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October 3, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 3, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2014 9 2014 Bench Warrant Sweep collects more than $140k in child support Information courtesy GOV. financially." rector Steven Smith. "We will During the final week of August, 2013 and $129.6 million in FY LookingForAssistance/ SUSANA MARTINEZ OFFICE/ Santa Fe For the third year in a row, Governor Susana Martinez an- nounced the success of New Mexico's annual child support bench warrant round up, which collected more than $140,000 in unpaid child support. "Parents have a responsibil- ity to contribute to the upbring- ing of their children," said Gov- ernor Martinez. "This annual round up continues to show real results for kids and families in improving their economic stabil- ity. New Mexico remains commit- ted to providing as many tools as possible to help parents support their children emotionally and The bench warrant round up resulted in 104 arrests, with a to- tal of $67,666.80 collected to date, with more to come. The amnesty week resulted in a total collection of $72,376.41 from 125 non-custodial parents, which goes directly to child support cases. The total amount of col- lections from the bench warrant amnesty and subsequent round up totals more than $140,043.21. "Child support bench war- rant round ups have been very valuable tools in collecting sup- port payments from delinquent non-custodial parents," said New Mexico Human Services Depart- ment (HSD) Child Support En- forcement Division (CSED) Di- continue to act on operations like this in order to get the families and children the support they are due." CSED, the New Mexico State Police (NMSP), and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state partnered through August for a two-part crack-down on non-custodial par- ents who aren't paying child sup- port. Through August 4 to August 29, CSED offered non-custodial parents with outstanding bench warrants the opportunity to visit one of New Mexico's 14 child support offices across the state to pay the full amount of the bond and get the warrant quashed or cancelled without fear of arrest. law enforcement partners throughout the state began the round up portion, where those non-custodial parents with out- standing bench warrants faced arrest. New Mexico continues to make marked improvement in ensuring that non-custodial par- ents are fulfilling their obliga- tions to their children and non- custodial parents. During Fiscal Year 2014, CSED set yet another record in child support collec- tions with a total of $137.1 mil- lion collected. Each of the past three fiscal years, New Mexico has broken state records for child support collections, with CSED collecting $132.2 million in FY 2012. Thanks to innovative pro- grams like the bench warrant round up, New Mexico was rec- ognized by the National Child Support Enforcement Association in 2012 as the nation's most im- proved. A list of all non-custodial parents with outstanding bench warrants issued throughout the state is posted on the HSD website at bench-warrant-program.aspx. In- dividuals with questions may contact CSED toll free at: (800) 288-7207 in-state or (800) 585- 7631 out-of-state. A list of the CSED offices across the state can be found on the HSD website at Field_Offices.aspx. "Once again our partnerships with law enforcement agencies have paid off for the children of New Mexico," said HSD Secre- tary Sidonie Squier. "I want to .thank each law enforcement agency that has participated and hope to see as much success with this program in the future." Governor Martinez pro- claimed August 2014 Child Sup- port Awareness Month to salute all New Mexico parents who sup- port their children, and encour- age all parents to assume respon- sibility for improving the eco- nomic and social well-being of their children. ~+~~~+ ++'--'---- --oO--.