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June 20, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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June 20, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014 9 "As I Remenaber' Editor's Note: Longtime Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has writ- ten hundreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980's he began writ- ing a column entitled "'As I Remember." With his permission, these columns have been dusted off and will ap- pear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, is 93, still lives in Lordsburg. This col- umn appeared In the Lordsburg Liberal on May 4, 1990. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg All my teen years were spent during depression times or the atmosphere of economic recov- ery from depression. I've men- tioned before that I well remem- ber when the Palace theater on Railroad Avenue reopened after ' by Allen "Hook" a long shutdown. The ten cent admission fee was very difficult for most of us to obtain, it took a Allen Hook Hill Hill lot of scrap copper to wangle a dime out of "Deafy", over on the north side of the un- derpass. If we lucked on to an old car bat- tery and sold it for fifty cents we were in hog heaven. Ham- burgers were five cents at Alec Spiro's greasy spoon, as we called it, and later they were the same price at the drive-in over where Jaime's Plumbing is today. It was pretty "up town" to have enough cash for a couple of hamburgers, a soda and a show ticket. But don't get the idea it was an ev- eryday affair for most of us. Those times were few and far between. Most of you old timers will remember those years and under- stand the fact that the tough "Autumn on the River" oil painting by Ginna Heiden Painters at th Hearst Gallery in Pinos Altos this weekend Submitted by GCAGISilver City This weekend is another great weekend of local art and artists at the Grant County Art Guild's Pinos Altos Art Gallery. This unique gallery is located in the historic Hearst Church in the quaint village of Pinos Altos, only a short drive from Silver City. The members in- clude a diverse group of artists and fine crafters who come together to show and sell their art and handmade crafts.T .hree painters, each known for their own distinctive style, are honored as featured artists this weekend. ........ On Friday, June 20th, Marilyn Burbrinkwill be the featured art- ist, readyto show you around the gallery and tell you about her latest work. Marilyn loves capturing the beauty of nature through her wa- tercolor and oil paintings as well as jewelry. Barbara Smith, well-known local artist, is the featured artist on Saturday, June 21. Barbara's subjects are landscapes and stilMifes in oils and acrylics, as vell as portraits and other subjects in pastels. As featured artist, she will be at the gallery to greet visitors and show them her newest paintings. On Sunday June 22, new member Ginna Heiden will be the fea- tured artist. Ginna won first place in the opening show of the season with her oil painting, "Autumn on the River," and honorable mention for her "Creek Bridge" oil painting. The Pinos Altos Art Gallery is open to the public, without charge, from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday; Sunday and major holi- days through October 5. Browsers and buyers welcome! Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale times didn't really end until World War II came along. The sidewalks in town attest to the length of the recovery. Check out the stamps on them and you'll see they are dated all through the 1930's. W.P.A. was no small help to many families, even .though jokes were plentiful with regard to the title. Works ProgreSs Ad- ministration was the official- name, but local clowns dubbed it "We Putter Around", "We Play Always", etc. In spite of the kid- ding W.P.A saved many families in Hidalgo County and through- out the country. The slogan, "Prosperity is just around the comer", also took a beating. People would repeat the phrase, then quickly add some- thing such as, "But it's a heck of a long road to the comer", or "But after you turn, it's just around the next corner." Those were some days and I hope we never see them again. This was not intended to be a discourse on depression days. All I wanted to do was set the stage for another tale on my so-- called stubbornness. I believe we were juniors in high school, so it would have been 1938. Spring was in full bloom and that meant picnic time for a batch of school kids. I don't remember whether it was just our class, or more than one class, but that's immaterial to the story. We planned the all day picnic for Rustler's Park, up in the Chericahua Mountain. There were no buses owned by the school in those days, so we had to rely on private cars. We came up one car short, so some- one made arrangements to get a vehicle from Bill Townsend. You'll not that it was a "vehicle" and not a car. That thing was something else. it was once a se- dan but all the top and body had been removed, the back seat ripped out and a few boards nailed across the frame. It had no rear fenders, so the tires were right there at the edge of the boards. There were no sideboards. It was a true "depression days" vehicle. You can guess who was one of those selected to ride on the Bill Townsend "stripped down". As I remember, there were four in the front seat and about six of us hanging on the rear of that baby. From here to Portal was some ride. Those of us on the platform hung on for dear life. I can still see those tires spinning right next to our the thing and rolling down the highway. School personnel today wouldn't dream of taking a group of students on such a contraption, but it was a different world then and I presume nobody thought too much about it. Anyway, it was a wild ride. The road at that time was full of dips and it was like being on a roller coaster, except there was no bar to hang on to. Every time we hit a dip I thought it would be my last moment on earth. I was on the outside, next to a wheel and I was plenty scared. Somehow we made it to Gran- ite Gap in one piece. In one piece physically, that is, but mentally I was split down the middle. I don't remember who the driver was, but he went down that Granite Gap hill doing about a hundred and forty, and by the time we bot- tomed out they could have put me in a body bag and I wouldn't have uttered a