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July 11, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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July 11, 2014

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: i j I I ' , i : 61HIDALGo COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JULY11,2014 L i i Q&A A ig p id by City o g in M : ninterview withLouFerr no Bills a f L0rdsbur ay By STEPHEN, MONTOYAINew more people affected by my char- DL: How did reading comic PERA Re 'rement-City i ~4eKico DailylLobo acter than there are from the CGI books when you were growing up PERA Retirement-HUD i ALBUQUERQUE -- character you see today. I also lent make you feel? Anna s Cleaning Janitorial Whether he's picking up a car in my voice to the CGI character so Ferrigno: 'I was a real-life David Arredondo Per Diem-Judge Prof Dev Course a fit of green rage, or picking up there's a connection w!th that, Walter Mitty when I was young. I B&B Printing Business Cards some weights just to keep fit, Lou which I am happy about, was introverted and had low self- Bookkeeping Plus Name Plates Ferrigno still has the inspiration DL: I learned through re- esteem. After reading the comic Carolyn's On SiteDrug Testing of comic books close books, it gave me a lot Current Electric Trouble Shoot lift station/replace pump control i tO his heart.. ' of hope and self-re- John Hill Fire Chief Expense i i Lou Ferfigno, an spect. So I identified Steven Hills Utility Refund ~ternationaIly i fa- with the Hulk and Su- Lordsburg Elks Lodge Bingo Ad Reimbursement i hops and; respected perman:because of the Lordsburg Volunteer Fire Dept April 2014 calls : ! b$dy tiuilder, is ;best power thing, i felt a NM Environment Dept: Swimming pool assessment ! kadwfi f0r!hi por- connection because:it Mary J Palacios Per Diem- Albuquerque : " PERA ~ Retirement - Police ' ! trayai Of the Incred- made me feel good Elias Ruiz Utility Refund ible Hulk in the:1977- about myself. I Xerox Corp Photocopy i: 198ilitelevisioniseries wanted to be the York Technical FAA Inspection-Airport L bf the Same name. He ~ ~ Hulk. I wanted to be Patricia de Naranjo Travel exp- Las Cruces ' ! beat i ; Arnold I ~ ,~ ] the Hulk my whole Fred Pryor Seminars Bivens/Farusworth training Sctlwarzenegger out ]. ~ I life, and that led me Elijah de la Garza Per Diem- Law Enforce Symp i ; for itheirble ianc~ since I~ i . ~' ! ~ i I to fitness and body Arthur de la Garza Per Diem - Law Enforce Symp i ', thbn rnany hays ideff- :1 ! i i building andthat lead Arenas Valley Animal Clinic: :Euthanize dogs i i i lddi'hiLm as! an'aetlon ; me to the film busi- David Arredond0 ;Travel: exp, judge Symp : I ! I ! , h : . . : i i herb e en lhp gh Hess. ASARCO Sulphuric Ac!d ! b sii e rl mhnyiyears DL: Having no AznexCoop , Imernet ! = , ; . ' '~ -" ~ " ...... ' rior ex r" Badlands Towing ' Tire iRepair !,. :: ! i 8race wore me : ' F,rri,,n^ p pe ence in i ! ~recn.palnr'! ; i J (Photo by Sergi;~;e;~,N;W Mexico Daily Lobo) a~mde how, did you Fred Beem , Supplies reimbursement , i i i rterF ils a ques-, , : i ' ' p p o me role oI Chris's Electric SEC Electrical woTk ', ! Eibdqlrld,answer ses i " ' the Hulk? Colonial Life Premiums : ' T ] , ! ! i i ~ , ,, : i i @ib iv it the famou muscled search that you :were, a reserve Femgno: I went down for D&H Petroleum Install Filters at airport .... , . ........ DMCO Fire Protection Fire extinguisher check i , ' cbn.I/ j : ; '' , : deputyfor!a!mostadecade What the screen 'test and they were Dona Ana Pest Control Exterminator ' DaiLv:Labo" Tell me about was that lke ' shootln the riot The had , 'l ~ -"-r,, ",, : :~ , :~ ,,.. , : g P : Y DPC Industries Hydrochloric Acid i I Ferh~zrm~it eo~ : Ferrlgn0 FUll-time and ~e- someone out there they were us- DRS Drug Testing' : i i ]i "~i~ "/ .': I I . . i , i ' ~. . ' , i: .... i , it/|/ erngho:' a'hi lis, a websit serve. I IWo rked reserve m Los but the person d dn t look Jason Gallegos Per Diem Las Cruces Instructor Trng. II lh~t|teach~s,ybg' h0W to become Angeles, San Louis Obispo like the Hulk. They realized that Galls Nametags 1 I yqur 9Wnl~ers0nai trainer. Y0ff get County. One time I was doing a they had to re-shoot the pilot be- Heath Consultants Instrument Repair !~~~~ili~~iii ~/?i~ii~ iiidl!~~!