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June 13, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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June 13, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014 9 "As. I Remember" by Allen "Hook" Hill In praise of Maya Angelou in crossing the bar of justice Editor's Note: Longtime sort of a far off, round about car came along. It was the only Lordsburg resident, historian, way, is that I do have a stub- car we had seen all morning and storyteller and poet Allen born streak that occasionally sure enough, the driver stopped "Hook" Hill has writ- surfaces in spite of the vehicle as they came along ten hundreds of stories " the fact that very side of us. The car occupants andpoems. Back in the little wisdom is dis- were Nell Beavers and her hus- 1980's he began writ- played when the as- band, Charles, and they practi- ing a column entitled "AslRemember." With sertion of that cally insisted we ride with his permission, these streak rules. Thethem. The other two boys were columns have been consequences are all for taking the ride but I re- dusted off and will ap- generally not happy sisted, using the excuse that we pear in the Hidalgo either, to say the were nearly there and I wanted County Herald from least. For instance, to walk all the way. The couple time to time. Hook, who consider the inci- told'us it was still a long way to is 93, still lives inAllen Hook Hill dent, early in my Franklin and we'd better take Lordsburg. This col- youth, with regard the ride. One boy climbed in the umn appeared In the Lordsburg to a Gale reunion, car but I resisted, and the other Liberal on April 27, 1990. Back in the 1930's, 40's and boy stayed with me as the car By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ 50's the large Gale family held drove off. Lordsburg a gala reunion someplace every Well, we walked another #127 April 27, 1990 year. They were real real forty or fifty miles and were re- My wife has a favorite say- whingdings. In about 1932,ally shot by the time another ing "I may not always be right when I was living in Virden, the flivver came by and stopped. but I'm never wrong". It doesn't Gale fiesta was held in Franklin, This time I wasn!t so stub- take a pure genius to tell who is Arizona. I was about eleven born--or else i was too tired to on the listening end of that years of age at the time and resist--and we meekly got in phrase but once in a while she does come close when describ- pretty fair game to try most any- the car and rode the remaining thing. Two other boys about my distance to the reunion. ing my actions. Some months age suggested that the three of Laterin the evening, after the back she hinted that there could us go to Franklin and take in games, the program and the be a mite of stubbornness in my the festivities. None of us were dance, we readily accepted a ride makeup. Actually, the term Gales but that mattered little to home with Mr. and Mrs. Beavers. "mite" could be an understate- us or to the Gale family, for that Temporarily, at least, that slight merit because I vaguely remem- matter, because most of the val- stubborn streak was overcome. It ber the verbal reference to the ley people attended the reunions, sure was nice to climb out of the cross between a horse and a especially at feed time and dance car about 1/4th mile from my burro, that sneaked in there time in the evening, home. I'd like to be able to say somewhere. The fact that I'll the cure was permanent, but evi- contend with her down to the At any rate, early one Sat- dently not so, because there's bitter end has very little to do urday morning the three of us more to come. walked from Virden down Hook with right or wrong, truth or through Mortensen's lane, untruth, good or bad judgement crossed the river and made our or any other factor except in- way up to the old dirt road on visible points that get marked the other side and took off for up on the board for the winner. Franklin. We had walked about Somehow there are few points forty miles--eleven-year-old on my side of the ledger, even miles--and were beginning to though I've won a time or two. drag no small amount when a What I'm trying to admit to, in Robert Jay Shirilla Glen resid nt By DR. HOSEZELL BLASHICot- ton City If you were to ask a young lad the question "Whom would you like to be like when you grow up?" most likely the major- ity of boys would say, "I want to be like my daddy". And rightfully so because the father plays a vital and piv- otal role in the life of young boys. My friend, Willie James, said, "Many kids seem to wear special spy glasses and they see absolutely everything that dads do." I loved my dad because he trained me to walk in the path- way of righteousness. One would think that the Ten Command- ments were part of our school cur~ riculum the way dad emphasized it. "Hosezell, don't do