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October 3, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 3, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2014 11 u ,rst, o+ctapes,= o, er.Disp haldbyanenstedentmemberon D, lfthechertorofanwben atch New Mexico-- heirdeclining small towns the university of New Mexico's county provides for a govern- board of regents, the governor ing body composed of members theShallnsminateandbYandwithconsent of the senate shell rapre~lelectedbydistrints'amemhera district shall be Why some peopl stay in t appaint a student member to serve a resident and elected by the a two-yeer term. The governor shallselect, with the edvice end registered quelified electors ot that ByTOM MCDONALD , ties in population -- Bernalillo, government assistancel Theyand-gas boom. Their problems lie consent of the senate, a student district, memberfromatistprovidadby EoTnepurpoeeofthissec- from the U.S. Census Bureau Dona Ana, Sandoval and Santa Fe learn to live on less, as the mom- more in keeping up with the thepresldentoftheoniversityof tien is to provide for maximum comes this bit of news: The counties -- have 60 per- and-pop shops, once a fix- growth rather than in managing a ture in downtown 51ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF presidentottheunivemityotNew construction shail he given to the NEW MEXICO - RRST SESSION, Mexice shell give d,ae consideration pewersofurhenceunties. 2013 to the recommendations of ~e E The provisions of this section INTRODUCED BY student body president of the shall be self-executing." university. SECTION 2. The amendment A JOINT RESOLUTION E. Members of the board proposed by this resolution shag PROPOSING TO AMEND A~fflCLE 7, shell not he removed except for be subm~,~l to the people for thell SECTION 1 OF THE CONSTITUTION incompetence, neglect of duty or approval or rejection at the next OF NEW MEXICO TO PROVIDE THAT malfeasance in office. Provided, general election or at any special SCHOOL ELECTIONS ~ BE however, no removal shall he made election prior to that date that may HELD AT DIFFERENT TIMES FROM without notice of hsering end an PARTISAN ELECTIONS. opportunity to be heard having be called for that burpese. HDUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NewMe:~co. ln making the list, the iocalself-govemmenL Alibarai nation's poverty rate has gone cent of the nonfarm-re- first been given such member. BE IT RESOLVEO BY THE LEG/S- The supreme court of the state HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION LATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW of New Mexico is hereby given 51 ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF MEX1CO: exclusive original jurisdiction over NEW MEXICO - SECOND SESSION, SECTION 1. It is propr~xl to proceedings to remeve members 2014 amend Article 7, Seoffon 1 of the of the board under such rules as it INTRODUCED BY constitution of New Mexico to resd: may promulgete, and its dacision in "/L Every citizen of the United connection with such matters shall A JOINT RESOLUTION States who is over the age of be final." PROPOSING TO AMEND twsnty-one years and has resided SECTION 2. The ameadment ARTICLE t2, SECTION 7 OF in New Mexico twelve months, ~ by this resolution shall THE CONSTITUTION OF NEW in the county ninety days, and he submitted to the people for their in the prednct in which I~e] the approval or rojention at the next MEXICO TO PRESERVE THE LAND g~'ral election or at any special GRANT PERMANENT FUNDS BY election prior to that date that may INCREASING THE DUTY OF CARE, . he called for that I~rpose. REMOVING THE RESTRICTIONS ON THE TYPE OF INVESTMENT THAT SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION MAY BE MADE AND INCREASING 51ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF THE THRESHOLD AMOUNT FOR NEW MEXICO - SECOND SESSION, ADDITIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS. 2014 INTRODUCED BY BE IT RESOLVED BYTHE LEGI$- by qualified electors. M school LATURE OFTHE STATE OF NEW elections shall be held at different A JOINT RESOLUTION down, but in New Mexico it went up. New Mexico has never been a wealthy state, but the second- to-the-bottom ranking (ahead of Mississippi only) stings and says something about how bad a lot of people have it in this dis-en- chanted land. One reason for this state's high poverty rate -- which stands at 19.5 percent, compared to 14.9 percent nationwide -- is that we're still a rural state. Roughly half of the state's population lives in communities with populations under 20,000. There's still a lot of countryside in this geographi- cally large and diverse state. Generally speaking, in New Mexico and throughout the U.S., the rate of poverty in rural set- tings is higher than in the urban areas. That's because the most of lated jobs. That rrmst be why, slowly but surely, New Mexicans are mov- ing to the cities. What's more, it's easier to live in the cit- ies, where jobs and mod- ern conveniences are nearby and abundant. For some people, moving to the city simply makes sense. But it's another kind of sense -- a sense of place -- that makes some people dig in and keep their roots intact. For a wide range of reasons, they're determined