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September 3, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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September 3, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 9 Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to voice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech. r -Disappointed Dear Editor, I was extremely disap- pointed in the views and opin- ions expressed in here last week by Lucy May. But, as we have a freedom to speech, I respect your choice to print a letter written in such poor taste. To even suggest as an ex- ample, that the name of Mr. Rodriguez's business be changed, after he named the business in honor of his late mother, who is deceased and can obviously not defend herself and her son, is quite deplorable. If Lucy May "loved" and "re- spected" the woman as she stated, these unnecssa-y sug- gestions would not have been included. Might I also remind her that the choice for the lettering on the City Hail building to be re- moved, was not the sole choice of Mr. Rodriguez. That is why we have a city council. Since you have such strong opinions in regards to how things previ- ously and currently are handled, I assume you attend these city council meetings, which are open to the public right? You think he didn't give this deci- sion for his vote much consid- eration, so it must've been from "ungodly advice!'. Ridiculous I'm sure it must be hard for Mr. Rodriguez to tackle all the nu- merous issues he is constantly facing, considering all the mess he has to clean up, that was left for him when he took office. I think the fact alone, of all the money that had to be used from the bible if I felt it woult help the city in any way, but c'mon, this city can be strong and move forward towards a brighter future without all the unnecessary religious refer- ences. It is obvious you are bi- ased towards Mr. Rodriguez since you made sure to include many comments about the former mayor's "lovely" wife. Lovely she might be but I sure hope you weren't insinuating that if the current mayor had a lovely wife he would be more productive in his position, be- cause that is hate. I can read between the lines and I know the Lord does accept those who pass judgment along these lines. With all that being said, let me wish Mr. Rodriguez luck in all the future upcoming issues he faces for Lordsburg. I know when I voted, I kept in mind what a wonderful and non-judg- mental person 1 know Mr. Rodriguez to be, which is why I have complete faith we can move on from all the previous terms of downfall for this town, to a much brighter future. So, go ahead and make it a great day. Sincerely, Rachel Wolter Lordsburg Give me a break Dear Editor, First of all I look at myself as a "recovering Democrat" even though, if I see a good, honest. person running, I would not count out voting for them if they will uphold the Constitution! I just find it hard to vote for most demo- crats' higher taxes, gun control, welfare, socialist medicine, all tmions, etc. These are just a few things I am against. For over 50 years I was a democrat, then some- one gave me a copy of the Decla- ration of Independence. OK, I thought. Hmmm, now some things just didn't make sense, so I got a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Wow, now ev- erything makes sense. This coun= try was built with blood sweat and tears and people following the Constitution. This country was never meant to be a welfare state. People worked and received their just due. By the time I was 8 years old I worked every summer on ranches. 'By the time I was 15 I was on my own and at 16 worked underground 1000 ft. in a mine. just to,1:mnew looks-on-t4q-y earned evei'y dirne,,t-v-$o. It Hall building after the previous Mayor's departure speaks vol- umes alone. You said the mayor needs to get on his knees every morning and pray. Well, that is quite some advice. This is where I could start quoting passages was not handed to me for noth- ing. I have never in my 78 yrs. received even one unemployment check. I have worked for every- thing I have. Now I know people my age who have lived on gov- ernment dole all their lives, never worked one day, not one day. That is Wrong! They have sponged off me and people like me all their lives. That was not what this country was built on, .gimme, gimme. You worked or you didn't eat-period. 