~i Home Depot Weed eater, oil, trimmerheadsl ~ Ikars Cakarnis Consultation for Airport JCH Repair of pump Johnstone Supply Air conditioner fan & capacitors : LCA Bank Postage iike you're in agym. I've been a put her in the basket that came because they wanted me to show Liberty National Life Premiums personal trainer for over 30 years, from the helicopter, she opened different moves of the Hulk and Morning Star Tshirts for Jessie Darnell Tournament and Ican't train everyone so this her eyes and when she saw me she the growl, the sound. Because I NM Municipal League 2014 NMCXFOA Meeting, J Palacios isitheir opportunity for them to fainted. I thought to myself, this loved the character so much, I NM Self Insurers Premiums : ' learn from me. This will build a is great -- now she fainted, now won the part, because I knew Quill Corp Binders, partitions, ink, paper=clips ro,uiine on how to lose weight, what doI do? It was great because what they wanted. I knew that Rat Rod Vehicle Maintenance i gaih weight and how to build she was honored to be saved by nobod could ve la ed the part Saucedo's Market SEC Food " 1 Y P y _ Second hance Clamps, bars, ballasts,-fioats, concrete mix muscle, the Hu k. I do a lot. I teach, I but me. I owned the part, and I Shamrock Foods SEC supplies i DL: CGI (computer-gener- speak for the department, I teach won the audition and the next Short Company Diesel ated imagery)vs. Live action weapons shooting, and I do a lot day I was filming." Silver City Welding Tank Rental Charge Hulk, Which do you prefer? Ferrigno" "In my opinion there is no comparison. On the big screen people want to see CGI because of all of the other super- heroes. The original Hulk had a lot more to do with vulnerability and the story plot; it's a different time era. I would say more the human Hulk because of the fact that I play the character. There are of search and rescue." DL: Are comic books a sal- vation for kids who feel like they don't fit in? Ferrigno: "Yeah. I mean, that's why we have this convention (Al- buquerque Comic Expo) for the fact they are making that connec- tion. There is so much now with so many stories and heroes com- ics. " ut for summer By DR. HOSEZELL BLASWCot- Principal Houk was beaming ton City with excitement during the entire "School is out!" commencement affair. Obviously, ! :"School is out!" he felt that the commencement Please shout the was a "sad/happy" message from the event. It was indeed mountain tops of Sil- sad for him to see the students leaving, but ' Vet ;City, Cotton City !l . aqd Aromas Valley. i W th the fervid and i :, 8e fing :heat within hesg ivalleys, it is ire- I ] i ] i toitake a brief break from school. So relax, take a break, take a swim and re- fresh yourself with a Coca Cola and :: some deli- cious lemon- ade.iDon't feel be-, ati on the other hand he was indeed happy to see the students gradu- ate from high school. As a result, they are able to seek new ad- ventures and new profes- sions. Superin- tendent of Schools, Randy Piper, was present to greet the students with a big farewell. "This DL: How does it feel to have Smith Ford beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger Southwestern Mill Distributors for the part? USA Bluebook Ferrigno: "Well, it felt great Verizon Wireless because of the fact that there is Western Auto Willcox Auto Parts only one Hulk. I've made my way WNM Communications on TV; he does his thing with the Shaun Bivens movies. They wanted that look Blueline Rental because I was 6 foot, 5 inches and Elijah de la Garza 280 pounds. So I was able to do Arthur de la Garza all the physical stuff like running Linda Farnsworth and jumping." NALEO Education Fund DL: What does the Albuquer- NY Life que Comic Expo and other simi- NM Admin Office of the Courts lar events mean to you? . NM Judicial Education Center Ferrigno: "I think it's great NM Secretary of State because now it's pop culture and PERA not just the comic book conven- Maria Sanchez tion. It has to do with connecting PERA to celebrities; you can bring your Jason Gallegos PERA family. It's a place to have a good Maria Sanchez time and you don't have to worry PERA about dealing with a crime situa- Anna's Cleaning tion. You know like going to a AFLAC game and people are fighting in AT&T line and dealing with that situa- Badlands Towing tion. This is something that chil- Fred Beem dren can share with their parents. Carolyn's On Site It's like a family thing. Myself the Caselle legacy of the Hulk spans 40 years Chris's Electric Clara Davis so now you have every genera- tion embracing the Hulk. They DMCO Fire Protection bring the grandkids; they have FP Mailing Solutions Galls their grandkids watch my TV se- Hidalgo Co Herald ries and they feel excited because Humphrey's Enterprises they see me in person like seeing Chamber of Commerce a real superhero because of the Morrow Enterprises way I look. I'm not just a phony NM Self Insurers costume." PNM DL: Why do you think Quill Corp cosplay (costume play) is more Rain for Rent evept is quite accepted now? Shamrock Foods