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October 17, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 17, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014 11 "As I Remember" by Allen "Hook" Hill Editor's Note: Longtime This column appeared In the were not rock throwing or shoot- Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hundreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980's he began writing a column entitled "As I Remem- ber." With his permis- sion, these columns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, who is 93, still lives in L?rdsburg. Lordsburg Liberal on November 9, 1990. By ALIEN "HOOK" HILLI Lordsburg There were many ar- guments among the Virden farmers in those early days--arguments that still have not been settled and are not likely to be settled in the near Allen Hook Hill future. They were heated arguments that were most serious in nature but they upon the re'st veca~ of a pos'ifiea the chartar. ~S 4/:,*-~ heldbyanonstudentmemberon O. tlthecherterofanurben 4~'~'~ the eniveGity of New Mexico's county provides for a gnver~ /~/~ ~ ~'N,u,~ beard of reganls, tbe governor ing bedy cemlmsed af mer~ /Z/~~- shaft nominate and by and with ~;ected by diStriCt, ~ member ~,~ ~ .~.~}:~ tbe censent of the senate shall rap~sentingadistnctsh~be appoint a student member to serve a rea~eet and elected by the ~ a lwo-year term, The governor registered gualified a~t~s of that shaft select, with the advte and @~.9*;T~ consent of ll~ senate, a student district. " '~0.]91~.0~ " member from a list providad by E Thetz~ooseoflh~sse- ..... the president of the university Of ti~l is to I~ovida tar maximum HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION New Mex~. In malting the list. the local self-govemtrtenl. A tiber~ 5tST LEGtSLATUFIE - STATE OF presideet at the universiW of New :onstmcl~n ~all be g~ven to the NEW MEXICO- FIRST SESSIO~ Mexico shall g~ve due conalderat~n powers of urban coIJ~e& ing confrontations. You see,they were debates concerning which truck was better, Ford or Chevy. Now, in Virden you were either a no account Ford enthusiast or an empty headed Chevy backer depending on which side of the fence the accuser stood. The first interesting part of the whole thing was that most of those in- volved couldn't afford one orthe other but the disputes continued nonetheless. The second interest- ing point was, in spite of the Ford- Chevy battle, one of the first trac- tors built to haul potatoes was made from a cut down Plymouth, as I remember. I might tell you that the Lines family members were all Ford people, if that has any bearing on the case. Anyway, Henry owes them, but back to the tale. I can't remember exactly how the idea was born but some- 2013 te the recommendafi0r~ of the E The pr~of~ee~or where along the line the flash INTRODUCED BY student bogy president of the- shall be selt-exectathg." university, SECTION 2, TI~ amendmem came that it would be an interest- AJOINTRESOIMnoN E, Membersofthebeardpraposed by this rea0tut~n shall ing experience for me to ride the ~0POS~NG TO AMEND ARTICLE L shahotberem0vedexnaptto~ besubmittedte~pe0plotorlbei~ potato truck to see the big city. SECTION 1 OF THE CONSTITUTION is, competence, neglect of duty Or OF NEW MEXICO TO PRO~OE THAT rnaffeasahce i~ offte. Provided. aplmwal or rt~ at the next SCHOOL ELECTIONS SHALL BE It~wever no removal shall be made general elechon or at any =pae'~l My cousin, Harrold, approached HELD AT OIFFE~NT TIMES FROM PARTISAN ELECTIONS BE IT RESOLVED BY/HE LEGIS- LATUFIE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO: SECTION I t ts p~d to amend/bhcle 7 Section t of the constitt~on of New Mexico to read: "A Every citizen of the United States who is over the ~je of twenty-one years and has resided in New Mexico twelve months. in ~ county mnety days. and in the precinct in which [he] the pemon offers to vote thirty days. next preceding the election. except idiots, insaee persons and persons convicted of a felonious Of Infamo~ds Criroe unless rsStoree to pal~Cal fights, shall be qualified to vofa at all elections for ~ubl~: officers The legtslatore may enac[ laws providing for absentee Voting by quafified electors. Aft schonl elections shag be held st different t~mea from [other] pertisan