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October 8, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 8, 2010

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6 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY. OCTOBER 8.2010 PAL receives local donations Love's Truck Stop, is one of the local businesses that donates to the Lordsburg PAL program on a regular basis. Above, Julio Hernandez, manager, donates T-shirts to PAL Board Member Brenda Hood.The shirts will be shot out of the canon at Friday's Maverick football game. group results to help NM improve immunizations _.'_ Submitted by NMDOHISanta Fe cine. the focus groups imo its strategic "Five immunization.. Health Secretary Alfredo "Keeping children safe from plan to improve immunizationnurse consultants statewide a~s~stl Vigil, MD, said the New Mexico disease b~, immunizing them is a practices. The recommendations providers with vaccine safety and" Department of Health and provid- critical mission for the Depart- include educating providersregistry trainings, and mentm:- ers from across the state will use ment of Health and healthcare about parental concerns, inform- new immunization staff. They recommendations from parent providers around the state." Dr. ing families about vaccine safety, work in targeted areas of the state focus groups done in 2009 toVigil said. "We will continue to offering immunization opportu- that have lower immunization, make improvements that will help help New Mexico families under- nities at convenient locations like rates. keep children safe froni prevent- stand the importance of immu- schools or other community lo- Four immunizatio'r able diseases. TheU.S. Centersfor nizing their children and find cations, and ensuring parents clerks work with Wofiaen, Infantsii Disease Control and Prevention ways to make it easier for parents know their children can be im- and Children clinics to id nti, fy, announced immunization ratesto get immunizations." munized when they have a mild and flag charts of children need-. . " . ~ . for toddlers nationwide today. Last year the Department of illness, ing tmmumzatlons. New Mexico immunized 70.2 Health held five focus groups of New Mexico is a universal A vaccine outreach co~ percent of toddlers in 2009, which parents across New Mexico to vaccine state so vaccines for any ordinator works closely with was close to the national average determine common beliefs, child birth through 18 do not cost Public Health Office staff and of 70.5 percent, myths, and barriers to getting chil- families. The Department ofnurse contractors to increase vac- The 2009 immunization dren immunized. Barriers identi- Health provides free immuniza- cination activities in low imm, u,, rates released by CDC cannot be fled by. the focus groups were lack tions for uninsured children at nization zones statewide. ,. compared to previous years be- of transportation, children being public health clinics in every The Department up,j- cause the rates don't include the sick when scheduled for immu- county. Immunizations are the graded the statewide vaccinatio Hib vaccine, unlike previous nizations, parents' work sched- best way to protect children from registry to improve provider func, years. The CDC did not include ules, concern about autism and/ serious, preventable diseases. For tions. the Hib vaccine in the 2009 rates or side effects, language differ- more information about immuni- The Department pro: because there was a shortage of ences and provider availabi,lity, zations, go online to vides training for statewide phi- that vaccine from December 2007The Department of Health's, macists in using the immuniza. . through mid 2009. There is cur- Immunization Program will in- Other initiatives to help im- tion registry and tracking immu , rently no shortage of the Hib vac- corporate recommendations from munize children include: nization s. An Open Letter to Educators All of the software at my web-page: Programmers' Delight Colour Coordinated Disc Operating System tpdccdosb.htm) is "share-alike." Do whatever3 ou want with it. They're what Gary Kildall of Intergalactic Digital Research (DR-DOS I would've written if he hadn't been an early casaulty in the Operating Systems War. He died in a bar-room brawl at a 2-bit saloon when Bill Gates and 15 other employees of Microsoft. Inc. bum-rushed (an unconditional JUMP) him during happy hour. Gary was unwinding with some hobbyists from the glory days of personal computers: Dan Sokol, Ed Roberts. and Bob