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August 11, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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August 11, 2010

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6 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, AUGUST 13.2010 Some of the lady residents at Sunshine Haven enjoying a spot of tea at tea time, an activity set up for the ladies at Sunshine Haven, SHNH residents enjoying activities By LORENZO ALBA, JR. Lovely days in Lordsburg with rain as a blessing to us all; everything is moving along smoothly at Sunshine Haven. The staff is excited about the newly remodeled 100 Wing that is in the midst of opening up very soon. Maintenance Director Ja- son Jacquez has been working diligently to complete~ the reno- vations and it looks to be sooner than later. This past week we had some fun activities including a luau' that the residents really enjoyed. Our Activities Director, Susan Palomarez, really puts a lot of ef- fort and time into these activities. We are really blessed to have her here. We are happy to welcome. Nancy Coleman. our newest LPN. She joined our nursing staff last week. Last week. some of us went Wofford to be featured GCAG artist on August 13 through a special training session to learn about the new MDS As- sessment procedures for nursing homes required by the state and federal government The training was given bY one of our corporate staff mem- bers. The team will also have to attend another session given by the state in September. Our newest residents are fit- ting right in to our home and they are all smiles We'd like to thank Ray Martinez and the local VFW for replacing our American flag this past week. I know our resident Submitted by GCAGISilver City The featured artist this Friday, August 13 is Sally Wofford who works in oils, preferring Southwest scenery and old houses. She also does portraits and crafts. # Roz Springer is the featured artist for Saturday, August 14.She shbws her love for the outdoors and far away places through oil and watercolor paintings. Springer is drawn to architecture - especially that of the Southwest and of ancient places. Her paintings capture even the temperature and sounds of the scenes she paints. The featured artist for Sunday, August 15 is Carolyn Gray-Patty. Carolyn loves to draw and paint and has always wanted to be an artist. Painting for her eases the tensions of things, events and circumstances encountered in life. When not painting, Gray-Patty enjoys garden- ing, entertaining and fishing with her husband. There is not enough time nor does she have the energy to do everything she would like to do. Carolyn is a graduate of the Minneapolis School of Art and stud- ied under the late Leonardo. Toby Price and renowned artist such as Albert Handell. Doug Dawson. Ramon Kelly and Joyce Pike. Her work is shown in galleries and has been sold nationally and interna- tionally. She states her art goal now is to capture the sensitivity of moods and feelings in her life. Grant County Art Guild gallery is located in the historic Hearst Church on Golden Avenue in Pinos Altos, is open Friday through Sunday from 10 A.M. to'5 P.M. and exhibits a variety of arts as well as ... ~ . crafts. Visitors are invited to visit the gallery and meet the amsts. Go to for more information. An interview with Theodore Castill0 by Neomi Martinez-Parra/Vice-Chair of Democratic Party For the most part Lordsburg is a quiet and an agreeable place !o raise one's kids It is furnished with r~ ajestic historical outfits; the,strip on Motel Drive, The original Dairy Queen once equipped with E]ill's famous burgers, Wilsor School. Dr, Baxter's office, and many more. If these names ring a bell then the memories we behold are mutual. Of a the critica is its edifice of government, But noteworthy, places survive because of the leaders who occupy them. L was privileged to have an opportunity to visit such a person, T, heodore Castillo (Chopo). He was born and 'aised in th'e heart of Lordsburg, In fact he lived in "China Town" also known to LordsburgianS as the north side of towr or across the tracks and attended Wilson University, then graduated from Lordsburg High School, Shortly after h.e joined the Navy and after his service to his cou'ntry, he returned to Lordsburg and worked as a casual laborer, including the famous =nod Liner g[ocery store as a carry-out veterans really appreciate it the generosity and kindness. We'd also like to thank. Si- erra Rogers! She volunteered all summer long with activities. Sun- shine Haven presented her with a certificate of appreciation and had a little party in her honor last week. Sierra is the daughter of our MDS Coordinator Kelleye Goodrum. Thank you Sierra! We are currently looking to hire some RNs and C.N.A.s. so if you know anyone mterested please call 575.542.3539 for in- formation about applying and shifts. Well that is all for this week. A board of advisors can keep a business on track "]'he happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - the little, soon-forgotten charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look. a heart-felt compliment, and the countless infinitesimals of plea- surable and genial feeling." