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April 9, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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April 9, 2010

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6 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 2010 ,-~ Junior Day to be Gila Cliff Submitted by GCDNMI Silver City Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument will celebrate Junior Ranger Day on Saturday, April 24th with an entire day Of free fam- ily-friendly activities• Live the Life The Mogollon people occu- pied the region surrounding the Gila headwaters for nearly a thousand years. On Junior Ranger Day, visitors can expe- rience firsthand' Mogollon lifeways. Stop by the Gila Visi- tor Center between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to whirl a bull roarer or grind corn with a mane and metate. Try your Ilings April 24 hand at crafting a Mogollon- style~ctay pot--yours to keep no matter how it, turns out! Get Up Close and Personal Interested in peering into the eyes of a live owl or mar- veling at the talons of a hawk? Park your car at Woody's Cor- ral and make /.he short walk to Lower Scorpion Campground. Staff from Hawks Aloft. a non- profit conservation and educa- tion group will be showing off their bird ambassadors between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Be Bear Aware Would you know what to do if you met a bear on the trail? Join staff from the Gila National Volunteer from Hawks Aloft with a Great Horned Owl. Photo courtesy Hawks Aloft Children crafting Mogollon-style pots.- Finally... Anew program makes computers affordable. Act now to claim your new portable computer loaded with programs used for email. interact, web surfing etc, Great for students. grandparents, small business or anyone, These Windows powered PCs sell for up to $600 in stores, but call now and claim up to two for just one paymem $179 each through this special, program. Phone lines open today at 9am. When they're gone, they're gone! One Time Public Offer - 1-877-774-3520 WWW.ei~ bOOiqllC.GOIlt 4/11/t0 Love, Lorrie, Your Kids ai d Grar dkids Photo courtesy Bill Hudson Forest at Upper Scorpion Campground between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to become bear aware! Touch a real bear hide and skull, learn how to hike and camp safely in bear coun- try. Skulls and Bones Drop in between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the Gila Cliff Dwellings trailhead to touch real animal skulls and learn about the wildlife of the Gila Wilderness• Schedule of Special Events: 10:0O a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Ancient Lifeways at the Gila Visitor Center• 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Hawks Aloft at Lower Scorpion Campground. 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Bear Aware at Upper Scorpion Campground 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Skulls and Bones at the Gila Cliff Dwellings Trailhead. Access to the Cliff Dwell- ings: A 35-foot long temporary foot bridge placed across the West Fork Bridge permits visl- tor access to Gila Cliff Dwell- ings National Monument. Visi- tors to the Monument must park their vehicles at Wood~'s Cor- ral and then hike or bike on the closed road .for one mile to the trailhead. Please plan on allow- ing at least three hours to visit the site, as accessing the Cliff Dwellings will now be 3 miles round-trip. The Cliff Dwellings will be staffed daily from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and while the gate to the Cliff Dwellings closes at 4:00 p.m., visitors have another hour in which to com- plete their visit. Visitors should plan on beginning the hike across the West Fork Bridge from the parking area at Woody's Corral no later than 3:00 p.m. Please note that there will be no guided tours during this interim period. Entrance fees will be waived until vehicle access can be reestablished. For further information, please contact the Gila Visitor Center at (575) 536-9461. WIFE mourns K Continued from Page I of Homeland Security will put up $25000, for a total reward of $40,000• Information on the Reward Fund and Memorial Fund can be found on the website Please take time to read Sue's e-mail from JanualT 21, 2009 and her article that was published in our WIFE newsletter in January 2009. letters/January2009.pdf The following was written by SUE KRENTZ on January 21. 