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May 28, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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May 28, 2010

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8 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010 Hidalgo County candidates point out positions, experience With the Primary Election slated for next Tuesday, the Hidalgo County Herald has posed the following question to all local candi- dates: "Please explain your motivation for seeking public office and point out any areas you plan to focus on if elected and any experience you may bring to your specific office." Magistrate Judge Mark D. Thomas (Democrat) In response to my qualifications for Magistrate Judge, please reference my advertisement on Page 2 of this week's edition of the Hidalgo County Herald. Martina Elias (Democrat) The position of Magistrate Judge requires a unique and im- portant set of skills. I, Martina Elias, believe I possess those skills. A Magistrate Judge should know his/her community. I am a lifetime resident of Hidalgo County. I know my community. A Magistrate Judge should have experience which will help her in her duties. I have worked in the judicial system for over 27 years. A major portion of my working life has been with the courts, beginning as a deputy clerk and advancing through the years to Financial Specialist Senior/Court Clerk for District Court, a court which oversees Magistrate Court. In that time I have been involved in many aspects of criminal, civil, DWIs to murder cases. My duties have also included updating the NM Statutes used in our courts. These are the laws which govern our state, and I am familiar with those statutes. The day to day operations of a court are an area with which I am familiar with. I know about jury trials, arraignfnents, civil and juvenile hearings. Due to my experience in the courtroom, I feel that this is a opportune time to pursue this position career wise and I can devote my time to Hidalgo County. A Magistrate Judge should have a good working knowledge of state government finances. As I also hold the position in Dis- trict as a Financial Specialist, I work regularly with the NM De- partment of Finance concerning finances unique to the courts. The Magistate Courts of NM are also under DFA regulations. My experience and. involvement inthe area of law will help to make a better judge. I am honest, direct and hard working. I have experience in a variety of areas and as Magistrate Judge I can guarante e my most courteous service and will work for the people with fairness and impartiality. Nyla Dawn Walter (Republican) I chose to run for Magistrate Judge because I feel 1 have made a positive difference in the educational arena and would now like the opportunity to make a difference for the people of Hidalgo County. Many of the skills I have developed in the edu- cational arena qualify me for this position because the skills that make a good teacher will also make a good judge. As a teacher I have been a role model worthy of following, a good listener, a good communicator, mediator, and evaluator. I have always had a passion for justice and fairness. As an edu- cator for 26 years I have treated all student.s, parents, administra- tors, and coworkers with respect Nyla Dawn Walter and fairness. I love getting stu- Republican dents excited about learning and enjoy helping them find their own passion and purpose. I teach skills to help them be successful and encourage the belief that they can have a better future. I also try and help them become self sufficient responsible citizens of to- morrow. As I grew up my parents taught me many life lessons: respect all people, set goals, find a passion, work hard, and treat people the way you want to be treated. I continue to live by these lessons in my personal and professional life. My husband, Rick grew up in Hidalgo County, and we re- turned 17 years ago to make Hidalgo County our home. We wanted to raise our children close to family and for them to have the same opportunities and experiences we had growing up in a small town. I know being a good judge will require hard work, and I will embrace the challenge. If elected, I pledge to work hard, listen to both sides of an issue, weigh the information carefully, and then render an impartial decision based on the evidence and the law. I respectfully ask for your vote, so I can put my knowledge, people skills, honesty and integrity to work for you as your next Magistrate Judge. Criminalists for Smarter Snitches - "KISS" Hi, my name is "Bob?' That's not my real name of course. I can't use my real name because I've come out in support of the Lordsburg police against illegal drugs. They're doing a wonderful job and I really think that we'll win the war on drugs in the next few months. But, I'm appalled at the miserable quality of intelligence of the rats who the police recruit to bring down the pushers in Lordsburg. The following extract from CONSPIRACY (pp. 171 and 172, Anthony Summers, 1980) clearly shows why we haven't won, yet. Just replace the made up name "Bob" with snitch, rat, or informer, the word base with jail, and use Lordsburg today as the setting. Our snitches can do better - they must do better. "In 1978 I [Anthony Summers] interviewed Gerry Hemming, a former Marine sergeant who served in radar control at XXXXXX air base shortly before "Bob" (not his real name). Hemming claims that he was himself recruited by Naval Intellegence at th end of his own time in the Marines and that he met "Bob" in January 1959 at the Cuban consulate on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The place of the alleged encountre, the Cuban consulate, fits with "Bob's" interest in Cuba as expressed in talks with his barrack mate Delgado and specifically with "Bob's" claim that he was in touch with Cu- ban officials...This is how Hemming describes his encountre with "Bob: .... He was attempting to get in with the representatives of Castro's