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October 8, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 8, 2010

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r., HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2010 7 Just A Thought to intentionally live your life ByRICK KRAFT ' Life happens. Sometimes we are-Teady for it, sometimes we are not. Usually we just respond to whatever life deals us. Life con- t[dls us, we don't control our lives. We have maybe 80 trips around the sun. Are we intentional about what we need to be doing or are our actions by de- fa'ult? "' What I am saying. is when you get though reading this column, something will happen in your life. It ma3, be that you get dressed and ready for the day, you may take a nap, you may go for a walk. you may turn on the television set. Rdgardless, something will hap- pefi in your life. You see, your life is like a 24 h0~tr/7 day a week radio station. Zhere is always something broad- c]isting, always something going o~fi. As long as you are alive, some- thing is happening in your life. What is broadcast, how your time ig,devoted, you control; '- To illustrate this. amagine YgU are in the top position for a televxsion station. It is summer. ah'd you are choosing what tele- vision, programs are broadcast at each time and on each day for the fall season. You have a blank b~ard with seven days of 24 hour trine slots. It is up tc~ you to fill in t~)e slots. The time slots won't fill inlthemselves. Just as it is in your pe~'sonal life. you are in control. What you must do is think at~out the model schedule for the v~eek and then determine what p~ograms are available and when e~fizh program should occur. By d~ing this you will determine v~hat happens in the future. [. In this illustration you are ~finning for the future. You are co,'ntrolling your world. You are being intentional. You are living i~tentionally. You are being pro- active, not reactive. You are at the steering wheel driving your car. you are not a passenger riding in tl~e back seat. ~', What is important in your . w6rld? Take out a sheet of paper. ra~ke a grid showing the last s~v~ta' days '0f you?'life with 24 h~)urs each day. Write out in hour i~crements where your time been -s~ent. Look at your worksheet Rick Kraft and ask, "Is this the best use of the last 168 hours of my life?" and "Am I satisfied with how I have invested the last seven days .of my life?" If you answer these questions "yes," great! You were on track last week with the pri- orities in your life. If you look at your worksheet and you say things like, "I stayed up too late three evenings and didn't get enough sleep," "I hardly had any family time," or "I should have gone to church." then you are not living your life as it can be lived Recog- nize that it was your choice that each of these events occurred or didn't occur. Understand that I am not say- ing that you can't stay up late or that you can't relax and watch television or read a book; I am saying that you should do so be- cause you intentionally choose to do so. not because you failed to plan. are lazy, or are unmoti- vated to get done what needs do- ing. I' want you to think out in advance, how do I need to spend the next seven days, the next month, the next year. I am not say- ing schedule or pran as tightly as the television programming ex- ample, but I am saying plan in advance how you want to spend your time and on what you need to spend your time. Recognize that you are in control of you. For example, if there is a fam- ily member you have not had the opportunity to spend time with, make a call and see if you can get together with him or her some- time this week. If you haven't had a vacation together as a family recently, call today for no later than tomorrow) and book a hotel room for a three day weekend to get your family out of town to- gether and make some memories. Make a sign that says, "'BE INTENTIONAL!" and post it on your refrigerator or as a table tent on your dining room table. Think of what needs to happen. Learn to think proactively. Write in small print on the sign, "what needs to happen?" The sign will remind you to look ahead, to ptan your world, to be intentional. Then take action in response to the sign. Schedule an evening each week to do things together as a family. Put out your clothes Saturday evening so you will be ready for church when you wake up on Sunday morning. We live our lives with so many excuses. Most of them are very weak: "I overslept," "I for- got," "I was too tired," "I didn't have time." Bottom line, we choose how much we sleep. We can make a calendar so we don't forget. We have time for What we make time for. It is really not a time issue, it is a priority issue. We are able to control what we do with our time. This is what I am talking about. The choice is ours. If you don't want to go to an event you have been invited to, decide not to go. Or decide to go. Either way make a decision and move forwdrd, ff you decide not to go, plan what is more impor- tfint in your life to occur that keeps you from going. UnderstandI am not saying you need to be rigid in your life. There is nothing wrong with re- sponding to unexpected events and changing your plans. We need to be flexible, but we need to know where we are going and have a plan to get there. If a fam- ily member has a crisis or if a friend needs help, change your plans but be intentional about changing your plans. Do so be- cause comforting a friend is what is most important for you to do over whatever you had planned on doing. My challenge to you is to live an intentional life. Plan or schedule what needs to happen in your life. Be intentional about family time. You are the CEO of your own life. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. No excuses. Understand events can change plans, but when they do, be intentional about changing plans. You are in control of your life. You are accountable for what you do and don't get done. Plan to get done what needs doing. Be intentional in the life you live. Just a thought... Rick Kraft spends time each week intentionally writing his column. To submit comments, contribu- tions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ or write to P.O. Box 850. Roswell, NM. 88202-0850. A Picture From The Past Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg The Mighty Mavericks in 1946 First rove. left to right: Pete Galindo. Jimmy Frederick. John Kipp, Jim Snethen.. Emilio Mora. Gilbert Mora. C. 8anchez, Mike Gutierrez Second row. left to right: Benny Frias. Carlos Hernande~z, Raymond George, Robert Camacho. Frank Brooks, Harold Taylor, Jim Ewing, Pablo Sanchez, Third row, left to right: Juan Gl~zman, Ralph Craig, Daniel Duran. Edmund Hale. Fourth row, left to right: Raul Arana, David Morelos, Gene McDonald, Ramon Figueroa. Bill Oliver. Coach Burke Stiles October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Submitted by NMCADV/Albu- querque, NM The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic .Violence (NMCADV) partnered to launch a statewide campaign today in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In collabora- tion with the New Mexico Domes- tic Violence Leadership Commis- sion and New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, NMCADV announced a "Wear Purple" cam- paign. The campaign calls on New Mexicans to wear purple on Fri- days in October in order to bring attention to the prevalence of domestic violence in our state. It will also consist of radio PSA's on eight stations, featuring New Mexicans speaking of their per- sonal reasons for participating Madison Tabet. a survivor of do- mestic violence who holds the title of Miss New Mexico 2010. is among the individuals featured in the PSA's. She explained her motivation today: "I'm wearing purple because it represents my entire story as a teen domestic violence victim, especially the happy ending as a survivor." NMCADV Executive Direc- tor Pam Wiseman spoke today of the impact that raising awareness can have on domestic violence: "This month is more than a sym- bolic gesture. Domestic violence is a pattern of power and control, and a key technique abusers use to achieve that is isolation. When we shine a light on domestic vio- lence, when we bring it out from behind closed doors and state that we as a community will not tolerate it~ we bring victims out from their isolation. Awareness really does make a difference." NMCADV has 28 member programs across the state who will be conducting additional local campmgns m their area. in- eluding stringing purple lights and holding candlelight vigils. For more information on NMCADV, its member programs, and events in your area. log onto Victims in need of assistance can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE. hehere.ld @=LzneX .nee ..L , 7:: ' ~i i ~. i , i~! i LI NG, NEW MEXICO 2 ' Chain of Fools Buzz Tones OCTOBER 17th Nuevo Sol Garcia Family Band Family Fun - Door Prizes Fine Arts & Crafts Cork-Ptdling Contests & Grape Stomp Contests Open noo~7 to 6.'00pro both cktys/ ADMISSION includes souvenir glass Under 21-$2 12 & under FREE 60 h ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY, da S! LAW ENFORCEMENT & BORDER PATROL GET IN N -.9[~ C~mlmQ "x, i