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July 6, 2012     Hidalgo County Herald
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July 6, 2012

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2012 9 "As I Remember" by Allen "Hook Editor's Note: Longtime continue to abound concerning Lordsburg resident, historian, their activities. storyteller and poet Allen Charlie Conner, for in- "Hook" Hill has written hun- stance, was a short, stocky man dreds of stories and poems. Back who. during my youthful days, m the 1980s he had been a lawman of one began writing a column entitled 'As 1 Remember." With his permis- sion. these col- umns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, Allen Hook Hill who is 91, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared in the Lordsburg'Lib- eral on June 3, 1988. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL Our old-time law officers in Hidalgo County were living legends during their lifetimes and topics of conversation long after they were gone. Stories sort or another as long as I could remember. My first memory of him has to do with another of life's hard-earned lessons• As a youth, I walked to school from our home that was located on South Main Street, across the street from the old hos- pital [which was about where the east parking lot of McDonalds' is now]. I generally went down Main Street, then cut through the al- ley behind Heathers' [at 509 S. Main Street] and went diago- nally on down to school. Cen- tral School stands there now but at the time there were two old brick buildings. The smaller Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- @/ aid urges readers to woice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published,should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech. Happy now? Dear Editor: Regarding the Supreme Courts decision on Obama Care and the new Health Care TAX: I hope all businesses start their calculations now. If I was a business man, I would immedi- ately add a 'healthcare surcharge' to all my sales, thus, even those on welfare will have to pay for their care at the pump, at the con- venience store, at the Dollar Tree, at Wal Mart, at Dillards, Every fasLf0.od I:estaurant should imme- diately ad&xle-tax' to the: cost of the burger and fries. (of course, Obama's favorites are EXEMPT, thus, will probably put those that are not exempt out of business. Since this is a TAX, there is no guarantee of health care ser- vice. We are not purchasing any- thing, we are being taxed• Healthcare will skyrocket because Obama care calls for a lot of 'free' stuff and MANDATES unnecessary cost be covered, such as pap smears for men's poliL cies. Costs for care will go up, cost for insurance will go up, thus, costs for goods will go up. These new taxes on businesses must be passed on to the customer. Not 0nly that, as of 2014, you are REQUIRED to pay premiums (either to iris• co or the TAX to the government. If you don't, you pay a penalty, $95.00 in 2014, up to $695.00 in 2016. If you file income tax, you will be reporting this so don't think your going to get by without payment. Soooooooooo all you us can expect to pay more. The IRS will or the penalty.)That is, if there are any doctors left to run the ERs. Happy Now?? Mary Snyder-Nava Hachita, NM Tell the police Dear Editor: If anybody doubts that Lordsburg is "a big Meth town," just look at the building "tagged" by the Mexican Mafia on Pyra- mid Street between Motel Drive and Second Street. The number 13 lets us know that the Mexican Mafia owns Lordsburg. Thecops know this, too, but don't do any- thing, either. Pairs of tennis shoes hanging over power lines near the intersection of Animus Street and Sixth street advertise that illegal drugs are for sale in the building complex inside the angle formed by the intersection ("L"). There's also children in the complex• Cops know this and so do city maintenance workers who in ev- ery other town are paid to stop drug gangs from bragging that they run the town. The graffiti and drug sales have been there for over a year. Every town has a drug prob- lem. But, for Lordsburg to be "a big Meth town" means that some d!rty cop have been bought off by the Mexican Mafia, are pro- tecting the drug pushers who poi- son children as well as stupid tidal% wholfiake ' smpid"tioie¢; and are preventing good cops from doing their duty. The cofitrol that the Mexi- can Mafia exerts extends to the Sheriff's Department as well as the bad state trooper involved in the abduction, torture, and mur- der of David Ristovski and the murder of Larry Link. Keep in mind that the Mexican Mafia is a prison gang from California. If you know anyone who i selling or otherwise involved in the drug trade, rat them out. Even your own mother. If you're a kid, tell the police that you want to remain anonymous. After ratting on anyone, if someone tells you that everyone knows you did it, just deny it. But, don't play their game and tell them to prove it; they will. Just deny it. But never lie to the cops. They're very good at finding the truth. To .drop a dime on the pusher man, phone "Five-Oh," "MacGarret," etc., at: 542-3505 (Lordsburg Police De- partment) or 542-3833 (Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department). monitor