efec. ~ns, B. The legislature shall have th, e power te requtre the rsgmtra* without notice of hearing and an opportunity to be heard having first been g~ven such member. The SUl~eme court of the state of New Mexico is hereby given exctt~we ~gmal jurisd~on over proceedings te remove members nt the bea~l under such ndee ac it may promulgate, and its decision i~ connection with such matters shaft be final?' SECTION 2, The amendment prOgase~ by this ree~ut~ shall be s~bmitted to the people for their approval or rejection atthe next general election or at any special elecbon prior to that date that may be caged for that purpose, SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 5tST LEGk%ATURE - STATE OF NEW ME-J00 - SECOND SESSION. 2014 ~NTRODLtCEO BY A JOINT RESOLUTION PROPOSING ANAMENDI~ENT TO /~TflCLE 6 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF NEW MEXICO TO ALLOW THE LEGISLATURE TO SET THE DATE electinn prior to that date that may be called for that p~. HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION firST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - SECOND SE~ION, 2014 INTRODUCED BY A JOINT RESOLUTION PROPOSING TO J~IENO ARTICLE 12. SECTION 7 OF THE COBSTITIJT1ON OF NEW MEXICO TO PRESERVE THE LAND GRANT PERMANENT FUNDS BY INCREASING THE DUTY OF CARE. REMOVING THE RESTRICTIONS ON THE TYPE OF INVESTMENT THAT MAY BE MADE AND INCREASING THE THfiESHOLO AMOUNT FOR ADOITIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS. BE IT RESOD/EO BY THE LEGIS- LATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO: SECTION 1. it iS p~ to amend Article 12, Section 7 of the constitulJan of New Mexico to mad: tion of the qualified electors as a FOR RUNG DECL/fftATIONG OF "A. As used in ~is @, rsquisite for voting and shall regu- CANDIDACY FOR 2JDIOAL RETEN- "fund" means the permanent late ti~ mannerAime and pieces TION ELECTIONS; schont fund desoribed In/~iJde 12, of voting. The leg~dature shall Section 2 of this [ertide] censtittr- enact such lows as will secure the BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGIS- tion and all other parmanent ~ secrecy of the begat and the gunty LATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW derived fr~a lands granted or of elections and guard against the MEXICO: SECTION L it is ~ cof~rmnd to the state b~ ~ act of abeseolelec~te~iee. Not toamendArtide6 Seetion 34 of congreasof June 20, t 910. entitlec more than two members of the the constitutio~ of New Mexico to "An act to enable ~e gapple of board of rngistra~n and not more read: New Mexico to form a constitution thee two judges of election shell qhe office of a~q justloe ~r belong to the same ~ party judge subject to the provish~ns of and state geverornent and be at the time of their appointment/ [Section 33 of] Artide 6. Section 33 admitted ~to the anion on an equa SECTION 2. The amendment of th'm censt~ution becom~ vacant tootin~ with the odginal stales.'. proposed by this reeolutten shall on January I immediately lot]owing B. Tbe~nd shatl be invested be submitted te the peo~te te~ ~sir the Oeneral election at whid~ the by the stets Investrnaot office ie approval or rejectian at the ned jualice or judge is rejede~ by more accordance W~th put~ regulations general el@ or at any spec~l than torly-thrse peteent ~f ~ promulgated by the state invest- election pnor to that date that may voheg no the question of [hisl meat council be called tar that pu~oae retention Or re/e~uo~ or art 3aramry C. In making inveatrnenl& immediately folkrwing th~ date the state iI1~estm~ officer. Martin (Lines) with the possibil- ity of my going with him on a run. He said it would be ok, so the next hurdle to clear was my folks. That took some doing but at length they consented, so the trip was on. On the morning of departure they Martin Lines and O.J. Merrell ----drove up to the side of our home on south Main. I was ready and waiting but when I walked out and saw that load in the darkness, it looked somewhat foreboding. I was a little appre- hensive but I crawled up in the cab with them. and we took off before I could change my mind. Both of those guys were big kidders and--I think to stay awake they started in on me fight off. It was all in fun, though, and we had a good time for a few miles. About half way to Deming