26 billion for teachers, now they want kids to bring toilet pa- per, Give Me A BREAK. What the heck is wrong with this picture?? Toilet paper? Billions and bil- lions of dollars every year spent on education and the kids can't read when they graduate and they ask for toilet paper? I was reading where someone asked, "What would Martin Luther King have to say about civil rights?" WWI president Wilson (a democrat), put all Ger- man citizens in an Internment camp, wwIf Pres. Roosevelt (democrat) put all Italian, Japa- nese and German citizens in in- ternment camps. Civil Rights? In. 1957 Republican Ike Eisenhower wrote the civil rights bill, the democrats controlled congress and senate refused to pass it[ LB Johnson (democrat) was the speaker of the house at the time and he refused to let it come to the floor. In 1963 LBJ was presi- dent, the republicans pushed to pass the civil rights bill, your democrats filibustered it for weeks, led by KKK democrat Robert Byrd with the help of Senator Fulbright,(democrat), and others like them Governors (democrats) in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and other states fought like dogs to keep it from going into effect. It finally passed the senate and LBJ signed it into law. How soon we forget! What about moral values and ethics. Kennedy, Clinton, Rangle, Congressman Jefferson, and Waters, and others to name a few. The republicans have prob- lems too. Iraq war, everybody voted for it before they decided to vote against it, Huh? Immigra- tion reform, neither have done a good job on that. All they can talk about is comprehensive re- form, (Amnesty) Bull. Go back, come thru the gate with papers. Nuff said. Fair tax, Bull, no'such animal! Everybody pay same percentage. No deductions, that's fair ha! Education, misnomer, (brain wash more like it). No teaching! Health care, Govern- ment control as with all the above arid below. Prescription drugs, (Bush did tlis) Low gas prices, the last eight times gas was raised the democrats were in office. Sorry lady, not everything CBS says is necessarily right. Oh I'm sorry that was i.n 2006. Pelosi said health care bad to be passed be- fore we would know what was in it. WHAT? Oh well, God Bless our Troops and our Country Gene Chadborn Animas Important Dates This Month in the life of Geronimo (Goyaa 'Le) 1. Escape from the San Carlos Concentra- tion Camp, Arizona--30 September i851 2. Rescue of one of his wives from the San Carlos Concentration Camp, Arizona --22 September 1885 http ://thegos hiny am aj uj utsuandcomputer- HEZ! Martinez wins mountain bike Joe Martinez was the winner of Los Arcos free giveaway of a mountain bike.The winning ticket was drawn by Eloy Marquez. Courtesy photo September is National Preparedness Month: Are you ready? Submitted by DEPT, of HOME- LAND SECURITY Beginning Sept. 1, the Fed- eral Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will launch its National Preparedness Month Campaign, which will run through the entire month. Na- tional Preparedness Month is emphasis this year will be to en- courage everyone to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. "We invite everyone to join the readiness team and truly help themselves, their neighbors and their communities to be Ready," Free emergency prepared- ness information is available to anyone by visiting, or calling 1-800- BE READY (1-800-237-3239), TTY 1-800-462-7585. Citizen Corps is FEMA's grassroots strategy to bring to- gether government and commu- sponsored by the Read)' Cam- paign and Citizen Corps. This is the 7 'h year that the annual preparedness program has been held, and organizers say the WNMT offering low income telephone assistance Western New Mexico Tele- phone Company (WNMT), in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commi.sion, the New Mexico Human Services Department and the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, have worked together to provide a Low Income Telephone Assis- tance Program (LITAP) to eligible customers who are served by WNMT. If you or someone in your household receives Medicaid benefits or energy assistance through the New Mexico Human Services Department, you qualify for LITAP. This program provides discounts for monthly basic tele- phone services. If you currently do not have telephone service, you may also be eligible for re- duced installation charges. If WNMT provides your tele- phone service, and you qualify for LITAP, you are encouraged to contact the WNMT Business Of- fice at 1-800-535-2330 for an application. You may also con- tact the New Mexico Human Ser- vices Department at- 1-800-432- 6217, extension 7266 for infor- mation regarding this program. said FEMA Region 6 Administra- nity leaders to involve citizens in tor Tony Russell. "We want to be all-hazards emergency prepared- working together, as a team, to ness and resilience. For more in- ensure that individuals, families, formation about Citizen Corps, and communities are ready.;' visit FEMA and the Ready Cam- paign invite all public and pri- vate sector organizations to join the National Preparedness Month , Coalition as members. Enroll by visiting and o, llt,l clicking on the National Pre- paredness Month banner.. Cottage House Coalition members are en- 575.542.8880 couraged to share preparedness information with their members, customers, employees, and com- munities and to spearhead activi- ties that encourage specific steps for individual, neighborhood, and community preparedness. 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