Albrecht when suddenly the swinging doors at the front of the bar slammed open and there stood Bill. He lookod straight at Gary and the other code crunchers without saying a word and then nervously twitched his way over to the bar. For God's sake. someone could have been pirating his soft,are at that very moment. You can imagine how hard it is to get a court to rule against someone who pirated your pirated software. Even his mother didn't have the password to his home computer back at the house where he rented her a room. He knew it wasn't Dan this time and therefore sighed in relief that he wouldn't have to hire some'one to write another "Open" Letter to bOX. Bill went ballistic and the next year; hired a ghost writer to produce his infamous "Qpen Letter to Hobbyists" accusing copyists of theft of his for-sale pirated Dartmouth BASIC. You see. Bill suffers from monopolexia which causes him. to transpose the letters in the word "flee" into "Microsoft?' How- ever, if the first version about the disappearance of his or Harvard's paper tape is correct, then it was all a grand deception, for Bill was at that time. THE world's expert on BASIC or at least, second only to Kurtz. He chose not to use a dollar sign ($) for the sixth character of the programme name of his plagerized Altair BASIC and to not use a password with the programme. Both features were included in BASIC, version 6. 1971. The reason ts that he wanted a "backdoor" into everyone's computer that ran BASIC and was connected to a computer net: including hobbyists, thieves, parasites, and universities. Enabling members of computer clubs to obtain copies of his Rip-off BASIC was the same as spreading a virus over the Internet today. Pages 134-141 in the book PROGRAMMING IN BASIC: THE TIME- SHARING LANGUAGE by Marie V. Farina published in 1968 discussed new EXtended BASIC features that were planned at the time of publication. One of those planned features was Alpha Information which is now called begun ranting: "I am not a number. I-am a free nerd." Bill brags about being a nerd. Also, there were the violent fights over what kind of pizza to order.' Natashya wanted sausage. Alice cheese, but Bill always wanted it all, includ-' ing anchovies. Now for BASIC. Kemeny and Kurtz at Dartmouth Colteg~ decided to make BASIC available free of charge and to high schools in the Hanover area and put a cQnsiderable amount of effort into promoting the language. Thanks to Kemeny and Kurtz the ubiquity of BASIC on personal computers was such that textbooks once included simple "Try It In BASIC" excersizes that encouraged students to experiment with mathematics and com- putational concepts on classroom or home computers. Bill and Microsoft killed that. Bill made sure that there's no free ltthch - by turning other programmers' free software into an econormc totalitarian dictatorship for the New World Order. It's truly fascinating that BASIC in 1975 on the MITS Altair was also an Operating System. After tip-off BASIC was the only Operating System on several early personal computers in the mid '70s. Gary Kildall ported CP/M t9 run on Inte18080 personal computers: By 1983 it was mnning on 70% of personal computers, two years after IBM came out with its Personal Computer that used theInte18086/8088CPU and ran Microsoft Rip-6ffD.O.S. Gary and other computer hobbyists, Interga= Hobbyists" for him. You see. "'open" isn't in Bill's vocabulary. Nevertheless. String Information or String Variables. String Variables were first included lactic Digital Research, and other software companies were porting their those "thieves" and "parasites," in Bill's mind, across the room, could have with BASIC version 4 that came out in 1969. On page 128, Farina wrote about Operating Systems such as CP/M and applications such as honest BASIC, tel | been using the cards themselves to transmit Microsoft trade secrets to Gary. version 3, 1966, which PROGRAMMING IN BASIC used: "When you the new 16-bit 8086/88 machines. Bill and Microsoft had lost in the freeI[ Gary had just been dealt the Deadman's Hand when Bill ordered his usual, invent a name for an important program, use a dollar sign ($) as the sixth [tastl market place of ideas even with their pirated software. So, Bill switched[| character. When you save the program, no one will ever be able to list it (not tactics in his quest for Total World Domination. Thus began a no holds barred even you). Example names you can use are: TEST-$. SAMPL$. ALPHAS. unlawful monopolistic business plan which included outright theft, as was- These programs can be retrieved from you~.library and even changed, but they proven in court case after court case around the world; but. too late. '. can't be listed, renamed or punched out on paper tape." Therefore. from version According to David Gergen on National Public Radio. 