tamin B (niacin), and a good source of complex carbohydrates. A 5-ounce potato baked in its skin provides about 130 calories, no more calories than a serving of cottage cheese of the same weight, and 20% fewer calories than a serving of brown rice. Po- tatoes can, however, become a problem food when fried in oil or covered with butter, sour cream, or melted cheese. Like other high-carbohydrate foods, such as pasta and bread, it's not the po- tato that's fattening, it's what you put on it. Myth #3 - Eating before bedtime will make you gain ! Sout00hwest Area ooo00....I Fishing 00eport °'' -€'/Game & Fish I BEAR CANYON" Fishing has been good using green and white Power Bait and Panther Martin lures for trout. BILL EVANS: No report. • BURN LAKE: Fishing has been good for rainbow trout, using Power Bait, cheese and salmon eggs. CABALLO LAKE: Fishing is fair for walleye in Caballo Lake using worms or soft plastic lures. ESCONDIDA LAKE: Fishing has been slow for all species. A few trout have been caught using worms. Socorro County Fishing Day will be Saturday, March 20. For information and registration, contact the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce at [575) 835-0424. ELEPHANT BUTTE: Fishing has been slow for all species. GILA FORKS AREA: Fishing has been slow for all species. GLENWOOD POND: Fishing has been fair using white Power Bait and Panther Martin lures for trout. LAKE ROBERTS:" Fishing has been slow using Power Bait and salmon eggs. PERCHA: No reports. ' QUEMADO LAKE: The ice has thinned to about 5 inches at the thickest with the edges completely thawed during the day. Ice fishing is not recommended. RIO GRANDE: Fishing is fair for walleye in the Rio Grande from Elephant Butte Dam to Caballo Lake using worms or soft plastic lures.  . Ornelas takes third in tournament Devin Ornelas, son of Anita Ornelas, formerly of Lordsburg, par- ticipated in a wrestling tournament recently in Prescott, Arizona. Ornelas represented Flowing Wells High School out of Tucson, Arizona, and took third place. Courtesy photo weight. It doesn't make a difference what time a person eats food, as- suming that they eat the same foods and maintain the same ac- tivity' levels during a 24-hour period. There is no evidenco that when food is consumed at night, more calories are stored in the body than when the same foods are eaten during the day. The calories you eat at night will be burned when needed by the body. If, however, you eat at night as an add-on to your normal meals; you will gain weight. Myth #4 - Your stomach will shrink if you eat less food. When a person eats enor- mous amounts of food, the stom- ach can expand• However, once the stomach empties, it returns {o its normal size. If a person re- duces calorie intake for several days, the appetite level drops, but this has nothing to do with the size of the stomach. The stomach cannot shrink, no matter how little food you eat. The only way to physically de- crease the size of the stomach with the goal of interfe:ing with food consumption is through gastric bypass surgery. In this procedure, the stomach is reduced to ap- proximately 1/8 of its normal size. Therefore, the person is com- pe!led to consume smaller meals. Myth #5 - Chewing celery helps burn calories. Celery - as well as iceberg lettuce and cucumbers - is nearly calorie-free because of its high water content. An 8-inch stalk of celery contains only six calories. Chewing Celery or anything else burns about the same amount of calories per minute• Although celery is very low in calories, chewing it will not cause excess calories to be burned any faster. Myth #6 - You have to give up all sweets in order to lose weight. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to adopt healthy eating and exercise habits that you can stay with for a lifetime, a sensible method that TOPS en- dorses Including reasonable amounts of sweets in a weight- loss plan may help to ensure that the person contiques on the sen- sible plan for the long-term. Your desired weight goal can then be achieved and maintained. It's unrealistic to e3pe, ct that you will never et a plce ot" chocolate or a shc of cake. A craving for sweets has a chemical basis in the brain. When a person responds to these cravings by eat- ing a controlled amount, the brain normally responds by re- leasing increased amounts of the hormone serotonin, which can suppress hunger. The person feels satisfied and can, therefore, be in control of the amount of'sweets consumed. You also can mini- mize caloric intake by using food sweetened with artificial sweet- eners rather than real sugar, since taste buds can't distinguish be- tween those and true sugar. TOPS Club Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the original, nonprofit weight-loss support and wellness education organiza- tion, was established more than 62 years ago to champion weight- loss support and success. Founded and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TOPS promotes successful, affordable weight management with a phi- losophy that combines healthy eating, regular exercise, wellness information, and support from others at weekly chapter meet- ings. TOPS has. about 170,000 members in nearly 10,000 chap- ters throughout the United States and Canada. Visitors are welcome to at- tend their first TOPS meeting free of charge. To find a local chapter, view or call (800) 932-8677. © 03/18/10 03/18/10 03/23/10 03/23/10 03/25/10 03/25/10 03/27/10 03/27/10 04/01/10 04/01/10 04/06/10 04/09/10 04/09/10. 