I got sleepy, so Martin pulled over and said, "We're going to put you up on top of the load". I thought he was still kidding but sure enough, we crawled out and climbed up on to the load. He moved three or four sacks of po- tatoes, making a hole for me to get down in to, handed me a coat to cover up with, crawled back SEI~,TE JOINT RESOLUTION [helthejusticeorjudgefai]stofiJe u~der the sube~isi~ of the state down off the load and took off. 51ST~OISLATORE-STATEOF adeda~a~onofeandid~wtorU~ investmentc0uncil, shatl[exerctse For the first few miles it NEW MEXICO - FIRST SESSION retention of [his~ the judgment and cars unaer the 20t3 " " thejust'~ce'sorjudge'$Off'x, etn circumstancesthenpr~*vatlingthat seemed to be a wild fide, but fi- INTRODUCED BY the general electio~ att~dl~e iustieeorjuo~lewoutdb~-~biect businessmendota'm=Xl~, nally I cooled down and really AJOINTRESOLUTION to rotenben or rejedton by the disoretionandintelli~ex~" enjoyed it. It was somewhere PROPOe~dNG TO AMEND ARTICLE elecl~'ate Othen'dse. the offico in ~e re~"moemont of their owe1 t 2. SECTION 13 OF THE CONSTITU- becomes vacant trpan the date of affairs not in ragard to st~eculatkxl TION OF NEW MEXICO TO CHANGE the death, resignation or removal bet in raged to the pom'amet'd THE 80AND OF REGENTS OF by impeachment of the !ustice or d~ of their funds, celSld~- NORTHERN NEW MEXICO STATE judge. [The date for firing a deaf a- ~ng the probable thcome as wgll as SCHOOL BY FILUNG ONE RESENT ration of candidacy for retention of the l~r~abte safely of their capital] POSfflON WtTH A STLIOENT. office shatl be the same as that tar invest and manage the fu~l in ac- filing a declaration of candidacy in cos:dents with the Uniform Prudent 8E IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGIS- a primary election.]" Investor Act. LATLIRE OF THE STATE OF NEW SECIION 2 The amendment D. The le~rsk~re may . MEXICO; proposed by this res~ufian ~niI est~ttsh criteria fpr investing the SECTIONI. Itispreposedte be submitted to the bepple for~ fuud if the crL-n~ia are enacted by a ~ 12.secgan 13 of the approval or ~ectina at the naxt constthaion of New Mexico to read: general alection or at any spadal three4o~rths'vnteoftbemembers " elecgon ~ to that dale that.may elected to each house, but invest- be called for that porpeee~ meat of the fun~t~ ~ect to the ~A The legistature shall prowde f~ the cenizal and management of eech of ls~ the institutions, except the university of New Me~dco. by a beard of regente for each ~shtufion~ consisting of fr~'e members, four of whom shall be qualified erectors of the stato of New Mexico_ one of whom sheg be a meff~er of the stude~ body of the Institut~ and ~ more than three of ,:~om at the time of their app~nent shall be members of tlte san~e pol~cal party~ provided. however that the student body member preston In this [section] su~on shall ~t apply to the New Mexico sd'~l for the deaf_ the New Mexo m~faary institute [the nor~ New Me~co state school] or the New Mex~o schoot for the blin~ and visually [b~ndb capped} impaired, and for each of those lfo~r] three institutions ag tire members ct the beara of regents shall be qualified etecte~s of ~ state of New M~xico. E The governor sbefl nominate and by and with the consent of the serade shall appoint the members of na~ I~ of regents lar eeeh of [said] the i~ns, The terms of [eaidJ rmnsthdent members shall be for staggere~ terms of six years, {l~d~d ti~t of the five first appointed the terms of tern shall be for two yeats, the terrr~ for two sbeJI be fo~ four y~ ~ the " term of ene s~l ~ for six yeamo SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 51ST LEGISLATURE - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - SECOND SESSION. ~0t4 INTRODUCED BY A JOINT RESOLUTION PROPOSING AN MAENOMENT TO ARTICLE tO.SECTION 10 OFTHE CONSTITUTION OF NEW MEXICO TO ALLOW CEfiqA1N COUNTIES TO BECOME gROAN COUNTIES AND TO CLARIFY THE MAJORITY VOTE NEEDED TO ADOPT A COUNTY CHARTER. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGIS- LATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO: SECTION 1. It is prppnsed to amend Article 10. Section t 0 Of the constitution of New Mexico to read: ~A, A county that is less than one thousand five hundred square miles in area and has [at the of this amendment} a popdation of thfee hundred thousand or more may become an urban county by the following procedure:. (1) Ihe beard of county commissioners shall [by dant~ry I, 2001] appoint a sharlar c0m- miSs~n consisling of not less than l~ea persons to draft a proposed ~rben county charte~ fotiawing restS: (I} not more ~m s4x~-IWe perceet of tbe beok velue of the fu~ ~ be isveete~ at any g~ t~me in corporate stocks: (2) not mine than ~en percan ot the voting stock of a corporation s~ be held', and [31 stocks el~gilde far ~rehase sbelt be reatdctnd to those stocks of bL~ina~es listed a hat,hal stack exchange or Included tn a notionally recognized 1~ of stocks land ~4~ rmt more than fittean per- cera of tt~ beok vetue of the fund may be ~vested li~ international secunt~es at any single time]. E, All edditions to the fund and all earoiNs, ind~.'aing J~rsst, dividends and capital gains from investment of the fund sbell be credited to the fun& E Except as p~vided in SL@ s~tion G of th~s sactior~, the armua di~!ribI~ioee ~ the ~ shall be five percent of the average Of the year-end market v~kles of the fund for the immeGJa~ety p~ecedir~O rive calender years. & tn addit~on te the an- nual ais~b~Jen made purs~'~t to Sut~,.,tion f of this section, unless suspended p~.~ant to Subee~ {2) the proposed charter shall H of this secti~ an ~al provide for the form and organize- ennu~ di~ sh~ be made voters of this amendrr~nt ar~l upon lion of the urban couoty govem- pursuant to the ~lowmg ,~hedale; the fi~ vacancy Of a p~sition held meat a~ shall da~gnate Itmse by a ~onebldent member on each officers that shall be elected and prOVided that no dtstributio~ sbe~ eligible i~t~'s board of re- those Office~ and employees that be made pa~l to ~ Im~tslor~ gents, the ~ovemor shall nomirr~ate shaft defform the dubes aosigned ef this subsection in a~y ~ ~.nd by and with the ~nt of by law to conoly officers; and year if the average el the yeer-eud the senate shell ap~nt a student (3) within one year after the markof valnos of the fund for member to serve a twogear term] appointment of the charter cam- the immediately preceding five and the terms of student members m~n, the proposed charter @,all calendar years is less than [five shall be two years, be submitted to the qualified voters billion eight hundred miifion C. The gnvemo~ shall select, of the county and, it adopted by a ($5,800,000,000)] ten b~lllon ~. with the advice a~ consent Of the m~'lor?~y el those (veters] voting, lers ($10,00&0~0,000): senate, a student memher f:om the county shall become an urban (1) in liacal yea~ 20~5 a list provided by the president county, ft. at the election or eny through 2012, en am~fft eqoal t~ of the ins~altlon, in making the subsequent election, the prOpoSed list, ~ presktent of the inotiti/d~ charter is not adopted, then, utter eight4eaths percent of the ave~ shall give due considacafian to tbe at least one year has elepsed afte~" o~theyear-~,dmarketvalue~ recommendations of g~e student the election, pursuant to lhis sac. Of the fund for the immed~ly body president Of the ~. tion another charter commission preceding five celeadar years; around 3:00 a.m. and the early morning smell' was creeping over the flatlands. Many times since, when I've experienced the same smell, I think of that ride and it calls up another of those ,mo- ments that can never be dupli- cated or recaptured. The most vivid memory, though, is of the Rio Grande val- ley. We hit Las Cruces around 5:00,a.m. and the smell of the river and a new mown hay still lingers in my nostrils. I had never been to the valley before, so I sat up on the load and really took it all in. I could barely imagine all the farm- ing that was being done. Remem- ber, in those days the road went right down the valley near the river. At length we arrived to the marketplace in E1 Pa~o. That was experience in and of itself. There was activity going on there that I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't witnessed it. Trucks were every- where, coming, going, loading and unloading. There were also people by the dozens; people haggling, bargaining, buying, selling, yelling, cursing, laugh- ing and joking. Swampers be- sieged our two drivers immedi- ately, trying to make a deal to unload the truck. Produce was strewn