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October 27, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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October 27, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY OCTOBER 29 r 2010 l Here&apos;s to Health!!! Kids & Vegetables: To eat or not to eat.... Submitted by Hidalgo County Health Consortium Written by MELVIN GELB I am frequently asked by par- ents how to get their children to eat more fruits and vegetables if the children don't want to eat. fruits, and even fewer like to eat vegetables. "I can't force them," they say, "It becomes a battle at every meal." So, they just give in and give them French fries and. whatever else they are willing to eat, like chicken nuggets. What can a parent do? We know that we all should be eating more fruits and vegetables; they give us many enzymes, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients for growing up strong and being healthy. We also know that children are eat- ing less fruits and vegetables now then ever before. I confess that I was not that great at getting my daughter to eat her vegetables when .she was young. But, hey, I am so much older and smarter now! I also con- fess that there is not complete consensus among experts as to how one goes about getting kids to eat vegetables. Some believe that any way you can sneak them into the meal is OK, since it is up to us to feed our children healthy food. Others would disagree, and point out that sneaking food per- petuates a cycle of unhealthy control and robs children of their ability to grow into appreciating new foods. Not to mention their ability to "trust" their parents. Putting together information I.have gathered from a number of sources on both sides of the ques- tion I have come up with three Cheer raffle winners drawn The winners of the raffle for Valerie Mendoza's Cheer Trip to Perform in the Capital One Bowl were: I st Prize: Highlights or Color by Connie Arambula: Laura Ramirez 2nd Prize: Homemade Blan- ket: Myra Thomas 3rd Prize: Maverick T-Shirt: Stephanie Montez .... Raffle drawn by" /eua Vatla Thank you for your support on all of my fundraisers. It is greatly appreciated. CHANGE!/ Warren D. ', / WALTER SHERIFF l methods for you to consider on how to get more healthy fruits and vegetables into your children: The best way; the fun way; and the sneaky way - take your pick. The Best Way: Be a role model. If yon eat fruits and vegetables your children will to Start early by offering a large variety of foods to your tod- dler Let your children pick the fruits they want to eat when you go shopping ' Let your children help with meal preparation Start a vegetable garden at home so your children can eat vegetables they have grown Eat meals together as a family; and make mealtimes a pleasant, fun experience Keep at it, a child may need to be exposed to a certain food 10-15 times before they will actually eat it The Fun Way: Serve "Ants on a Log:" spread peanut butter onto celery sticks and top with raisins Use a salsa that your children like: on potatoes, meats or as a dip Prepare a "smiley face salad" with spinach for hair, baby carrot nose, grape tomato eyes, red pepper lips and cucumber ears Add chopped veg- etables to soups, for some reason children like lots of things in soup Cut up fruits into small pieces to be more manageable Hav'e your children make fruit and/or vegetable ka- bobs Give the serving a "funky" name, like: fairy garden salad, pirates picnic, sailor soup or forest smoothie The Sneaky Way: Puree broccoli, carrots or spinach and mix into tomato sauce Tuck mushrooms, on- ions or zucchini into chili Make some carrot muf- fins or zucchini bread Make smoothies with bananas, berries or other fruit (or a vegetable - "forest smoothie") Add cut-up broccoli or cauliflor to their favorite maca- roni and cheese Mix "grated carrots or cabbage with Jell-O (chopped fruit also works) The bottom line: have pa- tience, be a role model, and offer a variety of fruits and vegetables several times as they are growing older. Finally, if you have pre- pared the vegetables in a way that you like, and they won't eat them, well then, so many more vegetables for you to enjoy. A judge should never take sides, but make fair and impartial decisions based on the facts and evidence in each case...not on public opinion, personal beliefs, prejudice or fear. A judge should be accountable to the public and treat every person with