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September 24, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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September 24, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 9 Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to voice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. M_~otel Drive. Ste. B. or can be e'-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are pfiblished should be consid- ered the opinion of the author. and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech. ,Decide for Yourself! To the Voters of Hidalgo County, In recent months, some paid political advertisements in the form of candidate interviews have appeared in the Herald. They have generated mixed emotions from folks of both the major po- liti6al parties. I am of the opin- ion that the voters of Hidalgo County are smart enough to seek the information they need to help them decide who they will vote for'. They are smart enough to make up their own minds and not be swayed by anyone encourag- ing them to vote a straight ticket. Asl a matter of fact. encouraging voters whether they are Demo- crats or Republicans. to vote a straight ticket I believe to be a stai3 in their face. I believe in giv- in~ the citizens of Hidalgo CoUnty credit for taking the ini- tiative to visit with the candi- dates, process what they learn frdm them and then make up their own minds which candidate they feel. will best represent their in- t6rests? November 2% Election Day 20'10 will be here before we know it, however Early-in-Person and Absentee Voting begins October 5: The Local Candidates Forum arranged and sponsored the re- cent visit by Lt. Gov. Diane Denish in conjunction with the Democratic Party of Hidalgo County. We must inform you in the strongest possible terms that this is not the case. The Knights of Columbus is a church affiliate, charitable or- ganization and it has been our policy over the many years not to officially endorse or campaign for any political candidates. This has been true even when mem- bers of our own organization have run for local political offices. We feel that political endorsements detract from our primary mission. which is charitable works in ser- vice to our church and commu- nity. We among the Knights feel that the article was misleading and implied an endorsement where none existed. Knights of Columbus, Council #8055 Lorclsburg, New Mexico Grand Knight Ravmundo Saucedo, Jr. Time to vote Dear Editor: It is almost voting time, if you have not already. (Please don't use absentee, a lot of those ballots are "lost'. not counted, or never make it to the county clerk's office). This information from someone who monitors vot- ing.) I encourage you to Vote for people who talk about the US Constitution in their speeches. press releases and radio/tv ap- pearances. If they support the US Constitution. then they know they are sent there as a REPRE- SENTATIVE. YOU, the voter. Also. please vote for America, not for the PARTY. If you went to school when I did in the 50's. you may remember our teachers and the news speaking abou! the communist USSR and how important it was to belong to the PARTY: The Communist Party. The term PC (Politically Correct. originated in the USSR). Of course, you feel inclined nual festival and congratulate them for their success. Sincerely~ Robert C. Parra, .Hidalgo Democratic Party Chairman Belongs to US Dear Editor. First. I'd like to say I write this article with'nothing but the utmost respect for ALL the people of Lordsburg. At a "'certain" city council meeting two local men, Mr. Nava and Mr. Ramtrez proposed that the name of City Hall be reverted back to its original name "Lordsburg City Hall", and that former mayr Mr. Arthur Clark Smith Sr.'s picture and plaques be placed in a more appropriate area. Obviously, this proposal rubbed a few people the wrong way, but I ask why? Why are some of you getting so upset with this issue? The fadt of the matter is your up- set for the wrong reasons! Not once Mr. Smith or any former mayo. of Lordsburg ever "'BADMOUTHED" or "BE- LITTLED" during that weeks council meeting. So please act your age and try to stop getting things twisted. Also. at that week's council meeting, a certain councilman stated the Mr. Smith had brought in numerous business's like Trailtown. Hamp- ton Inn. Comfort Inn. etc. Maybe I just misunderstood him: Did former Mayor Smith and/or former city council members fi- nance these business'? To my understanding were brought in by persons that are not even a part of the city council, who chose to boost their economic status as well as trying to help boost "OUR" cities economy. Its is also to my understanding that any "1" being can open up any kind of. business in a city "DESPITE" anyone's personal opinions; yes of course certain rules and regu- lations must be followed, like obtaining the necessary permits, licenses. etc. The fact of the mat- ter is no "1" person has the right to take credit for something they they want. for what benefits them and them only! People of Lordsburg: take a good look at what is occurring. These certain few people are get- ting upset over this