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October 15, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 15, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 15 HUGE SELECTION! Here's to Health Zero, 0, Zip, Nada, None Contributed by HIDALGO agave syrup; brown rice syrup; COUNTY HEALTH CONSOR- table sugar; glucose or dextrose: TIUM By Melvyn Gelb RN, MPH, CDE Some people are grumbling about ZERO, as tn the zero sodas and sweetened bever-" ages per day rec- ommended for people, especially children, to drink. They want to know: "are they telling me I can't have a teaspoon of sugar m my mom- ing coffee or tea?" Well, no. that is not what we are trying to make people pay attention to. It is the sodas and commercially prepared sweetened drinks that need to be cut back on by all Americans; if they wish to be healthy and to help figtit childhood obesity. Since 1977 soda has become the most popular beverage in America, surpassing water, milk and even beer! Other sweetened beverages have joined the list, like Gatorade, Snapple Teas, Ari- zona Teas, Minute Maid Lemon- ade and many more. It is not just sugar, as in cane sugar, which has increased in the American diet over the past 30 years but SUGAR(S) of all kinds. Sugar(s) include: high fructose corn syrup (now called corn sugar); honey; molasses: and new ones are be- If you were making a beverage at home, would you add this many teaspoons of sugar? Beverage Hawaiian Punch SunnyD Tangy Original Gatorade Lemon-Lime Snapple Lemon Tea Nestea Iced Tea' Sweetened Lemon Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea Coca-Cola Minute Maid Lemonade Pepsi Sunkist Orange Soda Ounces 8 8 20 16 16.9 23 20 20 20 20 Teaspoons of Sugar 4V2 4V2 8 10V2 "1 .i7l ing created each year. We now consume 20% more sugar(s) per person per year than we did 30 years ago, and this adds up to 200- 300 calories each day. While these sugar(s) have been added to many foods, "Soft drinks are the number-one source of added 'sugars in Americans' diet," ac- cording to Rachel Johnson, Pro- fessor of Nutrition at the Univer- sity of Vermont who chaired the American Heart A'ssociation panel on sugar. These extra calories do noth- ing for our health or our food needs. A study done at Purdue University showed that people given 450 calories extra per day from a solid food, like jelly beans, cut back on other solid food con- sumption: but those given 450 calories from liquids did not cut back on solid-food consumption. The conclu- sion here is that the calo- ries we get from drinking liquids just adds calories to our daily intake; and added calories usually means added weight. That's why many people who can't fig- ure out why they are gain- ing weight, stating they don't "eat" that much. or don't "'eat sweets" need to look to their liquid intake for the extra calories..And this goes for our children too, when it comes to large glasses of juice, as well as sodas Comparing fruit juice to a real piece of fruit, we can see that a medium sized apple might contain 60 calories, in-' cludes 3 grams of fiber and helps you to feel full; while 1 cup (8 oz.) of apple juice would contain 110 calories, no fiber, and does not fill you (or your child) up. These extra calories can mean more than just increased weight We know that increased weight can lead to: obesity, dia- betes and heart disease (eyen in the young.) Further, some studies have shown a connection be- tween beverages sweetened with fructose and increased triglycer- ides (a part of cholesterol linked to heart disease); increased belly fat (linked to heart disease); and the tendency to overeat. Ways not to drink yourself fat. * Drink plenty of water * Choose fat-free or 1% milk * Switch from juice to whole fruit * Skip sports drinks and "energy" drinks * Know thb calories in coffee and tea drinks and shakes LHS students share their bullying experiences. LHS students I00Jay vital role against bullying Courtesy submission Last week, Lordsburg High School seniors spoke to Central Elementary students about bul- lying. They did not need to be told that bullying is an issue when it has been experienced firsthand. According to Mr. Ramirez, Elementary School Guidance Counselor, "Our goal is preven- tion and intervention. ]t is im- portant for our high school stu- dents to be positive role models. Who better to share their own bullying experiences with our youth?" Discussions covered toler- ance, anger, and self-esteem is- sues. Parents wanting more infor- mation about bullying may con- tary or Dugan-Tarango