to stay in their little towns and vil- lages, and they're determination becomes the backbone of efforts to keep their community alive. every and small town in this na- tion, find it harder and harder to keep their doors open. All over New Mexico, small cities and towns -- mostly county seats -- have at one point Tom McDonald or another focused their at- tention on their historic down- towns as a way to bring their com- munities back to life, and with mixed success. In Silver City, for example, the downtown area along Bullard Street is now vibrant with both day- and nightlife. But in Carrizozo, it seems that this old railroad town only exists as the Lincoln County seat and as host Others, however, are simply, to an intersection of two U.S. high- left behind. Some older people ways running across the arid re- and others become trapped in gion. their small-town poverty, as op- A couple of counties east, in persun offers te vote thirty days, next preceding the election, except idiots, insane persons and persons convicted of a tebelous or infumm~ crime unless restored to political fights, shall he qtmlffied to vote at all eledddns for public officers. The legislature may enact laws providing for absentee voting the jobs are in the metro areas. In portunities disappear. Many of New Mexico, Census figuresthose who stay in these dying show that the four largest coun- communities come to depend on times from [other] partisan dec- PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT TO MEXICO: ~ns. ARTICLE 6 OF THE CONSTITUTION SECTION 1. It is proposed to B. The legislature shall have OF NEW MEXICO TO ALLOW THE amend Artieio t2, Sectian 7 of the decline. The same seems to be true for Roswell, the largest city in the region and a regional hub of economic activity (particularly drilling and ranching) in south- eastern New Mexico. In other areas around the state, there's not a lot of growth outside the Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Santa Fe areas. Even Farmington in the northwestern corner of the state is on the de- cline as oil-and-gas production in the area has been slowing down for years. Sometimes it's an abrupt change that sends a community on a downward spiral. In Questa, the nearby Chevron mining op- eration has closed, leaving about 300 miners unemployed. The cleanup will keep some jobs in the area for maybe a decade, but unless Questa reshapes itself in a hurry, there will likely be an exo- Lea County, small cities like dus from this northern New Lovington and Hobbs are reap-- Mexico village in the years to ing the financial rewards of an oil- come. the pewsr to require the registm- LEGISLATUBE TO SET THE DATE constitution of New Mexico to reed: tins of the qualified ele~ers ee a FOR FILING DECLAP&TIONS OF "~ As used in this section, "As I Remember" by Al!end "Hook" Hill requisite for voting and shall regu- CANDt0ACY FOR JUDICIAL RE-fEN- "fund" means tl~ permanent late the rnanser, Itme aed ptaces T/ON ELECTIONS. ~hool fund dasorihed in Article 12, of voting. The legislature shall Section 2 of this [article] constitu- euaotsuchtawseswiitsecorethe BEITRESOLVEDBYTHELEG|S- tion and all other permanent funds Editor's Note." Longtime Before long the me these many years. seerecy of the ballot and the pority LATUREOFTHESTATEOFNEW derived frem lands granted or Lordsburg resident, historian, bridge and got thingsgoing. . We immediately got water of ele~ions aed guard against the MEXICO:SECTION1. ttispropesed confirmed to the stata by the aot of abuse of eleotive frenchise. Not to amend Article 6, Section 34 of congress of June 20, 1910, entitfoc mere than two members of the the constitution of New Mexico to "An act to enable the people of board of registration and not mere read: New Mexico to form a constitution two judges of election shag +The office of any justice or belong to the same ~ party judge subject to the provisions of and state government and he at the time of their appointment.- [Section 33 of] Article 6, Section 33 admitted into the union on an equa SECTION 2. The amendment of this constitution becomes vacant footing with the original states.'. propeedd bythis reee~ shall on Januaff 1 immediately fugowing B. The fund shall he invested be submitted to the people ~ their the general election at which the by the state investment officer in aplm~ral or rdleedon at the next justk;e or judge is rejested by mo~ accordaree with poticy reg uletions general election or at any special than forty-three percent of those pmmulgeted by the state invest- election prior to that date that may voting on the qusetion of Ibis] ment council. be called tor that purpase, reteofk~ or rejeotion or on January C. In making invastments, 1 immediately following the date the state investment officer, SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION [he] the jnstica or judge fells to fila under the supervisiun of the state 51ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF a decleratlen of candidecy for the investmeot councit, shall [exercise NEW MEXICO - RRST SESSION, retention of [his] the judgment and care under the 20t 3 the justice's or judge's office in circumstances then prevailing that INTRODUCED BY the general election at which