11:00 a.m. Sun-' 3. 1966 on. agent Sokol couldn'tpossibly have received apaper tape of Microsofi day 22 August 2010. at the Commonwealth Club of California. in the year Rip-off BASIC from a mainframe or miniframe computer without Bill's prior 1960 and into the 70s, U.S. citizens were the best educated in the World. In knowledge. 1950 before America became number one. 40% of American school children Another new Extended BASIC feature for release in 1969,with version 4, dropped out of school before graduating from high school. Today we're Gary made a rye comment about Bill's Black Russian. that went something like: "Why not a Harvey Wallpaper for your desk-top. Comrade Willie?" Bill didn't get it and reminded the bar tender that he took it with a mushroom instead of a filbert. Bill was wrapped so tight in those days (and today) that you could hear the ~trings snapping when he walked into a room. For a moment there was a deathly silence when the only sound was more strings snapping. Then he got it - Then all XXXX (a divide by zero) broke loose and what happened next is unclear. Did Gary have a heart attack, a mysterious "ladder" accident, or would we all be better off chaulking it up to another one of Bill's episodes best left to his keepers and 1,000cc of Thorazine? XX~" -- -'- -_--. -_ - _.- - -. _ - -=- -_ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Here's the "suppressed information" that Microsoft doesn't want you to know. John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz of Dartmouth Cot- [ege designed compiled BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruc- tion Code: Dartmouth BASIC and\or Card BASIC) in 1963 for use on Gen- eral Elcctric-2~5 mainframe computers with punched cards I batch mode) and tater theGE-(~i5. Punched cards were replaced by punched paper tape. They made it available free of charge so that the language would become wide- spread. As a result, knowledge of BASIC was implemented by a number of manufacturers and it became fairly popul~ on newer minicomputers like ~e D.E.C. (Digital Equipment Corporation) 15.D.P. (Programmed Data Proces- sorl series as interpreted BASIC. In 1971, Kemeny and Kurtz released BASIC version 6. "'In 1973 Shugart Associates gave Intel (INTegrated Electronics Corpation) a sample 8" floppy disk. Gary was immediately intrigued by the device and with a.friend, John Torode, built a controller interface to an InteUec- 80 microcomputer. The tntellec-80 used an Intel 8080 C.P.U. (Central Pro- cessing Unit) and cost $10.000.00. Gary [while a Computer Science Instruc- tor at the United States Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey. California] and his students, wrote a small control program, which he called CP/M (Control Program/Microcomputer)...Early versions of CP/M and the BASIC interpreter [written by one of Gary's students, Gordon Eubanks] were in the public domain since it had been created at a publicly funded institution. Cop- ies found their way to some other government contractors and agencies." ("Gary Kildall California Digital" downloaded from the Intemet on La-Luain 6 An Sulteine 2010 from http://www.cadigital.corn/kildall.htm). CP/M was a Disc Operating System (D.O.S.). In 1975. by early March. Bill Gates. Paul Allen. and Monte Davidoff had ported to the new 8080 CPU in the MITS (Micro Instrumentation Telem- etry Systems I Altair 8800 microcomputer, the interpreted BASIC-Plus which h~id been written by Nathan Teicholtz. at D.E.C., and was contemporary with Dartmouth BASIC. version 6. It was running on a DEC PDP-10 minicom- puter at Harvard University's Aiken Computer Center. The MITS 8800 cost from $395.00 to $995.00 The PDP-l 0 and the interpreted BASIC running on it had been provided to a Harvard professor by the U.S. Defense Depart- ment from public funds through a government grant for D.A.R.P.A. (De- fense Advanced Research ProjectsAgency) in 1969. That March 1975. Bill and Paul sold their ported interpreted BASIC that was legally still in the public domain, to an unsuspecting MITS based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They called it Altair BASIC (a.k.a. MITS 4K BASIC and\or Rip-off BASIC). - Microsoft's first product