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October 9, 2009     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 9, 2009

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-, . !J ..... :! -- - ! HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD Just A Thought Go ahead and reach,out your hand anyway By RICK KRAFT I lifted my right hand and reached out respectfully to shake his hand. The man did not move his right hand from his side. He just stood there and looked at met lie didn't respond. His defiant behavior was meant to be disrespectful. His message was clear. I dropped my hand, ~spoke respectfully to him. and went on with business as if the inci- dent had never oc- curred. Given the same I come back to a line I shared earlier: Our job in this world is not to win a popularity contest. Sometimes I think we forget this, If I live my life the way God de- sires me to, there will be people who will get mad at me. There are people who will not like me. There are people who will not give me the basic level of respect by shaking my hand; TheSe are the people whom I need to pray for the hard- est. It is truly a,chal- didn't like and he just out of the blue hung up on me. As I hung up my receiver I closed my eyes and replayed the short phone call. I asked myself if I should have handled anything differently. I came to the conclusion I had handled things right. I would g1+ve the same responses to his questions if we went through the same phone call again. As such, I picked Up my next phone message and returned the next call. As is the case with the handshake, the problem is not mine, it is the one who can't con- Picture From TI Submitte( FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2009 7 te Past by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg My chosen response was to con- tinue on with my day as if it had never occurred. I chose not to be embarrassed. Nor did I lose one minute of sleep over the occur- rence. In this incident. I had not done anything wrong. Not only - had I not done anything wrong, I had done the right thing. I can look at myself in the mirror and know I did what was proper. I treated the man with dignity and : respect. The problem is not me. If anyone out there does not want to shake my hand, so be it. I'll still extend my hand anyway. I will do so because it is the fight thing to do. +circumstances, I lenge to live life as a trol his anger. I slept well that would extena" my nana" , Christian. attorney. I am night. The other attorney may .. . not saying that your hfe have also. Maybe hanging up on to ttus man again. Rick Kraft is an- easier Most of"ou You see, there are . . y. . .. ~ others was something he did as a . . hve your lives in a oosItlOn where way of Jife. Or maybe he was em- f~ some people out there who are ..... - .... .... your oajecnve ts to meet me barrassed and felt convicted after JUSt angry They live their lives .~. " .. needs of those you serve also. the call ended. I do know V~e angry, lney are angry wire them- Nevertheless, we all come across didn't visit again for two weeks selves. They are angry with their individuals who can be impos- and that in the six or eight tele- .Compltmen.}$ family. They are angry with those sible, Individuals who feel what- phone calls we had in the follow- who they come into contact with. ever you do or don t do will be ing months, he was a different Of .They are ang~ with the world. It wrong. There are some out there person than he had been in the DOCTOR BAXTER AND ST~E~ ~s a way of life. Some of these who we just dread dealing with first six months of handling the .people don t even realize the way because they take so much energy case. He was a true gentleman and In 1959, Dr. James H. Baxter advertised in the --59 Maverick Yearbook. Standing in front they are. People like this don't from us. Even the shortest ex- he bent over backwards to be very of Dr. Baxter's office on the corner of Shakespeare and Third Streets in Lordsburg were, think twice about rude behavior, change causes us to have to pick respectful to me. I believe he felt + left to right, Connie Saucedo, Dr. Baxter, and Monie Talavera. They just take it in stride. If they ourselves back up and readjust guilty for his action and, although are feeling down, they pull as back to a healthy attitude. I call we never discussed him hanging Fifty years later the Class of 1959 is planning to celebrate its 50th anniversary at a class reunion in Lordsburg on October 16, 17, 18, 2009. A registration ~ocial will be held on October 16 from 3:00 to 6:30 manYas theypeplecan aroundthem down thinkthese ofPeplethese people"takers"'I rememberWhen I visited.uP' he recalled it each time we p.m. at the Triple J Cat6 followed by a football game at 7:00 p.m. at Maverick Stadium. On October 17, + Being an attorney does not the say!,ng, "hurting people hurt What is important here is we classmates and guests will enjoy a reception at the Triple J from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner ~cause me to win a popularity con- people, are accountable to both God and catered by the Triple j. A picnic will, be held on October 18 at the Special EVents Center starting at 12:00 test. My job is to represent my I find myself regularly thank- ourselves for the way we live our noon. For more information contact 59 classmates and reunion organizers George Gallegos - (575) 388- clients and to be an advocate for ing God that Ionly have to inter- life. Sometimes we do our best 1735; Nick Ruiz - (575) 313-3247; Jim Culberson - (575) 542-9097; or Sandra Shoon - (575) 542-3454. them. That is what l do for a liv- act with these people and then my and anotherorothersstilltreatus Weekend at the Galleries returns ing. In the course of doing my job life goes on. In other words, when poorly. I had a lady ask me once, I deal with many unhappy people, our exchange is through, I can "Why is it that no matter how kind deal with many angry people. I reset my attitude and go on with I treat them, they are still rude Submitted by MIMlaRES RE- mentary, commemorative Week- New Mexico University Book- deal with many people who are healthy and uplifting thoughts, back?" I told her the message of GION ARTS COUNClLISilverCity end at the Galleries pint glass, store manager Shawn Go, rdy will depressed. It comes with the ter- They leave and continue to have this column, "You just do the The arts community of Sil- This year, each igarticipating be on the poi'ch of Vicki s Eatery ritory. Most of~you reading this to live