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March 23, 2012     Hidalgo County Herald
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March 23, 2012

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VOLUME 12 ISSUE 12 FRIDAY MARCH 23, 2012 75 Hidalgo County smanWO"m sho to, , ,A 9 c,, ,I ii,h,l,,I,,I,hh,h'h'm" hen at all possible, lOP HOME Make A Difference. ~7~1 l|4~J v,~tL, i= tke omm~iaitq d Annual Dick nvitati0nal rack Meet to be q held in rg Thursday Submitted by JEANNE LA MARCA/for say, at the Eiffel Tower. a week from Tues- the Hidalgo County Herald day. The only student to get lost was ~1 The second annual Richard Moore waiting at the appointed time and place. Invitational Track Meet will be held at They all traveled on a shoestring, and Lordsburg High School's Maverick Sta- these students have hysterical stories to i dium at 3:()0 p.m. on Thursday, March tell about their unconventional travels 22, 2012. Once again, local businesses with Coach Moore. and individuals are sponsoring the meet Not surprising, Coach Moore was events, also an unconventional teacher who In addition to Lordsburg Hightaught life skills along with the regular School, the schools invited to participate curP~culum' Students had to write their include Animas, Cobre. Cliff, Hatch. Hot names on their papers in Russian. They Springs, Reserve, Silver. Socorro, and could also ask for directions to a restroom Deming. in ten langu/~ges. Head coach for the LHS MavericksHis love of running also influenced is D. J. Saucedo. Teddy Medina is assis- the way students might have to take a tent coach, while Louie Baisa is a vol- makeup test in one of his history or gov- unteer coach, ernment classes. "Meet me after school The Richard'Moore Invitational is on the track." he said to one student, i named in honor of the late Richard "We're going to run?' One such student Moore, who taught and coached atprotested that she wasn't in track, but Lordsburg High School for 20 yefirs, that didn't raze him. As they ran, he asked ] Richard Moore was born on Octo- test" questions he had written on his arms | Impatient with not being able to find a ! ber 20, 1932, in Glendale, California, to question, he'd blurt out. "-Oh, where is Richard and Marie Burmeister Moore. Election sign-up day draws nine candidates Independent even at the age of 11, he that last question?" And then he'd re- Nine Hidalgo County citizens officially threw their hats into the ring Tuesday, wing for the offices of Hidalgo County used his own money to take a train trip member, lift his T-shirt, and read the ques- I Commissioner, Position 3, Hidalgo County Clerk and Hidalgo County Treasurer. Pictured abov~ are Patsy Camacho (O- alone across several states. Following tion where he'd written it next to his belly j Treasurer, incumbent), AnthonyTalav~ra (D-Clerk), Catrina A. Silvas ((D-Clerk), Melissa K. DeLaGarza (D-Clerk), Bobbie his service in the U. S Marines in Korea, button. d. Orphey~(R-Clerk) and Tyler G. Massey (R-Treasurer). Not pictured were the three candidates for Hidalgo County hetaughtbecamein Reservea teacherand Quemado,and Coach.beforeHe Pus heartIn hiSailment.later years,,i dun'the ignoredhave timed seri-for ! Commissi'oner, Position 3, Anthony J. More, Richard A. Chaires and David A. Ramps, all Democrats. The Primary coming to Lordsburg an operation," he said. He was going to Election will be held on June 5, 2012. - In 1978, his first year at LHS, hewas Nepal to run in the Himalayas. Back Discover Hidalgo C0untv ' . " ' assistant track coach to Ernesto ."Pops" home in Lordsburg, he continued to run m0vnngt0 Fanrgr0und thu~ year Renteria LHS won the state trackcham- with his distance runners, who were, af- ~ 'qmJ ter all, more important to him than his pionship in 1985, when Renteria and heart. But his heart could not survive Submitted by DHClLordsburg Rodriquez and the Lordsburg City Coun- grounds - a reversal of the popular Light Moore were coaching. In a statement to Mayor Frank M. cil on Thursday, March 15, 2005, Dis- Parade in December, but on the morning As time went by, Moore became his love of running and his students, and cover Hidalgo County Planning Corn- of the event. The idea is to use as many head track coach, and in 