proposal: so ask yourself why? -Could it be because WE the people have fi- nally united and stood up for what is right for ALL of us as a community? Fro something that the majority agrees is fair and equal. To those of you that are so upset, I remind you of one things, "WE" are the government!, We have the right to overthrow any- thing that has been set before us, includingwhat was proposed at the council meeting, so you might as well get over it and stop trying to make it seem more than what it is. Words are very powerful, es- pecially if used properly. In the article titled "The Right Choice" the words "vindictive" and "ven- detta" were being used so loosely. Neither of us that gave the pro- posal at the council meeting have any reasons :what so ever to seek any type .of revenge upon Mr. Smith. as a matter of fact, they sin- cerely stated how grateful they were to have Mr. Smith as a former mayor of Lordsburg.. Therefore, stating that "personal vendettas" is what v~as behind the proposal is just out right ridiculous, and degrading! But what I can do is give you an example of some more common words like "sneaky", "pathetic", and "del- eterious". Example: how come the majority of us 3000 plus citi, zens were unaware that were con- tributing about $400 a piece (which amounts to approx $1.5 Million) in order to help finish building the new $2.1 million city hall? I have spoken to nu- merous citizens who became an- gry once finding out this had oc- curred. Most people I conversed about reference this subject said. that the $1.5 million "WE" con- tributed to the new city hall could've been used for something more beneficial for ALL of us. Like a convention center of. all ages. that would greatly impact Residents at Sunshine Haven enjoying Social hour with Activitiies Assistant Nick Paulos. SHNH welcoming fall and new resident By LORENZO ALBA, JR. Can you feel the weather changing? Are the nights getting cooler or is just me? Drove up to Silver City last week and the Gila National Forest is beginning to see the foliage change to fall colors. Adam Camus once said, "Autumn is the second spring where every leaf is a flower." We live in a state and area driven by sunshine, apt even the changeAr~ temperatures can keep the sunshine away from us, We have been blessed with a beautiful spring and summer but now it is time for autumn. At Sunshine Haven we continue to enjoy the near perfect weather. We've welcomed a few new residents and also now a few new staff members. As the community begins to settle into the fall. we continue to prepare for more good things to come. We continue to market our facility to the outlying areas: our 100 Wing is just about ready for residents. I I to be sponsored on September to vote for your own best inter- did not contribute to, personally otir local economy and more im- Again we invite you to stop by and take a tour of our fine facility. ] 2T~ by the Hidalgo County Her- ests: for a government that will or financially, portantly, help by lowering the Come take a look at our nice clean beautiful facility, come meet our ald will provide the folks of make things go your way, make Since some want to talkhigh numbers of teenage preg- more than qualified and caring staff and our management team who 1 Hidalgo County an excellent op- your life easier, let you not take about belittling, we'll just a give nancy, drug, and alcohol abuse, are always working to make this a better place to live and work. portunity to hear from the candi- personal responsibility. If you literal example. Have you That would have been a far Or simply stop by ahd help us bring a smile to one of our wonder- dales themselves on the issues of expect rights from the govern- thought about how "literally" fetched idea for OUR city, right? ful residents. , ' ] importance to all of us. It is my ment, you will be very disap- belittling it looks walking into (Wrong! It would have been farI'd like to take this time to recognize some of our night shift staff t hope that all the candidates from pointed, they take rights and if City Hall and viewing the size of fetched for just some of YOU). you depend on the government for money, they can take that; too. - - Out~RSghts7 aceordin[z tO OUr- founding documents, comes from our Creator. We. the people, cre- ate the government. The govern- ment can take rights by passing rules and regulations and laws, your county cotnmissioners can take your rights just by voting on a resolution. If you believe rules and regulations give you rights. think of this-: Congress ithe House) passed a bill that will in- crease taxes on energy because both parties will be on hand to participate ,fin this_~impnr/ant event. The forum will allow all of us tO hear from the candidates and decide for ourselves which can- didate will best represent us. As the chairman of the Hidalgo County Republican Party, I would never attempt to tell you who to vote for. I would never insult your intelligence by making up a sample ballot, and telling you to vote a straight Re- publican ticket by showing you hogv to mark the ballot in order to Mr. Smith's picture and plaques: in comparison to all the other former mayors? I doubt you "UP- SET" persons have