e x C i t i n g ," Ferrigno: "I remember years Souder Miller & Assoc Piper said. ago when people would see some- Sutin Thayer & Browne ,'Principal one in a costume they would TICS Houk really think they were ridiculous. Like Western Auto Wex Bank makes my jobbeing silly, being stupid or mock- ing h~mself, but the truth is they Xerox Corp as superinten- reallylidentify with the show. You Washington :National Ins dent very got people from all walks of life, Carolyn's On SiteDrug pal HoUk easy." ' , = Downtown Decorations: I would like lawyers and doctors, wearing Hidalgo co Manager for a tour like to e tend big congratulations costumes because they get to be Fred La Marca someone else in their imagina- Lordsburg Hidalgo City Musleum i to the seniors on their graduation.i tion. They dress up because itYs Taxation & Revenue Div: ' andedu- I hope their dreams and aspira-I d school tions are ireali~ed. : : exhilarating. It's fun. They get to LCA !Bank . sha~eI how much they love the Taxation & Revenue Div ienv~r0n-felt Dr; HoqezellBlash. rqachedlby small can beat Character. ..... and their connection Taxation & Revenue Div ! hoseZe!ibla~hl@aol, com w~th the character. Liberty National Life ' Anna's Cleaning -- Btough~ =o r,o~ ~r, Aramark idalgo Count ood Coalition Chase D&H Petroleum ,~FIKI ] of H;dalho, [-[M,~, N. ~'9(] [_\~e,~i~,~ 5er, ic~, DPC Industries :,, In Hidalgo County .... i,fformation, ltk ...... Galls I Avaihbk Now AI iht ~:,. , :, . ,,~,,*,, www.facel,,,ok.eom/hidalg,,countvfoodcoaliti,,n and www, Keenan Supply [hi~eov~ds: Chteey lOmam[s, Fnaay, 7111114:4 ........ ketandmetcado NM Environment Dept I : C xu btes a Farmers Market; Main St. NM Finance , sq0, , ood act: Office Depot l: : Bid yOU [(now Rat Rod Vehicle i, :' n : Short Company IFrrlreclpes, b~s:~ a d .... . eggplant is a berry? us Postmaster [,itric s t0r 10w calorie a,e, , i s=,.u, Tits small tile egg,.- NM Finance I'~ daily: emails at plant tile better I! hunory'9irl'em because they I ve less seedsl Water A| Night Check out our facebook page for Grilled Eggplant Salad recipe. Stonegarden vehicle repairs Paper supplies Sockets Telephone Shovels, batteries, pitch forks, tire repair Filler, filters, brake fluid, oil Telephone Training - Las Cruces reimburse expenses Sod Cutter Rental Per Diem - Training Per Diem - Training Per Diem - Training Registration & Membership Premiums Automation Fee - Judicial JudiciaLEducation Fee Notary ~ee, Kolean Employee Contributions Per Diem - Forensics Employee Contributions Per Diem - Las Cruces Instructor Training Retirement - HUD Per Diem - Forensics Retirment - Police/City Janitorial Premiums Telephone Tire Repair Airport supplies i Drug Testing Computer Support Replace wire on street light Utility Refund Range cleaning - SEC Postage Holster/badges Advertising Vacuum Truck Rental Publishing, mailings Repair water line on Maple Premiums Electricity Erasers, ink Sewer Repair Rental Eqtfipment SEC supplies WWTP completion Professional services J Gallegos basic instruc trng Sprayer, hose, dog food Fuel Photocopy :, Premiums Testing i : D0wflpayment On 20' Holiday Tree Joint Powers Agreement Reimbursement pool supplies Lodger's Tax Reimbursemen Expense Gross Receipts Tax Postage Water conservation fee Withholding Premiums Janitorial Unforms Batteries Static Reel Sodium Hypo Chlorine Hook on kit Couplings, lugs, clamps Food Service Annual Permit SEC Loan Pmts for WW Facility Labels, wall file Maintenance Diesel-sewer Postage Loan Admin Fee-drinking water $4,906.43 762.56 650.00 53.40 455.00 19.98 76.00 4,161.56 50.00 63.64 335.02 270.00 150.00 77.60 5,475.16 54.48 369.13 1,220.38 119.10 158.00 152.00 355.04 26.55 I07.00 3,597.00 77.70 34.18 60.94 125.00 27.46 2,957.51 131.94 182.86 537.18 72.00 349.60 44.90 369.92 413.27 850.00 1,997.30 92.67 205.29 237.40 2,825.00 300.00 22,519.67 447.79 135.00 223.99 425.75 480.06 1,895.00 206.16 376.27 55.25 138.67 1,789.00 350.08 538.35 2,556.69 16.02 80.61 38.00 88.76 12.00 700.00 583.72 522.00 259.00 20.00 9,581.94 41.28 1,202.73 87.40 799.45 10.32 10,409.99 650.00 178.62 224.27 20.59 40.71 126.00 938.00 557.70 184.57 76.56 125.48 297.04 60.60 1,591.76 2,059.44 1,089.15 22,519.67 7,474.58 126.39 14,324.00 79.84 2,498.14 189.66 325.00 99.98 6,448.16 342.83 1,202.63 240.00 5,500.00 93,426.00 44.69 1,739.69 12,915.68 205.29 460.84 3,527.53 237.42 650.00 2,893.45 12.02 444.31 676.69 23.07 1,125.52 200.00 6,228.00 58.10 570.00 6,853.55 575.04 27.50 Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale Lordsburg 49 "x 8 " printed on foam core board.-can be'framed or displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald, Call und Sauc, do at 575,542-9716 'a