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May 9, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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May 9, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014 9 "As I Remenlber" by Allen "k rook" Hill Editor's Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hun- dreds of stories and po- ems. Back in the 1980's he began writing a col- umn entitled "As I Re- membel:" With his per- mission, these columns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald Note: Longtime Allen Hook Hill from time to time. Hook, who is 92, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared In the Lordsburg Liberal on March 30, 1990. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg Several weeks back, the question was asked, "Why don't you wrW're still in Dogpatch. I have a slight bone to pick with the early residents of Dogpatch. I told you I was in and out of most of their homes. Well, they were so hospitable that they hooked me on tortillas and beans. I love them to this day and dis- tinctly remember how they made my mouth water as a youth. It's nice to have a pleasant memory to "hold against" people. Occasionally we'd gather up a boy or two from Dogpatch and go just west of the. houses to hunt lizards and break bottles In ear- lier years the Lordsburg residents just took their gar- bage out to the edge of town--in any di- rection-and dumped it. West of Dogpatch was one of those old dumps and there were liter- ally dozens of nice purple bottles-- purpled by long ex- posure to the sun-- just waiting to be broken. Though it kills my s0ul now, probably would have included ourselves--while others wanted to mover it to another hiding place so we could use it later on to blow up something, which un- doubtedly would have had the same result as the first blow up. At last, cooler heads prevailed and we decided to go notify the town Marshall, which we did. Some of us rode over with one of the law men to show him where the dynamite was hidden. Shortly tlaey brought out a pickup and hauled the cases away. Just in case some of you old time readers have been wonder- even to think of breaking all ing for these many years what ..... those beauties, we were willing happened to your "appropriated" and anxious to oblige at the time dynamite--there's your answer. I and we laid waste to everything in the area. I'd give a dime apiece for those babies today! On another occasion we were out in the same area and discov- ered an old coupe car body that was turned upside down and all covered over with grease-wood branches and scrap pieces of tin. Naturally we were curious, so it wasn't long before we had some of the cover pulled off and the contents in view. To our surprise we found about eight or ten boxes of dynamite. What to do was a big di- lemma. Some of us wanted to blow up a few things--which It's time to share the beef Wow! Whirlwind months have gone by, I can't even believe its MAY! Graduations, awards ceremonies, state sport .tourna- ments and more are upon us. Lots of changes are currently going on in everyone's lives. But, one ques- tion I have for you, have you shared the beef? Now that is an interesting question. Hmm. Well "beef' can be more than food, it can also be the latest news, it can be a prob- lem hashed out, or it can be Beef Enjoyed Especially by Friends. could ever eat, now add in some BBQ sauce, a few good sides, some iced tea or lemonade and you have yourself an excellent dinner! Oh I forgot to add a scrumptious dessert of home- made brdwnies, cookies, sheet cake or whatever might suit your fancy After you enjoy this won- derful dinner why not visit with some friends and then enjoy the night dancing to the tunes of the Yarbrough band, a homegrown New Mexico country band that sings and plays traditional coun- try western music in addition to their own hits. If dancing isn't your thing, that's fine, we will also have a great silent auction to raise hasten to remind you, however, the statute of limitations has run out--for both of us. But as long as we are wondering, I'll tell you, none of us ever heard another word about that batch of stolen dynamite. We discussed the mat- ter several times and each time we drew about the same conclu- sion: As far as we Were concerned the explosives had been ripped off for the second time. I really don't know why, but many times we wished we had moved the stuff out of there when we first found it. Now, I said not a work about logic! But back to Dogpatch. There are many tales yet to be told about the area and I'll get to them in