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge See ya next week!! By J. ROY MILLER, State Direc- tor, New Mexico Small Business Development Center Network A business doesn't have to be big to benefit from the advice and expertise of other profession- als. A savvy entrepreneur will as- semble a board of trusted advis- ers to provide feedback and sug- gestions for leading the organi- zation. Unlike a board of directors, an advisory board comprises people with no legal authority, fiduciary, responsibilities or other obligations to the business. Terms of membership Before joining an advisory board, potential members should know what is expected of them. Because they will learn confiden- tial information about the com- pany, board members are ex- pected to sign agreements to not disclose information about -- and not compete with the com- pany. Anyone who refuses to sign a nondisclosure and non-compete agreement should not be on the advisory board. Because board members of- ten serve without compensation, an entrepreneur shouldn't expect these individuals to provide free advice within the scope of their professions or careers. Requests for advice should be gener@ and it's a good idea to plan meetings around meals. These terms should be spelled out in a written invitation to prospective board members. Participants should know how frequent meetings will be, what day and time they'll be and any other com- mitments they'll be expected to make. An attorney should review the in- vitations and any other documents re- lated to the advisory board before formal requests are made, What kind of ad- vice to expect Roy J. Miller An advisory board is rou- tinely expected to weigh in on the implementation and review of internal and external business policies, capital needs and pos- sible funding sources, plans for growth and diversification, agree- ments regarding conflicts of in- terest or confidentiality of infor- mation and marketing and pub- lic relations campaigns. Before deciding who could be the best sources of such ad- vice, the business o~vner should evaluate his own skills and con- sider the types of challenges the company typically faces, as well as special but predictable chal- lenges. He should visualize how the business might look a year later because of the advisory board's involvement. And an hon- est appraisal of what aspects of the business make him most anx- ious will help the business owner know what kinds of help he needs to feel more confi- dent. Time to choose After the leader has identified the types of experience that will most benefit his business, he can start identifying indi- viduals from those fields of expertise. The qualities to look for in a board member include ob- jectivity, honesty, the ability to work collaboratively with the leader and other board members and a personal interest in help- ing the business succeed. The most effective board members are people whom the business owner respects for their accomplishments or their getleral integrity. And it szertainly helps to have people with connections to other business resources. Finance New Mexico is an initiative of the New Mexico Small Business Investment Cor- poration (NMSBIC) and its part- ners to assist individuals and busi- nesses m obtaining skills and funding-resources for their busi- ness or idea. To learn more, go to I RS moves to protect taxpayers from predatory lenders U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today said he is glad that the Ins has taken a step to protect taxpayers who have be- come subject to predatory Re- fund Anticipation Loans. Ins Commissioner Doug Shulman said today the Ins would no longer share "debt in- dicator" information ,with tax preparers and associated finan- cial institutions. The "debt in- dicator" is personal information that tax preparers received from the Ins that could be used to facilitate refund anticipation loans. Shulman said that when tax returns are filed online, the I'll leave you:with this.~thought: ._ tur~ar6~nd forrefund h'as been reduced tb a matter of days. This reduces the need ~ffr" RALs. "Too ma@ hard working New Mexicans have lost size- able portions of their tax re- funds to RALs. I applaud Com- missioner Shutman for this critical step towards dramati- cally reducing RALs. and I echo his call encouraging taxpayers to use electronic filing so that theycan receive their refunds quickly," Bingaman said. Bingaman pointed out that a 2009 National Consumer Law Center report showed a typical Refund Anticipation Loan of about $3.000 carries an annual percentage rate from 77 percent to 140 percent. Unfortunately, vulnerable communities are par- ticularly susceptible to RALs. For example, RALs drained Email us at hcherald@ or give us a call at 575.542.8705 attendant. In his mid 20s Castillo attended TVI and learned a trade in welding which bridged his way to a job with Brown and Root. His endless desire to acquire knowledge was unrelenting and therefore; he pursued a four year degree in accounting at WNMU, Here is what was said: NM-P. Now that we know about you. tell us why the citizens of Hidalgo County should vote for Theodore Castillo as county assessor? T,C. I feei 1 can do a better job than the current administration s doing now. NM-P. What is the current administration doing that you feet needs improvement? T,C. Let me start off by saying that when we are tn public service or any type of business customers come first In this case, the citizens must come first. If lhe county assessor's job is to generate revenue and maintain current property evaluations, then it should be conducted like ~ business: and that means putting our citizens first. We have to be sensitive and show compass=on I feel that I can accommodate our Spanish speaking citizens and serve as a mentor for those who are first time home and business owners. Citizens should be educated on the assessments of their property. NM-P What is your first Priority as County Assessor? T.C. Essentially, the assessor is responsible to the electorate for the overall administration of the property tax. My first priority is to re-evaluate tax property. Has there been a change? Let me ask you, when was the last time your home was assessed? Do you know the current tax rate on your hometproperty? encourage all citizens of Hidalgo County to review