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June 5, 2009     Hidalgo County Herald
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June 5, 2009

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009 7 ,:~ Just A Thought How disciplined are you in your lift By RICK KRAFT "The truth of the matter is that you. always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it." I agree with these words of wisdom by General H. N o r m a n Schwarzoff. It never ceases to amaze me how much we try to fool ourselves by twisting and turning things to suit our own purposes. Our lives are not so much about de- termining ~vhat the right thing to do is, our lives are about having the discipline to do the right things. Rick Kraft When God created us, He gave us free will. I sometimes wonder why He did this. Nev- ertheless, this is the way we were created. So on a spiritual level, we each have the power to choose our destiny We live in the great coun- try of America, a country that So with very broad bound- aries ek, ery one of us gets up each morning and ventures out into the world. What we accom- plish each day depends on each of us individually. What we ac- complish every day will be directly tied to our ability to life a life of discipline. Will power cannot be fur- nished by anyone but you. Walter Kiechel III wrote in Fortune magazine, "The best discipline, maybe the only. discipline that re- ally works, is self-dis- cipline," Life is an exercise court system. Unfortunately every day we read and hear about individuals who have lacked discipline in PaSt choices and now are facing discipline from outside themselves. Discipline is a learned be- havior. A newborn has no dis- cipline system on her own. The discipline System for children is set up by their parents. A child learns discipline (or should learn) as she grows and matures. This is learned from family, teachers, friends, and others a child associates with. If a child is not taught discipline, she will have a difficult life ahead. When a child leaves home to live on her own, she suddenly lives by in discipline. Without her own discipline system. That discipline a person is unable to is why the transition from the home nest to independence is so critical. If an individual has no dis- cipline, he is headed for a train wreck. The failure to have dis- cipline within your own life will cause you to not meet your po- tential. It may keep you from be a functioning member of so- ciety. It takes discipline to get out of bed each morning and to be at work on time. It takes dis- cipline to keep spending within one's income. It takes discipline to take care of one's body. It takes discipline to maintain a was founded on freedom of " close spiritual walk It takes dis- choice. We are encouraged to have free will as Americans. Any newborn baby during his lifetime can choose to be an ac- countant, she can choose to move to Delaware, he can choose to own his own business. she can choose to own land, he can choose to marry and have ten children, she can choose to write a book, he can choose to become a monk. she can choose cipline to continue to grow mentally. It takes discipline to make time for one's spouse or children A lack of discipline can cause sexually transmitted dis- eases, unwanted pregnancies. deaths, automobile accidents. heart attacks, juvenile delin- quents, divorces, lawsuits, busy hospitals, and broken family re- lationships. I like the saying, obtaining a job, maintaining a job, maintaining a marriage, or buying your dream home. It may cause you to become sickly or catch a disease, go on wel- fare, file bankruptcy, or even spend time in prison. It is possible to be disci- plined in some areas of your life and not in others, yet a strong discipline in one area is a likely indicator of an individual hav- ing a strong discipline in other A Picture FromThe Past Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg !! test for leaks, tighten fittings, check all belts. Plus we'll add to speak out against global "Discipline yourself so others areas warming. What I am saying is, won't have to." If we each dis- _act?hg;rSaTe':sd2scipl~.es12f~ Vera Craddock and Pete Chase at the Eagle Drug Co. on Railroad Boulevard (Motel Drive), circa 1955. :! freedom of choice is a way of ciplined ourselves there would ~braham JoPhua Heschel said" The "drug store" was a popular place to meet friends and have a Coke or a milk shake. Eagle Drug life for each of us. be no need for our criminal"Self-respect is the fruit of dis" served as Lordsburg s pharmacy for several decades. Lordsburg no longer has a pharmacy. i Foster adoptive par.ents cipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.' W.K. Hope said, needed New Mex c0 "Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do some. ;,, thing and you don't ta|k back. And George Bernard Shaw tells Submitted by CYFD - Moses is lovable and strives us, "Self-control is the quality Becoming a foster or adop-to be "good". He appreciates that distinguishes the fittest to tive parent can mal~e a huge dif- his personal