for sale. Keep in mind or for at least the 15 seconds of a Microsoft Windows-era American child's attention span. that Kemeny and Kurtz released BASIC into the public domain for free so that it would be used on other computers. By the way, squirrels have a 20 second attention span. but squirrels aren't forced to use MicroSoft products. The mystery surrounding Bill's and Microsoft's connection to the Mili- tary Industrial Complex began at Harvard. According to one version. Harvard didn't have any policy covering the use of the Pentagon's computer. The other version is that there was no written policy that covered the use of the Defense Department computer. In order for Harvard to have received the D.A.R.P.A. computer: there had to have been a pile of government forms that were s~gned. Could all foreign exchange students from every country use it? Could ann-war protesters use it? Could mem- bers of the campus Socialist Workers Party and Communist Party of the United States of America use it? Get real. there was a policy. Dr. Li-Chen Wang wrote Tiny BASIC for 8080 CPU machines such as the Altair. It was developed as a standards document and ported to the Altair primarily by Dennis Allison. a member of the Computer Science faculty at Stanford Univer- sity. In 1975 the People's Computer Company published Tiny BASIC as a design document in their newsletter. Later. in December 1975. Dick Whipple and John Arnold created an interpreter for Tiny BASIC. In 1976. this version, corrections to the original design, and the full source code were published in the newsletter 'Dr. Dobbs Journal Of Tiny BASIC Calis- thenics and Orthodontia' Apparently, college professors and other literati know the meaning of such phrases as "'public domain." "share-alike. 'plagerism. and piracy." In June 1975. Dan Sokol (a K.G.B. double agent, originally named Sokolov - either Russians have only one name or he was an Afghani/ obtained a pro-market paper tape of Rip-off BASIC 14K BASIC). There's. two versions of what happened and this fact alone raises a red flag over industrial espionage. In one. Lieuenantt Colonel (Lt. Col.I Sokolov (Sokol) received the code on paper tape in an unknown manner, rfiade 25 copies, and distributed them at the July 1975 meeting of the Home Brew Computer Club in Pale Alto. California. The other version has the MITS Mobile camper van coming to the June meeting of Homebrew at Rickey's were passwords for programmes. On page 141 Farina wrote: "Extended BA- SIC permits you to save your program against unauthorized use. Type: SAVE,JIMMY and your program cannot be retrieved by anyone who doesn't know the password, JIMMY. The password you select can be any word which is written according to the roles for inventing program names. Don't forget it. though; you won't be able to retrieve your program if you do." "Here's how you call for a program [PROBLEM] saved with a password?' OLD OLD PROBLEM NAME -- MYPROG,JIMMY READY .... "If you forget to give your password, the computer will ask for it." "'Incidentally, we%e taken some poetic license with the sequence shown above. In Extended BASIC, the computer will probably refer to programs as "files" [true file handling was introduced in version 5, 1970]" For Lt. Col. Sokolov to have received his copy of Altair BASIC, which legally was in the public domain, in June 1975, someone else would have had to punch it out onto paper tape for him. from either the time-sharing service in Boston which operated either a mainframe or miniframe computer, that Gates was forced to use to finish his pirated Altair BASIC (Rip-off BASIC) when Harvard University virtually expelled him - OR - "BASIC" Bill crippled his Rip-off (Altair) BASIC so that buyers of Rig-off BASIC couldn't protect their programmes (files). Bill then stored it on a consequently unsecare MIT.S Altair 8800 microcomputer from which it was punched out onto paper tape. The chickens come home to roost if it hadn't been deliberate. Even today, you can't save a BASIC file with a password in Microsoft BASIC. If the second version of the loss of the code is correct. Bill could have sued Dompier and Sokol or had them charged with a crime. Bill had the money to bring a suit against them and he stood to make an easy (friction-flee) profit from the settlement, of the gait. But. uncharacteristically he chose to do practically nothing for about a year. Either he spent a year shopping around for an attorney to take his case. but was tumed down by all of them because 4K BASIC itself was pirated or the theft was done with Bill's prior knowledge. Whichever version is correct, in corporate esptonage and back in the USSR. agent Sokolov was what's known as a "useful idiot?' Another detail is worth noting. Dompier visited the MITS factory in March of 1975. the same month Paul Allen first visited it and sold MITS Rip-off BASIC. In Bill's open letter about his Rip-off BASIC (MITS Altair 8800 4K BASIC) being ripped off*by Dompier and Sokolov. he complained about the $40,000.00 cost to have his high school friend. Ric Weiland, port 8800 BASIC to the new MITS Altair 680B that used a Motorola 6800 CPU. However. in the contract with MITS to provide 4K BASIC. 