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March 26, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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March 26, 2010

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W I~llll~llllmllm4U~mlzagl~Im~mll HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD Just A Thought Life is 10% what happens, 90% how we respond ways set forth above. I also choose to not let the other driver's action ruin my day. If it happens on the way home from work at the end of the day I can choose to walk into my house angry and tell an ugly story to my family. Or I can walk into my house, kiss my wife. hug my children, and tell them how blessed I was to avoid an accident. The event's impact on my life is all in the response I choose. The 90% response is con- trolled only by me. Years ago I had a student in the Leader- ship Roswell program tell md the way she deals with situations such as this is to make believe the driver of the other vehicle is her grandmother or an- other family member. The stu- dent said she would be much more understanding of the other driver if it were her grand- mother who drove slowly or cut another off. What I am focusing on is not the 10 percent event we can't control, but the 90 percent response we can control. None of us know exactly what will be thrown at us each day, so we need to be prepared and keep prepared. We can't control the events, we can control the re- sponse. When we play cards, we can't control the hand that is dealt us. But regardless of what we are dealt, we have the free- dom to choose how we play it. Do we allow a single event to rum our day? Sometimes it is inevitable. But often times we choose to not reset to a positive attitude and move forward. Elsie Robinson said. "Things may happen to you. and things may happen around you, but the only things that really count are the things that hap- pen in you. and you control that." We need to remember that all control comes from within No one can make you sad or angry or anything else unless you first give them that power over you. Eleanor Roosevelt said. "No one on earth can make you feel inferior without .your permission." In each of these instances we are talking about the response we choose. Many people think their at- titude is thrust on them by someone else. They fail to real- ize their attitude is their own choice. You need to recognize By RICK KRAFT We must recognize that the most important conversations, briefings, meetings, and lectures we will ever have are those held in the privacy of our own minds. Just inches of space be- tween our ears and it controls our entire world. We choose our attithde. We control what we think. The average American re- ceives approximately 3000 new pieces of information in any given day. We are con- stantly bombarded with new information. Some of the informa- tion is positive, some is negative, and some is just plain informa- tmn. We can't control exactly what will hap- Rick Kraft pen to us in any given day, but we can control how we respond. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond. The ten percent may be words spoken by another which hurt you on a Monday morning or it may be an impromptu hug from a child. It may be the death of a loved one or it may be suc- cess in a project you have been working on. The ten percent may be bad news from the evening news or it may be re- ceiving an uplifting card from a friend. We don't need to spend much time on the 10%, because there is often very little we can do about what life deals us. The 10% will always be there in one form or another. It is a part of life, a part of living day to day. Let me use an example we can all relate to. I find it inter- esting to watch how drivers re- spond when another driver does something stupid. For example, how does a driver respond when another driver cuts in front of them with a sudden left turn? Sometimes there is a honk of the horn. Sometimes there is an evil look. Sometimes there is an ugly gesture. Sometimes there is a cuss word yelled. Often there is a combination of these done simultaneously. I would venture to guess that everyone reading this has made a poor driving decision that has caused another to brake or swerve. When another does such an act to me, I ask myself the question. "Have 1 ever done what the other driver has done before?''~ If the answer is "yes," I don't respond in any of the I would like to thank a#my friends and family who atte.ded my b .t/,day party. The cards andgifts were deeply appreciated. God bless you Ida Waltev-Cawstens Ida Walter-Carstens 82nd Birthday Party Animas Community Center, March 13. 