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May 7, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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May 7, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010 7 Just A Thought A ten year anniversary, the choices we make By RICK KRAFT Anniversaries are an oppor- tunity to pause and to look backwards as well as forwards. We celebrate anniversaries of a person's birth, a couple's date of mar- riage, historical events such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and so on. Today marks the ten year anniver- sary of the "Just A Thought" column. It was ten years ago that. this column was first published. It has ap- peared 522 straight weeks since the column first ran. Writing a column for ten years was the furthest thing from my mind when I wrote the first columm Instead of writing a new column for this anniversary, I thought it might be interesting for me to share the message that Rick Kraft born into families that are filled with love. Some are born into families that are filled with vio- lence. We started in this world with the hand that was dealt us, a hand over which we had no control. - "But as we grew our destiny became less and less controlled by others and in time we each became in control of our own lives. If, after reading this col- umn, any of us wants to go out and take a walk, we make that de- cision and can take ac- tion accordingly. "Today we are each unable to change one minute of the past, but we can control what happens tomorrow. Events have happened in each of our pasts that have been beyond our Con- trol. Events have happened in each of our pasts that have been was printed on May 1, 2000. within our control. Either way, Here is the column that launched the events are history and what the "Just A Thought" series en- titled "The Choices we Make:" "As we move forward into a new millennium, we each in- dividually have the opportunity to pause and assess where we are in our life. Each of us must rec- ognize that we are each where we are because of decisions that we have made. And it is no ac- cident. "When we were born into this world, we had no control of our destiny. We were at the mercy of our parents and oth- ers that were here before us. None of us chose to be born into a financially struggling family. Not one of us chose to be born into a financially secure family. How much we were held was determined by others. What we were named was de- termined by others. Some are has been written can not be changed. What we can control is how we move forward from where we have been. "Some individuals focus so much on a poor experience or experiences in the past that they allow the past to rob them of the future. Dr. Ben Carson re- cently addressed the Roswell community with the concept of limitations that result from a "victim mentality." Some of us fail to realize that we have the power to reach up and pull down the rear view mirror and throw it out the window. We only need the past to build upon as we move forward into the future, not to pull us down or backwards or to prevent us from meeting our potential as we move forward. "The challenge for today is to make a choice to cut any chains of the past that are pre- venting us from moving for- ward and upward. We must re- alize that the past should only be remembered to build upon for today and the future. What lies behind us or ahead of us pales in comparison to what is within us. It is what is within us that determines the choices .that we make today or the choices that will affect tomor- row. We each need to choose to take action to move forward and to make a difference as we move. "Just a thought.,." This article was the first challenge of 522 that were to follow. I continue to write this column because of the uplifting comments and encouragement of you, the reader. I cannot tell you how often readers have shared positive comments ver- bally or in cards or e-mails to me that keep me motivated to take the time necessary to write weekly columns. I enjoy writing. It is not a burden to speak to you each week. It is a privilege and honor. It takes commitment, discipline, and time, but these, ag the first column suggests, are choices I make. Since I have already chal- lenged you above, I will break new ground this week with a challenge to myself to continue to work hard on each weekly message to make a positive dif- ference in your life, one column at a time. For the 523rd time, just a thought... Rick Kraft is blessed to be able to share thoughts with you each week. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, NM, 88202-0850. Great Race sponsored locally The "Nerds" team participated in the annual WNMU-hosted Great Race. Local sponsors of the team were Mama Rosa's Pizza, Saucedos Super Market, City TV Cable, Ismelda Chavez and Family and Vickie Gonzales. Above, the team in action. At left, team members Sonia and Maria Gonzales. Courtesy photos A Picture From The Past RHhmittnd hv EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg Roberta ("Bobbie") Poindexter 1942- 1985 LHS Class of 1960 John ("Johnny") Poindexter 1946, 1979 LHS Class of 1964 Poindexter siblings and many other victims of cancer to be remembered at 2010 Relay For Life The 2010 Lordsburg Relay For Life will be held June 18 and 19. Relay For Life is a commu- nity event. As a community event, Relay fulfills a need for belong- ing that we all