8K BASIC. and an expanded version, all for the Inte18080 CPU. MITS hired Allen with a $30.000.00 a year salary, agreed to pay Bill and Allen a cap of $180.000.00 in royalties, and supply the computer time on a PDP-10 owned by the Albuquerque school district in order to upgrade Altair BASIC. Using the public school computer put Micro-Soft Rip-off BASIC (Altair 8800 BASIC. 4K BASIC. etc. I and 6800 BASIC into the public domain. Furthermore. MITS agreed to pay Bill and Allen $31. 200.00 for 6800 BASIC. although legally, it was free. MITS went to arbitration against Bill bedause he used the computer time provided by the contract to develop 6800 BASIC. MITS lost - the contract covered the develop of 6800 BASIC for the Motorola C.P.U. So, what the XXXX was Bill talking about. There was no $40.000.00 development cost incurred by Microsoft. MITS picked up the tab. MITS was the ultimate "John" or "sugardaddy" and Bill Gates sucked it dry as any other self respecting XXXXXX would have. But. unlike with Bill. there's no danger of America being sucked dry by other XXXXX)f~X If the IRS went over Bill's and Microsoft's tax returns. Bernie Madoff would have a new cell mate. Dr. Natashya Borislov, a.k.a. Dr. Love and\or XXXXXXXX Lady While at Harvard in 1975 Bill was a happy go lucky and "open" student: almost cheerful. But after his lifelong friend. Paul Allen, went to work for Honeywell which was virtually synony- mous with Department of Defense, he introduced Bill to the pro- fessor who was using the Pentagon's PDP-10. At a pai'ty, tile professor introduced Bill to a psychiatrist, Dr. Natashya Borislov (usually called Dr. Love I who had been involved with MK-Ultra. When Bill met her she worked for a Defense contractor- Bullwinkle Jet Rocket fusualty called "Rocky") and began taking Bill to a secluded cabin "deep" in the woods for long weekends. After Dr. Love was arrested, notes found at the cabin indicated that she and her assistant. Lab Technician Alice. fed Bill potent psychedelic cocktails containing LSD. mescaline, and magic mushrooms. She would then sit Bill or whoever "Spacecadet" was. down in front of a blank wall for up to 16 hours and programme "Spacey" using sophisticated mind-control techniques. Lab Technician Alice. by the way, had just come from an illustrious career working in Colonel Corso's research office at Defense. Before that,~she com- forted missing P.O.Ws. in the cages on Level 7 under Dulce, New Mexico. If you ever need someone to bring you down from a bad trip go ask Alice. The rest is history. But, let's explore some of the details. First. those notes. What led independent researchers to believe that "Spacey" was Bill is that according to the context there was only one "subject" ranked number 13 with 1/3 of students not graduating from high school and another l/3 not ready for the 21 st Century job market. Microsoft made sure that it won't face any competition from Americans. Thank Bill for dumbing down the good old U.S.A. But, maybe I've been too hard on Bill. Microsoft did take thet hinking out of using a computer so that we don't have to wonder "What if college professors ran the world?" Yet. it also took the thinking .out of American children. It's easy to imagine Bill and 15 Microsoft empl0yees armed with baseball bats invading his old high school cafeteria shooting "The free lunch is over." as they demonstrate Bill's brave new Friction-Free Capi-. talism (Gates, 1995, p. 157). With Friction-Free Capitalism there Non't be aiiy need for Un{ons. such as theold Hollywood Lube2b@s Guild. ' Sincerely, Eochaidh OghaChruithnb Lordsburg References BRAIN-DAMAGE: WHAT LITTLE JOHNNY DID TO DESERVE "UNCLE" BILL, 1985, Professor Sherman Peabody, Squirrel Press: Filbert, New Mexico. United States of America (U.S.A.) "11 BRAIN-DEAD AT 16: NOT TO WORRY, MICROSOFT CAN SELLYOU A