due time. Howe'mr, I,d better tell you more about the name, Dogpatch, before I overlook it. I've asked several old timers about the origin of the title and their answers vary considerable. One thing 1 do know from my personal experience, though: You didn't walk through Dogpatch alone unless you car- ried a bit stick and an armload of boulders. There was a dog or two, or three, at every door and they'd take you down the road at a fast pace if they had half a chance. There were few fences in those days, so it was open season on any and all strangers passing through the streets. I'm here to inform you: those dogs were mean. They were the original watch dogs; they'd watch you come, they'd watch you cringe, then they'd watch you run like Ok I just made that last one up, but I think it is a great acronym. We cowbelles would LOVE to share the beef with all of you on June 21. In fact, we have a great event coming up to celebrate National BEEF month and father's day. You might have seen awesome turquoise and brown posters around Lordsburg, Silver City, Deming and Animas lately. These posters are all about our up and coming Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction. Let me tell you a little about this fine shin-dig we've been planning! Imagine the tenderest, juici- est, most flavorful shredded beef that has been pit BBQ'd too) you money for our annual cowbelles .heck. That is, if you could get far enough in front of them to run, so scholarship that helps support the they could see you. flue "ind]viduals" of H'idalgo Another thing, you'd no! be County with their college dreams, wise to take Fido in there unless Tickets are very reasonable, and this is a family event, so please bring your kids! You can purchase tickets at Smith Ford in Lordsburg, the Hidalgo County Extension Office or from any Tobosa Belles member Tickets are $50 for a family of 5 or more, $20/ each age 17 and up, $10/ each ages 6-16 and FREE for newborn through 5 years. Please consider attending this event, it isn't too often that we all get to SHARE [he BEEF!! he was big and tough and mobile and you had plenty of back-up to boot. I saw many a fine looking critter come out of Dogpatch all tattered, torn and bleeding, not to mention the fact that both the dog and his owner had their tails between their legs. From my earliest memory that's, where the name, Dogpatch, originated. Hook hook june @ small step no.( FETCH THIS PAPER YOURSELF TAIE A SMALL STEP TO GET HEALTHY &,r00ea&gatia,re THOMAS Keep Your Hard-Earned Dollars Right Here At Home! Shop at home with locally-owned businesses that support local activities, organizations and have a vested interest in OUR community! on your graduation from Army Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training from Ft. Benning GA. We love you, Dad, Mom & Aimee He will now be a US Army Infantryman as part of the l lth Armored Calvary Regiment based at Ft. Irwim CA. He is a 2012 graduate of Lordsburg High School. VOTE FOR: LEADERSHIP * ACCOUNTABILITY EQUALITY * FAIRNESS ' TRANSPARENCY Things to ask our Elected OfficialsLaw Enforcement: What is: The General Strain Theory? The Social Learning Theory? @ The Behavioral Theory? How do they relate or apply to our Law Enforcement? Our Community? Our Country? It only takes 27 semester hours to become a Peace Officer in the State of New Mexico. To earn an Associates Degree in Applied Science- Administration in Justice it takes 72+ hours. I ,qraduated in May of 2o11. The Nme you can TRUST-The Name you can Remember I MORGAN 0 DONNELL ....... rCOUNTY SHERIFF PD BY :2AhATE DTMS hosts Career Day .. cou,.to00yphoto Dugan-Tarango Middle School held a Career Day on Friday, May 2, 2014. The event featured present- ers from various walks of life, based on students' interests. Jean McKeever and Karen Hinemuchi represented New Mexico State University's Astronomy program (pictured above with several stu- dents). Pablo Ortega Sanchez, massage therapist, shared his career with the youth. Jonathon La Marca discussed various law enforcement opportunities and Sundi Hendrix shared her Close to My Heart scrapbooking consultant skills. Lorenzo Sanchez represented Skim Feat. Tiae students en- joyed their interactions with the presenters and DTMS thanksall presenters for spending time with the students and encouraging them to strive for careers they are interested in. Dispatch New Mexico- Newspapers still alive, as are small towns By TOM MCDONALD The April 29 article goes on paper business. There's a finan- For people who are rooting to point to some of the improve- cial bottom line that keeps