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April 9, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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April 9, 2010

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M VOLUME 10 ISSUE 15 FRIDAY APRIL 9, 2010 5O Hidalgo County ll'l"l,,l,,,,ll,,il,,ll,,,,ll,l SmallTown Papers 5026 California Avenue SW Seattle WA 98136 WIFE mourns loss of Rob ! , addn bordq issues Pictured above at the Hidalgo Learning Center ribbon cutting are NM State Representative Rudy Martinez; Priscilla Lucero, SW Council of Governments' Executive Director; NM State Senator John Arth ur Smith; Joey Mora, Hidalgo County Commissioner; WNMU President Dr. John Counts; and Richard Chaires, Hidalgo County Commissioner WNMU marks opening of Hidalgo Learning Center By ABE VILLAREAIJWNMU Western New Mexico University celebrated the opening of its new learn- ing center in Lordsburg, New Mexico at a ribbon cutting on Thursday, April 1, 2010. The new center houses Instructional Television (ITV) and face-to-face classes to the residents of Hidalgo County. A computer lab is also available to students who are enrolled in online courses through WNMU. Hidalgo County," stated New Mexico State Senator John Arthur Smith. Smith wrote the learning center legislation that helped fund the new facility. Tummy Botello, a single mother from Lordsburg, is excited to see the learning center open its doors to Hidalgo County residents. "It is good for everybody, but espe- cially for those that work full-time" said Botello. "This makes it convenient for students like me." Botello travels to WNMU's main cam- pus in Silver City and is enrolled in online courses. The Hidalgo Learning Center now offers courses ia Public Speaking, Com- puter Literacy and Developmental Math. For area residents, a unique opportunity to earn an Industrial Maintenance degree will begin this summer with courses in electrical technology such as solar hydronics. Located near Lordsburg High By JUDY KEELER & SHEILA MASSEY/ ther. Grandfather, Brother and Uncle was NM WIFE Members murdered in cold blood by a suspected As members of Women Involved in "illegal alien on the Ranch. Farm Economics (WIFE) mourn the loss This senseless act took the life of a of Sue Krentz's husband. Rob. we man, ahumanitarian, who bore no ill will thought it would be good to remind ev- towards anyone. Rob loved his family eryone how hard Sue and our organiza- instilling in them the importance of hon- tion have worked to get the word out and esty, fair dealing and skill managing'all warn our elected officials about the trav- aspects of a large 100 year old ranching esties occurring along our Mexican Bor- operatipn producing food to make our der. Country strong and healthy. A while back a series of articles were He was known for his concern and written by several women living along kindness helping neighbors, friends and the New Mexico and Arizona borders of even trespassers on his ranch with corn- Mexico. We published their stories in passionate assistance in their time of our newsletter last year. The WIFE orga- need. nization has brought these concerns to We hold no maJice towards the Mexi- the attention of elected officials on the can people for this senseless act but do state and federal levels of our govern- hold the political forces in this country merit for many years. It is time to ask are and Mexico accountable for what has we being heard or is what we have been happened. Their disregard of our re- saying falling on "deaf ears." peated pleas and warnings of impend- We all need to be reminded this has ing violence towards our community fell been an ongoing problem for some time on deaf ears shro~ded in political cor- and must be emphasized to our lawmak- rectness. As a result, we have paid the ers in Washington, DC. This is not the ultimate price for their negligence in time to be talking amnesty. Amnesty will credibly securing our Borderlands. only exasperate a bad situation along the In honor of everything Rob stood border. The people of Mexico and Cen- for, we ask everyone to work peacefully tral America will once again be deceived towards bringing credible law and order into thinking they can come into the U.S. to our Border and provide Border Patrol to partake of a piece of the American and County Law Enforcement with suf- dream under any new amnesty bill. This ficient financial resources and manpower happened just a few years ago. It will to stop this invasion of our country. happen again. We urge the President of the Unitecl This is a time to take action!! We States to step forward and immediately must have a coordinated federal, state order deployment of the active U.S. mill- and local law enforcement presence ON tary to the Arizona, New Mexico Border THE BORDER!! Thank you all for honoring Rob. We If our nation continues down the want the truth known. "This is really a dream come true for Like other Lordsburg residents, School. the new facility is opening its present path more mayhem and deathsRob's funeral service will be held in doors to younger learners. A rapidly will be the result. This is unacceptable!! Douglas, AZ on Saturday, April 10 at is still ti e to gister tq growing DualEnrollmentprogramat This is not a racial issue, thisisacom- 10AM at the Douglas High school. A m_ __ _ __ WNMU includes students from men sense issue Celebration of Rob's Life will follow at in Ju tie-in Prima rY l:lecti0 n L~dshu~._Higlm. The Hidalgo .It,earning-:,. :,-~,,Please read-this state~a'nt from the---the Gadsden Hotel: ..... '-~*': .......... .... vote Center prowdes an o.pportumty for those Krentz Family as read at a community AZCO has committed $15,000 usa students to enroll m college courses meetin~" in A-ache AZ Wednesda-" while in high school March ~lst ~' ' " y, reward to find the person that killed Rob. ICE announced that the Department GED instruction and testing is also On March 27th. our Husband, Fa- There's still time to register to vote for those unregistered voters interested m voting in the June 1, 2010 Primary Election. The last day to register to vote in the Primary Election is May 4, 2010. Pro- spective voters may register at the Hidalgo County Clerk's Office at 300 Shakespeare Street. or at the Income Sup- port Office, Department of Motor Ve- hicles, the New Mexico Health Depart- ment and at the Lordsburg-Hidalgo Pub- lic Library. Traditionally, many people have not registered to vote in order to avoid jury selection. According to Hidalgo County Clerk Carmen Acosta, jury selection is now handled at the state level based on drivers licenses issued, income taxes filed and voter registration records. The upcoming