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May 23, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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May 23, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014 7 Just A Thought Don&apos;t let unhappy people drag you down By RICK KRAFT One crab in a bucket with- out a lid will climb up the side of the bucket and escape. If there are two or more crabs in the bucket, there is no need for a lid. You see, a single crab will see the opportunity of escape above and will climb upwards and suc- ceed in reaching the top. You need to put a lid or cover on the top of the bucket to keep the single crab from getting out. If you have two or more crabs in the bucket, you need no lid. None of the crabs will be able to escape. If one crab seeks to crawl out, the other crab or crabs will reach up and pull the climb- ing crab down. One crab in a bucket of two or more will never make it out of the bucket because the others will never allow it. Each crab has the ability to rise to a higher level, but is prevented from doing so by the others around him. Some people are like crabs. They are crabby and just outright unhappy. Unhappy people make other people unhappy. It isn't right. It isn't fair. But it is reality. There are people we all encoun- ter regularly in our daily walk who are genuinely unhappy. Have you ever had a day where everything is going great? Rick Kraft You feel really good about your- self. You are feeling good about what you are doing. Then some- one, for no constructive reason at all, says or does something that changes your day on the dime. You were flying high, minding your own business, and suddenly you come crashing down. Have you heard the story about the man who said, "The more I am around people, the more I enjoy being alone with my dog?" Or the woman who said, "I would really enjoy my job if I didn't have to deal with people?" Our "mountain top" ex- periences involve dealing with other people. Our "walking the valley" experiences involve dealing with other people. Unhappy people produce unhappy people. It is the law of reproduction. Why? Because we reproduce what we are. There are givers in this world and there are takers. Unhappy people are tak- ers. When they get close to you, their attitude rubs off on you, tak- ing away your happiness and re- placing it with their negative at- titude. Their getting close to you takes from you. Think of the most unhappy person that you know. Do you enjoy spending time with him or God bless America this Memorial Da' Y By DR. HOSEZELL BLASWCot- ton City Memorial Day is a very spe- cial day when agencies celebrate the "fallen heroes" all across America. Every passing day, we still remember these brave Americans and others who served in our military installations so nobly. Whether it was by free will or volunteer ser- vice, they gave their best efforts in de- fending America. Since freedom isn't free, we as a nation have to fight aggressively to defend our- selves against the horrors of communism and fascism to safeguard our country. God Bless America--our President, Senate and the House of Representatives. May each person vear a conscience to make the fight decision realizing that a majority is not always fight. God Bless America--our po- litical and economical; system. May each system thrive and sup- port its' citizens well. God Bless America--our judges and court ystem. May wisdom and justice 011 down like I NOTICEOF AIR Chief Hosezell Blash United States Retired weekend streams of water. God Bless America--our children, which are our greatest resource, our elders to depart their wisdom to the youth. Our rich land with its recourses and our de- mocracy and our way of life. God bless America. On Me- morial Day, many agen- cies will be conducting memorial ceremonies around the country to honor the "fallen he- Toes" Some programs will have pa- triotic music, presentation of colors, Na- tional Antheml Pledge of Alle- giance, speeches, prayer for peace and wreath presentation, gun sa- lute, Taps and benediction. America My country tis of thee Sweet land of liberty Of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrim's pride From every mountain side Let freedom ring. Dr. Hosezell Blash can be reached by email at hosezellblash 1 @ aol. com her? In many cases we have no choice but to interact with the person. If this person is outside the workplace or outside the fam- ily, there is hope to avoid the nega- tive person. Unhappy people are destruc- tive. They are jealous of good things that are accomplished by others and rather than flap their wings and try to raise themselves up to the same level, they choose to throw stones and pull others down to their level. There is a poem class called "The Wrecker" that was written by J. Homer Allen. He wrote, "I stood on the streets of a busy town, watching men tearing a building down. With a Ho, Heave, Ho, and a lusty yell, they swung a beam, and a side wall fell. I asked the foreman of the crew, 'Are these men as skilled as those you'd hire if you wanted to build?' 