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October 9, 2009     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 9, 2009

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2 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2009 Local Law Enforcement Wednesday, September 16 Medical crews were dispatched for a man having a seizure, an 85-year-old woman who was bleeding on her head and an 18- year-old woman who bumed her hand. A drunk driver was arrested following a traffic stop and ju- veniles were seen 'messing' with a school bus on 9th Street. Thursday, September 17 Animal control was called to re- move a skunk from a residence in Glen Acres. A suspected nar- cotics call resulted m one arrest on Cholla Street. Break ins were reported at Rico's Restaurant and on Pasture Loop. A fight between two students brought police to Central Elementary School and police were called to remove an unwanted man from Diamond Shamrock. Ha- rassment was reported near Rico's Restaurant and a minor accident took place on Arnold Street. A controlled burn was performed on Gin Road and an attempted break ih was reported on Shakespeare Street. Friday, September 18 An elderly man required medi- cal assistance after having trouble breathing, as did a 2- year-old boy who was choking and a 30-year-old woman who fell and injured her left side. A violent customer was reported at McDonald's find an alarm was triggered at Circle H Grocery. An erratic four-wheeler was com- plained about on 'G' Street and a domestic incident brought po- lice to the Super 8 Motel. An auto accident on 4~h Street resulted in injuries and a bicycle was re- ported stolen on Avenida del Sol. Saturday, September 19 A controlled bum was performed in Rodeo and a brush fire brought emergency crews to In- terstate 10 near the New Mexico/ Arizona state line. A man alleg- edly pointed a gun at a woman in Rodeo. Sunday, September 20 A pursuit on Interstate 10 ended in an acciden[ at Exit 22 and po- lice were forced to deploy a taser on the subject, who was eventu- ally taken into custody. Live- stock was loose on Highway 338 near the 4 milemarker and sus- pected public drinking was tak- ing place at Shakespeare Cem- etery. Harassment was reported on 'B' Street and ATVs were seen racing along Mountain View Road. A suspected domestic fight, which turned out to be a loud party, brought police to 'E' Street. Monday, September 21 Medical emergencies on this date included an 84-year-old woman with low blood sugar who was not feeling well. a woman with a pair of scissors stuck in her leg and an 80-year-old woman suffering a possible stroke. A suspicious male subject was reported on 9th Street and a welder was reported stolen at Big Uns. A break in was reported on Avenida del Sol and a bag was lost/stolen at McDonald's. Two subjects were "arrested on outstanding warrants, one at the 8 milemarker on Inter- state 10 and the other on High- way 70. Tuesday, September 22 An alarm went off at Sunshine Haven Nuring Home and a brush fire brought crews to the 5 milemarker on Highway 338. Livestock was loose near the 4 milemarker on Highway 80 and police were called to Saucedo's Supermarket to remove a subject who was bothering customers and employees. Wednesday, September 23 A minor accident was reported near the 27 milemarker on Inter- statel0 and a drunken man was arrested on South Animas Street. A vehicle hit a deer at the 23 milemarker on Highway 9. Medi- cal crews tended to a 78-year-old man who was injured in a fall, a child who hit his/her head, a 31- year-old woman having chest pains and a 47-year-old woman having a panic attack Thursday, September 24 A loud party was complained about on Avenida del Sol and sto- len electricity was reported on 5th Streeu Kids were seen throwing rocks at vehicles on Hardin Street and a woman called police after having trouble with her 14-year- old son. Medical emergencies included a McDonald's employee with a burned hand and an 82- year-old man having a seizure. Friday, September 25 A fender bender took place on Highway 9 near the 1 milemarker. A subject was throwing rocks at windows on Avenida del Sol and a vehicle struck a deer near the 30 milemarker on Highway 80. Suspicious noises were reported on 9~ Street and controlled burns were performed on 5th Street and on Collins Drive. A drunk driver was arrested at the 15 milemarker on Interstate 10 and police were called to remove an unwanted woman from a 4t" Street home. Saturday, September 26 Fireworks were complained about on Pyramid Street and a reckless semi raised concern at the 2 milemarker on Interstate" 10. Harassment was reported at the Family Dollar and property was reported stolen on 3~ Street. An Avenida del Sol resident called police claiming a neigh- bor had a stolen bike in their yard. A drunk driver was sus- pected on Intestate 10 near the 21 milemarker and a gas skip was reported at Trailtown." An 83- year-old woman who was feel- ing weak and tired and a 79-year- old