PATCH, "[|: 1977, Professor Sherman Peabody, Squirrel Press: Filbert, New Mexico, U.S.A. ,'1'1[: THE SMOKING GUN, 1995, ALFie (A.lien L.ife Eorms) Guest , Yellow Book Publishers;il Dreamland, Nevada, U.S.A. "The information Highway will add video, which unfortunatelYil will do away with the social, racial, gender, and "species" blindness that text-onlyl| exchanges permit. (Gates, 1995, p. 92) According to Bill, we are, as of at least 1995;,[i communicating with Extra-terrestrials over the Internet. ThSre's no reason he'd lie abotttl| this. So apparently, he was introduced to the Aliens by the only person who Could hav~]~ and would have: President Clinton. While in office, President Clinton promoted the sam~H[ failed policy of performance standards for teachers that Gates is promoting today. Itl| hasn't worked for homo sapiens sapiens (human) children from then until now and it won't]][ in the future. Humans need an attention span and short term memory (types of buffers) I so that new information has time to be processed and either ,stored in long term memory I or discarded Aliens. Alien Hybrids and computers use Direct Memory Access (D.M.A.) I which includes mental telepathy (extrasensory perception: E.S.P. that Aliens use that involves electro-magnetic radiation) and therefore don't need an attention span and short term memory (buffers) to orocess and memorize new information. As for reading, Aliens don't read with their eyes; they "scan" like computers using something held in their hands (Howe 1989 364). D.M.A. Unfortunately for our children, modern computer soft~4are is written and computers are used, so that brief pieces of different informatk~n, especially on the Internet, continually interrupt the users' train of thought and interfere witPt~;~heir attention and short term memory. Keep in mind that according to Col. Corse ('1997) silicon chip technology used in computers ts Alien technology. Apparently, tha software that utilizes this hardware is better suited to Aliens than humans. HUH? WHY MARY CAN'T ADD (SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE): IS AN ATTENTION SPAN REALLY NECESSARY IN THE BRAVE NEW ALIEN'HYBRiD SOCIETY?, 2010, Dr. Natashya Love. Microsoft Press: Redmond. Washington, U.S.A. THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. 1997. CoL Philip J. Corse (Ret. and Mur.) with William J. Birnes, Pocket Books (Rosewood Woods Productions): New York, New York, U.S.A pages 2 (American RO.Ws. from World War II and the Korean conflict), 233-243: A.R.RA., D.A.R.PA.. A.R.RA.NE'E and the Internet, 1969.-1974. 272: Shamrock, back-door into American's communications from 1947 to 1975 when Bill Gates came on-line with his security crippled BASIC for microcomputers. Gary Kildall was in the military and Gary had to go. "AQUARIUS: The third and final project. AQUARIUS absorbed all previous projects, Funded by CIA confidential non-appropriated funds...All projects connected with aliens are qow intelligence community controlled." (Howe. 1989, p. 184) Share-alike and an open thternet are threats to National Security. TIGHTER. 1974. GT. Gordon Liddy, Freak Publications: Boston, Massachusetts. U.S.A MICROSOFT'S NEW XXXXXX* OPERATING SYSTEM: T'LL KNOCKYOUR SOCKS OFE 2010, Alice Jefferson, MK-Uttra Books: Hazel-nut, Washington, U.S.A. . * XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Microsoft Internal Dec. No. 2. Dec. 7, 2009) THE ROAD AHEAD, 1995, Bill Gates with Nathan Myhrvold and Peter Rinearson, Viking Penguin: New York. Naw York, U.S.A. pages 157-204: chapter 8, 'Fi'iction-Free Capital- ism' and chapter 9. 'Education: The Best Investment' What went wrong Bill or is every- thing going according to plan? RIPPED: THE RISE OF MICROSOF't. 2010 Bernie Madoff. Microsoft Press: Redmond Washington, U.S.A. " ..... |', AN ALIEN HARVEST: FURTHER EVIDENCE LINKING ANIMAL MUTILATIONS, AND[II, HUMAN ABDUCT ONS TO AL EN L FE FORMS, 1989, L nda Mou ton Howe, Pi6r}eerll Printing, Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A. pages 116, 135 (Alien base, Dulce, New MeX)ieo), I I' 150, 175 (D.A.R.RA.), 185 (Alien base, Dulce,~New Mexico), 225 (I.D.A., D.A.R.P.A.,'and l' secretary of State Henry K ss nger), 294, 296 (A en base, Dulce, New Mexico), 297 |, ("MURDER: The documents stated that many military and government personnel had been terminated (murdered without due process of law) when they had attempted to reveal the secret"), and 359-362. Gary Kildall was in the military and Gary had to go. Share-alike and an Ocen nternet are threats to National Security). ALIEN TECHNOLOGY: FROM ROSWELL TO REDMOND, 1981, Alice Jefferson. MK-Ultra Books: Hazel-nut, Washington, U.S.A. ALLEN HYBRIDS: THE SOFTWARE IS READY 1985. Alice Jefferso~ MK-Ultra Books: Hazel-nut, Washington, U.S.A. pages 211 and 212 (Howe, 1989) PROGRAMMING WET-WARE, 1985, Dr. Natashya Love, Microsoft Press: Redmond, Washington, U.S.A. KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE: HOWTHE UNITED STATES BETRAYED ITS OWN POWS IN VIETNAM. 