you, so don't think your getting •away with anything (ex- cept the jllegals and those under the radar, of course, they can still go to the Emergency Room, but, then, they will be put into the system and be billed the premium Eochaidh "King Rat" (K.R.) OghaChruithne Rats for a Cleaner Lordsburg (R.C.L.) "Don't contact me, tell the police." "Hill one on the southeast side housed the first and second grades and the larger building on the north- east, nexl to Chases' home. housed the remainder of grade school, but that's another story. At any rate, one day when I was a second- or third-grader I was walking to school and l passed an unattended peddler's truck near the north end of the alley. Things on the truck looked very inviting to me so I selected a nice cantaloupe and started off with it just as the peddler' emerged from the Stengles' backyard. He chased me down and collared me with relative ease and it took only a moment for him to worm out my name and my dad's name. He took me immediately to mY dad. I still remember riding in that "big" old produce truck. My dad took charge of me and squared things with the ped- dler. He then took me home The students and mentors at City Hall, along with Mayor Frank Rodriguez and Housing Authority Executive Director Robed Arvizo, left. andWith°ut a word, lefthe went,back to mework.therei MINDDRIVE electric Lotus stops in Lordsburg thought I had slipped out of that one in good fashion, but an hour Herald staffroport ods to harness green energy, but methods that involve one men- or so later there came a knock on the door• My mother an- swered the door then came to where I was and informed me that someone wanted to see me. That someone was Charlie Conner. • Lawman Conner, who had been sent by my dad and who was now in cahoots with my mother, had her pack me some spare clothes in a paper sack. According to him I wouldn't be seeing my folks for a while, since I was headed for jail. Sure enough, he loaded me in the police car and down we went to the old jail that was in the bot- tom of the courthouse. I fig- ured he was just kidding me but out we went. The ja.iler, John Berry, was standing, there in all his glory waiting for us. I didn't know it at the time but my dad was hiding in the back watch- ing it all. At first I was going to show them how brave I was They took me back in the cellblock and I plainly remember seeing some of the tough customers who were locked up in there. When Mr. berry opened up one of the empty:cells, rddlc'me-in: side, slammed the bars shut and began to walk away, it was a little too much and I began set- ting up a pretty high-pitched tune. He came back and ex- p.lained the disadvantages of crime to me. I readily agreed with Mm, so he said he'd see what Could be done. In about twc weeks...well, actually in about two minutes, he came back with my dad and Charlie Conner and in just a mo- ment I again. Thanks goodness that was my one and only jail term. Hook hook june @ hotmail, corn J collect hotel toiletries and add them to a care baskeT, i o;t, aa ,OU. eCd. O,e, aa ' Sew comfort items for the pol,ce trauma unit or a children's hospital 3n [aovin9 00emorv A group of at-risk high school students from Kansas City, Missouri, stopped in Lordsburg on their cross-coun- try trip with an electric car they created as part of MINDDRIVE. The students stopped at Lordsburg City Hall seeking a place to re-charge the 1977 Lo- tus Esprit that they dramatically altered to achieve the highest level of efficiency, all while keeping the car safe to drive on the highway. Lordsburg Mayor Frank Rodriguez allowed the group to re-charge on the City's dime, commending the program for also the impact the program has had on the 30 plus youth that made the cross-country trip. The students visited the Special Events Center and Lordsburg Swimming Pool while awaiting the' vehicle charging• MINDDRIVE is an after- school program for at-risk high school teens that teaches through hands-on experiential tor per student• The ultimate mission is to inspire students to learn, expand their vision of the future and in- fluence the urban workforce. For more information on MINDDRIVE, visit www.minddrive.or. The pro- gram is sponsored in part by Bridgestone Americas, Sonic, the Kirk Foundation, KCPL, Home Depot and Applebees. Drunk Buster Hotline making a difference not only utilizing unique meth- Information courtesy NM DEPT. of PUBLIC SAFETYSanta Fe Since its inception in January 2006, the Drunk Busters Hotline at #Dwi has made a tremendous impact in the arrest of DWI offenders in New Mexico• The following statistics were recorded for the month of NS6p May 2012: • Incoming calls- 1382 • Contacts made- 95 • DWI arrests- 24 The New Mexico State Police would like to remind everyone traveling on New Mexico highways to report suspecte/:l impaired driv- 1"600"222"1 ing to the #DWI Hotline. • Remember: Being impaired and operating a motor vehicle is a deadly combination. If you choose to drive impaired you will be stopped and you will be arrested. We want to make Build Your Credit. No Checking Account Needed. Apply in person or call ahead/ EN'TRY FINA00,00,00 224 E, Motel Dr, Lordsbu Call today/ 575-542- "Sm iley" Mestas July '00orever in,Our He, a Love-Your Wife 10, 1942-July 7, 2001 & Family