--+--+O.+ ++.+ +o.++ ----+--++ O--O +. toSa=doedsondbendp~t,~(20)twefay-sixU~twobenared (60)orleltwusandlhreehunamdainety RinAn'ibaceunty; se~or~nte~inSanMtg~cee~y; ($~5,000)tepurc~andlnstallequip- (d)onemiltlantt~eeh~qdreqeighty mantsto81egronndoondslto, securtty gle~err~RevenueCodaoft986.os flfly®l~rs($26250)tomal~lmprove- dotl~s~t,390)tol~rchasea~linst~ (97)scdy-oneg~m~lseveflhundred (131)te~rben4,~ltwe~.flve~hoosand mantinsaniorcentersceuaty~,dein thousanddoll~s($1+380,OOO)topio~, ligt~ng and drainage, of SanteFeind~ ~,shallbepaktfromeaminge mentsforbeildingcedecempllance, equipment in senior centers countywido dolinm($61,708)toplQn, doslg~,ru~,o- dollas($42G,080)topt~asemtl Socerroo~ofy; dosign, constmct, renovate, equlpand scbeolinSanteFeinSarltaFeceonty. onbo~lprocoedsoro~erm~of incind~gpurchosea~linstaltelJonof InLl~nceonty; veto ard equip EI Rito community center eqaipvehlciostortlleLosVegos, pucos (167)eiglzttlzousondtwohtmdredtifty tornish~provementsatthesatol~ SECTION11. ELECTION.-- the state, legally avei~bte tor such equipment, to g~e Eagle Nest seninr (61) forty-two thousand dollars servi~KJ seniors In Rin Arriba ceunty; and San MIgoel senior centers In San doll.s ($8,250) to l~rchose and Instail carnpusos of Lxma cemmonity celtsge A. Bo~ iosued persuant to l~e 2014 payments, center in Colfax co~, ($42.Q00) te pur~ ar~ equip (9~) two thonsand eight be~ doltam Miguel cotmiy; meats equtpmmt in serdor ceaters In Santa Rona in ~ ceunty end SECTtON7.TAXLEW.--Toprovideter (21)eleventl~oneil~redelgllty vel~fortbeZlaseninrca~in ($2,800)to~andinsk~leo~p+ (132)onemBl~elg~tl~ed countywldoinSocerrocetmty; Spnngerln'Colfaxcounl~, Cat~;alProjecteGe~ralObligationBond ~~¢~U ~epaymentoftheprincipalofam/ dol~($11,180)topmchose&qdlnstall RofdosoDownstnLinceteceunty; mentins~ntorco~ascountywldelnRin flflyD4oL, san~doflors~l,850,o00) (168)fllly-ts~-E~usanddotl~s (e)sixhu~fiftythousonddol~ Actshatlbest~o irdere~t on the bendo Isst~ end sotd meab eqtdpn~nt In gle ~ Nest (62) one h~ twenty.five glarlSarKl Alrba cotmty;, to ~ rellovate ar~l improve ($54,000) to purchase and equip ($650,080) for roof renovations azat the registered ve~ of tbe state at pt,~ to the pfo~sions of the 2014 se~ can~ in Coltex coenty; dol~ ($t25,000) to 1~ axf (99) tst¢ hu~ th~ do~ Inlros~ani~e at tbe BemaliOo semx vei~ for ser~ ce~ cotmtywkle replacement of buildings A. C and D and tee generat ele~ to be held In -%~~ CapBalProjecteGeneralObligationSo~l (22)~xlhor~sm~dfiveh~doUa~s equtpvehicinstortheDemklg~ ($400,O00)topu~¢lmse~lequip cord~ri~Sando~county; InSoceffocauofy; forcritioalihfrostrt~reimprove~, Novemdor2014,antl,~lf~yreceivea Act, g'Bre shaU be and toere Is l'ereby ($6,500) to purchose ~md instil meats co~mty cornn'dssle~ on agog In ~Jna ve~ ter serdo~ cerders (133) ~ree tl~ five ht~ared (169) twenty-six U~ ®liars InCklding heating, venttlaUon and air majority of all II~e vetes cost thereon at ANACTAU'IHORI~THEISSUANCE impcoedandinyieddur~geachy~'in equtp~ing~eFla~serdorconteri~ county;, cotmly~inRIof~coonty;dolters($3,5OO)tepurcl~seandinstall ($26,080)tepinn, doslgn, renov~deond corKlitloningsysterr~,atMesaiands sonhelectinn, shalll~eeffectup0ncer- ANDSALEOFCAPITALPROJECTS wlllchonyoftllebondoare~utstan~g C,~faxcoonty;, (63)twober~flflyg~ot~dollets (lO0)tenf~yJsandnJ~ehundoedlhldy e~)mentinlhesen~cente~inllle equ~pltleChamisatseninrceofsrin comm~ityceltegeinTucumcadio tlficaUanofb'~estatecanvoss~gbeard GE~ anedvelo~mtaxonail~in (23)seve~y-atnetho~sandtwober~z~l ($250,O00)to~renovofea~l ~(~ars($fO,930)tom~,ea~provernen~ PuebteofConhitlinSandovalcoun~, Taoscounty; 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"IHE STATE OF NEW MEXICO: cat~e tfaese texes to be imposed, invied, citywide ~ Cmry ceunty; sane dollars ($1,850,00~ to co~lruct, Clara in Rin Atrl~ coonty; 0 ~/) ~ree Ilt