the justice or judge would be subject businessmen of ordinary prudence, A JOINT RESOLUTION to retention or rejection by the discretion and intelligence exercise PROPOSING TO AMEND ARTICLE electorate+ Otherwise, the office in the management of their own 12, SECTION 13 OF THE CONSTITU- becomes vacant upon the date of aftairs not in regard to speouletion T/ON OF NEW MEXICO TO CHANGE the death, resignation or removal but in regard to the permanent THE BOARD OF REGENTS OF by impeachment of the justice or disposition of their funds, consider- NORTHERN NEW MEXICO STATE judge. [Thedateforffiingadacla- ing the prohable income as well as SCHOOL BY FILLING ONE REGENT relion of cendldacy for retention of the probebte satety of their capital] POSITION WITH A STUDENT. office shall be the same as that for invest and manape the fund in ac* figng a declaration of cendidacy in cordanee with the Uniturm Predsnt BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGIS- a primary election.]" Investor Act. LATUBE OF THE STATE OF NEW SECTION 2. The amendment 0. The ~jistatare may MEXICO: proposed by this resolution shall establish criteria for in~ the SECnoN1. Itispraposedtu be submitted to the paople ter thei~ fund if the criteria are enacted by a amand ~ztJcle 12, Seotion t 3 of the approval or rejection at the nsxt constitution of New Mexico to read: general election or at any special three-fuurffis' vote of the members % The legislature shall election prior to that date that may provkte for the suntrd and be caged for that porpaee. managemant of each of [eaid] the institutions, except the university of SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION New Me,co, by a bnsrd of regents 51ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF for each ins~on, consisting of NEW MEXICO - SECOND SESSION, five members, four of whom shall 2014 be qualified electors of the state INTROOUCEO BY of New Mexk;o, one ot vdlonl shait he a member of ~ student body A,JOtNT RESOLUTION of the instifutins and ns more than PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT TO three ot wt'mm at the time of their ART1OLE 10, SECTION 10 OF THE appeintme~ elmll be members of CONSTITUTION OF NEW MEXICO the same palatal party; provided, TOALLOW CERTAIN COUNTIES TO howsver, that the studant hedy BECOME URBAN COUNTIES AND member provision in this [section] TO CLARIFY THE MAJORITY VOTE subsectian shait nst appty to the NEEDED TO ADOPTA COUNTY New Mexico school for the deaf, CHARTER. the New Mexico military institute [the onrthem New Mexioo state BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGIS- schoel] or the New Mexice scheel LATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW the br~ and visunl~ [handi- ME, CO: elected to each houee, bet invest- ment of the fund le subject to the following restrictions: (1) not more ll'mn sixty-five percent of the book value of the fund shall be invested at any given time in corporate stocks; (2) not more than ten pemerr of the voting stock of a corporation shag he held; and (3) stocks el~e for purchase shall be restricted to thnse stocks of businesses listed upon a national stock exchange or included in a nationally recognized list of stocks [and (4) nat mare than fnteen par- cant of the heok value of I~ fued may be invested in international securities at any single time]. E. All additions to the fund and cepped] impaked, and for each SECt"ION 1. it is propnsed te alt eaminge, instuding intareet, ofthnse[fom]tlveainstitutions amandArtide lO, Section lOofthe dividends and capitat gains frem all five members of the board of constitution of New Mexico to read: investment of the fund shall be regents shall he qualified electors "A. A county that is less than credited to the fund. of the state of New Mexico. one thousand five hundred square B. The governor shall nominate miles in area and has [at the time F. Except as provided in Sub- and by and with the consent of the of this amendmentt a population section G of this section, the annua seuateshatiappeintthememhers ofthreehondredthousandormore distributions from the fund shall be of each board of regents for each may become an urban county by five percent of the average of the of [said] the institu~. The terms the following procedure: year-end market values of the fund of [said] nonstudent members (t) the board of county for the immediately preceding five shall be for sta0gered terms of six commissioners shall [by January calendar years. years, [pruvlded that of the five first 1,2001]appointachartercom- G. Inadd'~tothoan- appointed the terms of two shaft mission censisting of nof less than nuai distribution n'mde persuant te be for two years, the terms for two threaporsonstodmftapropoead SubseotJon F of this section, unless shall he for tow years, and the urhan county charlar; suspendnd pursuant te Subseofion term of one shall he for six years. (2) the proposed charter shall H of this section, an additional Felinwthg the approval by the provids for the furm and organiza- aonual distrffiufion shag he roads votars of thle amendment and upen tion of the urben county govern- the first vauancy of a pnsition held mant and shalt dasignate thnse purouant t the fllewing schedule; by a nsrlstndent mend~er an each officers thot shall he elected end provided that ns diskibution shall eggible institul~'s board of re- thnse officers and employees that be n~ede pursuant to the provisione gents, the gevernsr shall norninste shall perform the duties aseignsd ot this subsection in any fiscal and by and with the consent of by law to county officers; and year if the averege of the year-end thesenstechagappeintastudent (3) within one year after the markat veluas of the fund for memher to serve a two-yuar term] appalnlment ot the charier corn+ the immed~ely pre~.