1996 he and he passed away while running with them mittee chairperson, Dick Davis said, "We . vintage vehicles as possible, whether the Mavericks took the state champion- on February 24, 1998. He was taken by are indebted to the City for the use of under their own power, or on a trailer, ship. He was head of the Black Magic ambulance, though he'd rather have been running all the way, to Gila Regional i North Park over the past two years for Grand Marshalls would be recipient" ~ Defense for Maverick football, and he Medical Center in Silver City, but Coach' our Discover Hidalgo County event, the Golden Oldie Awards from the ,e~'~t al~o coached both boys and girls in bas- This is not meant to=be a slander to the two years, ketball. In order to know the competF Moore had run his last race. ! City, but we have outgrown North Park At least one model railroad en'thusi- tion his athletes would face, he didn't Services for Coach Moore were held ,! and need to-add additional events to this ast has expressed interest in setting up need to carry around a clipboard with at Maverick Gymnasium on February 28, year's October 20th event, his layout for the event and others are the stats of most of the athletes in the 1998, while Maverick flags with black t "The bottom line is to bring revenue bows were placed around town. Over to the area so we have chosen, and the being contacted to participate. The arts state. He had those stats in his head. 300 people from around New Mexico A passionate runner, Coach Moore Hidalgo County Commissioners have and crafts building on the fairgrounds also competed in marathons and other and nearby states came to say good-bye agreed, to move the event to the Hidalgo will be utilized for similar displays this races all over the world. He took ath- to their coach, teacher and friend, t County Fairgrounds where passersby will year~ Other events are being considered letes with him whenever he could, often By now Coach Moore has learned 1 including the addition of a "Spook paying their expenses, that a track meet has been named after 1 see the event from the Interstate. The County ,is looking into placing a large Haunted House" since Halloween is only Coach Moore enjoyed giving stu- him. Students and teachers alike know 1 billboard-type sign on their property to a few days after the event, dents a taste of life and customs all his reaction when he found out Even t advertise the fair, our event and other As in the past, admission and park- around America as well as in far-flung on Earth, they can still see him throwing events in the County. This will also give ing will be free. Bim Kerr is in charge of places around the globe. Students had his hands in the air, shaking his head, t us room for expansion without blocking the Car Show and attractions and may to carry their own passports, money, etc., "and muttering, "Oh, hell." But everyone neighborhood streets." be contacted at 575-313-2606. Dick and keep up with him, since he couldn't knows he loved it. Meredith Moss, PA-C "John Salazar, our new County Davis may be contacted at 575-590- watch all of them. If they got separated Come on out to the Richard Moore Manager, would like to see more events 0143. from one another, they were to meet him, Invitational. He'll be "up there" watch- ing, utilize the fairgrounds so that it does not [_. sit vacant between fair times each year. I~i " . " This will add to the economy of our area ":g" :" " ": :eluded from and better utilize our tax dollars," Davis " i added. " . " 4 In addition, the Committee is look- 1 HMS article ing into staging a parade down Main t Street and along Motel Drive to the fair- HMS Physician's Assistant, Counterfeit ! Meredith Moss, was excluded by mis- take from the HMS newspaper article in t last week's edition. The following should have been money i included in the article: . ,,,~p ,~ Meredith Moss, PA-C ~'~ :*~ Prior tobecomingaPtiysicianAs-circulating in sistant Ms. Moss worked in the data pro- ,. cessing field for over 20 years. She has worked as a Physician Assistant, mostly r"s=ur-'uu in primary care for the past ten years, and is committed to caring for medically underserved individuals. She studied to Lordsburg Chief of'Police Greg become a Physician Assistant