everywhere and more was being added every minute. Shortly a deal was struck for un- loading the potatoes and the three of us went off to quieter places to relax a bit before the return home. After an hour or so we came back to the market, and again.I was as- tonished at the wild manner in which business was being trans- acted. We boarded the truck and headed out. I barely remember the ride home, but the rest of the trip fills Fallowing ~ approval by the ~r~* may be appointed and another provided that any e~illonal dlSlri~ em of this 2014 arn~dm,~,'-~t ~r~l proposed charier may be subm~ed b~Jon f~m-B the parma~er~ school upenthefirstvaCencyofa~ I~thegualifiedvotersforapprnvel fund pmsnant te this paragraph on the northem New Mex~;o ord~pl~oVal, s~t be used to impl~ment and such a large part of my memory state scho~ board of reOents, the B, Anurbonct~nb/mayr(lalntsineducationalre~ns block that even though I've since governor shal! r~minate and by ex~se all legislative powers and provided by law; and with the eansent of senate perf0rmangeveenmentalfunctions (2} infi~ealyealz2013 been to many places throughout shallapp0intastudentmemberto ~expresslyaenisdltoman~pag- thr0~gh2016,enamourdeqnatto the world I still class that one as serve a twogear term ~, cot~ties or urban counties] oneq'~f percent of the ov~age of & The legislature shell provide by genera! bw or charter end may my big fide. tar the central end meaagement e~rcise atl pawers granted to and the year-end market volue~ of the of the univerdty of New Mexico by shell be subject to atl limitations fund.for tbe immediately preceding Hook a bnard of regents cens~sth~ of [greeted to] ptaced on munidgalt- rr~ ealen~ years; pr0v~d t~t bee by ~ 9. Sechon 12 of the con~ of New Mexico. This gra~f of powers shall not include the pawer to eaact private or civil ka~ except as incident to the exercise of an independent raur~dpal power, nor shall it inctude the power to provide for a permlty greater than the penally provtded for a misdemeanor. No tax imposed by the govoming body of an urban county, except a tax authofize~ by general law, shall become effective unti~ approved by a majority vote in the urben ceunty C, Aeh~ Of an ~ county sh~l! only be ~ded in accordance w~ the r~mvisions Of additiormt distrth~ from the permanent school fund pu~ to this paragraph shall be used to implement and maintain ~uealien. al reforms as provided by law, H..The legisfafure, by a tlwe- fifths' vote of the members elected to ea~ beuee, may suapend any additional distribeben prnviderl for in Subcection G of this sectiort.~ SECTION 2, The amendment /this rea uben be sube~ittod to the people for thek approval or rejeegen at 1~ general election or at any special election prior to that date that may be called for that o~, seven members, six of w~ shall be qualified e~ of the s~to Of New Mexico, one of whom shall be a memher of the student bedy of the university of New Mexico and no more than four of ~om at the time Of their appointment shall be members of the same political party. The governor shall nominate and by end w~ the consent of the senate shall appoint the members of the board of regents. The pre~ent five members shall serve oat their present terms, The two additional members shall be appointed In t~7 for lerme of six years. Following the approval by the voters of this amendment and Pictured above are several Chapter BR RE.O. members exhibiting some of the elegant or unique purses ready for the auction. Front row left to right: Paula Lindenberger, Karen Murphy (holding Savannah Guthrie's handbag), Sue Teller-Marshall, Dabareh Vowell; back row left to right: Chandra Heflin, Judy Littleton, Nancy Champlin, Beth Reese. P.E.O, Purse Auction, Silent Auction to be held Saturday in Silver City Submitted by KAREN County high school female so- tickets in advance or to obtain MURPHEYISCPEO niors who plan to continue their further information. Silver City P.E.O. Chapter education at an accredited col- P.E.O. is a philanthropic edu- BR will host the third annual lege or university, cational organization that pro- Purse and Silent Auction on Sat- Auctioneer Jane Coogan motes educational opportunities urday, October 18 attheFirst Pres- again promises to keep a lively for women. The sisterhood byterian Church