have. It. also cre- ates a sense of community by bringing people together in a moving and fun atmosphere, with sufficient time for cultivating re- lationships. The event is volun- teer-driven, with Society staff coaching the volunteers. There is a true partnership between volun- teers and staff. Cancer is indiscriminate and knows no boundaries. As volun- tary organizations in the United States must serve an increasingly diverse population and customer base, the way in which the Ameri- can Cancer Society does business will need to shift. Our ability to communicate appropriately and utilize partners in our efforts will facilitate our growth in reaching diverse communities and ulti- mately in reaching the 2015 goals of the Society. Inclusion is im- perative. The American Cancer Soci- ety Relay For Life is an interna- tional movement to end cancer. Since 1996, the Society has partnered with multiple cancer organizations in countries out- side the United States to license and support Relay For Life pro- grams. Through Relay, these or- ganizations briiag together pas- sionate volunteers, promote their mission-based activities, and mobilize community members to take action in the fight against cancer. Relay has proven espe- cially important to countries at the beginning stages of educat- ing both the public and health care communities about this deadly and often preventable dis- ease. International Relay For Life events are now held in communi- ties spanning 19 countries out- side of the United States. Support the Lordsburg Relay For Life! Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to voice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion o~" the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech.. Dear Editor: HO HO HO, Off to Washing- ton we go! It seems President Obama doesn't like it because Arizona is making it's own (ille- gal) Immigration laws. Wow! Where you been Pres? Ain't it strange, the Governor of Arizona has asked 5 times for Washing- ton to do something and abso- lutely nothing from Washington until today. The pres says we need to pass Immigration Reform be- fore some irresponsible people act. Huh? 5 times Obama with no response and you call the people of Arizona irresponsible and misguided? I'm sorry I didn't use work for word but I don't have that much room or paper. While I was writing this the Ari- zona Governor signed the law. Stand behind her people, don't let her take all the heat. She at least got Washington's attention- finally! All the blather coming from Washington is just that, Blather. What has' been done in the last few years? Nothing!! Where is Bingaman and Udall. Where are all our lustrous Con- gressmen? All they can think about is health care, cap and trade, and controlling the stock market. I guess tl~at's much more important than protecting the citizens of the United States huh? Oh ya, I forgot, control salt so you don't get fat, control the automobile makers, they are too big, oh and control the amount of red meat you eat it may kill you. Over a million controls and we can't, control the border? Give me a break. People we need Immigration Law not Reform. Shut off the Illegal immigration. The Tucson BP sector caught over 200,000 people crossing, or so the head of "home land security " says. Security in this text is an oxymoron. There is no such. The records show 1 of every 4 is caught, so 600,000 came in. Free pass. When I go to Mexico I have to have a passport to return to this country and I am a legal citizen, Security my hind foot. I live 45 miles from the border and the other day 20 ILLEGALS were caught 3 miles South of my house. Some of them had crimi- nal records. But I feel real "safe" because Ms. Homeland Security Secretary says she understands the issues we have here on the border. BS. - How do they get this far when there are supposedly so many BP agents "on the border". Sorry, but the fence on highway 9 isn't the border fence. What ever they call it, it ain't workin'. Anyhow Mr. Pres, It ain't the Arizona Gover- nor that's irresponsible and mis- guided, It's the Pil-o-ticks in Washington. The ones sent there to do a job and are doing a lousy job of it. Right now all I see is a bunch of bills leading us down a path of no return, our New Mexico delegation included. Representative's my foot!!! They are just going along with some agenda that will destroy the USA. Agenda 21 for starters, Interna- tional what? Why? Do you poli- ticians hate America that much? Get back to the Constitution Now! !! Article 4 section 4 states: The United States SHALL guar- antee to every state in the union a republican .form of government and SHALL PROTECT each of them against invasion, and on applicatian of the Legislature or of the Executive (when the Leg- islature cannot be convened)- against domestic violence. Hello out there you politicians and Mr. Prez what part of murder, kidnap- ping, robbery, trespassing, steal- ing and breaking and entering DON"T YOU UNDERSTAND? Stand up America. This Arizona bill is not hate or Nazism. If a policeman pulls you over and asks for your drivers license and papers is that hate or Nazism? If it is then the Dembcrats and the Pres are guilty because with this new healthcare bill the IRS can ask for your insurance papers and every Democrat in Washington signed off on it and the president pushed it thru! God Bless Gene Chadborn Animas, NM. 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