2010 that you are the CEO .of your own life. You are in control. You really are. You have the ability to make choices as to how you respond. Not your spouse, not your partner, not your boss, not your fellow workers, but you! You are held accountable for your response and rightfully so. William James once said. "The greatest discovery of my generation is that you can change your circumstances by changing your attitudes of mind." What do we choose to think about? In Philippians 4:8 we are told, "Finally brothers, what- ever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure. whatever is lovely, what- ever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things," Words of wisdom on how we should program our minds. Wouldn't it be nice if we could sit down at our computer and print every negative thought we ever had on the screen? Some of our lists would be longer than others. Then what we would do is to run the cur- sor over the entire list to turn it black. We would then place a finger on the "Delete" button and with one push the entire list would be gone. We would then replace the deleted list with positive and praiseworthy thoughts. Abraham Lincoln said. "A man is pretty much as happy as he makes up his mind to be." "Pretty much" is in- cluded because we cannot con- trol all of what life deals us. But by our response we can choose whether or not we are happy in the life we live. My challenge to you today is to realize it is your attitude that controls your life. Although you can't control the 10% which regularly comes at you. FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 20' A Picture From The Past" Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILor "Kelly" Herbert Saucedo, III Jan. 23, 1955 - Mar. 27, 1991 you can control the 90% that is 1[~ your response. It is that l0%Environmental8r0u net which allows us to develop character and climb higher. With our response we can jaguar habitat litigation choose what type of stone the 10% will be. a tombstone or a InlormationcourtesyNMCA'n'LE lion acres of habitat in southern stepping stone. GROWERS' ASSOClATIONIAI- New Mexico and Arizona. for a Your attitude controls your buquorquo, NM species that is rarely seen north altitude. Choose a healthy re- The federal government paid of the Mexican border. sponse to the 10% of life that a total of $91,000 to environmen- Ancell is conce, rneM about you can't control. Think about tai groups as part of settlement the impacts a ~t~cai~hai~itat des- things which are excellent or ignation could'h~ve on natural resource users, including ranch- [ J~guar Nab~at Rec.~mmendal~n~~ f~' Arizof~a and K~W Mexico 9 PhotoM~c Irene S Gl courtroom. Our tax doll: used to defend the case, c dollars are used to settle tt and the environmental gro out and file more lawsuits. of this impacts the jaguar ol or the other - the specms ues to do just fine in natura which does l clude the southv United States. J need running and a humid cli Groups are ask for attorney as part of the sett of a lawsuit wi federal gover 7 Jsburg i y 1973 ~urtesy ~ucedo ffierrez n rs are ur tax e case lps go ',10ne ~e way :ontin- range lot in- ,estern ~guars water aaate." ~ble to fees :ment h the tment Ac- under the Equ', cess to Justic (EAJA) and off Act er fee praiseworthy. Try it today. You can do it. You are in control of you! Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit com- ments, contributions, or ideas. e-mail to rkraft @ kraftandhunte r. corn mailto: thekraftlawfirm @ or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. shifting statutes. EAJA was passed iO the 1980s to ensure, that private citizens' and non-profits' rights were agreements in two lawsuits filed regarding designation of critical habitat for the jaguar. T h e amount of money -- our tax dollars that has gone and continues to go to these groups is unbe- lievable," said Bert Ancell, New Mexico Cattle Growers Asso- ciation (NMCGA) Presi- dent, Bell Ranch. "How the government can continue to make these agreements, knowing that money will be used to fund yet another lawsuit against the federal government, is beyond me." The Center for Biological Diversity received $53.000' and the Defenders of Wildlife re- ceived $38,000 in settlement of a case they filed in 2008 to force the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to designate critical habitat for the jaguar. The groups are push- ing for the designation of 53 mil- ers. "These designations are far- reaching, and could seriously xmpact ranching operattons and rural economies in sotithern New Mexico and Arizona." , ~'The cost of these lawsuits is staggering," Ancell continued, "with no actual benefit to the spe- cies in question. These environ- mental groups file hundreds of lawsuits every year, forcing agen- cies to dedicate time. money and resources that could go to species benefit, instead it goes into the protected. Today, how- ever, well-funded envi- ronmental groups are using the legislation for profit. Ancell con- cluded The NMCGA has repre- sented the beef industry in New Mexico and the West since 1914 and has members in all 33 of the state's counties as well as some 14 other states. The Association participates in venues necessary to protect beef producers and pri- vate property rights including liti- gation, state and federal legisla- tion and regulatory affairs. We Will Help You Keep More Of | WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL TAX. PREPARATION SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. 57-5-542-3125 212 E. Motel Drive * Suite A Lordsburg For All YOur ANK SERV CES " CALL ys ems, 75-548-2429 75-557-2291 gl Septic Tank Installation g'! 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