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October 15, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 15, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 7 : i Just A Thought i i " Determining which bucket you are going to use By RICK KRAFT Imagine going through your day to day life carrying two buck- ets. One is full of fuel the other is full of water. Every day you are presented with potentially vola- tile situations and you have a choice which bucket you want to use in ad- :: dressing what is before you. On your shoulders is a pole that rests left to right behind your neck. On each end of the pole are ropes hanging down holding a bucket on each side. The bucket on your fight is filled with clear fresh water and the bucket on your left has a highly flammable fluid• If the conteffts of either bucket are emptied, they automatically re- fill in order that there is a con- stant supply of both liquids• I think each of us lives our lives this way. A step at a time we walk forward through our day. As we travel we come upon many fires along the pathway. The fires are all sizes from barely burning to large infernos. Some of the fires are in our home life, some are at work, and some are in other orga- nizations we are involved with. We have to make a decision each time we come upon a0burning fire. We can 1Sour water on the fire, we can pour fuel on the fire, or we can just walk on by. If we choose to pour water on the fire it will lessen the fire or it may even stop burning. If we put out the fire we continue on Our journey with smoke rising behind us as the flames have • been douseff. If we choose to walk by the fire the fire continues to burn as it did when we came upon it. If we choose to pour fuel on the fire it will ignite and burn stronger. We will continue on our journey leaving a larger blaze RickKraff than the one we came upon. The fire will continue to burn brighter and longer waiting, for the next person to come upon it. It may spread into other people's paths. Others could well be burned by the blaze and we may even get burned ourself. It is funny how we are. We start our day with good intentions. As the day progresses we make good choices and poor choices. Good choices bring construc- tive results. Poor choices often hurt oth- ers without even think- ing about it. Then we go to bed at night, look back on the day, and usually we can justify our poor behavior during the day we lived. In time we become numb to our unacceptable actions. That is just the way it is. What if we were able to lighten our load and not carry the. fuel filled bucket? What if all we carried was a bucket of water? If we got rid of the fuel filled bucket we would never leave a fire burn- ing brighter than when we came upon it. We would have only two options, walk on by or reduce or eliminate the fire with water from our only bucket• We live in a world of critical people. Critical people use their buckets of fuel regularly and then become numb to what they are doing. Critical people use words to destroy others. Words can be the worst fuel we can pour on a fire. Words can destroy another's spirit. Words can destroy an organization's spirit. Words are one way we convey our attitude to others. Hurting peoPle hurt people. People who have a fire burning them are more apt to try and ig- nite others. Why not? Misery likes company, right? Let me translate this concept MONSTER! into a real life example. You be- long to a group of people. It may be your workplace, your church, or your home. One member says something extremely negative about another member in your group. There is the fire. You now get to choose how to respond. Without thinking you reach for the bucket on your left and pour fuel on the fire. You agree with • the other and then add additional negative statements about the person. You not only affirm the other person's negativism, you douse it with fuel and raise it to another level. You-don't set out to hurt the other person, but the results of your action is increasing the fire that is' already burning. You are not only hurting the person be- ing talked about and justifying the attitude of the one you are- visiting with, you are joining into the destructive atmosphere your- self. The fire burns brighter on the paths of all three individuals in- volved. Now, let's take the same situ- ation. In response to the negativ- ism being told to you, you sug- gest to the speaker the two of you sit down with the person being criticized and talk about what your thoughts are. You point out to the speaker the person being criticized may not even know the speaker feels this way. You ex- plain to the speaker the difficulty the person being criticized is ex- periencing in his or her life. Theend result of your con- versation is that you will Sched- ule a meeting together with the two to talk about the speaker's concerns. You have used your water •bucket and the fire is now contained. I am not saying you can'stop the critical speaker from spreading negativism outside your presehce, but I am saying you can be sure you are not a part of spreading the fire and you have attempted to douse it the best you can. I am also not saying that you avoid difficult issues. Whether it is at home or at work, there are usually difficult issues that need addressing. Difficult issues need addressing. These could easily be considered fires along the path. These fires need to handled with healthy communication again without use of the fuel bucket. My challenge tO you today is to leave your bucket of fuel behind when you start your daily journey. It can do nothing but cause harm.