a news- for the survival of newspapers, ments he's planning for the Daily paper in business or kills it off. particularly small-town commu- Press: a daily editorialpage,.com- But when a newspaper dies, it nity newspapers, here's a story munity life columns and a greater leaves a void, and someone else that will lift your spirits, emphasis on local news, as well rushes in to fill the space. The The Silver City Daily Press as an additional page of comics importance of a newspaper to a has been struggling for some time and puzzles, community's life transcends that to stay afloat. Years ago the Ely In other words, he's deter- bottom line- and a lot of people understand that. family, which has owned the mined to bring the newspaper newspaper for 78 years, sold its back to life by improving the There are a lot of people out printing plant a0d outsourced its quality of its content. You go, there who look into crystal balls printing operations, obviously in Nick! The town and the newspa- and proclaim that newspapers are an effort to balance the books per will be better served with an dying all over the place. But I still see people breathing life into more toward the plus side. But improved Press in town. them -- all the while knowing still the cost of printing the paper Here's hoping Seibel is up to that their success, or failure, de- was too expensive and, last year, the task. His varied background pends on the communities they third-generation owner Tim/Ely suggests he is. As a student, he serve. decided to go from a "broadsheet" was editor-in-chief of the Univer- Small-town newspapers are to a tab-sized newspaper to fur- sity of Arizona's daily student inescapably linked to the small ther cut costs, which bought a newspaper, which gives him some towns they cover. That's true all little more time for the newspa- valuable news background. He over New Mexico, just as it is in per but it didn't stop its down- has also worked in broadcasting, Silver City, where new life has ward spiral, real estate and in various govern- been given to one of the most Then, on April 25, Ely an- mental capacities -- all in and important businesses in town. nounced she was closing the around Silver City-- all of which Here's to their success. newspaper .in three.days.. Her an .... shoul!:.ldp,hi+ag,.O[/.pobr ........ ,, ............  , nouncement was something of a lisher o fLhe Daily P!;ess. And, per, Tom McDonald is editor of the surprise; although insiders knew haps most importantly, he's a life- New Mexico Community News she was struggling to keep the long Silver City resident. Exchange. He may be reached at newspaper afloat, as even her No. Local is always important for 505-454-9131 or tmcdonald@ 1 employee, general manager a newspaper, and the Daily Press Nickolas Seibel, expressed shock is Silver City's local paper. over Ely's .announcement. There's another newspaper in this Seibel didn't exactly sit still town, the Silver City Sun-News, PHOTO for it. He got to talking with oth- but it's really just a satellite of ers in Silver City who didn't want the Las Cruces Sun-News, and its to seethenewspaperclose, and ties to the commnnity are noth- ISERVICE$ pretty soon, with the help of some ing compared to that of the Daily investors, he was able to buy the Press. newspaper's name and its ar- Last year, about the time the  Restoration chives and take over operations Daily Press went from a broad- Digital Conversion without missing a single day of sheet to a tabloid-sized paper, publication, another community newspaper  Prints-Any Size "I've always been a strong bit the dust. The Raton Range believer in the power of a good closed after 122 years in opera-  Posters newspaper to shape a community, tion. But the Sangre de Christo 'lr and the Daily Press is my home- Chronicle in nearby Angel Fire town paper," Seibel said in the first rushed in and started the Raton edition printed under his owner- Comet, so Colfax County still PRINTING 575,542.8705 ship. "I couldn't al-low it to go has a newspaper in its county Located in l/,e tlidalgo Coun O, llera/d away without at least trying to do seat. something about it." That's the nature of the news- I I ! ,I |: I I I 1 Remember Mom this ,Sunday Mother's Day is this Sunda, We have a unique selection of Floral Arrangements Balloons (singing, bubble & latea Cards Gifts F Plants B 5 S tu fled A n im al s Stufl s Candy Boquets ch00sef00r00 o r G i ft S e t s sele ct00n00' May I I OPEN sunday 9 4 ' Ctt00, Ask us about our v P'/" vg_'.-'iIV,L' " ..... I ws Lorosourg. 2,i: "\\;iO ;tP\\;;Ig?OR.DSBLIR(; Z-'///Y " 5 42-8 8 8 0