asked your- selves that question Well here's a rude awakening for you all: in many eyes the difference in size alone between all of our previ- ous mayors pictures vs. Mr. Smith pictures creates a horrible as- sumption that many of us are not very pleased with Mr. Smith as well as numerous former mayors of Lordsburg served who served our city for many terms, and did I'll end by saying these last few words: I applaud Mr. Smith, for your-dedivation to "OUR" city while in office and for giving it your best while serving as "OUR" mayor. Please understand that nobody was ever trying to put you down by what we proposed at that weeks council meeting; under- stand that we are doing exactly what WE the people of Lordsburg feel is only fair. equal, and right for our com- munity as a whole: and isn't that do so. I will however, encourage of so-called global warming. If their best while in office. So why exactly Why you served us as y~i~ to talk with the candidates, you truly believe that sending make former mayors by naming our Mayor ? Also understand d|seuss the issues with them. and additional tax dollars to Washing- "Lordsburg's" City Hall after that we also applaud many other tim~fi VOTE for the candidate who g~ think will do the best job. :7" I encourage each and every vi)ter of Hidalgo County to at- t~llt the Local Candidates Forum ii~ hear what the candidates h~l~,e to say. Hear from the candi- dates - decide who to vote for - tJ/en vote for the candidate who v~-ll best serve you and Hidalgo ~.ounty ! Respectfully, Sheila Massev .i ., Chairman ' ".' Hidalgo County Republi- Z : Z can Party Nisleading D~-ar Editor: ~-Z This is in regards to the ~dalgo County Herald article of Friday, September 17. 2010. page 2~i"Denish to Visit Hidalgo C'.ounty Saturday." The article would lead many r~aders to believe that the .L~rdsburg Knights of Columbus ton. DC will change the climate. folks. I don't know what would change your mind. Mar5' Snyder-Nava Hachita. NM Clarification Letter to the editor The Hidalgo County Demo: cratic Party would like to clarify to the citizens that the Knights of Columbus was not hosting in conjunction with the party, the Democratic Party booth and the political attendees during the St Josephs Bazaar. I had submitted the information to the Herald in that manner: however, ~t was not in conjunction with the party. The Democratic Party simply paid their fee to have a party booth at the celebration, and the party itself had invited the political candidates to attend. I would like to thank the St Josephs church and the Knights of Columbus for having us participate in their an- him, and by "LITERALLY" sepa- rating him from all the other may- ors within City Hall. Questions were asked about the reasoning for the above re- quest, so I'U just elaborate those reasons for those of you that are so curious. Lordsburg is a mty; a city that belongs to "WE" the people. WE the people of the United States. We the people of New Mexico. and WE the people of Hidalgo County. Notice the repetition? WE! Lordsburg does not belong to just "1" person: it belongs to all of us! Want a rea- son to be upset and disap- pointed? We have ill feelings towards all of us. as "a whole" for not doing what we the right to do. WE have not pursued our rights as humans, as citizens, as tax payers, or as Americans! WE all should be ashamed of our- selves for letting certain people walk all over us and try to ma- nipulate us into doing just what that have served us previously like Mayor Koff. Mayor Kimbley, and Dr. Baxter. Those men gave back to our commu- nity by having personal business's that helped our cities economy grow greatly. Lastly I noticed that WE were all just being so "GODLY" so let me state a few of the 10 command- ments. "Thou shall not steal: Thou shall not bear false wit- ness against your neighbor" and my own personal command- ment "Thou shall "NOT" try to manipulate people at all just to fulfill your own personal de- sires". Respectfully, LeiLani Nava I| foster a New Youth? On any given day there are over 2000 children in foster care in the State of New Mexico. And these children, youth and their families need your support. Are YOU Ready to provide a family setting for a child to help them feel safe. grow & learn? Are YOU Ready to become a foster family! READY- START... Find out more Please call: Ronny Diaz. Foster/Adoptive Parent Recruiter (575) 434-5950 Ext. 121 Email us at hcherald hcherald @ State of , Youth and Families DePartment I d I J 'our calendars the .... NO MINORS I 9PM.2AM The Democratic Partv of Hidalgo County would like to express their appreciation to the residents of Rodeo for having David Ramps, Larry Marti- nez, Theodore Castillo, and Nino Madero meet with them last week. A special thanks to Nancv Cloudt and familv from the Rodeo Grocery &, Car6 for making this meeting possible. Your con- cerns and issues will be sincerely taken into con- sideration for the future of Hidalgo Count),. Most importantly, we enjoyed having lunch and interacting with all of you. Again, thank ~;ou. Sincere[r, Robert C Parra, Hidalgo Count~, Democratic Pat~r Chairman. .(,, ~', 'i I tII ~ Ga ara, McDonald,:' and Martinez Grandchildren I I