~ding five and the terms of student members mission, the proposed charter shall calendar years is less than [five shall be two yems. he submitted to the qualified voters billion eight hundred million dollars C. Theg0vemorshalleelect, of the county and, iladoptudbya ($5+800,000,000)] ten billion dol- wi~ the advice and censent of the majority of thnse [voferst voting, tare ($10,000,00O,000): senate, a stndent memhor frem the county shall become an urban (1) in fiscal years 2005 a gst prnvided by the president county, if, st the election or any throagh 2012, an amount equsI te of the institution. In making the subsequent election, the proposed eight-tenths percent of the average list, the president of the in~n charter b not adopted, then, ~er shall give due consideration to the at least one year has elapsed after of the year-end market values recommendatious of the student the election, pursuant to this sec- of the fund for the immediately bndy president of the institution, tion another charter commission preceding five calendar years; Following the approval by the vot- may be appointed and another provided that any additional distri- ors of this 2014 amendment and proposed charter may be submitted bution from the permanent schont upan the first vaconcy of a position to the qunlified voters for approval fund pursuent to thia paragraph on the nsrthem New Mexiso or disapproval, shall be used to implement and state school board of regents, the 8. An urban county may maintain educational reforms as governor shall nominate and by exercise all legislative powers and provided by law; and end with the censent of the senate perform all governmental tunctions . (2) in fiscal yeers 2013 shall appoint a student member to not expressly denied [to municipali- through 2016, an amount equal to serve a two-year term. .ties, counties or urban counties] one-haft percent of the average of D. The legi'dature shall provide by general law or charter and may for the control and managernant exercise all powers granted to and the year-end market values of the of the oniversity of New Mexico by shall ha subjeot to att limitations fund for the immediately preceding a board of rngents consisting of [granted to] placed on monicipeli- five calendar years; provided that any edditio~l distribution from the permar~ school fund pumua~ to this paragraph shall he used to implement ~ melntain education- al mforma as provided by law. H. The legislature, by a/tree- fifths' vote of the members elected to each hoese, may ~ any add~ distribution provided for in Subsection G of this eaction." SECTION 2. The amendment proposed by this resolution shag be submitted to the people for theb approval or rejection at the next general election or at any special elechon prior to that date that may be caged for that ~ronse, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hun- dreds of stories and po- ems. Back in the 1980's he began writing a col- umn entitled "As I Re- member." With his per- mission, these colutnns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, who is 93, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared In the Lordsburg Lib- eral on October 12, 1990. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg In past articles 1 have men- tioned rabbit hunts using our dogs. Let me spin you another one. In the early spring of 1934 four of us, all about thirteen years of age, gathered up our dogs for a big hunt along the Southern Pa- cific tracks that go out west of town. We liked hunting along- side the tracks because the rail- road company had dumped many loads of big rocks all along the high points of the grade, to pre- vent erosion. Our dogs would chase cottontails into the rock and we could and did easily dig them out. it made for good hunt- ing. As I rfientioned, it was early spring and that meant high, cold winds, just as it does today. We left early on a Saturday morning and, outdoorsmen that we were, we took no food or drink. We had matches but we intended to live off the land for necessities. Our westward destination was Pyra. Pyra is the hill out west now known as "L" Mountain. Back in those days the S.P. had a white and black sign alongside the track that read "PYRA". The sign has been gone for many years but those of us remaining from that era still know the hill by its original name. At any rate we made fair progress toward Pyra in the early going and managed to dig out a rabbit or two along the way after we got out a mile or so. We reached the foot of the hill about 11:00 A.M. and imme- diately started the climb up to the top. After topping out, we dropped part way back down-and made a circuit of