with themselves. I some- also interact with similar people times think God places these right thing and you can sleep ver City will present the 13th an- gallery has selected a country or selfing texts regarxting Southwest on a daily basis, people in our path to set the curve with yourself at night." nual Weekend at the Galleries on region in the world to dedicate art, pottery, jewelry, travel, pho- My challenge to you today C~umbus Day Weekend, Oct. 9- their venue to. Visitors will re- tography,,and more. There have been several oc-so we appreciate the others we is to do the best you can to do the 12. This four-day occasion at- ceive a Weekend at the Galleries An Evening at the Galler- casions in my career when I have deal with more. right thing. Recognize that do- tracts art lovers from far and wide Passport indicating the country ies" gala will be featured from 4- extended my hand to the oppos-I also know I am not perfect, ing the right thing will not nec- to enjoy current works by re- associated with each gallery to be 8 p.m. when formal gallery open- ing party to give them a profes- I have failed many times. I have essarily make life easier. As a mat- gional artists on display in more stamped as they visit each of the ings are held with each gallery ~sional greeting and they are full failed others many times. Despite ter of fact, it may make life much than 25 galleries in historic down- 26 locations. Individuals who re- featuring food ancL decorations i, of so much anger because of their my best efforts, I will fail others .... , town Silver City and nearby ar- Ceive a stamp from each and ev- from their "chosen country. -more difficult. We can t control i!legal problems they don't re- in the future. I also know that no how others will respond to our eas. This year, a few exciting new cry gallery will be entered into a Galleries will then be open from events have been added to the cash drawing to be held at the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11 ispond. The event I mentioned matter how I choose to be, I have behavior. The fact another momentous event. The weekend conclusion of the weekertd, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Mon- +earlier happened outside the the rest of my life to live with '+courtroom before a hearing I had myself I will always be me I also chooses not t9 respond positively will commence Friday night, Oct. On Saturday, Oct. 10, galleries day, Oct. 12. In addition to dis- ~ " " " does not necessarily mean we 9 from 5:30-8 p.m. with "Polio will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 plays, several locations will offer l(nown the gentleman on theknow I can change me at any time. ~have done something wrong. 'other side for many years and God has given me free will and I Loco to be held at The p.m. At 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m., artist demonstrations throughout ' thought highly of him. I know his live in a free country. Most im- Our responsibility is to doWherehouse 305 S. Texas St. the Texas Street Outlaws will re- the weekend. ;faith teaches the value of each portantly I know when the day is the right thing and to rise above This curious evening is a turn again for hysterical, not his- Tickets for Polio Loco are human's life and of treating one done, whoever I am will go to regardless of what is done to us. competition 'for "chicken art" ere- torical, family-friendly street available 'at tile Mimbres Region m another with respect. There were sleep with myself. Our commission is to extend our ated by artists, both professional shoot-outs on the corner of Texas Arts Council Office, 1201 N. Pope ~two ottrer,individuals. ~ndi~g - ~-~ ~ ]~]J'/~tdf~ ~i~a_be~e~t I + ~hand regardless of how it is re- and amateur. The works will be and Market streets. These silly St.; the Blue Dome Gallery, 30..7 (with us.I said his name and ex- ,~h~a~l~91~ae~lp~ l~i~l~mp~r ~sp~nded to. " judged by live chickens and sold sights depict Wild-West shoot- N. Texas St.; Art and Co~'~- ~tended my hand-to greet him. with me or treats me with disr~- JuSt a thought... ~~+ for less than $200 per piece, outs.that are a fun addition to the tion, 614 N. Bullard ~t~"i~t What resulted is covered in the spect, I relive and evahiate the Rick Kraft is a motivational Individuals are invited to Weekend at the Galleries expefi: Leyba & Ingalls Artsl 315 ~. first paragraph above, situat!on. I ask myself the ques- speaker, a published author, and enjoy unique foods, handcrafted ence. Bullard St. There are countless ways to tion, 'Did I do thefight thing in an attorney. To submit comments, microbrews by the High DesertFrom 2-4 p.m., Brandon For more information con- respond to a situation like this. God's eyes?" If the answer is contributions, or ideas, e-mail to Brewing Company of Las Cruces, Perrault will perform on Market tact Seedboat Gallery at 575-534- rkraft@kraftandhunter, com root beer and special surprises. Street enticing WAG participants 1136 or the Arts Council at 575- Tickets for the event are $10 to celebrate the cool. crisp fall 538-2505 or visit or write to P.O. Box 850. RoswelL each, and the first 250 Pollo Loco weather with a street, dance, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. attendees will receive a comple- Throughout the day, Western "yes," thenI move forward. If the answer is "no." I have an obliga- tion to make things right. This usually involves an apology: and often a request for forgiveness. No matter how hard I try to make the decisions God would have me make, I still find myself apolo- gizing more than I would like. Let me follow the other path of having done-the fight thing. I will share another example here. Lean only think of one time I have had another attorney hang up on me. This happened many years ago and involved an attorney from 200 miles away. We were in the middle of a discussion he THANK YOU. The Family of Daniel Madrid would 1Cke to thank everyone for their prayers, phone calls and donations. Your thoughtfulness and kindness was greatly appreciated. We. would like to thank everyone who helped with the raffle and to all the businesses who donated the przes. A special thanks to .eonop Serna, 3ennfer Musquiz, 3uan Bejarano Consuelo Madrid, David & Trici Montoya, Hector Ibarra, Clark Smith 3r., David WaStes ]ess ca Smith, Greg &Kari MartCnez, G1orCa Martinez and Alex DeLaGarza. S thanksto everyone who helped and bought Thank you from the bottom our hearts. May God bless you a11. 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