Fellowship Hall, pace for both the Purse and Si- proudly makes a difference in 1915 N. Swan St. in Silver City. lent Auction. One hundred purses women's lives with six interna- The "Purses for Every Occasion" are available, each one filled with tional philanthropies. Local event will begin at 1:00 pm for surprises, including a purse do- scholarships are also awarded viewing of purses and silent auc- nated by Savannah Guthrie, co- yearly to young women in Grant tion items and an opportunity to anchor of the NBC Today show. County through the Rhoades- partake of light hers d'oeuvres No peeking allowed! Tickets for Sechler scholarship at the WNMU and drinks. All profits benefit the the event are $10 and may be Foundation. Nancy Champlin P.E.O Founda- available at the door. Contact tion Scholarship for Grant Mimi Clark, 563-650-1029 to buy Agriculture bill brings ch for farm farm markets By FINANCE NEW MEXICO growth along the entire spectrum The 2014 Farm Bill has of local and regional food pro- something for every New Mexi- can who makes a living by farm- ing or ranching. The bill, which became law in February, affects Department of Agriculture pro- grams until fiscal year 2018. Most significantly, the bill replaces direct and countercyclical, payments to farmers with expanded crop in- surance offerings. The discontin- ued program subsidized farmers based on historical acreage and yields rather than actual yield, while countercyclical payments compensated farmers when crop prices fell. Moving forward, farmers who grow eligible crops must choose between Price Loss Cov- erage Or Agricultural Risk Cov- erage; the first pays farmers if market prices fall below estab- lished benchmarks, while the sec- ond pays only if crop revenue falls short of established guaran- tees. Crop insurance isoften re- quired by lenders. For dairy farmers, the new Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers 1hays dairy farm- ers based on the difference be- tween the price of milk and the cost of feed to produce it. The federal Credit Commod- ity Corporation will subsidize 65 percent of the insurance premi- ums for these programs. The bill also: Restores livestock disaster assistance retroactive to 2011, when the last relief program ex- pired and left ranchers vulnerable to the forage-crop-killing 2012 drought and severe winter storms that decimated herds. Increases investment in lo- cal food, rural development, or- ganic agriculture and healthy food access initiatives. The Farm- ers Market and Local Food Pro- motion Program will support di- rect farmer-to-consumer market- ing channels and provide grants to farm-to-institution enterprises, food hubs and other ventures that process, distribute or store foods produced locally or regionally. Local food activists hope the in- creased funding and broader funding categories will stimulate tives to lease or sell land to be- ginners, and a Microloan Farm duction. . Credit program extends low-in- Increases mandatory fund- terest loans to beginning and lim- ing for Specialty Crop Block ited-resource farmers. Grants, which should expand Ranchers had hoped the act opportunities for farmers, entre- would repeal country-of-origin preneurs and community groups rules that require product label- to develop local and regional ing to show where beef, pork, food systems focused on fruits chicken and fish were born, raised and vegetables, and slaughtered. The rules, which Invests in the next generation aim to ban the c0-mingling oi~ of American farmers by funding meat from different countries, and improving programs that raise administrative costs for support novices and remove en- ranchers who move livestock try barriers to farming. The bill across the border and for process'- funds training through the Begin- ing plants that must segregate ning Farmer and Rancher Devel- livestock. opment and Outreach and Assis- For more information, con- tance to Socially Disadvantaged tact Veronica Tribbett at 505-761- Farmers and Ranchers programs. 4907 or veronica.tribbett The Transitions Incentive Pro- gram gives retiring farmers incen- Mom& I~10(30 Birchfield Street * Lordsburg, NM We are right next to Lg~ve's Truck Stop GUN DEALER Check out our selection of We do transfers for $20 Call the City of Lordsburg for more information