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July 11, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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July 11, 2014

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lv HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014 9 Editor's Note: Longtime But the climate in this genera- Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has writ- ten hundreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980's he began writ- ing a column entitled "As I Remember." With his permission, these columns have been dusted off and will ap- p.ear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, who is 93, still lives in Lordsburg. This col- "As I Remember" by Allen "Hook" Hill Library wraps up 2014 Summer Reading Meanthh;lh~;hC:nr~egaf;~ve i~ffeU;ts Program with awards ceremony are piling up high on tion is much more sinister and deadly than was ours. Mari- juana, for instance, was just a name and a joke during my growing up days. Now it is every- where among us and the joke is on the user and it is catastrophic. According to the research I've read, continued heavy use is not only detrimental to Allen Hook Hill umn appeared In the Lordsburg the physical, mental and finan- Liberal on May 25, 1990. cial well being of the user, but By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ invariably leads to something Lordsburg stronger, more expensive and The world today presents even more deadly. It's not a young people with a battery of cycle type situa{ion but more like getting on the first step of an escalator. The grass itself has much more far reaching conse- quences than was first believed and they are all bad. No re- searcher or user, for that mat- ter, has ever shown one bit of good or one true positive influ- choices that would have com- pletely overcome their parents and grandparents., Not that we were perfect in our youth. The fact is, we were just average people, putting in our time and somehow making it through, in spite of the errors and mistakes. 4th of July raffle winn,ers drawn th Three winners were drawn ifi ChRis Arambula s 4 of July Raffle, in which he was raising money to make the trip to Washington DC in the Fall.Winners were Brenda Hood (1a--Handmade picnic table), Tyler Massey (2"d-Brisket) and Bob Stewart (3'a~$30 Kranberry's gift certificate). Arambula expressed gratitude to all who purchased tickets. Herald staff l~hoto Solution to NATURAL DISASTERS Puzzle that appeared in the July 4, 2014 edition everybody's score card, so the natural question is why? How come? I suppose the answer to that big question, in a majority of cases, has its roots in youthful desires to "belong". Belong to a friend or friends, belong to a group, belong to a movement, belong to a team, belong to a club, etc. In far too many in- stances the ability or knack of belonging doesn't just come naturally or instantly. The po- sition of being "in" with the person or group has to be earned or bought and paid for, as the saying goes. One of the most common methods used to open the door and get "in" is for youths to im- press their peers in one way or another with or by their so- . called exploits. Lets explore this for a moment. Last fall, three members of a very good football team that was competing for a first-time state playoff berth, tried to im- press their teammates with their prowess as shoplifters. While on a road trip they lifted a substan- tial amount of merchandise, but 1o and behold, they were de-. tected and apprehended by the police. The events that followed certainly impressed the other team members, but not in the anticipated way. In fact, the other team members were so demoralized they lost confi- dence and lost the game which they probably would have won under normal circumstances. In Albuquerque this spring, three members of a girls bas- ketball team tried the same stunt at one of the big department stores and the "impressive" re- sult was about the same as that experienced by the football players. Perhaps you saw the ap- prehended girls on the late evening news. Undoubtedly the two groups thought they were being smart or cool or intelligent or cute or whatever, but the truth is, they were being dumb, stu- pid and thoughtless. They showed complete disregard for the rights and feelings of others as well as a void of integrity with regard, to themselves. Their actions, far,from putting them "in" with most of their peers, has damaged their .school and team image for years to come, and certainly cannot fail to damper their personal chances for success until a lot of soul searching has been completed. Most antics pulled with the idea of.trying to impress some- one else generally backfire in the same sense that these two inci- dents did. The result is perhaps positive with a handful whose brains work the same as the per- petrator, but negative with those who really count in the long run. Hook hook june @ hotmail, com LOCALLY OWNEa & OPERATED 575-494-1385 UllUl i ii Courtesy submission The grand prize bicycle win- ners at the 2014 Summer Read- ing program "Rockin' Around the Library Block" at the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library were Vincent Montoya of Lordsburg and Journey Sheehan of Animas. Both win- ners read the most books overall, logged the most time reading, at- tended programs, did extra credit and participated in all of the games. They out distanced their competitors but not by very much. Memphis Sheehan won the next best "most books read for girls" and Joshua Solis won the same category for the boys. The most time read was logged by Vanessa Montoya and for the boys it was Bruce Kerr. Everyone re- ceived participation awards and recognition was given in a num- ber of other areas for outstanding reading and program attendance. The Library would like to thank all of the parents who en- couraged and read with their chil- dren. We appreci.ate La Frontera NM and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department for includ- ing the library in their prescrip- tion drug poster contest and for donating ice cream for'the awards program. Listed below are the grade level awards and other awards: Preschool--Heidi Miller, Justin Davis Kindergarten--Kimber Rudiger, Jose Gomez Overall winners were Vincent Montoya and Journey Sheehan. 