man who was not feeling were both seen by ambulance crews. Sunday, September 27 A possible overdose case was reported on Motel Drive and a suspicious male subject was seen on 2nd Street. A controlled burn was performed on Pasture Loop and a vehicle was shot with a paint ball gun on Placita Pinon. Harassment was reported on Avenida del Sol. Medical emer- gencies included a woman who fell in Pilot. a 60-year-old man having chest pains, a 41-year- old man with an abscessed tooth and a 38-year-old male inmate at the Hidalgo County Deten- tion Center who had a head in- jury. Monday, September 28 Police were called to remove a male subject from Placita Cobre and damage was done to prop- erty on Avenida del Sol. An as- sault was reported at King Arthur's Apartments and a one- vehicle rollover a the 11 milemarker on Interstate 10 re- suited in at least one death. Medical crews tended to a Hidalgo County Detention Cen- ter inmate having trouble breath- ing, a 37-year-old man who was sick and a 70-year-old woman with low blood sugar who was feeling faint Tuesday, September 29 A motor home was blocl~ing traf- fic at Flying J and an assault was reported on Avenida del Sol. Trespassing was reported at the Chicken Smith Apartments and harassment took place on 10~ Street. Threats were made at the Assembly of God Church and a family dispute brought police back to the Chicken Smith Apart- ments. A man having leg pain and a man having a possible stroke both required medical as- sistance. ~ HEI~GE5 diets thee pro~xams to s~ i~r- entswtth ~ ~/~1 gt~l~. *14weccdLt~ t~ parems araJ o|her adults new COMMUNITY PARTNERS Bo~der Acea Mental Health Services Bootheel Y~Jth Association El Rolugfo, lnc. Hidalgo County DW| Program Hidalgo County Sheriff's OW~o of aliag~ how~o ~ tt~a~btltff a.d ~4~t. Hidalgo Medical Services *~Apmis a oned~ Oass 10 parems who a~e going thr~gh a di~ ~ separaaon. SUPPORT Judicial District Six Adult Drug CoUrt Local Collal)orafive 6~Total Community Approach Coordilaator Lordsburg Municipal Schools Lordsburg ~li~ Departmenl The Wellness COalilion HEALTH EDUCATION Bl~lrul~ I~ ~atlal~ to suplm~t ~ttims ol d~nesti~ Cmtence, Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to ,voice their opin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailedto 212 E. Motel Drive. Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that' are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech. Take it back Dear Editor- In recent times, suicide has become a prevalent and growing concern in our community. I ada- mantly feel that the solution to this invisible demon is a spiritual one. While it is no one's fault this continues to occur, we as spiri- tual human beings can have a positive impact on the lives of these troubled young adults. "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers. against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.'" Ephesians 6:10-12 Our battle to save our chil- dren is indeed a spiritual one. Yes. there are many things we. as par- ents and mentors, can do to help guide our children. This includes keeping a close eye on them, their friends, the games they play, the music they listen to, the televi- sion shows they are watching. Lord knows that Satan is using every bit of technology possible to corrupt these young, innocent minds. Ultimately, though, the prob- lern ~s a spiritual one, one that we cannot physically grasp. I am call- ing all adults in our community to confront this, vile demon of suicide head on through prayer. Pray with your children. Take get votes from teachers, not the general public. However, as a former student of public schools and mother who sent her daughters to private Christian schools until high school age, then to public school for high school. I will offer a few suggestions: 1. Common sense tells you how to handle education: Teach children the BASICS: to read. do math and understand science fun- damentals, spelling and vocabu- lary, teach music, penmanship, But he doesn't have time to talk to the General in charge Of the war in Afghanistan or figure out how to put people back to work! Why? Of course he's waiting for the stimulus package to work Ha! You know that is just another boondoggle ! ! The Congress & Senate are at it again. We were better off when they were on vacation. At least they weren't making any more stupid laws. While you are watching their left hand they are and civics tthat is. how to be civi- busy with the right one. You can't lized to your fellow students and keep up with it all. Anyway they not beat them in the head with a won't l~t you see ,the bills before l0 ft. wooden plank). Teach this they vqte on them. I heard Presi- in English, in the early years, so dent Obama say every bill would they are capable of understand- be put out for at least 72 hours. What ~ oke Ha. Of course Con- ing the English language. Later, in middle and high school, they gressrn can read and understand the more take 2 complex text books and con- & the~ cepts, undersi 2. Push for education lawma vouchers so parents can send protect their children to private and/or or Sen; parochial schools, out re, 3. Support home-school-should rag. hell ar 4. Support school boards ington that push for extra-bigb-stan- enougt dards in elementary school by fore v~ providing them with extra tax Se dollars. 