'Oh no,' he said, 'No, indeed; just common labor is all I need. I can tear down as much in a day or two as it takes skilled men a year to do.' I wondered then as I went on my way, which of these roles have I tried to play? Have I traveled along life's road with care-mea- suring each act with rule and square? Or am I of those who roam the town, content with the labor of tearing down?" One crew of untrained labor- ers can tear down in a day or two what it took a trained crew a year to build. How quickly a year of building can be destroyed. Isn't it easier to swing a sledgeham- mer at another than to write an uplifting note? Are you a taker or a giver? Do people walk over to greet you or do they turn and run the other way? Do people celebrate when you go on vacation? Some un- happy people will never change. Others would like to change but choose not to. Still others take action and change their attitude which in turn changes their world. My challenge to you is first to not be an unhappy person. You choose how you see this world. You choose how you see others. There are countless things that you can't control. One thing you can control is your mind and your thoughts. Change your mind and you change your world. You can change the way you treat other people. Don't be a taker. Don't be a crabby person who reaches up and pulls others down. Don't live your days tearing down what others have built. Be a builder. Be the wind beneath others wings. My second challenge to you is to not let the unhappy people that you come into contact with drag you back down into the bucket of negativity. No one can completely ignore those who take from us. If it doesn't throw you off balance, try to help unhappy people change. If they choose not to, recognize that the choice is theirs, not yours. If you are able, limit your time with unhappy people. Don't let them ruin your day or reduce your quality of life. Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. QUALITY PERMIT APPLICATION Lordsburg Generating Station announces its intent to apply for a modification of its air quality construction permit. Lordsburg Generating Station is an electrical generation plant consisting of two simple cycle natural gas-fired turbines that currently operates as a peaking facility under NSR Permit 2613-R2. The expected date of application submittal is May 16, 2014. This notice is a requirement according to New Mexico air quality regulations. The exact location of the Lordsburg Generating Station is at Latitude 32 21' 01 ", Longitude 108 g 41' 49". This facility is located in Lordsburg, Hidalgo County, New Mexico on East A Street, approximately 0.6 miles east of the intersection of Highway US 70 and Motel Drive. The proposed permit modification is to correct an error in the calculation used to determine sulfur dioxide emissions resulting from combustion of natural gas. The corrected calculation will change the maximum potential sulfur dioxide emissions from the two units from less than 1 ton per year to 7.06 tens per year. No changes are proposed to emission limits for other air pollutants. This permit modification will not modify any operations at the facility and will not increase actual sulfur dioxide emissions, facility capacity, or the quantity or quality of the natural gas used by the facility. The current NSR Permit 2613-R2 and proposed maximum annual regulated air contaminants are listed in the following Table for SO 2. (The emission estimate could change slightly during the course of the Department's review of the application). No changes to emission limits for other pollutants are proposed. 'Pollutant Current NSR Permit Limit Proposed NSR Permit Limit, tons per year Limit, tons per year Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) < 1 7.06 The permitted operating schedule of the plant will be 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. The owner and operator of the plant is: Public Service Company of New Mexico, 2401 Aztec Road NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87107 If you have any comments abou| the construction or operation of the above facility, and you want your comments to be made as part of the permit review process, you must submit your comments in writing to the address below: Permit Programs Manager New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau 525 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 1 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507-3113 (505) 476-4300 Other comments and questions may be submitted verbally. Please refer to the company name and site name, as used in this notice or send a copy of this notice along with your comments, since the Department may not have received the permit application at the time of this notice. Please include a legible mailing address with your comments. Once the Department has performed a preliminary review of the application and its air quality impacts, the Departments notice will be published in the legal section of a newspaper circulated near the facility location. A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDO/Lordsburg 00_Tn C00smvr/#m Jane McGhee (Hall) Lordsburg High School Class of 1964 March 15, 1946- May 18, 2014 The LHS classes of the 1960s have lost another classmate. In high school, Jane was a member of FTA, FHA, Pep Club, cheerleader squad, Pep Band, Mass Band, Band Council, junior play cast, chorus, Mav- erick yearbook staff, newspaper staff, library staff, and was chosen Pep Queen and Prom Duchess. A full obituary appears on Page 2 of this week's edition of the Hidalgo County Herald. Fast Approval Build Your Credit I00No Checking Account Needed I00No Hassles Call Us Today! Apply in person on coil ahead! 6ENTRY FINANCE 716 S, Main Street * Lordsburg, NM Call today! .575-542-