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June 1, 2012     Hidalgo County Herald
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June 1, 2012

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012 11 "As I Remember" Editor's Note: Longtime Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hun- dreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980s he began writ- ing a column en- titled "As I Remem- • ber." With his per- ., mission, these col- umns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo . County Herald from. time to time. Hook, who just turned 91, still lives in Lordsburg. This column ap- peared in the Lordsburg Liberal on August 18, 1989. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL I've been,telling you readers some of Lettie Bingham's history. When Lettie was a young girl the Mexican revolution was in full swing. During those times the notorious revolutionary leader Pancho Villa spent consid- erable time in and around the settlements. For many weeks he and about 500 of his men were • camped just outside the town limits. Both he and his men roamed freely throughout the vil- lage. The soldiers were under Allen Hook Hill national cancer survivors day00 2012 A CELEBRATION OF LIFE This message brought to you by the 2012 Hidalgo County Relay For Life_ by Allen "Hook" Hill strict orders and the threat of death not to harass or molest the native population in any way, Never- theless, two of his men pulled some hanky-panky on one occasion• When Villa heard of the inci- dent he called the meti in, sat them down and visited with them• He asked for explanations from the pair. After hear- ing their stories he told them to get up and start running• The men knew the execution or- der had been given, so they jumped up and bolted out as fast as they could go. It is said that Villa calmly shot them down. My father-in-law, Lynn Hatch, who was forced to accom- pany Villa and his men from Colonia Dublan, to Agua Prieta, told of similar incidents which he witnessed• His is another story but he confirmed that Villa ruled his forces with an iron hand. Lettie was a spunky young lady with a mind of her own. One day when Villa's men were loung- ing around, she was walking through a part of the town that had a narrow footbridge over a stream• Just as she started over the bridge a Villa soldier walked up on the other end of the bridge• She kept going but the soldier shouted for her to go back and let Villa go over first• It was then she realized Villa was waiting off to the side at the other end. Unper- turbed she walked on toward the soldier who was shouting impa- tiently for her to go back. She strutted right up to him and while he was still ranting and raving she pushed him off the bridge and into the stream below• Villa was greatly amused by the incident• He laughed heartily, bowed to her and let her pass over• Vivid in Lettie's mind is an- other incident involving the revo- lutionary forces, which were camped in the colony of Dublan, which is adjacent to Nuevas Casas Grandes. It was at that time, and still is, a vigorous and prosper- ous farming area• Several hun- dred revolutionary soldiers "were difficult to control and costly to feed. Their leaders had been ex- acting rations from the Dublan citizenry and the farmers' belts were tightened almost to the breaking point. In one area of the town the soldiers had confiscated a build- ing, which they began using as a munitions depot• Before long the building was well stocked with mffch ammunition and a hefty supply of dynamite. Now, stories differ as to who and how, but the fact remains that one bright day when there were numerous sol- diers gathered around the build- ing, somehow the dynamite was set off and the whole works blew up. The blast took manic souls to their final destinations but the terrible scene of blood and car- nage it left behind still stays sharp in Lettie's mind. Even without the revolution there were numerous happenings, which are deeply carved into Lettie's memory. Two such events, again, had to do with the natural consequences of the en- vironment. Remember, Garcia is high mountain country, and high mountain country means timber. That again spells sawmills. Most everyone in the mountain settle- ments was involved, in one way or another, with timber and saw- mills. To operate the giant saws, power had to be generated by large steam producing boilers• All the mills had the boilers and therein lay the tales. The old boilers were quite cantankerous and needed con- stant attention or they would blow up. Lettie was very young when an attendant neglected the water level in one of the boilers. The contraption blew sky high and killed several men. Lettie well remembers the feeling that swept through the community because of the tragedy• On another Occasion when Lettie was older, she was stand- ing on the porch looking over toward the sawmill in the dis- tance. At that x, ery instant the boiler blew up and she witnessed men, parts and debris flying through the air. Then what was left of the boiler came rolling down the hill. Scenes of this na- ture are difficult to erase from a youthful mind. To be continued••. Hook ( hookjune @ hotmai L corn) Valero Retail Hdd[ngs, Inc, is pan of the Vatero Family of Brands. Valero is an Equal Opportunity Employer. National Cancer Survivors Day is this Sunday June 3 Courtesy submission From family members to close friends, everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. On Sunday, June 3, 2012, hundreds of com- munities throughout the world will observe the 25th annual Na- tional Cancer Survivors Day. Communities will host events on this day to