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June 25, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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June 25, 2010

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• HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010 7 Just A Thought Visiting a land where the sun doesn't set By RICK KRAFT " One of the biggest chal- lenges of a trip to Alaska in the summer is to see it get dark out- " side. My wife and I just returned from a trip to our country's 49  state and we learned quickly that the word . "night" did not mean "dark." In other words, if someone asked • . "What our plans were for tonight?", the ques- tion didn't mean '" "What are you doing • when it gets dark out?" We were on our ' vacation almost two weeks before we saw Rick Kraft -• darkness outside. Let me explain. - The first evening of our va- ", cation was in Anchorage. My wife ',. and I had a late dinner at nine , o'clock and then went for a walk, . visiting souvenir shops down- , town. It was a Saturday evening . and I was amazed the shops werg open so late. I asked the sale .. clerks what time they closed and • was told eleven o'clock• Tanya • and I returned to our room after - ' eleven and is was still broad day- light. After the first four days of our trip, as we continued to travel • north, not only was it daylight } when we went to bed, it was day- i - light when we got up. So when I -; went to bed that night I was o tempted to set my alarm to wake -me up in the "middle of the • : ; night" (so to speak) in order to .• see what Alaska looked like in the Z;; dark. -" After my wife and I had en- '. joyed a long day of sightseeing, '; with broad daylight outside at ten .' o'clock in the evening, I pulled '.; the black out curtain in an effort i; to make the room dark. I decided .. to opt for a good night's sleep over '.; setting my alarm for two or three 'i a.m. Nevertheless, soon I woke up and looked at 'the clock next to the bed. It read "12:33." I thought, "Hey, it is going to hap- ; pen, I finally get to see Alaska at night!" I got out of bed and walked to the bedroom window and opened the curtain, expect- ing to find darkness. Instead, it was still light out...albeit a "dusk" type light. It was light enough out to read, to walk around, and even to drive without needing headlights! Back to bed, some- what disappointed and somewhat amazed. I fell asleep instantly, but then woke up again and looked at the night stand clock• This time read "3:25." I had a second chance to see darkness in Alaska! Out of bed and to the window. I pulled open the curtain again hoping I couldn't see across the • courtyard. Wow! It was broad daylight. If darkness had set in over the last three hours, 'it sure hadn't stayed long. After a week in Alaska, I asked people in our tour group, "Have any of you seen it dark outside?" Without exception, the answer came back, "No." What is more amazing to me is that six months from now the hours of daylight 'will be the in- verse of the hours of highttime. That means that the locals will basically live in darkness. If we think our world changes between summer and winter, it is nothing compared to what happens in Alaska. It got me thinking, with all of the extra hours of daylight in an Alaska summer, there are many more opportunities to get things accomplished. What if we had daylight available essentially around the clock? We could do outdoor activities at ten in the evening or even at five in the morning for early birds. Or what if we were able to add a 25 th hour to each day and it was a daylight hour? What would you plan to do with the extra hour? Your answer to this ques- tion reveals your priorities. What you actually would do with this hour if it were given to you re- Rep. Teague fighting for small businesses and, job creation Continued from Page I business investments in order to nesses looking to create jobs and make new investments• Addition- al!y, it forms the State Small Busi- ness Credit Initiative that pro- vides funding for new or existing state lending programs and the Small Business Early State Invest- ment irogram designed to help promising small business start- ups through public-private part- nerships. The legislation package also includes a companion bill, The Small Business Jobs and Tax Re- lief Act, that Congressman Teague helped pass through the House earlier this week. That bill includes tax incentives that lower the capital gains taxes on small encourage investments in America's small businesses. These reforms will also increase tax deductions to help entrepre- neurs to recover more start-up expenses• The legislation is also sup- ported by the National Small Business Association, Small Busi- ness Majority, National Associa- tion of Realtors, Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Indepen- dent Community Bankers of America, American Bankers As- sociation, Biotechnology Indus- try Organization and National Bankers Association. It now moves to the Senate for consider- ation• veals your level of discipline. In other words, there is often a gap between what you would Hke to do and what you actually do with your time. Time is a gift to you . It is one element of this world that once spent, can never be replaced. I heard an analogy that time is like a bank account that is filled each morning and erased: each evening. We are given a balance to spend each morning before we wake up. When we get up, we have the hours of the day to spend what is in our account. At the end of the day, if there is any balance left in the account, it is erased because it wasn't spent. We get up the next morning and we start all over again. Of the balance given to us in our ac- count, some is .spent and some is lost, and then the balance iis re- plenished. The good news is that the balance is replenished idaily. The bad news is that if we are not careful and well disciplined, we can lose substantial balances that are not used each day. The other thing that is occur- ring is that as we age, different opportunities are available to us. In other words, because of health, the opportunities of a 25 year old are different than those of a 75 year old. Because of finances, the opportunities of a 70 year 01d are different than those of a 20 year old. Because of wisdom or stand- ing, the opportunities of a 55 year old are different than those of an 18 year old. Because of children, the opportunities of a 30 year old differ from that of a 65 year old. What I am saying is that our accounts may vary each day be- cause of where we are in our lives and because of what we have done with the years we ha,ce had.- But nevertheless, the time posted in our account each day is lost if it is not spent. My challenge to you today is to wisely spend the time you have been given. This is a day to day decision that you make. This takes discipline to control the time you have and not let time control you. This doesn't mean that you must be pushing your- self at all times, down time or re- laxing and unwinding time is important. But it does mean that we should choose when this time occurs anti then get back to what we need to be accomplishing. Think through what the pri- orities in your life are. Then use dis.cipline to be sure you are spending your time on :these pri- orities. Whether or not your days are long and your nights are short, you have the same 24 hours to spend each day. Spend it wisely, it can not be replaced. Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft @ kraftandhunter, corn mailto: thekraftlawfirm or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. A Picture From The Past Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg 50 me 25, 10#0, 73 , ) e' " " i Above, The Wedding Party Back row, left to right: Steve Rivera, Tony Rodriguez, Carlos Saucedo, Ida Saucedo, Irene Saucedo, Oscar Gutierrez, Edward Flores, Oscar Diaz, Ernesto Ruiz Second row, left to right: Rachel Estrada, Mary Helen Martinez, Yolanda Renteria, Margaret Vargas, Lupe Rodriguez, Mollie Orona, Reyes Placencia, Norma Rivera, Emma Saucedo Front row, left to right: Pam Camacho, Ernesto Renteria, Jr., Norma Verdugo, Michael Dominguez, Terry Contreras ,;, D Irene Saucedo  Zj -:}? June 25, 1960 Below, Maid of Honor Ela Sacedo, Irene Saucedo, Oscar Gutierrez, Best Man Edward Flores years[ PRIZ June 27, 201 James H. 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