Primary and General elections are partisan elections and pro- spective voters will be asked to desig- nate a political party when registering. For those who are already registered to vote. Clerk Acosta encourages citizens to ensure that their voter information is accurate and up-to-date. She added that only the voter can update or make changes in voter registration records. If you are a registered voter and do not have a voter ID card, the Hidalgo County Clerk can provide you with one. Absentee voting begins on May 4, 2010. To vote in this manner, contact the Hidalgo County Clerk's Office at 575- 542-9213 or email "Voting is a basic right for all citi- zens in a democracy," said Acosta. "By voting, the majority of the citizens have the power to elect people to represent them in government. It is imperative that everyone vote because the higher the voter turnout the greater the possibility that the winner is indeed a true represen- tation of the population at large. Voters who participate in elections can have a great impact on their outcome:" offered. See BORDER ISSUES on Page 6 By Mayor Frank M. e P Rodriguez This past week, children of all ages, celebrated another successful Easter Egg Hunt. A special thanks goes out to the Easter Bunny and all his helpers for spread- ing fun and enjoyment throughout Lordsburg. This week we celebrate "THE WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD?' We hope you wilt join us in acknowledging the accom- plishments and special gifts of the children who so willingly give of themselves for benefit of our community. We are thankful for the example they set for all of the citizens of Lordsburg. Children are our hope for the furore. April 16th, is proclaimed by The Golden Apple Foundation to be 'A Tribute to Teachers Excellence Day.' We would like to recognize and congratulate our very own, Mrs. McCants who has been so nominated. May we all follow her lead in bringing excellence to the table of our young students' minds. This week also starts testing for Lordsburg students, please remember to eat healthy and get enough rest soyou can be at your very best. This past month has also brought violence and sadness to our neighboring communities. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Robert Krentz. There are several different law enforcement agencies working in unity to- ward securing our borders. May we all work toward unity and Support in these troubling times. The City of Lordsburg has received funding for upgrades to the sidewalks on Motel Drive. Thig will allow for ADA compliant ramps to assist those residents having difficulty with the steep steps. Surveyors will begin work in the area soon. Portions of the area may be closed off to allow crews to survey the difficult angles. We ask that business owners and customers please be patient during this process. Please keep in mind the end result will be well worth the momentary inconvenience. Thank you and have a safe weekend. Animas Close-up group in front of the Capitol building. Animas Close-Up students travel to Washington DC By ELIZABETH RlCHINSiHidalgo Tennessee, Arizona, and even Florida. students visited. County Herald , During their stay, the Animus kids All:in all, the students had a great Students from Animus High Schoolwere able to see monuments such as the time and saw lots of sights. They were had the opportunity to travel to Wash- Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the FDRable to learn a lot about our country's ington D.C. for a Close-Up trip this past Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and history and were able to grasp a better week. They spent almost an entire week even the Korean War, World War II, and understanding of the political issues that in D.C., and got to see lots of monuments Vietnam War memorials. Students got to are being debated throughout our coun- and museums. A. lso, they discussed po- see the Capitol building and tour muse- try now. The Close-Up sponsor is Alysha litical issues and had mock debates be- ums such as the museum of Natural His- tween other students across the U.S. Stu- tory, the Air and Space museum, and the Wagley, who went 'to D.C. with her stu- dents from all over America participated . American History museum. The Library dents as well as her husband, Sam in this Close-Up trip, coming from places of Congress and the Holocaust museum Wagley, and the AHS secretary, Mel such as California, Minnesota, Nebraska, were also places in which the Animus O'Byrne. L 1 i i i i t UPCOMING EVENTS Benefit Car Wash Democratic Party Meeting A Car Wash hosted by the Lordsburg The Hidalgo County Democratic Fire Department to raise funds for the Party will hold an official meeting on American Cancer Society will be held Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 4:00 p.m: at from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April the Hampton Inn in the Hidalgo Room. 10, 2010 at the Lordsburg Fire Depart-- For more information call Robert C. merit on Wabash Ave. Parra, Chairman, at 575-313-9102. Rodeo cancelled Cooking Classes Big Thunder Rodeo, scheduled forICAN cooking classes will begin April 10 in Animus, has been cancelled May 3, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at the Hidalg9 due to the tragic loss of Rob Krentz. A County Extension Office. Call 575-542- new date will be determined at a later 9291 to join or get more information. time. ,,, Norman Browli, and Ron-Elder. Hosted 542-8384,.ext. 441. by your local Seventh Day Adventist Diabetic Support Group RV Traylor Elementary School will Church. Bring a friend! Come join us and stay informed for hold Kindergarten Registration on Fri- Team Kids either yourself, a loved one in your fam- day, April 23, from 8 aim. to 3 p.m. Team Kids is held every Wednesday ily, or a friend. For those not familiar with Free Seminar at the First Baptist Church of Lordsburg our Diabetes Support' Group, we meet Earth Link Seminars presents the from 6:00-6:45 p.m. Team Kids is open every last Wednesday of each month 10 follow FREE seminar - How Do We Live to students in grades 1-6. am-tlam in the HMS Conference Room @ 530 E. Demoss Street, here in for God- Christian Lifestyle. Does the Love & Logic classes Lordsburg. If you have any questions, Bible give direction in His Word? Please join us Friday April 9, Saturday April 10, Free Love and Logic parenting ses- please don't hesitate to call Gloria Vargas and Sunday April 11. All meetings be- sions begin Monday, April 19 and will @ (575)542-3047. gin at 7:00 p.m. at 12 Peterson Drive, be held at the HMS Conference,Room Silver City, NM. Speakers: Rick Lytle, from noon to 1 p.m. To register call 575- 1t ]