respect and dignity. ELE00THI$ KIND OF IUDGE Nyla. Walter ior Magtstrate PAID BY CANDIDATE Karina Sarellano scores against the Lady Stacie Shelton scores for her team with a Merrilee Richardson slams the ball down Eagles in Quemado hit against Quemado for another point against,the Eagles AHS Lady Panthers take on Carrizozo and Quemado By ELIZABETH RICHINS/ were trailing behind Carrizozo. dominated once again. They going and won, 25-11. In that set, Hidalgo County Herald They got going after a while, started out firing, and took the Erika Mendoza had 3 kills, while The Lady Panthers had a though, and came out to win the Eagles in 3 sets. In the first set, Richardson and Sarellano each busy weekend, as they traveled first set, 25-17. They also won the Merrilee Richardson had 3 offen- had one. The last Set wrapped it to both Carrizozo and Quemado next two sets, with the scores be- sive kills, while Karina Sariallno up, as the Panthers took over and to play in two different district ing 25-19 and 25-18. Merrilee and" Nidia Nieblas each contrib- won, 25-17. Richardson led again games. Animas traveled to Richardson led in offensive hits, uted one of their own. The Pan- in kills, contributing 3, white" Carrizozo on Thursday to play, having l0 kills against thers won the set, 25-10. The sec- Stacie Shelton and Marlana and then stayed the night in Carrizozo. end set was just as exciting, as Moore each scored with one of Socorro and traveled to Quemado In Quemado, the Varsity Animas kept their momentum their own. Eagles.FridaYon morning tOThursday, thetakegamesnwerethe Tobacco, Alcohol Use Drops Among intense. In the JV girls' game, both teamswereprettyevenly High School Students matched. The Panthers won the. first set, with the score being 25- t9. The next set went to Submitted by NM DEPT. of creased from 35.4 percent to 25 level. Boys had a higher rate of Carrizozo, though, as they won HEALTHISanta Fe percent; and drinking and driv- inhalant use than girls. There was 15-25. In the last set to 15, the High school students are less ing decreased from 19.1 percent no statistically significant differ- Panthers played astounding, and likely to use alcohol and tobacco to 9.7 percent, ence by gender for cocaine and were able to pull off the win with than previous years while drug Of the current high school marijuana use. the final score being 15-13. use has fluctuated over the years, drinkers, most were binge drink- Of the almost 40 percent of TheVarsity game was agreat according to a 2009 survey of ers. By grade level, the percent- high school students who re- New Mexico high school stu- age of students who were binge ported either smoking cigarettes, one to watch, too. In the first set, dents. The percentage of high drinkers more than tripled during marijuana use or binge drinking, the Panthers had a slow start and school students using metham- middle school (3.6 percent in 6 th more than one-quarter (26.1 per- i ' " ' : phetamine or cocaine has de- grade; 13.9 percent in 8 'h grade), cent) did all three. Of the 13 per- i " creased since 2003. There have but increased more gradually in cent of middle school students ! been no statistically significant high school (20.1 percent in 9 th who reported one of those behav- e: changes in recent years in the rates grade; 25.4 percent in 10; 26.6 iors, almost 21 percent did all of marijuana use, heroin use, or percent in ll'h; 29.2 percent in three. use of pain killers to get high. 12 'h grade). In an effort to encourage The New Mexico Youth Risk Among middle school stu- more of New Mexico's youth to and Resiliency Survey, con- dents, 33.8 percent ever drank seek treatment for alcohol and ducted every other year by the alcohol and 16.2 percent were drug use, the New Mexico Behav- New Mexico Department of current drinkers. The percent of Health and the Public Education middle school students reporting ioral Health Collaborative has Department, collects data self-re- ever drinking alcohol dramati- unveiled its youth targeted anti- ported by students from most of cally increased between sixth stigma campaign this month, , the 89 school districts in New and eighth grade (21.7 percent in' "Talk About it New Mexico,",. ;, Mexico. The Stivey wag cOm' 6 t, 31.2 percent in 7 *h and,&7:9 . "This campaign_n X_.tagc-L pleted by 22,249 high school percent in 8% youth to talk with another stu, students and 23,628 middle "This survey is evidence that dent, friend or team mate about