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November 7, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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November 7, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2014 9 "As I Remember" Editor's Note: Longtime or whatever. Lordsburg resident, historian, The reason I brought up the storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hundreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980's he began writing a column entitled "As I Remem- ber" With his permis- sion, these columns have been dusted off affd will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald from time to time. Hook, who is 93, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared In the Lordsburg Liberal on January 4, 1991. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg Life can't all be serious, so it's time for a leg puller. Here we are in a new year. These years come and go" so fast lately that I'm almost as be- fuddled as the group of scientists who are spending millions doing research to try to determine what time is. So far they have not reached a satisfactory conclusion but I haven't noticed time stand- ing still awaiting the results. As a matter of fact, they will probably run out of the stuff long before they even get an inkling as to its composition, contents, substance Allen Hook Hill by Allen ."Hook" Hill subject in the first place was to let you know we have been involved in this column for some- thing over three years. It seems quite impossible that time could go be so fast, but then, I didn't have to read the column, so perhaps time has been dragging by for you read- ers while it's been zip- ping on for me. Speakingof time, maybe I , could help those bewildered sci- entists eliminate a few things about time so they wouldn'i have to spend our dollars on the obvi- ous. First off, someone has said that time is the ingredient that life's made of. Now, all they have to do is pin down the significance of life....but then, that's another subject for research; one thing at a time. Next up, let's- analyze time for a few things which scientists can glance at and discard: There is never enough of it, it winds down, it heals everything, it flies, we're always trying to turn it back, in certain heart-stopping circum- stances it stands still, we save it with varying innovations, we cut Going back home--I have had Georgia on my mind the angel," I expressed with ap- preciation. "This could be a min- istry." Before I left, we talked about the various denominations locally-- Baptist, Methodist, Morman, Amish and oth- ers. I got about two hours of test in Arkansas. As I continued my trip it rained all day Sunday. Also, an 18-wheeler loaded with cattle over- turned on Highway 30 and blocked the. road, delaying my travel by about four hours. This languished my enthusiasm while driving home. My spirit was uplifted when I reached the Mississippi state line. It is a beautiful state that is well taken care of. On Highway 55 towards Jackson, it is simply a mtsterpiece. The:highway is clean and well maintained. The trees, and other floral plants, are typical Mississippi. Fast forward--by the time I drove from Macon to Twiggs County, Georgia, I was almost completely energized. Twiggs County was clean and looked good since I left. I bragged about my hometown. As I drove to my home, I wanted to say, "I'm home!" As I took a quick survey, my yard looked almost like a swamp with limbs reaching the ground. The palm trees had many dead spines. I had much work to do to make my place more liv- able. It's great to be home. It seems that everyone recognizes .and calls my name. I was invited to a football game with a luncheon preceding. I am very happy to find fish here. It's what I missed most while I was in New Mexico. It's much fish around here in Georgia. It's great to be back home and this is a not. a tale! I miss peopl e of Animas, Lordsburg and surrounding coun- ties. Take care until I return! Dr. Hosezell Blash can be reached by email at hosezellblashl @ aol. corn By DR. HOSEZELL BLASHIfor- merly of Animas After spending 17 long months in Cotton City and Animas, New Mexico, it was time for me to go back home to note the many changes which had taken place. And there were many ! What prompted me to return home was the idea that. my grandkids had been askl"ng about me incessantly. /"Where's Grandpa and when is Ire coming back home?" they would often ask. This situation worried me greatly because I missed their growth and matur- ing. Recent photos sent to me in- dicated that these two kids-- J:erta ad,Christian_---had: grown like "lofty Georgia". During these 17 long months, I kept re- minding myself, "Hosezell, you have got to go back home ASAP!" Like a blast of New Mexico lightning, I left Animas en route to Georgia, in which Atlanta is the capital. The old saying about At- lanta, GA is that if you want to go to Heaven, you got to go through Atlanta, Georgia. I was a bit anxious as I drove 1,250 miles before my first stop Getting off of Interstate 10 and entering Interstate 20 I was low on gas and stopped in the small town of Toyah, Texas. ! drove all over Toyah looking for gas. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself. Then it seemed that God sent me an alagel. A gentleman was driving a truck and I got out of my car and asked him what I could do about my gas situation. He said, "Follow me to my ga- rage. I have some gas in storage." "Thanks God," I breathed a sigh of relief. Mr. Melvirl Sutton was the angel that God sent to help me. He sold me $20 worth of gas be- fore I sped off to Pecos to fill up. He has helped many travelers who were low on gas by the time they reached Toyah. "Thank you, thank you for it off the clock with efficient methods, we measure it, we tell it, we have it on our hands, we waste it, we conserve it, we don't have it, we have too much of it, it drags, it undoubtedly has essence because we're always doing things in the "essence of' it. We turn it in, it has a father but ap- parently no mother because she is never spoken of; we manage it, we spend it, we find it, we lose it, we take it, we allow it, it passes us by and it catches up with us. Time is immemorial, it re- peats itself, as in "time after time", and time and time again, we have good times, bad times, fair times, rough times, prisoners do hard time, the victors have an easy time, and the losers have a rotten time, some folks take their own sweet time and do things some other time. In sports, athletes run for time, contestants take time out and thq officials call time in, Time marches on, band members march to it, young lovers lose track of. it and at least one maga- zine is named for it. Various things happe n io people not one time, but two times, three times, four times and more. In religious literature we find "there is a time to every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck...". We are also reminded that time has been around since the begin- ning; yet our time is short and we are encouraged to be able to discern the signs of the times. Time must have emotions because there are happy times, sad times, sentimental times, unpleasant times, and melan- choly times. The words of a song state, "WEll, it's crying time again..." and another says "There will be a hot time in the old town...". In World War II, we were in the Navy for along time and aboard ship we were always looking for.sack time, but we were allowed to stay there for only a short time. Things get time worn, there is a supposed time warp, story tell- ers begin with, "Once upo n a time" and truth stretchers gen- erally start with, "One time...". And since time escapes; there is really no telling how many hun- dreds of other things there are in which it is involved. All of this and we still don't know what it ist ................... It's no wonder the research- ers are interested because the quest for its makeup is a time oriented, time consuming pur- suit, not to mention a time hon- ored profession. Now, if all this doesn't help the researchers, well in no time at all or maybe some time in the future it will. Well, it's time we left all this time study to the research- ers and get on with things or this column will never be on Jack's desk in time for publication. And if you've taken time to read all this, then it's time you had your head examined. I'll see you around sometime....if time permits. Happy New Year. Hook CHICKEN ENCHILADA $5-GOOD PRICE!" Hon, Nov, 10 12 AM to 5 pIVl 400 Center Street 575-590-1903 Pick Up or Delivery Law Enforcement Day held in Lordsburg October 25, 2014 Pictured are various images from the Law Enforcement Day held at the Lordsburg Border Patrol Station on Saturday, Oc- tober 25, 2014. Courtesy photos Tlaank to the sponsors of the 2014 Bootheel Bike Run, including Darr Shannon-Short Company Justin Kipp-Trailtown Chevron Richard Chaires-Chaires Insurance D B00cks Cl00ng 00lyn v00Is00-L00Z P00,ung To00ny & Tracy Chavez- Triple T Plumbing 5 Star Salon Your continued .support of this annual event is very much appreciated. Vince Ruiz Lordsburg Cycle Works