this and don't do that." "Don't drink and don't smoke," Dad would say. He would further tell me not to kill or seal. And you must honor your father and your mother. "Do you under- stand, Hosezell?" he asked. "You are growing into a teenager and you much be careful to respect the young girls. For God's sake, keep your zipper locked!" I was a bit na~'ve, but I think dad was telling me something about the birds and the bees. This was a bit boring and confusing to me. Dad, whom I greatly loved and admired, was a country preacher, a country farmer and a country fisherman. He played the role as a preacher while he as- signed most of the farm work to me. And as a fisherman, he fished more than the apostle Peter. And as a growing teenager, I took no- tice of this. I loved my dad's preaching, but his trademark was singing and humming. He sang from morning until night. He was known as the singing preacher and the hummingbird. He could have been ac- cepted into the musical hall of fame. Another thing that my dad did was that he would require his family to assemble around the table for prayer. Many times, I saw him down on his knees. He instilled in me "Don't for the fam- ily prayer". Dad also told us stories about the end of time, Tears came to my eyes. Dad has gone to heaven to be with Jesus. But I think of him of- ten. He left a legacy of love, a legacy of pray- ing, a legacy of preach- ing and singing, a legacy of humming. I dedicate this poem to all the fathers across the country on this Father's Rev. Day. Wanna Be Like Dad There are little eyes upon you And they are watching both night and day. There are little ears that are just listening And take in every word you say. There are little hands that are so eager To do anything you ask them to do. And little boys who are dream- ing Of the day when they will be like you. They believe in you so much. So be true in all you say and do. They will say and do things spe- cifically in your way, When they grow up to be a man like you. Men you are the little boys' idol. To them you are the wisest of the wise, And in their little minds about you, No suspicions will ever rise. There are wide-eyed little ole boys Who believe that you are always right, And their ears are stretched wide open, And they watch you both day and night. Fathers, you are set- ting very important examples Everyday in all you say and do. Because your own little boys are just waiting To grow up to be just like you. There are so many curious little boys in Animus, Cotton City, Lordsburg and else- where Who would like to Roosevelt be exactly like their Blush dads. But when their duds are somewhat wicked, They end up being a little bit bad. So dad, you must set a good ex- ample In everything you might say and do. Because little boys grow up mighty fast And they are dying to be just like you. Dr. Hosezell Blush can be reached by email at hosezellblashl Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale 49 "x 8 12" " prmted on foam core board--can displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald. Call Edmund Saucedo at 575-542-9716 offender Take Back Day nets 3.2 pounds of pills La Frontera NM hosted a Prescription Pill Take Back day at Lordsburg City Hall on Friday, June 6, 2014, taking in a total of 3.2 pounds of unwanted and unused prescription pills. Drop-off sites are located throughout Hidalgo County, with the newest one lo- cated at the Hidalgo County EMS building. Courtesy photo On June 9, 2014, Robert Jay Shirilla complied with release conditions and registered with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Depart- ment and has been added to the New Mexico Sex Offender Reg- istry. Shirilla, 51, listed his address as 304 Arnold Palmer Place. Shirilla was convicted on one count of Sexual Conduct With a Minor in 1997 in Coconino County, Arizona, for which he was given an 8-year prison sentence. e rln in or at I er All.You.Can,Eat Back , 542-3030 904 East Motel Dr. LordsbL HOURS: Closed Mondays Tues-Sat 9 AM - 8 PM ; 8 AM -2PM Sundays 11 AM to 2 PM In Hidalgo County? ........ ..... . .... ,,L ...... www. ; hidalgoct~untyfo~dcoalitioa Available Now al fit[ F " ,.d ....... Fairgrounds: MUSIARD rlday, 6/13/14 11 AM hid, ,,f ......... .... do GRt:.[NS & SPINACH PNM Hidalgo Demonstra- -Food-Fact= For recipes, tips, and tion Garden Dedication @ , You can speed up tile tricks |or low calorie alter- C ounty Fairgr ripening of a natives, sign up H ~use starts pineapple by daily emails at 9 AM standing it hungry-girLcom upside down 'al r a, niglll (on the leafy end). to Conserve Roadrunner Food Bank - wmer! Feed, Seed, and Lead - www.rrfb:org $5o Student &Senior HOURS: Wednesday.Saturday 1:00 4.00 p.m. & 4:15 - 7:00 p.m. l . II a i Sunday 2.00 - 4.30 p.mi & 5.00 7,30 p.m. Ni .... gnt =iwtmming Wednesday?Friday 7:30- 9:30 p.m. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays 575-542-3774 [[111 "1 I /'