school students. The survey asks adolescents are choosing to use issues they are dealing with, such students about substance use, substances at early ages, so we as drugs, alcohol, depression and Oarr Reynolds Shannon won mental health issues, physical must intervene early if we want even suicidal thoughts," said the 2 Mlle Walk activity and other behaviors, in- to have an impact on their behav- Linda Homer, Collaborative End of the lives.Cluding protective factors in their ior," said Health Secretary AlfredOvigil, MD. peopleCEO" to"Thethe TalkCampaignAbout directsit New Tobacco use among high About 15 percent of middle Mexico website that offers sev- school students has been on a school students reported ever us- eral options for chats, support Rainbow downward trend since 2003,in- ing marijuana, 5.7 percent re- groups, and hotlines to talk about cluding current cigarette smok- ported cocaine use and 14.2 per- the issues they are dealing with." ing, smoking cigarettes before cent reported ever using inhalants. The website can be found at Run held ' age 13 and ever trying cigarette Drug useamongmiddleschool smoking. In 2003, a third of high students increased with grade school students reported being a HUGE SELECTION! Submitted by NICK RUIZI current smoker compared to 24 LordsburgRunners percent in 2009.  ' O I'Y The End of the Rainbow Run Among the middle school was held last weekend at Maver- students surveyed, 24.8 percent  ick Stadium in Lrdsburg' The reprted ever smking' 5"7 per-cent .smoked before age 11 and EM Y annual event is hosted by the 6.8 percent were current smokers. Lordsburg Runners. All major measures of alco- Darr Reynolds Shannon was hol use among high school stu-  ell ot,on terow 'one ]:ar ose the winner of the two mile walk dents have been improving since 9ilver Rinq5 anqles toqos li,anium '4]'( in a very decent time. There were 2003. Current drinking (at least four walkers, including Marsha one drink of alcohol in the past ,,.__ Hill, Jody Hatch, Linda Harris and 30 days) decreased from 50.7 per- Shannon. cent of high school students in IE00CII00E In addition to hoid annual 2003 to40.5 percent in 2009; & p events, the Lordsburg Runners binge drinking (five or more raises money for scholarships, drinks on a single occasion de- Located inside the Cottage House r 214 E. Motel Drive? Lordsburl THE FOLLOI00MG Q00ISIHESSES & INDIVIDUALS ARE SUPPORltRS OF LORlUURG POLICE ATHLETIC tr00Gu[ (PAt) 2010 LORDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL MAVERICK FOOTBALL pJ kT_E Thursday, September 23 JV vs. Deming 9th Friday, September 24 @ Hot Spnngs Saturday. September 25 JV vs. Hot Springs Friday, October 1 @ Anthony, TX Friday, October 8 vs. Ruidoso TIME 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 11:00AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM haires Insurance Ramona's Caf6 Umphres Propane CBA Construction Construcfion 2010 LORDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL -- _ PNM LADY MAVERICK VOLLEYBALL -',r.,,k s   tordsburg Cycle Works Fri.& Sat.. Atlt 20,21 MagdalenaToumey(VNN) TeA Gila Regional Medical Center Tues., August 24 San ,Simon (JV-V) 5:00/6:OO Thurs. August 26 @ Cos (C-JV-V) 40::00r Canon Stevens Tues..Zgu 31 @ Duncan, AZ (JV-V) 5:00/6:00 PM "Jerry Tumor Truck Service SepL 11 @ MorenciTournament TIBA Tues. apt. 14 vs. Animas (JV-V) 5:00/6:00 PM DeLaGarza Carpel Cleaning Thurs. Sept. 1 e @ San Simon (JV-V) 5:00/6:00 PM mdt apy Tues. Sept. 21 vs. Cobra (C-JV-V) 4:oo5:oa/6:oo PM Abeyta Physical Thor Tues.Sept. 2e @ =s (Jr-v) s:(x:oo PM Darr Slnnnn dl Short Co. Tues. October 5 vs. Mesilta Valley Christian (JV-V) s:oo/e:3o PM Triple T Plumbing Smith Ford Ibarra Family Western Bank PAL Cottage House Hidalgo County Herald Suucedo's Supermarket Days Inn Orde H HMS VS. Laguna Acoma 7"00. PM m m so,. oct, a. 9  Tuttr., (c-iv-v) PM 7:00 PM m V T,. Otu,u   C=d, ('.v) l 7:00 PM v sin. O,m. ,', w. T-J-) 1:01 i'M ,e 1 T,. Od 26 @ MII yulk.7 Gb,iellm (JV-) Sd)W&A PM 1 V Tins. Nov4nm, b 2 Dblrk-t Tnt (V) (.e4 PM'- PAL"  ................. k,,,,,k,,,,,  SCHEDULE: < V00ct. 30 Plag0ffs to be held in Sliver City Friday, October 15 Friday, October 22 @ Estancia Friday, October 29 @ Tularosa Saturday, November 13 State Quarter-finals Saturday, November 20 State Semi-finals Saturday, November 27 State Championship Thanle. for our Cannon T-shirt: donor5 thi5 weekl I_ave' Truck .5.op LI ida[go Counb' MeaL Consor't:ium aMb D.awg Plumbing & Heating