2009 Today I was out walking. Up the road comes the border patrol? They asked permission to cross into some of our pastures to the south• A group of illegals were headed our way. So here I am about 3 miles from the house and they said maybe you should go home, or just be real careful. I was just out walking, en- joying the day and getting some sunshine• Just thanking the LORD HE HAS ALLOWED ME TO LIVE HERE. It makes me angry that I can't even take a walk or just live in peace...ON MY OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY. If I complain I am a racist. In recent weeks we have had about 8 loads of dope come across us. We are 12 miles north of the border fence, we're not on the border• How come it cannot be stopped at the border???? To get to our ranch the smugglers must cut about 6 fences and go through about 4 different ranches• A friend had his horse get across the border fence into Mexico re- cently. He went to get it and in 10 minutes the MEXICAN FEDERALES were on how come we can't respohd so rapidly here in the U.S? I belong to a group of women called WOMEN INVOLVED IN FARM ECONOMICS W.I.F.E. The last couple of months we have been taking turns writing about the border and the border fence• is my article... Border Issues outline by Sue Krentz in January '09 My name is Susan Krentz and I live on a ranch in southeast Arizona. My husband's family bought this ranch in 1907. and was able to carve out a living that has sustained six generations. The closest town is Douglas. Ari- zona and Agua Pieta, Sonora is the sister city to us on the border In this area we are in the middle of an invasion. The inva- sion is getting worse and most everyone has their own ideas on the issue. Many blame the bor- der patrol• They say their run- ning all over is causing problems, but the border patrol would not be here if the illegal's were not here. Years ago there were only a handful of border patrol agents who lived in Douglas, Arizona• They did not have the mart power or the equipment to do much law enforcement but really there was no need. The border crossers were few. Now they are coming over the border in huge numbers• A couple of years ago we had 500 people removed off the ranch in 8 days. The statistics are for ev- ery one they catch 8 get away. Do the math there are huge numbers crossing the Mexican border• The damage to our ranch is estimated at $7 million and this includes damages to the water lines• The illegal's break the water lines which will drain all the stor- age tanks we have draining mil- lions of gallons of water on the ground• We have to check the water lines daily. This also causes damage to the water line that is run by gravity flow and so air locks will develop all through the line. Many umes it takes weeks to catch up and fix the line. The recent drought puts stress on all plants, vegetation wildlife and cattle• When you have over 100 people walking through your pastures the cattle scatter this cause them to lose weight. In the past we precondi- rentz, address border issues tioned some calves and at the Customs Enforcement (ICE), an time of shipping they had lost agency of the newly created De- about 50 pounds which cost us partment of Homeland Security. about $150,000.00 Needless to Their job is to protect national say there is no bailout plan for us security and uphold public safety nor is there any kind of recogni- by targeting criminal networks tion that we are in personal, life ' and terrorist organizations that threatening danger, seek to exploit vulnerabilities in We have had neighbors, our immigration system, in our whose homes have been broken financial networks, along our into and guns have been stolen, border, at federal facilities and One neighbor was out working elsewhere in order to do harm to cattle with their kids. The grand- the United States. The end result father, dad and other cowboys is a safer, more secure America. were on one side of the canyon The border invasion changes and on the other side of the can- with the administration change. yon rode the two teenage boys. If the impression that the federal They watched in horror as the leaders will be weak the border illegal's charged the horses their invasion increases. If the impres- boys were riding to gain control sion is that the federal leaders will of the horses and to hurt the be tough on the border crossers young boys, Fortunately the boys the invasion becomes lighter or stood their ground and this time is played like a game. And as the the illegals did not win.pressure increases in one are to Another time a mother was out hanging out her clothes. She capture the undocumented cross- ers they move to another area and -had her 6 month old baby boy in invade that area with roads and the car seat behind her. The wind was blowing and she did not hear people. Their equipment such as cell the illegals come in to the yard and grab the baby. When she phones, GPS units, night vision turned around the illegals had the goggles and fire arms are in many baby and would not give her back " cases better than what the border her son unless she allowed them patrol have or the local law en- to use the phone. She got inside forcement agencies. and got her shotgun and phone Just this past week we have frantically calling for help. The had 7 vehicles cross the border itlegals gave her the baby and she fence. How? They brought their ran inside locked'the doors