new government, the consular officials in Los Angeles. And at that point in time I felt that he was a threat to me and to those Castro people, that he was an informant or some type of agent working for somebody. He was rather young, but I felt that he was too knowledgeable- TMI - in certain things not to be an agent of law enforcement or of Military Intellegence, or Naval Intellegence." Hemming says he gained this impression "because of the questions he was asking and by his obvious knowledge of MY background. At a first meeting, not thirty minutes after we' first met, he automatically not assumed but stated that I'M a radar op- erator and named the outfit HE was attached to and details not every Marine would know.,He obviously stated it knowing my background. Somebody had briefed him; somebody told him to approach me." Hemming explained that he believed "Bob's" ser- vice at the XXXXXX base made him a likely recruit "...He would be a prime candidate for recruitment because of job skills, and expertise, and the fact that they could..?' KiSS "Bob" Post Office Box 520 Lordsburg, NM 88045-0520 Hidalgo County Commissioner, Position 1 David Johnson (Democrat) My name is David Johnson. I am a Democratic candidate for 'County Commissioner, Position 1 I am a lifelong resident of Southwestern New Mexico and a gradu- ate of Lordsburg High School. My wife and I have raised our three children in this area. During this time we have seen economic changes that have had a negative impact. This has given me the interest to represent the people of this county with the commitment to make a difference. I believe people should have a voice in county government,'and for the people of Hidalgo County, I believe I can effectively be that voice. From an early age I learned the value of hard work and developed those ethics. I have been involved in the mining, ranching and farming indus- tries for the past thirty-five years. I am a member of the Board of Education at Animas Public Schools, and have served for over seven years. This has allowed me to be. involved with budget and finance, New Mexico Public Educa- tion Law and methods of communication with administration, staff, students, parents and community members.. I am a member of the Hidalgo County Cattle Growers Associa- tion, serving on the Board of Directors. Some of my concerns include border issues, economic develop- ment, a larger employment base, improving healthcare and medical facilities, and enhancing education and communications. Arthur Clark Smith (Democrat) As a lifelong resident, I still want to give back to the commu- nities and citizens of Hidalgo County. I sincerely believe I have the background, education, skills and contacts in the State of NM and federal governments that will enable me io do a g9od job as your Hidalgo Count), Commissioner. It's my goal to represent the interest of the people of Hidalgo County. After talking with many residents, some of your key concerns are; Jobs, Border Issues, Economy, Crime, Economic Development, and retaining busi- nesses and services. It is my goal to help build a strong team to work toward further resolution of these issues. Hard times are upon us with the state budget and will remain for many years. This will effect every city, county, and school in NM. Everyone must tighten their belts in today's tough economic times. Hidalgo County is no dif- ferent. I believe there are always areas where we can fine tune the use of your money. I will work closely with the other two com- missioners, each department and workers to determine if and how much could be trimmed. No de- partment is immune from contrib- uting to Hidalgo County's finan- Arthur Clark Smith cial health. The challenge is to Democrat not have any cuts affect the ser- vice that department provides. Everyone needs to work smarter, not harder. The local economy has suffered hard this last two years with the word economy in the worst shape in over fifty years. We have the the number one source of energy in the Sun. We need to keep Working hard on Solar Projects. This could and would be the new beginning of economic development that would keep growing everywhere in Hidalgo County. On Border Issues, we need to continue to advocate for a com- .prehensive appxoada to strengthen border security that anticipates future threats. As Lordsburg's mayor I Was appointed to help New Mexico secure Grant funds for the HCSO and the LPD, called Stonegarden, to protect and prevent the crimes caused by border problems As your commissioner, I will listen to your concerns and keep everyone informed on what is going on in the County. I will set up a format where you could call or e-mail me at the Cour{house on a question or concern and I will get you a answer. I will put my 30 years of local government experience as Lordsburg's mayor and City Councilman to work for all of Hidalgo County. David A. Ramos (Democrat) I have always felt motivated for public office, as I have proven in the past being involved in several elections, to help contribute where I could with my input and experience. Being a farmer, I feel I have an advantage as far as under- standing concerns in several ways; For example the financial as- pects, rural concerns, and the infrastructure of county roads. School bus routes, farmers & ranchers taking livestock and crops har- vested, all vital to county economy. Having the experience and desire to tackle problems work ethic and drive to complete projects. (For instance the Hidalgo Medical Clinic). 5/25/04 - 10113/08 He was a gift from God, A sweet tiny. angel from above. Through all your pain, Not once did I hear you complain. You are so special to me, I'm still trying to understand why you had to leave so soon. My precious little angel. You taught me so much more than any teacher can ever teach. You taught me how to love unconditionally; You taught me that it's okay to cry, And to say, "1 love you" just because. The world can never fully understand The pain I bear inside. I miss you, and I only dream of having you here with me. I'll never forget you, The years may fly by, But your memory will always stay here right by me. When you flew so far away that sad morning, You took a piece of my heart with you. That hole your departure left will never be filled again. Oh, please watch over me precious little angel. I need you to look out for me. t.