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March 23, 2012     Hidalgo County Herald
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March 23, 2012

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HIDALGO COU ~ITY HERALD FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 7 P # . Just A Thought What is it that only you do. By RICK KRAFT responsibility would never get work place. Whatever you do There are many tests in life that people use to determine what path they choose to move forward on. There are people who are self- lessly motivated by what they can do for others. There are people that. before they take ac- tion, inwardly ask the question "What is in it for me?" Some live their lives seeking immedi- ate gratification, what- ever that is at the time. Others lookway down the path ahead and consider the long term consequences of every action they take. There are people in this v~orld who pray over impor- tant decisions. Some contemplate their deci- sion for a substantial period of time. Others confer with good friends or family, make a decision and don't look back. There are people who ask the question "Will this action have a financial return?" While others don't even consider that a financial impact will result. Some use the test "What will others think of me?" Some ask "What will the result be if I fail?" .Yet others ask "What would Jesus do?" Regardless of the tests you use in makifig daily decisions, let me throw another one into the mix. Consider the question "What is it that only I can do?" This is a universal question that can and should be applied to many areas of each of our lives. There are countless tasks that can be done by many. The fact that they can be done by others does not make them un- important. For example, take the task of helping care for the homeless. If everyone said, let others do this, this significant done. Other examples word be donating funds to help fnd the cure for cancer, providhg aid nationally or internatiomlly af- ter a natural disaster, or tontrib- uting to an important nimstry of your church. In each ff these instances there tre oth- ers out there vho can contribute maerially, but again, if eeeryone leaves this up o others, no one provides the fi- nancial resoirces to make an impet. So back ID the very important ~luestion Rick Kraft "What is it Oat only l can do?" T~first ex- ample that c~nes to my mind is pai;nting. If you and your spou~ have chil- dren together, onl~you can be the father~ormot~rfor your children. If you dm't provide the parenting for 9ur children, it doesn't get don~. This can be adifficult bal- ance. as often dumg the impor- tant parenting yets, one parent or the other is t~/ing to climb the ladder in the york place If you are jugglin~ the priorities in your life andyou drop the family priority, itis apt to break rather than bounc~ back. I heard a pastor say oncethat many can pastor his church,but only "one can be a father tchis children. Point well taken. Often asking his question causes one to asses his or her gift set Each of is has been blessed with gifts. ~our gift set is differmat than th person on your right or left. f you are a member of an orgaization and only you have the ability to handle a specific issue that artses, then only y~ can ad- dress the challenge. This question apJies in the Brimberry is final in MRAC Artist cture Series Submitted by MRACISilver City exhibit "Advancing "Iadition: MRAC is presenting the fi- Twenty Years of Printmking at for a living, there are various levels of expertise by those whom you work wi~h. If some- one is vested with leadership responsibilities, he needs to look at those he leads globally. In other words, the staff mem- bers the person is leading have their individual areas of exper- tise. but it takes the leader above them to make sure they are all marching the same direction. If the leader in the above situation decides to work side by side. doing the same tasks as those he'is leading, great...for a period of time. But if he doesn't rise back above to the leader- ship role, the organization will have staff going all different di- rections because of his lack of vision and direction for those he leads. At each level of an organiza- tion, the question needs to be asked of each person involved "What is it that only you can do?" A professional's job is to perform in her area of expertise doing tasks that others in the or- ganization cannot do. For ex- ample, a doctor needs to render medical opinions just as a CPA needs to handle very complex tax work. As an attorney, my job is to practice law. If I spent half my day answering the telephone. I am not operating in my expertise. If I spent a day running the copy machine, I am doing a task that others are able to do. Now this does not mean that I or any other professional is bet- ter than any other staff we work with. None of us can function without the team we work with. I can argue that the person who greets the customers out front is more important to customer s~it- isfaction than I am in the back. But each of us has an important job. We just have different job descriptions. In leading an organization, there are decisions that only the leader can make. There are du- ties that only the leader can do. For the organization to function efficiently, there are decisions that must be made at different lev- els. A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDO/Lordsburg Photo courtesy ALLEN "HOOK" & JUNE HILLILordsburg nal artist in their Artist Lecture Series. The lecture will be made by artist Katherine Brimberry on Thursday, March 22nd from 6:30-7:30pm at WNMU's Parotti Hall. This is going to be a very informative and enter- taining lecture, and we hope that all can make it! The official press release is as follows: Katherine Brimberry is co- founder and co-owner of Flatbed Press. Austin, Texas, a fine-art publishing studio of etchings, lithographs, relief prints, and monotypes (http:// As master printer at the studio, she is in charge of collaboration and production of artist projects. Her expertise is in the collabo- ration phase of projects, where she works as technical collabo- rator with artists such as Terry Allen, James Surls and Julie Speed. among others. In the winter of 2010/11. the Austin Museum of Art produced the State Basketball Champions This photo of the 1939 New Mexico State Basketball Championship Team on the steps of the (old) Lordsburg