1991, Monika densen-Stevenson and William Stevenson with materi~l from Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel (Rot.), Penguin (Group) Books USA: New York; New York, USA pages 97: Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, "Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy," 330-332: "He [Father Charles Sheifon, Jr.] told me that, some months earlier, while stationed at Keesler [Air Force Base, Mississippi], he had been asked to counsel a sergeant based in the Philippines. "The sergeant said he'd been involved in a medical evacuation team. which in early 1986 had flown to the North Vietnam port of Haiphong in a C,130 to pick up prisoners,' Father Shelton told me "Two other flights had gone to Hanoi. All the Nanes carried Red Cross, not USAF, markings. A total of 86 men were flown to the Philippines, whore they were put into special wards at a military hospital.' He said the men were Caucasians. Not one weighed more than 100 pounds. Some were so sick, they died soon after evacuation. They all had difficulty Speaking English." "The man seemed to realize suddenly that he: m ght be breaking secur ty. He sa d " cou d lose my job.' I told him. "You could lose your life. too:" "[Father Sheiton:] I made some inquires of my own. heard about a young woman electrical engineer [Alice Jefferson] who had been assigned special work at an Air Force hospital in the Philippines, in a "classified' floor. Some of the inmates spoke with her. They said they were prisoners-of-war from Vietnam...but now they were still prison- ors. She conceded it might have been a "pyscho ward.' but she did think it was odd thal all of them imagined theywere POWs...An Air Force colleague confirmed there was a classified floor at that hospital..." "Because Father Shelton did not wish to gat his informants into trouble, I made my own inquwes and tracked down an Air Force technical sergeant m the Philippines. He told me the classified section of his base hospital had been entered by a female Air Force electrical engineer [Alice Jefferson] he had known since schooldays and trusted completely. "She said the first inmate a Hyatt House in l~alo Alto. There. the code disappeared and was given to ever at the cabin. In addition to the names "Space Cadet" and "Spacey," Bill is concentration-camp victom, and another man on the floor said they wore POWs. and he'd I[ ~ ~- - - ,- ,- .-~ -~ - .-- .- .,- .... ,- ~ also referred as "20" Almost certainly "20" refers to A S C I I 20 - the snace never see civilization again' The sergeant said that another friend had been in charoe Qf+ll I o~eve L)ompler, an angry young gee~ who uatcu wire an lntenslr, y mat ~ naru ..... " _ _-" . ~. ",~ [. ~,,.,,.,,,. r~-. tracking the C-130 flights to Hanoi and Haiphong and confirmed they had picked up~'what~l[ oar Key ana\or cnaracter m computer programming m tact zu 1s useu m II to put into words, his MITS 8800 that had only 256 bytes of memory, which , ' -. " ' - looked like Caucasian prisoners." ' , ~ ~l~ It he had obtained at the MITS factory in March Dompier passed it to Sokol Natashya's and Alice's notes, 16 times more frequently than either "Spacey" or WHERE THE XXXX ARE WE- CHINA? ON THE FAST TRACK TO LEVEL 7, 1987,~iice~1, II ......... " ...... "Space-cadet" Furthermore Alice is recorded as havin~ to nut "20" into the Jefferson MK-Ultra Books: Hazel-nut Washington U.S.A. page 358 (Jensen-Stevetl|on ,~ llWnO just,nappeneu to nave access to a mgn speea paper tape ptmcn ann diner . , ~, t- 199t~ ' ' ' . " "" Ilreally cool high tech gadgets with strange markings on them. Then, at the July tame-out room or "Level 77 as she called it, on several occasions during vicious WRAP, t 975, Studs Turkal, Freak Publications, Boston, Massaehueetts, U.S.A. ~. ~ |lmeetin~, 50 conies ofRin-offBasic (4K Basic)inst anneared in a card board shouting matches, just after "'20" had drunk his special Black Russian and YOU HIT LiKE A GIRL 1994 Mike "The Bouncer" O'Blarney, Squirrel Press: Filbert, N~w~l~ c~, t- r J r~ , " Mexico, U.S.A.