space and appreci- survive." ;, ference in the life Of a child, ates the structure of a family. It basically comes back to " Join us for an informationRaymond is very energetic the choices that we make. In meeting to be held this month of and charming. He has a driv- most every circumstance we ~i ~t February in your area. Please call ing personality, know the right thing to do. It is ~,. Ronny Diaz, CYFD Foster & These brothers would like discipline that determines !, Adoptive Parent Recruiter at to remain together in a two par- whether or not we do it. A short ;~ (575) 43,4-5950 ext. 121 for more ent home that can provide strue- term lack of discipline can re- information or visit us on the web ture and supervision. The suit in long term consequences. ' .... -. il at~ ~Se Habla brothers are very =Connected to We choose:our :"( .~ ,' ~/~ -:< ) , ~k E~panol ' their Hispanic culture and en- choice at a t~me. If we can-vi- [ ' ' ~-5"NA11C~I~ ............ [ ~, ~-_x .... .J__x _ joy attending church as part of sualize our desired destination, l ~ [ : _us[eror uop[ u their cultural experience They it will be disciplined choices | ~ ' [ ,; , ~ , ., .L would like to continue learning that line the path and allow us [ ............ " / ~: NeW MexIco mum their Spanish language and | U B L I C I N Vl T E D / to reach it. . , are Our Names are Juan, Moses bilingual. They enjoy various My challenge to you is to I~ ,i and Raymond V. foods i.e. Mexi- live a life of discipline. It will 1 l 1 *' If you are can food, pizza make you a better person. It will / . . . . l .', allow you to accomplish greater ] S I tTr nP ct /': looking to ex-- and hamburgers, unZ a Southwes ansmmsm role pand your fam- They all enjoy things in the life you live. It will ily by swimming, bike make the world a better place | ...... i! three...Juan, riding, video for your family your'cowork- / q-he Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is hosting a series ofpubhc scopmg ] :i Raymond and games and going ers, and your community. Roy l meetings in support of an environmentalimpact statement (EIS) for the oroposed / o Moses could be _?~[ -" I to the park. L. Smith stated, "Discipline is l o ,-7. , . ; 1-, ,7. ..... " I :: the children for : ~?: : They are in need the refining fire by which tel / ~un/_,la boutnwest lransm~ss~on vroject, bunL,la lransm ss on, LLL; proposes I :i you! These ik~I~Iii of a loving, com- ent becomes ability." ] to construct up to two 500kV transmission lines stretchin aooroxirnatelv 460 l :: Discipline should be an ac ........ l, boys are ener- l~]l[ll~l mitted two-par- tion word in the life you live It mxles between New Mexmo and Arizona, The proposed prolect is posmoned :: getic, active & II ,~ .~lW~Iv~l"-III ent family who will define you as a person. You ] to provide transmission infrastructure for wind and solar energy generation. / :i funny. ~lI, ~. ~l "~lII~ III can provide on- live a life of discipline one [ , l :: Juan is sen- going structure choice at a time. Live the most [ Scopin meetin sinanooenhouseformatarescheduled'fromS-00pm -8 00pm / " sitive and re- ~ ~ ~II/ I and supervision ......... _. _. :. sponds-well to ~II~i IIIIlI For more infor- d~sc;p.tstedtlffd:; YY:7:Z~; ] Technical and environmental information about the project and the EIS process J i: positivetion.. Heatten-does ]rII contactmatin pleaSeTana it! " " l will be available, with an opportunity to submit formal comments. Agency and ] : Just a thought very well with Hudson @ (575) ...... "'" " , ] project staffwill be available to answer questions, l :: KICK ~raJt ts a motivationat l " ' I ~', ......structure as do ivan, ~, Moses 11 ann 517-7903 . or, speaker, a published author, and " - . ~ - ms oromers, tie Ra mon" - e m a 1 1 an attorney. To submit com. _ __ is also very Y o,t~ , mxhdsm~ ments contributions, or ideas, ,dulrlozz, i ~j.~ ~: ~ . ~ ~ !,Jfg~ /I ~ t-Wt~ ,a' stylish and handsome. (best). e-mad to C ley Union .... .... , C i: " :. ,,4, . o' rkraft@kraftandhunter, com "rtgh~ - ~ . . , ~e~ mmu ~ r ": ~'~ ~ ~~. ~ ~ : :: 68S ue~, ~ ~ " ~~~~~ orwrite to P. O Box850, .... . , .... . " e, . one " ::" Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - Boy, a. , , ..o ..... : . - ,,, All/ o,,o . ,! ; I /Z I Manor'use ..... ' he'Co :: iili iii ili? iiiill:li" ' Convent, < :i,: i(tJo,a ot 415 East Hig 70 " .752 ,, . (, Cottage House : - :; .2 888o Complete inspectlod, includes - besvaey ;, , ' al .Events Center ' " Pine Street Lordsburg, - New co . :., R-134 (one lb.)if needed. FREE ESTIMATE NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! tosT 8#aek ~ale ~#,e~tko~.d do9 (/Vo#dF) /os~ i# $lll/ ~,o//- ou~ tcea~, gm, dsb~o,9, NA o. 12/26/08. MaR It~ue bee~ ~ee~ o~ TX ~'ate~,. Emai]: ILL ,IIJ~" j ~"~ 428 E. Motel Drive. Lordsburg 575-542-9332 Fidel Center Atrium 800D ue 801 PI - " .... : Socorro, New Mexico Ju 9, 2C 9 Eleph ' inn- Banqu R " 401 Hig - . :_ .-. hant Mexico . , For additional project information, visit http:llwww.blm.govlnmlst/en/proglmorellands_realty.html or call Adrian Garcia at (505) 438-7424 or emaU