honor cancer survi- vors and show that life after a cancer diagnosis can be mean- ingful, fulfilling, and even in- spiring. National Cancer Survivors Day is a cherished annual world- wide celebration, of life. It is a day for everyone, whether you're a cancer survivor, a fam- ily member, friend, or medical professional. This day provides an opportunity for all people living with a history of cancer - including America's 12 million cancer survivors- to connect with each other, celebrate mile- stones, and recognize the healthcare provideis, family, and friends who have supported them along the way. "A 'survi- vor' is anyone living with a his- tory of cancer - from the mo- ment of diagnosis through the remainder of life," according to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation• NCSD activities will be as diverse as the communitie.s where the events are being held and will include parades, carni- vals, walks, races, art exhibits, health fairs, dances, inspira- tional programs, and more. The National Cancer Sur- vivors Day Foundation, admin- istrator for the celebration, is encouraging everyone to partici- pate in their community's event• To locate the one nearest you, check with your local cancer treatment center, hospital, or American Cancer Society office• Or you can host an event of your own. Anyone can down- load a free planning guide at with everything you need to plan a successful NCSD celebratidn. "Some people still think of cancer as a death sentence," says Foundation spokesperson, Laura Shipp. "But the fact is that more than 12 million can- cer survivors are living - and thriving - in the United States today• National Cancer Survi- vors Day is an opportunity for everyone to co'me together and celebrate that there is life after cancer. Some even find that life is more rewarding after facing cancer." NCSD started in the United States in 1987 and is now also celebrated worldwide in coun- tries including Canada, Australia, india, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Malaysia, according to Shipp. The nonprofit National Can- cer Survivors Day Foundation provides free guidance, educa- tion, and networking tohundreds of hospitals, suppo groups, and other cancer-related organiza- tions that host National Cancer Survivors Day events in their communities. The Foundation's primary mission is to educate the public bn the issues of cancer sur- vivorship in order to better the quality of life for cancer survivors. Cancer survivors may face physical, emotional, social, and financial challenges as a result of their cancer diagnosis and treat- ment. Many are confronted with limited access to specialists and promising new treatments, inad- equate or no insurance, difficulty finding employment, and'psy- chosocial struggles. "Despite these obstacles, cancer survivors can lead active, productive, in- spiring lives," says Shipp. The National Cancer Survi- vors Day Foundation, along with the NCSD 2012 national spon- sors Bristol-Myers Squibb, ing with Cancer magazine, Genentech, and Lilly USA, LLC, is encouraging a greate¢ commit- ment to resolving the issues of cancer survivorship. "More re- sources, research, and increased public awareness is needed to improve the quality of life of can- cer survivors," says Shipp. "The accomplishments of modem sci- ence are evident in the ever grow- ing cancer survivor population• However, we need to do a better job of addressing the hardships survivors face beyond treatment•" To find out more about Na- tional Cancer Survivors Day, visit Leading up to the event, the Foundation urges everyone - cancer survivors and supporters alike - to spread the message that there is life after cancer, and it's something to celebrate. The fol- lowing are suggested posts for your social media sites• On Faeebook: You can live 'a fulfilling life after a cancer di- agnosis. Just ask the millions of people who have survived it. Cel- ebrate life on National Cancer Survivors Day - Sunday, June 3. fac eb o ok. c o m/ CancerSurvivorsDay On Twitter: You can live a fulfilling life after cancer. Just ask the millions of people who've survived it. Celebrate life! #NCSD2012 @SurvivorsDay About the National Sponsors The National Sponsors for National Cancer Survivors Day 2012 are: BriStol-Myers Squibb (, Coping® with Can- cer, (, Genentech (, and Lilly USA, LLC ( More information on cancer and cancer survivorship: National Cancer Survivors Day: National Cancer 'Institute: American Society of Clini- cal Oncology: American Cancer Society: American Cancer Society's Cancer Facts & Figures: • B I St tp trt cOIIte, ia, Or ho chocolate for your nplov[[s I Qualifications Hidalgo County Clerk • Chief Deputy Clerk • BAS Degree, from Western New Mexico University • Certified' in certification of M-100 voting machines • Certified in the testing of voter assist AutoMark terminals • Attended the New Mexico Secretary of State 2012 Election .School Knowledge & Experience • Voter Registration Election Management System • New Mexico state laws regarding the duties of the County Clerk • Clerk Track-Electronic Imaging & Records Management System • Recording & filing probates • Recording &-filing real estate and legal documents • Issuing marriage licenses, business licenses & liquor licenses "1 promise TO fulfill the duties of the county clerk with my skills, knowledge & integrity." "1 would appreciate your vote and support." * Democrat * Experience Chief Deputy Clerk * Bachelors Degree * Integrity MELISSA HIDALGO COUNTY CLERK I FOR LIFE ® 12 Hidalgo County or Life June 22th-June 23 6 PM - 6 AM Short Park Softball Field Lordsburg, NM For more information contact Marsha Hill Center