sound. To be continued. Hook hook june @ hotmail, corn Lordsburg 1916 / 2 F )ft n /fi 49 " x 8 E "' p inted  foa  co e board--can be.framed or displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald. I\\; 1520 Call Edmund Saucedo at 575-542-9716 4-Hers preparingf0r 4 th of July The Peloncillo 4-H Horse Club participated in some community service projects on June 11, 2014. They painted the trash cans belonging to the Rodeo Community Association.They will be during the Rodeo 4th of July festivities, which will include a fireworks show sponsored by Henry and Aimee Essary and Williams Trucking. The fireworks show will kick off just after dark. Courtesy photo RED 00ICHILADA Enchiladas, Potato Salad, leK.ights of Rice, Bread, Columbus Dessert & Drink Just throw it ( in the garbage can Sunday $0050 T plate June 29, 2014 10 AM to ?? St. ,Joseph's Hffli By DR. HOSEZELL BLASH/Cot- ton City Generally speaking, people like to talk. Many people are quite good at it. Rachel Maddow, A1 Sharpton and Ed Schultz make a living at it. Some people talk at length while a few of them a quite brief. Talking is often cheap but action is what counts. In our country to- day, one has to be care- ful and on the watch for those fast talking men and women. Many of them are just like Satan.They will promise you the world on a silver platter but are unable to deliver anything but heartaches, headaches and pain. When it comes to talking about religious matters, be cau- tious and watch exactly what you say. One often thinks that his re- ligion is the best of all. Jimmy said, "My religion or denomination is better than legs. One slip and we'd.have been =ycurs." on a wheel, or worse yet, clear off Ted rebuffs him by replying, "No, it's not" One day, a member of a spe- cific denomination said to me, "Why don't you join our church? If you want to go to heaven when you die, you better join our church." I must admit that my feelings were bruised. At the end of ser- vice, I walked away sorrowfully. As a matter of fact, she will not convince me on this situation nor will I convince her. A good sug- gestion would be to write a note BIA FRONTERA NEW" MEXICO bor parIncr;ot  at, tmn, rd healthy c.mznm P RESC".00PT,O. PREVENTION Rx Prevention Pain Killers are also known by Captain Cody Cody, Sizzurp, Lean, Syrup, School- boy, Doors & Fours, loads, Oxy, Oxycot- ton, 0xycet, Hillbilly Heroin, Percs. According to above the Influence "The most commonly abused brand-name pain- killers inchJde Vicodin, Oxycodone, Oxy- Contin and Percocet. Codeine, an opioid painkiller often found in prescription cough syrup, is also commonly abused", :For delivery., call Sat Diaz at 575-542-9219 or Jr Saueedo at 575-3 z3'304o i i Proceeds to benefit the Knights of Columbus Scholarship Fund that reads: "Our views on reli- gious matters differ greatly." Fold that note neatly and just throw it in the garbage can. Finances are a very touchy item to discuss without hav- ing different points of views. One can deplete ones energy very quickly by talking about such matters. Frank claims that he can make you wealthy or rich by following his advice. Further scrutiny indicates that the conversation is empty and that further conversation is not necessary. Frank is certainly not a Sam Walton, a Donald Trump or a Koch brothe. Save yourself from this useless con- versation by writ- ing this message on a piece of paper: "Money matters do not impress me. liar. Fold that note neatly and just throw it in the garbage can. Sammy claims he is a con- noisseur of good wines and food. Whether it is French, Ger- man or Italian cuisines, he says that his taste buds can practically distinguish most foods. He says that he can mix and prepare the drinks that movie stars and Hol- lywood people love. Fixing the drinks is just a piece of cake, he says. Be on the alert for slick talking men like Sammy. Be- cause he can talk the talk I'm not sure if he can walk the walk. This conversation is going no- where. Just make a note of this and throw it in the gar- i)  bagecan. And when a man tries to im- press you with his educational back- ground, take it with a grain of Stay away from this guy," Fold this note neatly and just throw it in the gar- bage can. The state of Vir- ginia sports the ex- pression "Virginia is for Lovers". Randolph, who hails from Virginia, thinks he is the greatest lover of them all because he lives under the um- brella of that slogan. He claims that he has a recipe that would draw women to him like magic. He also claims that woaen like Jackie Kennedy and Liz Taylor would eat out of his hands. Now, this is a very good line for conversation, but it does not pass the reality test. Just write a note saying that Randolph is a salt. Milton is such an example. "I have two bachelors, three masters and two doc- torate degrees from outstanding universi- ties," he says. If you further press him to see the degrees, he says, "My house was burned down with my degrees and some of the uni- versities consolidated with other universities and a few of them closed down due to finances..." Liar! Liar! Don't believe Milton. Just write a note, fold it neatly and throw it in the gar- bage can! Dr. Hosezell Blash can be reached by email at hosezellblashl UEWEEI2Y New Inventory Huge Selection/ lap Belly Button Eyebrow Tongue Ear Nose Q  Silver Rings Dangles Logos nium 14K I () 214 E. Motel Drive Lordsburg 575.542.8880 BRISilET PLATE Benefit fundraiser for Pete Conzaies FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING PRESCRIPTION PREVENTION SER- VICES, SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREAT- MENT, OR FOR SAFE DISPOSAL OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, PLEASE CONTACT EDGAR GOMEZ AT (575) 542- 3304 OR EDGAR.GOM EZ@LAFRONTERA.ORG We would like to thank everyone who sprang into action during my recent fall and injury. Special thanks to the Hidalgo County Ambtdance Department, espe- cially Billy Gonzales, Katrina Parsons, Rosie Lasher and Marina Silva. Thank you to Tyler Massey and Maria Sanchez for their persistence and thanks go out also to the wonderful staff at Sunshine Haven Nursing Home where I am under- going rehabilitation. Sincerely, Beef Brisket. s6 Beans, Macaroni Salad Roll & Salsa (BBQ Sauce on the side) plate Friday, June 27, 2014 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM 525 North Street/Pete Gonzoles Residence) Deliverv Available! Order by calling 542-8049 or 575-654-1942