5. Instill in elementary and middle-school children, they WILL go to college. Do not present college as a choice, but a fact of life. an Conyers said it would lawyers & himself 2 days still probably wouldn't and it. WOW! This is your ~ers at work! May God us If our Congressmen Ltors vote on any bill with- tding it personally, they be impeached. What the they doing up in Wash- that they don't have time to read the bills be- ting on them? nator Bingaman & Sen Udall 1)oth said they were going to votelyes on the health care bill, even tho they are going to cut 6. Educate the high school B~ students so they go directly to nation. College or University, NOT to lion dc "'Junior College". Junior college & daul is for those who failed high our gu school, are ou Many, many students drop they jt out not because they don't get or wha help at home, but because the fight a teachers didn't spend enough how. time teaching the basic reading tax pa in elementary school. Afterfor an school, television, cell phones, land-II $500 b~llion from Medicare. Take a pill you old people & shut up!! Lt as broke as we are as a they still send $2.5 mil- liars to Lybia-Kadifi's son :hter. Why??? They hate ~s people. What the hell : politicians doing? Are st sitting on their thumbs : ever? It seems they could gainst stuff like that any- )r against $259 million of ~er money given to Gore atitomobile plant in Fin- FINLAND? What? I have after school activities and absent parents do not bode well for an educational atmosphere for some children. Learning to read must take place in the CLASSROOM. An exceptional elementary school education will lead to suc- cess in high school. If the child does drop out of high school, ba- sic reading ~and math skills learned in elementary school will get them through the rest of their life and even a minimum wage job. Those who cannot read nor do math can't fill out the appli- cation. I attended ten different el- ementary schools by the end of my 5~ grade, in Texas. Would never have made it to the 9'~ grade never n my 77 years seen such disdaiz & disregard for the citi- zens o~the USA or their money, NEVEr! I ~aw ole Pelosi sniveling & slobbering on TV the other day about the rhetoric she says is downright scary. Well let's see people[, SHE has called people like yo~ & me a mob, un-Ameri- can, Astroturf, & other politicians called us unruly mobs, Nazi, stu- pid Rednecks because we ask questions like, "What's in the bill? Why don't you want people to see it? Why not discuss it on TV?" Sure they udder a few m- coherent words but not what's in the bill. Why? Have you or they them to a bible-believing church, if the ten earlier teachers had not ever really read the First Amend- Introduce your children to the FOCUSED on teaching the chil- ment to the Constitution? It's spirituality of Christ. , ,, dren ,ho~w lo read, wr~te and .~o iateresting. It reads like thiS, ....... Thi~'Tbattle wo~ [ tge"ffb-fi matli. We dlcln't tal~e time to learn "Congress shall make no law re- unless.~,ou are on your'knerslpray- about ~global' warrflit~g:~ diversify spectirtgdtfbstabli~ment of Re- ing. Ta~k6 it back. Lordsburg, take training, singing the .praises of ligion, (hmm) or prohibiting the it back. President Eisenhov~er. sex educa- free exercise there of (oh my) Or Manuel Garcia Lordsburg Common sense Dear Editor & Candidate Allen Weh: Candidate Allen Weh, I am glad we will have a Republican running for governor. Thank your for your time and effort and your family's support. I do hope you can get a fair election. Tip: Be- ware of voter fraud in New Mexico. Your email to me asking for suggestions on how to fix NM education is an obvious push to tion. self esteem, etc. We went to school to get an EDUCATION, not an INDROCTINATION., Common sense. Now, you knew that already, didn't you? Mary Snyder Hachita, NM Where is the pres? Dear Editor: Well. well. where is the presi- dent today? Why doesn't he stay in the White Hous6 & take care of business? Millions of people out of work, Afghanistan gorug to hell in a hand basket, & Obama goes on TV all over the world. abridging the freedom of speech, (hmm) or of the press: or the right of the people peaceably to as- semble & to petition the Govern: ment for redress of grievances. Wow!! So my friends, I think all those piloticians who call us names should be impeached. Government by & for the people. Do you Piloticians un- derstand!!? Health care is not h given under the Constitution No where ! ! Nuff said. God Bless ouk Country & our Troops. Gene Chadbor~ Animas, NM ,~B ~ e~,l ~ mea apoyar a vt~cx~a~'sob~ ~,kn~ts de cmte~a ~ o a~ s(~mak~ Se~dos at, b S~qua ae~C~a'~n~y~ ~ ~ ~