-Carry your bucket of water and use it regularly and lib- era!ly. It will always refill itself. Who knows what difference you will make in the lives of others by putting out negative fires that consume others? Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney• To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@kraftandhunter, com or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 -0850. As we cel.elrate our 4-year anniversary, we thank you, our Ioya customers, for your continued busines! 904 East Motel Dr ' Lordsburg 542-3030 HOURS: Closed Saturday & Monday -.. Open Tues-Fri 8:00 AM - 8 PM ; 8 AM - 2 PM Sundays 228 E. Motel Drive * Lordsburg * 575-542-8833 try our tNd00 Spe00001 Tacos de Asada This Friday, come and try our Gorditas PUERTO RI[CAN . FOODI Fajltas rros con Gandules • Pasta and Pernll (Rice w/Peas and Roast Pork) Rellenos Cuban Sandwich Relleno Plate Menudo on.Sunday 3 teches Cake A Picture From The Past Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg Photo courtesy MARIAN TALAVERA/Lordsburg Priscilla Carmona's birthday party, at the home of her mother, Cuca Tovar, Lordsburg, ear!y-to-mid 1950s  q a 2 ':. L , h l ' Clockwise: Susie Varela (dark sweater), Frankie Ozeta, Efren Talavera, Talavera, Jr., Esther Marie Verdugo, Rita Varela; Barbara Renteria Priscilla Carmona, Art (PELON) Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- aid urges readers to voice their opin- ions by writifig in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment right of free speech. Liars Dear Editor: I'm getting old & senile, my back's killing me for I have to take more TV breaks than I used to. I really shouldn't watch that • crap cause it really ticks me off. I have never heard such a bunch of lying donkeys in my life. Take ale Blumingthal,"I served in Viet- nam", how could any body vote for a lying ass like that. He should be horsewhipped & run from the country & still the democrats think he's an angel. Horse Hocky. How can you sell your soul to a • liar? Good ale Charlie Rangle, "I didn't do anything wrong" liar! Oh, he just "forgot" 2 million dollars he had & forgot to apy his taxes! OK Then there's Dear ale Maxine Waters, she just got a few million government dollars for a bank her ale man had investments in. She forgot Wow! And then there's ale Joe Biden, he just for- gets everything• Who gave the Interior Dept the right to post a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf? A judge found it unconstitutional & pulled it, but the head of the inte- rior dept put it right back on with Obama's blessings! How? The congress is supposed to have oversite on all these depts. How can they let this happen? Be- cause they wanted the drilling shut down ! THEN, Your Government gave billions of DOLLARS OF YOUR (OUR) MONEY to Brazil & Mexico to drill in the same place, WHAT??? Millions of dol- lars to save turtles in foreign coun- tries, how about spending a fw dollars in the USA to promote job growth, Huh? Now for a little education, I see that ale Bill Richardson done spent a few bucks, 1.5 million, of stimulus dollars to buy a ranch up North to put wild horses on. I thought that stimulus money was to put people to work. That ought to make you feel good, es- pecially when he cut back on pre- school funding & lunches. Wow. Is this how the dems' are going to "help" the NM education be the best. Ha. We set @ 49th in the country now, Where is all the "good" they are going to do for the schools? Now, Social Security was supposed to be completely vol- untary & pay 1% on the first $1400.00 & you could take it off your taxes. It wasn't supposed to fund any other government pro- grams & would never be taxed as income WoW! Then ale Lyndon B Johnson & democrats took it to pay some other junk. Then the Democrats elimated the tax de- duction, & with AI Gore casting the tie breaking vote started tax- ing 85% of SS. Then along came Ol Jimmy Carter, him & the Democrats done threw the SS into Health, Education, & Welfare & started paying immigrants that moved here @ 65 yrs. old SSI even tho they never paid a dime into it. Your Democrat Senator voted for a.lot of this stuff. Ain't he great? Now SS is broke & every- body blames the Republicans• Ha! Look it up if you dare. Ain't democrats wonderful, looken out fer usin's that way? Bull We should all look at the way Republ -(i can )& democ-(rat) is spelled. Look at the last few letters in each & draw your 6wn conclusions. Oh yeah, I done found out where that stimulus money went, Did you see the STREAKER at Obama°s speech• Har Har. Nuff Said. 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