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March 28, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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March 28, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014 7 Just A Thought A new lease on life 29 years later By RICK KRAFT A neW attitude brings a new world. If you want to change your world, change your attitude. Life is that simple. Life is that com- plex. Anyhow, after 29 years of marriage I have a new wife. My wife Tanya and I set out together the first week of January a year ago with a decision for healthy living. After a wedding, a honey- moon, children, and decades of marriage, our weight had crept up and pushed both of us into the "obese" category on weight charts. Our quality of life was fine, but I had to sleep with a C-pap mask on my face and because of lower back issues the clock was ticking on Tanya head- ing into a surgical procedure. We made a decision to make good short term choices in order to bring excellent long term re- suits. Healthy living involves re- peated good decisions on eating smart and maintaining an active lifestyle. Today, after losing 85 pounds and ten pants sizes, I am off my high cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine and I haven't had to attach that blasted C-Pap machine to my face in. over a year. It is gathering dust and I don't intend to ever put it on my face again. Life is great. Healthy living is well worth it. Tanya, after losing 50 pounds and five dress sizes, is more active than she has been since having children over 26 years ago. I used to push her to Hidalo County Heritage Society Save Our Building Help Restore the Enrichment Center for moR fomatiOn call (57S) 542-9716 Rick Kraft or emlil exercise over the decades of mar- riage to no avail, now she is push- ing me to get out and walk with her. It is as if I have a new wife. And I like it. As I am writing this we are traveling back from a conference of about 150 health coaches who have all made the same decision to choose healthy living. Talk about an upbeat group of indi- viduals ! Having made healthy choices those present at the conference had all conquered a prior lifestyle and were working to help oth- ers create health in their lives also. Recently we had a meeting of almost 30 at our home of people who were choosing healthy living. Tanya, in her pre- sentation, told the group as- sembled to look for opportunities to get exercise. A simple concept, but I lived 55 years of my life without this mentality. It is mak- ing a conscious choice to exer- cise your body in deci- sions rather than to live .life seek- ing to use the least energy pos- sible. Why not? Over most of the history of mankind, man did not have the option of using remote controls or elevators. Let me see if I can break this further apart for you. We were re- cently on a vacation. The park- ing garage was in the basement. Our room was on the third floor. Each day we went out on a drive. When we returned back to the room human nature said to con- serve energy and hop on the el- evator. Instead we repeatedly walked up the three flights of stairs (even with our hands full of bags). Instead of asking the ques- tion "Is there a reason to take the elevator?" we asked the question, "Is there a reason not to take the elevator?" A different philosophy on life... We started each day with a brisk walk along the beach. In our swimsuits we were basically get- ting the same sun as those sun- bathing by the pool, except we were working on staying fit at the same time. . J \\; the ;PIRIT of HIDA Local residents spruce up "toy house" Veva and The Crew came over to the "Toy house" after all of the toys were gone and cleaned up the place. The first day, they came over and broke down all of the boxes that were piled high on the porch and hauled them away. The second time they cam e over, they removed dry grass and weeds from the yard and Swept the sidewalks. These young people said that they were so grateful for all of the work that had been done collecting and distributing toys that they wanted a chance to give back. And they did so with a bunch of great big smiles! Thanks to Veva and all of these young people for Doing Good in our Neighborhood! Courtesy photo While at the airport we got off the plane at gate 2 and our next flight was out of gate 39. Rather than hop on the shuttle, we chose to walk from gate to gate to exercise our bodies. After arriving at our gate, rather than sitting while making a cell phone call, we walked up and down the corridor further burning calories. Simple stuff, but enough choices strung together bring great results. When going to a store why not park in the furthest spot away from the front door and get a short walk in? If the store is big enough, why not take a lap around the store once or twice before look- ing for what you are shopping for? When talking on your wire- less phone at home, why not walk around the house at the same time? It is common for me to be working in my study and for me to see Tanya walk by over and over and over again as she is cir- cling the house while engaged in a phone call. Why not? You are accomplishing two things at once. The world as Tanya and I see it has changed. No longer do we ask what is the least amount of energy that we can use in our daily lives. We look for opportu- nities to exercise the only bodies we will ever have. Additionally, schedule regu- lar times to exercise and have an accountability partner. I run three days a week, two of the runs are with a friend. We both provide accountability for the other. The other critical aspect of healthy living is what we put into our mouths. Without smart eating choices a person will not move out of an "obese" classification. For example, a person could go to a fitness gym and work out as hard as they could for an hour and maybe burn through 400-600 calories. If she then eats a Big Mac, she has consumed 550 calo- ries and has undone a one hour workout in less than 5 minutes. Many, while doing regular exercise workouts, don't under- stand why they aren't losing pounds. The reason is that the workouts don't do much good if you are going to eat right back what you have worked off. It is really a discipline issue. Five minutes of enjoying a large piece of cheesecake or a choco- late bar can undo 60 minutes of exercise. Exercise is good, but for it to lead to healthy living, there needs to be some control of the intake of food. Calories in need to be less than calories out and there is only so much exercising a person can do. Every step you take multi- plies the G force put on your joints three to five times. Thus, five pound taken off will remove 15 to 25 pounds of force on your legs and feet. Twenty five pounds of weight loss will remove 75 to 125 pounds of force each step you take. Do you think this doesn't help your joints each step you take? Some things to think about if healthy living is important to you. My challenge to you is to choose to live healthy...whatever that looks like in your world. Liv- ing healthy not only adds years onto your life, it raises your qual- ity of life. It may give you the opportunity to hold a newborn great grandchild someday. It may allow you to not need surgery in your later years because of poor choices in your earlier years. It may save your body from having to take medication for the rest of your life. God gave you one body. Like it or not, the body you have today will be the body you will end your years with. What you do with your body between now and your final day is up to you. A little bit of discipline will go a long way. Choose to create healthy habits! They will pay a lifetime of dividends. Just a healthy thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. TO submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ kraftandhunter'cm or write to PO. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale Lordsburg 1916 ] " 49 1/2"x 8 printed on foam core board--can be framed or displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald. $20 Call Edmund Saucedo at 575-542-9716 $20 A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDO/Lordsburg 00eraori00ra The Lordsburg High School classes of the 1960s have lost another classmate. Mareen Whitmore Morrow Aug. 13, 1944 - Mar. 15, 2014 Class of 1962 A full obituary appears on page 2 of this week's edition. 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