Middle tact Ramirez at Central Elemen- School. WNMU to host annual Gila Symposium Oct. 14-16 gional Forester for the Southwest Regio n US Forest Service; and Dr. Exequiel Escurra, author and conservation biologist. Symposium activities are scheduled from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on October 14 and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on October 15. The Saturday field trip is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to h00 p.m. Mutchnick at or 575- 538-6642. For more information about the sessions, visit http:// Havesomethlnf to s00y? Submitted by ABE VILLARREAL/WNMU From tachnid flies to leop- ard frogs, a wide range of topics are set to be covered at the third Natural History of the Gila Sym- posium on the Western New Mexico University campus. Three days of study of the Gila area natural history will be * Downsize. Cut the portion-size covered with more than 30 pre- Partners for this symposium G/ PI EICI 1 G of your drink sentations to be given by area include: The Nature Conservancy Partial Beverage Guide experts. Scheduled sessions in- of New Mexico, Native Plant So- (from Nutrition Action Newslet- clude topics such as "Hawk ciety of New Mexico, Native Located inside the Cottage House, 214 E. Motel Drive, Lordsburg ter Jan/Feb 2010) Moths of tlae Gila" and "The Plant Society of New Mexico - Let me invite you to join me Night Sky of Southwest NM. ''I Gila Chapter, the Audubon Soci- Statement of Ownership Management and Circulation in lifting a glass of water and The three-day symposium ety (SW New Mexico Chapter), toasting our health, begins October 14 and includes Gila Conservation Education Mii;yn Gelb is a" Diabetes field trip ppbrtu=ties '.'0n,jts fir Center, United States Forest Set- " Publlc Health Nurse for the nal day, 0ct0ber 16. = Vice,Western Institute of Life-  UNITED $T/JTF-.$ PO-CTZtL $ERV/'E, (.adl Periodicals Publications Except Requester Publications) ,, : .2=., , :,.,  . .-- ..... _..Weeklv ;_ "J " " ': $201522 ..... 7, Cplgte Mailing d; of K O o# 9ubllion (NOt printer) (Street. ctt cnl Me, nd ZIp+) Cotact pn T  R 1//nc/uc cTelephe (I a codgj 12 E. Motel Oe, SuRe S, Lordsbut', NM 88Q45-542-8705 ' 8 cl:4et e M iltng kr of Hed or Ganl Bins Office of pu bli,h (Not panter) 212 E Motel Drive, Suite B, Lordsburg, NM 88045-1921 Publisher (Name at comp/ete mag add) Brenda J. Hood 212 E. Motel Ddve, Suite B, Lordsburg, NM 88045-1921 Edw (Na and plete mat saamss) Brenda J, Hood 212 E. Motel Dnve, Suite B, Lordsburg, NM 88045-1921 Mang Edor (hnm dCnptete ma,tmll ass) Brenda Ji Hood 212 E. Motel Drive, Suite B, Lordsburg, NM 88045-1921 10 3"ner (Do t leae ank f e caia  wned by a crpat giv   a  t e cmmn imrndate;y f  e rmmes na aaarsszes o t s o*v, or t  pne,a   oc ta t ara el so* Ie rmc o,ra  a . e, m rras end addms  the ndidua   d b' a arYstip  che u:q:rted rmr ge i1s na and  as     . al  n pubc. s puntsh by  npror orgaraat, g 4s name ar adss ) Full NS CO Maliln@ Addss Brenda J. Hood 212 E, Motel Drive, Suite B, t.ordsburg, NM 88045-1921 11. K Bond. Mcs. al Oer 3eoJrily Holders Cning I, ONo none 12. "r ah1 (F pte#on by nolpro ortzlios at,'odze to marl at nporrt rat) (Check ) 'le teosa. . and aa stat of ths oantza,on  the status f fe0e  tax p*aor.ea: r'l Hae Changed Ou nO Preir 2 MS (tSser must suam exana /enar, l  V, stmeme 13. 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Melvyn can be reached at Or at 538-5318, Ext. 127 This year's keynote speakers long Learning and Western New include Benjamin-Tuggle, Re- Mexico University. gional Director for the US Fish There is no fee to attend the and Wildlife Service Southwest symposium. Registration is avail- Region; Corbin Newman, Re- ' able by contacting Patrice / write-in cana/cta00!E, Of ,New Mexico Rodeo Resident * Call 575-557-1142 I heherald 0000snex .net I 00e,comes s@ OF LORDSBURG * a"n -':n- " - '* Weekend ltoom this weekend/ Special! Stay with us while in rib  town celebrating Lordsburg's 130th   Bixthdayl 1  talltoday to reserve your zoom! Includes Free Continental Breakfast 1426 West Motel Drive Lor00sbu00, 575.542.3600 WEED $ ! O0 - $2000 We want to make you a Ioanl Build Your Credit. No Checking Account Needed. Apply in person or call ahead! 6ENTRY FINANIIE 205 [. eliO STIEET. LOIOSIII6, NM 575-542-8066 I I ;od is the (00od of second chances; No.matter how you've blown it, He still loves you and so do we Lord's Living Water Li@;hthouse 807 Duncan Highway (US 70) ~ Lordsburg ~ (575)590-0143 ~ Sunday Morning Service: 10:40 AM. Dress is always casual