the mountain at about its mid section. To young eyes the surrounding country was beautiful to behold from that van- tage point. I suppose the feeling I had then and there--maybe a sense of respect and awe for the world around me--is at least par- tially responsible for the fact that I never want to live in an area where I can't see and be around mountains. We were so engrossed in the scene that time got away from us and suddenly we realized it was long past noon and we were hun- gry. We went down tlie hill in short order and before long were once again in the railroad right- of-way and headed back toward town. Our intention was to go back to the first bridge on the tracks and prepare our lunch un- der the bridge out of the wind. Two forked greasewood sticks were stuck in the ground and another stick cut to go across them. We built a fire, skinned a couple of cot- tontails and threaded them on to the top stick. We Wanted to roast the rabbit but who knew the difference between roasting and burning? Allen HookHill We had a healthy blaze going and in no time at all the meat was thoroughly "cooked"--black, that is. Each of us tried a chunk of the burned hare and in a matter of seconds we were literally "spittin'" cot- ton balls, as the expression goes. The dryness was compounded by the fact that we had no water to drink. It was a sad, humbled group of hunters that broke camp and trudged back toward town. Nearly back in town we stopped by a house that belonged to an uncle of one of the hunters. The house is long gone and the principals have departed, so I can tell you of an incident which hap- pened there that has stayed with Maybe tourism will help turn Questa around. A lot of small towns are trying to make this in- dustry their savior, and it's under- standable. Everywhere in New Mexico there are incredible natu- upon arrival at the house, so even ral and manmade attractions just though death was imminent it begging for an infusion of tour- was averted, but the matter of ism dollars. Plus, tourists don't food to prevent starvation was require a lot of water, and that's still an important issue. There important to a lot of small corn- was some sort of a family gather- munities around New Mexico. ing going on there at the house However, whether your com- and people had been eating, be- munity is along Historic Route cause there were pots and pans 66 or the old Santa Fe Trail, be- and dirty dishes piled all over the side the Rio Grande or up against kitchen. One lady asked if we'd like some food. We all nodded Shiprock, there's only so much affirmatively and I said, "Yes, I'm you can do to buck the migration starving to death. I'll eat any- to the cities. The reality is, big thing." The lady rambled through city life is attractive to younger kitchen cupboards looking for generations, so a lot of them are clean dishes but was unable to going to leave to thos'e big-city find any, so she just went over to amenities -- jobs, opportunity, the pile of dirty dishes, gathered comfort and convenience. It's all up some plates, scraped a little of there, in the city. the mess off them, got dirty forks But that's not all there is to off the side board, put one on life, and there will always be each plate, put some food on the people who prefer to live away plates and handed one to each of from all that. They prefer the sire- us. I don't remember what the pier life, and that's what small others did but I said "Thanks, but towns do best. I'm not hungry now", and I went home. Tom McDonald is editor of the New So much for living off the Mexico Community News Exchange and owner-manager of Gazette Media land. Services LLC. He may be reached at Hook 505-426-4199 or tmcdonald @gazettemedia seven membem, six of whom sfudl be qualified eleotors of the state of New Mexioo, ane of whom shall be a membor of the student bedy of the university of New Mexico and ns more than foor of whom at the time of their appointment shall he memhers of the seine peI~tical party. The governor shag nominate and by and with the cansent ot the senate shall appoint the members of the board ot regeotm The present five members shall serve out their present terms. The two additional members shall be appofnted in 1987 for tarms of six years. Following the approval by the voters of this amendment and tiee by Ntide 9, Section 12 of the ~ of ~ lde~,o. Thla grant of powers shall not include the pewer to ~rmct priwate cr civil laws except as incident to the exercise of an independent municipal power, nor shall it include the power to provide for a penalty greater than the penalty pmviddd for a misden',eer~, No tax imposed by the governing body of an urban county, except a tax authorized by general law, shall become effective until approved by a majority vote in the teban county, C. A charter of an urban county shall only be amended in accordance with the orovisions of Historic Panoramic Photograph for sale 49 "x 8 +I 12" r l m p i zted onfoa core displayed without a frame. Can be seen at the Hidalgo County Herald. Call Edmund Saucedo at 575-542-9716 Fast Approval Build Your Credit No Checking Account Needed No Hassles Call Us Today! Apply in person on call ahead! 716 S. Main St et* Lordsburg, NM all today!