\\;. I love you and always wilt remember you. Until we meet again, J] III be thinking about you and missing you. /J We miss you, Morn, Chito, James & Samantha I completely feel allaspects of county government are impor- tant., any concerns that threatens or questions county structure or performance are to be resolved. Hidalgo County is not a wealthy county so managing its revenues are critical and very important, with the State of New Mexico coffers being where they are, Hidalgo County, I feel will be dealt with mandates that have to be addressed and find solutions to. Again Experience is Vital. County Government is like farming long range plans have to be put in place, at the same time dealing with daily and monthly issues, while deciding the impor- tance of order and expense. Cur- rent County Commissioners have worked hard on projects one be- ing the Detention Center that will DavidA. Ramos continue past 2010. The learn- Democrat ing center also a great and needed project will need the full attention of the commission. Experi- ence is Vital for all these and future projects. Road Department, Library, Ambulance, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, ;Transfer Stations our Senior Citizens and Youth, are very important through- out county. Commitment, Time, and work has to be dedicated to these projects. I feel as being the only candidate with County Commission Experience, gives an advantage to start from January 2011 ready to take a lead role to help guide Hidalgo County in a positive direction, experience and education are great tools, besides Hidalgo County has already invested in me so I will continue to invest back to Hidalgo County. Eddy H. Kerr (Republican) Motivation: I am motivated in seeking the Office of Hidalgo County com- missioner as I see constant and compelling need for leadership to ensure the future of Hidalgo County. I desire to be instrumental in the success of our county for future generations. Focus: Secure the Border from the local area up. Work from the county perspective to activate State and Federal partnerships in the protection of all citizens in Hidalgo County: Work to ensure fiscal re- sponsibility at the county level, keeping taxes from rising and levels of service maintained that are fair and equitable. Work at the city and county level to improve the appearance of our area, encourage property owners and all citizens to rec- ognize the importance of clean- Eddy H. Kerr ing up our county to improve Republican the look of our home to visitors and new investors looking to move to our area. Encourage economic development for our county through al- ternative energy projects including solar, wind, and geothermal possibilities tied in with the expansion of the Sun Zia Transmis- sion Line coming to Hidalgo County. Encourage other business growth and housing-developmett: .......  ..... : ........... ...... " .... Work with the County Coalition structure that is in place as well as the Public Lands Advisory Council (PLAC) committee to protect ore:selves from groups eager to tie up large blocks of pri- vate, state, and federal lands in the name of protecting hand-picked species. Encourage responsible use Of land. Protect the customs and culture of Hidalgo County for our children and grandchildren. Experience: Business owner for 36 years in Hidalgo County: farming and ranching. New Business start up in 2010: Kerr Ranch Tours Educator for 22 years in Lordsburg and Animas Schools: Math and Science teacher State winning Academic Decathlon coach five years in Lordsburg; two years as State Champions in Animas; Many indi- vidual awards by team members Presenter at Nationally recognized workshop in Waco, TX 1989 Served on Hidalgo County Farm Bureau Board, Hidalgo County Fair Board, and local 4-H Leader for many years Served as minister of a local church for twelve years B.S. in Science 1974 NMSU; M.A. in Administration 1996 WNMU ) I PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT HELP-NEW MEXICO, INC.CHILD DEVELOPMENT DIVISION ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR CHILDREN The HELP-NM Child Development Program in Hidalgo County in Lordsburg and Animas is now accepting  applications for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years with or without disabilities for the Fall of 2010, as well as expectant mothers for the Head Start and Early Head Start Program. Availability is Limited! Hurry and   Apply Now! Meals are provided by Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) at no additional cost. Applications accepted regardless of race, age, sex, creed, color, national origin or disability in I] accordance with American Disability Act (ADA) and United States I Department of Agriculture (USDA) Regulations. CALL FOR INFORMATION ORAPPOINTMENT Assistance with application is available! Cynthia Allen in Lordsburg 575-542-9678 Sandra Romo in Animas 575-548-2795 HELP-NEW MEXICO, INC.CHILD DEVELOPMENT DIVISION ESTAACEPTANDO APLICACIONES PARA NINOS El Programa de Desarrollo de Ninos de HELP-NM en el condado de Hidalgo en Lordsburg yAnimas esta aceptando aplicaciones para ninos de 6 semanas a 4 anos con o sin incapacidades para el ano escolar de 2010, y muyeres embarazadas. Cupo esta Limitadot Aplique con Prisai Los Alimentos seran proveidos por el programa CACFP gratis para todos los ninos. Aplicaciones sean aceptadas sin hacer caso de raza, edad, sexo, credo, color, nacionalidad, origin o incapacidad segun los reglamentos de ADAy USDAI ........ LLAME PARA INFORMAClON O HACER CITA Asistencia con la aplicacion es disponible! Cynthia Allen en Lordsburg 575-542-9678 Sandra Romo en Animas 575-548-2795 PAID ADVERTISEMENT