tl~e=r tax bills. Did you know that everyone should have a file on their home/property equipped with photos, drawings or sketches? When was the last time it was updated? Does the current assessor maintain the new charges that have occurred and if so when? NM-P Give us an example? T.C. Let's say that a person wanted to sell their home a~d they needed the currenl value of their home. Well. if their home has not been re-evaluated in years, then the next best thing for the assessor to do is rely on the neighboring properties regardless of configurations that were acquired to one's home. That is why it is vital to re-evaluate tax property. The only way to set an evaluation correctly is to conduct on site physicat inspections. The assessor should consider the house structure and or land including agriculture by analyzing its variables, School and bond issues are also a significant contributing factor. It is important to know that January 1, 2004 .New Mexico law required the disclosure of residential sales information to the County Assessor. Was this information used for statistical and analytical purposes? Was it used in determining fair market value of all properties? Did it ensure.fair and equitable property tax assessments for all taxpayers throughout Hidalgo County? This'law only required a disclosure of residential sales not the re-evaluation of all homestbusbess/properties. NM,P Aside from home and property requtring immediate attention., what else do you feel calls for consideration? T.C, Informing out'citizens on financial benefits, re-addressing, and revisions, As a veteran I am entitled to benefits and so are the elderly. Why it is a matter of asking the right questions? isn't it our responsibility as public service representatives to serve our citizens? On the issue of re,addressing and revisions there is a logical process and common sense when addressmg. There are some address here locally that flow in a chronological and numerical order then it shifts to an outrageous number, when all one had to do was look at the adjacent streets to ascertair the logic, The county is networked with Santa :e, and having firsthand experience with il I amcertain that a revision is essential. NM.P As future county assessor, do you have any goals and final thoughts for the assessor's office? T.C, Yes, another concern I have is that employees should all be certified appraisers in the assessor's office anc the need for more housing Ls eminent. Lords.burg is growing and the need for diverse, experienced, understanding and conToassionate individuals is critical Though the days of the historical Food Liner and Brown and Root are long gone for Castillo lis motivation remains, After this interview my admiration for Mr, Castilto expanded not because he is a wonderful father ~nd grandfather, an~ the fact that he was born in Hidalgo County, but rather because of his continual ambitious leadership qualities. His ~rofound knowledge on finance, business, and government is su perlative, He is by far an e~ perienced and paramount candidate for the county assessor 's office. VOTE FOR THEODORO CASTILLO over $9.1 million from Native American communities in 2005. "I will continue my work with the National Taxpayer Ad- vocate to support volunteer in- come tax assistance programs, like Tax Help New Mexico, a nationally acclaimed program that helps low-income people across our state prepare and file their tax returns," Bingaman said. Bingaman is a senior mere- ber of the Senate Finance Corn- Rights Act (S. 3215), which in- mittee and longtime leader on eludes comprehensive reforms issues affecting law-income tax- to tax preparation, including payers. On April 15, he intro- initiatives directed at low-in- duced the Taxpayer Bill of come taxpayers. SW Chapter Of the ACLU-NM singer/songwriter competition Courtesy submission There is one Month left for Singers/Songwriters to submit their entries for the competition sponsored by the Southwestern Chapter of the ACLU of New Mexico. Due to growing inter- est and controversy over immi- gration and other border issues. we are looking for songs-.that deal with issues of Civil Liberties,,re- lating to Border Issues. Immigra- tion, and/or the AZ law, SB 1070. Three finalist will be selected from the entrants to perform at the Chapter's Annual Meeting, to be held on September 17. 2010. The winner will be selected at that time. There will also be speakers addressing these issues that evening. This competition is open to all musicians in the "Border Re- gions" of West Texas, New Mexico. and Arizona, who write and perform in any musical genre. The prize will be a 4 hour recording session, provided by our co-sponsor, Barefoot Studio. Barefoot Studio provides a com- fortable and creative atmosphere near Silver City, NM. for the mu- sician to bring their dream to frui- tion with top-quality equipment and over 60 years combined ex- perience ]n the realm of.sound. For further information, a pdf file of the'complete roles, and the of- ficial entry form, Contact: William Hudson HC 71 Box ~5 . g~0~('t" ...... ""' San Lorenz6, :NM .... (575) 536'3"092 "- >' Williamhudson43 @ All entries must be mailed to: ACLU/Competition c/o Peter Fal[ey 521 E. Lance Dr. Silver City, NM 88061 All entries must arrive no later than August 20. 2010. Fi- nalists wilt be notified no later than September 1. 2010. !( .... .,> ii ,Happyth :' ,%j, Birthday,, PS-I used ;our c~rd to poy ' . WPWw" We have all the tools to keep your Business ON TRACK & IN THE BLACK We' offer Professional Services for all aspects of your small business! Including: Payroll Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Tax Preparation Financial Statemencs #Bank Reconciliations SO IEI m 575-542-31 212 E. Mote KK :I:PIN Ball im 5 Drive * Suite A * Lordsburg