04/17/10 04/17/10 04/20/10 04/20110 04/24/10 04/24/10 04/27/10 04/27/10 Lordsburg High School Boys Baseball 2010 4:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM • 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 10:00 AM 12:00 PM • 3:00 PM • 5:00 PM 3:00 AM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 12:00 PM 2:00 P,M 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM Coaches Bill Mendoza, Mike Newell & Victo'r Saenz @ Cardinal Classic @ Ruidoso High School @ Cobre High School @ Cobre High School Hatch Valley High School Hatch Valley High School @ Estancia High School @ Estancia High School @ Mesilla Valley Christian @ Mesilla Valley Christian Silver High School Capitan High School Capitan High School Tularosa High School Tularosa High School Mesilla Valley Christian Mesilla Valley Christian @ Capitan High School @ Capitan High School @ Tularosa High School ( Tularosa High School FRIDAY MARCH 129, 2010.. 5 Justin Green (#44) discusses strategy with his fellow Warriors. ,.'.; Justin Green d00=l}utsas a Rochester Warrior :: Justin Green, a 2009 pitched his first official college. Lordsburg High School graduate, baseball game last week in Co- Wh itewater;n ;or"tiUo°ns of Catwalk open during bridge replacen=ent Submitted by GILA NATIONAL FOREST/Silver City The wooden bridge Ion the Catwalk National Recreation Trail in Whitewater Canyon sus- tained flood damage in 2009. This bridge will be replaced be- ginning March 15, 2010. In or- der to replace the bridge, the Glenwood Ranger District, Gila National Forest, will tempo- rarily close Whitewater Canyon and the Catwalk National Rec- reation Trail # 207 between the one half and three quarter mile markers, beginning this coming Monday until the construction project is completed. Due to the terrain and lo- cation of the bridge replacement in Whitewater Canyon, safe pas- sage will not be possible along the affected section of trail and canyon until the new bridge is fully constructed• The Forest" expects to have the bridge re- placement project completed by April 12 th, 2010. The Whitewater Picnic Area and the first 0.5 mile of the Catwalk Recreation Trail, including the entire accessible trail, will remain open for pub- lic use while the bridge replace- ment project is ongoing. For those wishing to ex- plore Whitewater Canyon above the closed section of trafl and canyon, access can be obtained from the Gold Dust Trail # 41. The Gold Dust Trail is 2.4 miles Lordsburg High School Track & Field Coach: DJ Saucedo 03106110 03119110 3:00 PM 03125110 3:00 PM 04103110 04/09/10 2:00 PM 04116110 04/29/10 2:00 PM 05-05-10 Gadsden Invite Elks Invitational Tri-County Meet Silver Invite Hidalgo County Relays Therman" Jordan Relays District 5-2A State Meet 1A-2A coa Beach, Florida, for the R'.Odh') ester Warriors. " " The Warriors ere schetl{de'd to play twelve games but laiifg. {- tunately were rained out?Th played seven games and'w'6"n three. ":';  Green is currently a fre.lIilan at Rochester College in Michi- gan on a baseball scholarship. He is rhajoring in zoology wJ!tll-a minor in sports managemerlt." There are 44 players on the varsity and junior varsity teams combined. There are players' frSm California, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Texas and NeCv Mexico. Green is one of tlaeft'0p three pitchers on the varsityba'se' ball team. The other two starting pitchers ar.e juniors. Green says he is looking, fo.r- ward to a great season. The team will play games all around Michi- gan, Ohio and Illinois this sea- son. He is hoping to achieve, great stats and possibly transfer to a D1 school on the east coast next sea- son. Green lives by Billy Darnell's advice, "Don't let any- one work harder than you." remains long and drops into Whitewater • Canyon just above the end of the Catwalk National Recreation Trail Visitors using the Gold Dust Trail should be aware that it is a steep and rocky trail and is generally more primitive than the Catwalk National Rec- reation Trail. The Gold Dust Trailhead is located on Whitewater Mesa and is ac- cessed from Bursum Road, N.M. State Highway 159. : For other recreation to tenjoy on the Glenwood Ranger District, Mineral Creek Trail (#201), accessed from Catron County Road C007 in • Alma, has excellent vistas of rock spires especially in spring- time. The trail, maintained in fall of 2009, provides access to the former mining town of Cooney. The trailhead is 16- cated about one quarter mile past the  Cooney's Tomb monumen.t. Due to the above average winter moisture, a good to ex- cellent spring flower season is expected. 'Areas at lower ele,a- tions and south facing slopes such as the Gold Dust Trail (#41) switchbacks, Little Whitewater Trail (#214); ihd She,ridan Gulch Trail (#18i") will be among the first to green up and show flower displays:. For more information, con- tact the Glenwood Ranger Dis- trict office at (575) 539-248J-. 00oooooooooooo00ooooo00ooooooooooooooooo00;0000 ° ° 0 •.O 3 ..g O ",O 0 . ,g o O O Foster I Adoptive Parents Needed in New bP.xicot : '.O O l MAKE A bIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A ¢1-1:!1 . . O .-O O a Become a foster or adoptive parent. Find out howl " I;i Join us for an information meeting to be held this month of March in"" t O your area. Please call Runny Diaz, CYFD Foster & Adoptive Parent Q Recruiter at (575) 434-5950 ext, 121. **So Habla Espanol** O O Visit u on the web at www.cvfd.ure . O Q -. O O O O O -- ooooooooooooooooOooooooooooooooooooo.oo Lordsburg High School00 Girls Softball 2010 i Coach: Armando Rosales ii   03/18/10 3:00 PM @ Silver High School (JV) 03/18/10 5:00 PM @ Silver High School (JV) 03/20/10 11:00 AM @ Mesilla Valley Christian School 03/20/10 1:00 PM @ Mesilla Valley Christian School'. 03/23/10 3:00 PM Cobre High School (JV) 03123110 5:00 PM Cobre High School (JV) 03/25/10 3:00 PM @ Hatch Valley High School ' - 03125110 5:00 PM @ Hatch Valley High School 03/27/10 11:00 AM Hatch Valley High School 03127110 1:00 PM Hatch Valley High School 04108110 3:00PM Duncan High School 04/08/10 5:00PM Duncan High School 04109110 3:00 PM Hot Springs High School 04109110 5:00 PM Hot Springs High School 04/23/10 2:00 PM @ Capitan High School 04/23/10 4:00 PM " @ Capitan High School 04130110 3:00 PM Capitan High School 04/30/10 5:00PM Capitan High School 05/04/10 5:00 PM @ Onate High School (JV) 05/04/10 7:00 PM @ Onate High School (JV) III