at the Uni- Martinez announced Tuesday that there ,,{lit versity of Iowa in Iowa City, IA and re- are counterfeit bills being passed in the ~. ceived a bachelor's degree from Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, Lordsburg area. o-~\~,.., j West Virginia. According to reports, the bills are Ms. Moss workedin a frontier re- mainly $50 and $100 bills. Chief b~,,i~:~i ;/~= gion in Alaska before moving to New Martinez wants local businesses to be Mexico in 2008. Ms. Moss has been a aware of the possibility of receiving the member of the HMS team since April of counterfeit money. - ~)~i : ,~ ] 2010. She works at the main clinic in He further encourages anyone with i Lordsburg as well as the School Based information about this ongoing crime to Lemonade anyone? Health Center at Lordsburg High School. come forward to police. Passing or creat- i Hidalgo Medical Services appreci- ing counterfeit United States currency is These three Lordsburg youngsters seized a money-making opportunity before the snowy weather'set in recently by putting up a lemonade stand. Pictured above are Austin Cole and Madisyn and Kyndel Rainer. Austin is the son of Craig atesHMSher serviceregretstOthetheerror.COmmunity! thee federalfederalCrimelevel.and will be prosecuted~ at and Susie Cole and Madisyn and Kyndel are the daughters of Ricky and Kari Rainer. Herald staffphoto Relay Rummage Sale 575-542-3400, 575-542-9347 ~rr 5-'~- h a the NMU Hidalgo Learning 9407 or email others around us. The Apostle Paul states 574-8218. Center from lpm to 4pm. Please bring Th]~ tAt,',,',L, ~i' I~11~/If~ that able to provide us with every your own box for cans and a bag for the =~ Ho ~v ~,,t,,n ~L ~,y~ blessln no The annual Relay for Life Rummage NMSP cheek points g' , t what we desire, but what UPCOMING EVENTS Sale will be held on Saturday March produce If you need a box dehvered to This Sunda at First United Methodist we " " y " " " ,need Worship begins at I0 AM. 31st from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at theThe New Mexico State Police will your home or if you have any questions, Church Pastor Richard Dorse,, will con- We re on th~ -'-r .... e a,a ~.,a u;.~. '. , j . ~. %a~j lit.eL ~.~1 .JL%lt KIkII~.L Jtltl~Ll Speclal Events Center. Donations are not be conducting check points, speed en- please call Christy at 520-507-0455 or elude his Lenten sermon series "Bread ~,~ ;, T,,~a~r,, ~, W,= I, .... h,~,, e,~ being accepted For information or to forcement saturation atrols and re Lisa at 575 542 3315 ,, , ................. ~ .................. i . . ;" ....... , . P . , - . - - for the Journey. This week will center you, Lordsburg! Come worship with us a~ange~or pmKup, p~ease cau Marsna stramt enforcement beginning February Literacy Pmaram on our abundance. We are reminded of this Sunday. 11111 at 3/3 0to zv#o " "a --o- - - - 17, 2012 through August 31, 2012 in h " --"" . the bible story since Our childhood A= A __ _ i E=Q ,=r u.,. Grant, Luna, and Hidalgo Counties. T e Hidalgo County Literacy Pro- about the bov who had loaves and fishes /-~l-/.~l]Orl l "''~" '-i:~' '~" '~ .. .. . .. . ~ . gram offers services to improve indi- ...- . q . ...... " g, nn,'~r~,n ~.,,~,,~ ~nt',~,~,l~n n~,|^,~ ........... the sto enos wire Jesus ieemng a greatThe al Anon Grouo meets at 6 30 Plans for the annual Community IVlC;l/~ll/UUU UI~L/IUULIUII~ viouat sKiJls in tmgfisn, Keaoing Lan- . . ry . . .~ _ _ : , .......................... ~ . multituoe or people mo many times we n m Wednesdays at a i r Coffee in master t~gg taunt Will 13e nelu ~prlJ /, r4 riM,-,,-, 17,-.,-,A (-',-,,-,,...,;ll k,~ a;..t.4k gua~e and wlam, as Well as rre-um~ ano . . ..... " .. r" a 2012. Organizers are currently accept- _. - ..... ~'~ ;._~,',~ -~'~v -* ...... ~,v- GE) preparation Quit nuttin~ it off it's tla~rm "reside the box" to solve our prob- Bayard. Call 575-534-0322 for more in- i ing donations (cash, eggs, prized) For uungcommoa~les and, produce on~vmn- not too latel Contact~Director Si;erri lems. Thinking "inside the box" limits formation. " t more information contact Billy Burt at taay, March l~tla and ~vJonoay, March Arredondo at 575-313-7738, 575-542- our imaginations and our abilities to help Continued on Paged 1 i -- ~ "~ ~ I 1