and own "bridge" a plank on the for about 20 minutes the illegals other side and drove over the continued to bang on the win- fence. With two portable toilets dows and doors demanding to use in back filled with dope. They the phone. When you live in the crossed the fence and came down country you are miles from help Geronimo Trail to the border road, even if it is "on the way" it may with Douglas Police and Border take up to 30 minutes to find you. Patrol in hot pursuit. The people We are well aware of the reason got away; one portable toilet did behind the undocumented aliens fall out of the truck but the truck leaving their country to come to carrying more dope crossed back the United States for a better life. into Mexico. The agents were We are seeing huge groups of 20 fired upon but since the border to 100 plus people from the same patrol agents are now fearing re- village or town. Many are related, percussions of them being ar- we see brothers, sisters, husbands, rested for shooting at the perpe- wives, and children. We never had trators they backed off. seen children before, now it is common sight. There are corn- Narrowing this story to the • view point of the ranchers, we are munities in Mexico that are to- tally vacant because all the in grave danger. We fear for our people have been forced to leave, lives, and the safety of our fatal- This seems to be a sign of rural ties. This is a war and it is boiling cleansing, over into the UNITED STATES. One of our friends taped a Reports of mass murders across group of illegals crossing the bor- the line are common. Right now der and he asked them what they they are beheading people that were doing and basically they cross them and their plans. There said to change the face of the are even travel warnings for United States from the inside. Americans traveling into Mexico. Under Vicente Fox he promoted All_we wagt as laa~,p~n~ dual citizenship so the new citi- is to live in peace. Be safe on our zens could reap the wealth and land and In our homes and not opportunities here but not have live in fear and have the fight that to pay for it through taxes, we can pursue the right of life. The Border Patrol is the le- liberty and the pursuit of happi- gal government agency that can ness. We wish no harm to any arrest and deport the illegals. Your one and just ask for one thing to county sheriff cannot do this. Your live free. highway patrol does not arrestOne can track these articles and remove illegals from your and information at many sites on property. Within the 25 miles of the web such as: The Anderson the border this job is given to the Report, UNITED STATES BORDER PA- TROL which is now governed under the Department of Home- ; American Patrol Report, land Security. www.americanpatrol•com/: Tuc- Once you get more than 25 son Weekly articles by Leo miles from the border this legal Banks, Range Magazine va-ticlo~- authority to arrest illegals is the by Tim Findley, or just review the job of the U.S. Immigration and articles in any news paper. .Nuev0s Patr0nes en el us0 de metamfetaminas... Hay evidencia nue~ de que la metanfetamina se esta usando nm.~ per la la vena. La Inye~ion de esta droga pone al usuario en un riesgo alto clue por comportamientos (sexuales y no sexuales) podria incrementar la posibilidad de contraer VIH/SDIA, hepatitis, y otras enfermedades infecciones• • Normalmente la metamfetamina no se compra y se vende en las calles, come much,xs otms drogas illicit~s conocidas. Los usuarios reportan que obtienen metamfetamina per amigos y conocidos. Es tipicamente una venta mas cerrada o e~ondida, arreglada anteriormente pott las redes socials con los productores. A menudo esta vendida 'solamente per invitacion' en fies~s que duran toda la noche. • Come la metamfetamina puede ser hecha con materials facilmente aocesibles y baratos, hay una gran veriedad en los procesos y quimicos usados. Esto significa que el ultimo producero que se vende confo 'metamfetamina' puede mr que no ms metamfetamina en ninguna manera, sine una mezcla quimica' altamente alterada que genera algunos efectos parecidos a esfimulantes. Falta de conocimiento sobre el origin de las drogas y los agents farmacologoicos ttsados en la produccion hace especialmente dificil determiner la toxicidad, la consecuencias y sintomas resultants de su use. • La metamfetamina a menudo es una combinacion peligmsa de otras substancias, que incluye cocaine crack o base, marihuana, heroina, y alcohol. l~is message broe#a to yoe by For more information BORDER AREA MENTAL HEALTH call 575-542-9477 S~RVtC~S. tSC. Carefully Crafted by Ana Vigil (Anita's Fast Foods) 3 G0rditas * Beans * Rice * Salsa Benefit: Lord's Living Water L!glith0use Building Program Saturday, April 2010: 10:00 - 5:00 Ticket Info & Pre-Sale Orders: (575) 590-0808 or (575) 590-3474 Pick Up Location: Civic Center (313 E. 4th; Lordsburg) Home~Business Deliver by calling day of Sale~ r9