High School hangs at the Lordsburg-'Hidalgo County Museum. According to Allen Hill, this was the first state championship of any kind in any sport for the Lordsburg Mavericks. Lordsburg beat Albuquerque High School in the final game of the state champion- ship in Albuquerque. on March 19, 1939. Back row, left to right - Coach Robert Pierce. Roy Jones. Heisel Martin, Raymundo Saucedo, Isabel Sanchez and Margo Estrada Front row - Vernon Thompson, Allen Hill, James Cureton (with basketball), Santiago Gutierrez and Alfredo Guzman Animas Cou~esym~rmation Alpha With the coming of Spring Omega Alpha Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha is once again mak- ing plans to sponsor the annual After-Prom Party at Animas High School. The purpose of this party is to provide AHS students with a fun. safe. substance-free activity Flatbed Press. In her ozn work In the Bible in the Old Testa- in order to continue the their spe- ' K-atl~er~r~~ uha-~ ,lfl~e'~ntaglio ' merit ~n:the book of Exodus; chap:' cial night. ~he students play printmaking technique to ex- plore private and uiversal metaphors. The Artist Lecture ~ries is presented in partnersh~ with the Western Institute fc Life- long Learning (http://wwe.will-, the WNMU Expressive Ats De- partment ~ttp:// exparts/index.shtml), and;fiver City's Women's History Ionth Celebration. This program provids an opportunity to get up clos and personal with some of Amdca's finest artists. Held at Parottl-lall on the WNMU campus, paici- pants have the opportuni~ to learn about an artist's mdva- tions, techniques and his~ry. More details on the seriescan be found here: ht~:// www.mimbresarts.crg/ artistlectureseries.html In Loving Memory of ter lg, Moses did not .have enough time to sit as judge over disputes among the people he-led. His father-in-law Jethro told him to delegate this task to others. Moses did so and it freed him up to perform tasks that only he could do. Delegating as a leader is a critical and necessary re- sponse to the question "What is it that only I can do?" My challenge to you today is to ask this question in each area of your life. In your marriage, only you can be the spouse to your husband or wife. If you have children with your spouse, only you can raise them. In your job you are paid to perform certain services. What in your job can only you do? In volunteer organizations that you are involved in, are you trying to do everything that needs done or are you contribut- ing your gifts, delegating, and bringing others along allowing them to use their gift set also? Everyone has a set of tests Jthey use to determine what they do and don't do. You can't do it all. but you there are many things you can do. And there are things in your life that only you can do. Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. games, enjoy good food, and win great prizes. Each year this evem has been extremely successful and very well attended. All of our funding must come from generous donors in the community. If you are interested Little League Registration Saturday Little League Registration will be held on Saturday during the PAL Basketball Tournament from 5 PM to 7 PM. Final regis- tration will be held Wednesday, March 28. and Thursday, March 29, at the Special Event Center. 904 East Motel Dr. Lordsburg 542-3030 James S. "Jim" Cureton At left, this photo of James S. "Jim" Cureton was taken in 1938 or 1939. Jim was on Lordsburg's 1939 Basketball State Championship Team. He. his brother Robert "Bob" H. Cureton, and his sister Dor- othy (Jackson) were the children of George Hail Cureton and Edith Sloan Cureton. For many years. Jim owned the JO Bat Ranch north of Lordsburg. Jim, his father and. his grandfather, James White Cureton, all ranched in the same area. Jim and his wife, Jane. who was the school nurse in Lordsburg for decades, as well as a nurse at the "new" hospital, were the parents of three children: Mary Edith. Sam and Alice. m Party in supporting this most worthy event please let us know. Your monetary donation will be used to purchase prizes and refreshments for the students at- tending. We will also accept any teen-appropriate merchandise or gift certificate donations. All 6/12/75-3/25/11 We treasure every moment you spent life with us. We hoped to have you longer, but it's not meant to be. You left this world so suddenly; I think our hearts went too. We feet so lost and lonely, and we cry from missing you. We know you're ~n a better place. We know you're happy there. We know one day we'll loin you. but the wait is hard to bear. Our heart feels like its breaking as we try to carry on. You were our life, our everything, but non sweetheart, you've gon~ We can see you walking on the shores of heaven praising the Lord Oh how we miss you so. And somehow we know if you could That you'd let us know that you're doing fine. And it doesn't hurt anymore, things couldn't be better. That Heaven is worth waiting for. And we know if you could Talk to us now, then here is what you'd say to us: "Wish you were here. It's such a beautiful place. No one complains and we haven't seen a tear." We car, see you watking on the shores together There talking with Jesus, safe and secure in his love. Walking in heavenly peace. We'll count the years until the time We join you there above. Where then we'll be, eternally, Together again our love. ~, Susan, we love you and we will always miss you. You wilt always be in our hearts, Et en though we cannot speak any more, Our voice is always .there. See you again someday above. sponsors Love Morn, Dad, Your Loving Children, Your Sisters, Your Loving Husband Rick & Family check payable to Omega Alpha, Or contact us if you have a prize donation you would like to have someone pick up. If you should have any ques- tions call Bobble Massey by phone at 575-548-2434 (home) or 575-640-2370 (cell) or by e- monetary donations and/or gift mail at certificates can be sent to Bobble Thank you in advance from ~ssey at PO Box 316 Animas,the Anir~as High School .Prom NM 88020. Please make your attendees! AF HOURS: Closed Mondays Tues-Sat 9 AM - 8 PM 8 AM - 2 PM Sundays 404 Wabash Street Lordsburg Volunteer Fire Department Lentils Camarones with Red Sauc~ Capirotada Chacales Every "riday durin9 Lent *2, 3 & 4 part business forms ' *Business Cards *Bumper Stickers *Letterhead *Photo Reprints Invoices * Posters * Envelopes * Flyers *Work 0rdersl * Receipts * lit Tickets *Certificates