1st Grade--Leila Gonzales, Aus- tin Cole 2"d Grade--Elizabeth Webb, Matthew Solis 3,d Grade--Clea Kerr, Preston Miller 4th Grade--Danessa Esqui.vel, Evangelina DeLaGarza, Kristian DeLaO 5th Grade--Madison Miller 7,h Grade~Nathan Kerr Honorable Mention--Teresa Webb, Beatrice Rivera, Sofia Rivera, camille Miller, Christo- pher Gomez 1950s Costumes--Camille Miller, Journey Sheehan, Austin Cole Book Artwork--Leila Gonzales, Bernal Family, Jade Peterson, Ava Peterson, Joshua Solis, Matthew Solis Youngest Par- ticipant-- Sebastian Rivera Most Library Reading Time--Webb Family Rock and Roll Trivia Games-- Kristian DeLaO Guessing Games: Pen- hies--Justin Davis; Straws-- Leo Kerr; Coke Bottle Caps-- Jade Peterson; Hair Ties--Cris Gomez Volunteer Help- ers--Hailey Kerr, Madison Miller, Kristian DeLaO, Zeke DeLaO, Sofia Rivera Activity Game Winners: Hot Potato--Bruce Kerr; Sock Hop Dance--Hailey Kerr, Justin Davis; Pin the Record on the Juke- bOx-Journey Sheehan, Chris Gomez, Kristian and Zeke DeLaO; Rock and Roll Freeze-- Jonathan Vera; Mud Award-- Elizabeth and Teresa Webb, Case McSpadden And a special final thank you to Emma Contreras and Jonathan Cuevas for helping with games and crafts. Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Herald urges readers to voice their opinions by writ- ing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Mo- tel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to hcherald @ aznex .net. Letters should include ideas, viewpoints, criticism ,and news analysis that er~courage disemssion on issues that have an impact on the community. Facts must be annotated. Letters that ,contain information that cannot be easily verified, libelous statements or name calling will be rejected. Letters should be no longer than 250 words. An author may have a letter or guest opinion every 30 days. A celebration? Dear Editor, I hate to go against tradition and ceremony, but as I age I find it more and more difficult to "Cel- ebrate" the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve. It's not that I am against celebrating, but i am against noise and smoke. The celebration did not start on the last Fourth of July, but a week before and a week after, with fire- crackers going off all times of the afternoon and night, as is the case for New Year's Eve, too. When I was a girl, we were not allowed fireworks except at a -public gathering. This not only centralized the noise and smoke but was a true celebration of our independence, we all shared in the celebration. Maybe it's be- cause I grew up in the east where there are more people and less land per capita. B. ut it did not infringe on the rights and space of others. Not only did I have to shut off my swamp cooler be- cause of the smoke that it brought in from the fireworks, but my personal space was com- promised because of the constant noise. I liken it to a war zone, and probably because I got PTSD along the way of my life somewhere, it makes me more sensitive to noise. I actually felt us? Or could we use the money to help those in need that we spend on fireworks. Can't enough be enough? If you like them, then go to the public dis- play or out in the desert where you can really see them, away from your neighbors. Sincerely yours, Margie Vesper Lordsburg "SiheHZshocked". On my Facebook page I got a picture of a veteran holding a sign, "I have PTSD, please hold the fireworks." If we're really thinking of "others" we should have a sense of responsibility at least to our veterans, but old folks and animals would all join in gratitude of less fireworks in private neighborhoods. I know the fireworks are fun and I don't want to "rain on anyone's pa- rade", but could we be a little more considerate to those we know and love and share space with on this planet? Is one day asking too much? And is this day of Independence (and New Year's Eve) about us, or cel- ebrating those who came before ..... Earthquakes Dear Editor: Earthquakes are caused by volcanic action or high pressure on rocks. There was one in Socorro registering 6.1 on the Richter Scale in 1906. There was one in San Francisco mea- suring almost 9 and leveled the city completely. Here in Lordsburg, we all say we are lucky that we don't get earthquakes or tornadoes or other disasters, but now we have had both. I guess we are lucky, but we should count our blessings so far ! Nick Ruiz Lordsburg For Appointments call 5754L8705 o~ email 4 Photos Same-Day- S Service at the Hidalgo County Herald..212 East Motel Drive, Lordsburg, NM Buzz~ Busted. Broke. S Getcaught~ andyou coutd be paying around I0,000 in fines, [~i~l~/t~s-a~d increased insurance rates. I is drunk driving. ng; REGULAR STYLE $2180:$4920 .............. BOXED EVE STYLE $2220-$5020 FINANCING AVAILABLE Starting as low as $695! VERTICAL ROOF STYLE 2620-$5620 FREE INSTALLATION on your LEVEL LAND! Side Porch Cabin REGULAR STYLE Loft Barn Cabin BOXED EVE STYLE Call or Text for more info Phillip Holguin 505-934-7110 VERTICAL ROOF STYLE ;695- 3d 95 $1095-$3895 ALSO AVAILABLE: GARAGES, BARNS, 40'WIDES STORAGE UNITS & CUSTOM