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November 12, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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November 12, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2010 7 Just A Thought You choose the influencers in your life By RICK KRAFT Who in this world influences your life? We all are influenced by others• We don&apos;t live our lives in. a vacuum• We are not each born on a remote island with no one around. We don't live our lives with an abun- dance of food, clothing, and shelter automati- cally provided without us ever having to lift a finger. Studies have shown that the average American receives be- tween 2200 and 3500 new pieces of informa- tion in a typical day. Wow! Just thinking about this makes me tired. There are countless categories this in- formation falls into. The infor- mation may be a red stoplight, a commercial, a phone call, a smile from a stranger, a gust of wind as you cross a street, a broken heel on your shoe, a hug from your grandchild, or an article in the newspaper. You get the idea. Included in the above num- ber is that each day we average 240 requests of our time. These may be a family member asking a question, a fellow employee ask- ing for instructions, a phone call from a telemarketer, or an e-mall asking for input on an issue• So how do we get up each day, get out of bed, keep our heads up and maneuver our way through a day of influences? Some days are easier than others. Given a day without any influ- ences, what path would we take? We would likely get bored miss- ing the excitement that life pro- vides• How do we decide what we let influence us? More impor- tantly, how do we decide who in- fluences us? One of my favorite sayings is "Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond•" Let me explain this 'truth in reverse or- der. The 90% response arises Rick Kraft countless times throughout the day. How do you respond when someone cuts you off as you drive to the grocery store, when someone yells at you, when some- one opens the door for you, when someone calls you in tears? You choose your response• You choose how you let each of these events in- fluence your world. The 90% response to the 10% is critical. It is what life is all about• It how you let the influ- ences in your world im- pact you. The 90% de- termines if you face each day with vigor and a proactive approach or if you drag'from sun-up to sun- down letting others control your quality of life. With this foundation laid, I want to go back to the opening question, "Who in this world in- fluences your life?" Let me fo- cus the rest of this column on the segment of the 10% that you can control. If you.pulled out a pad and paper and listed the 25 individu- als who influence your life the most, who would be on the list? And if you listed them in order from the greatest influence on down, what order would you put them in? You list might include a spouse, children; parents, close relatives, friends, a boss, co-work- ers, a pastor, congregation mem- bers, people you visit with in or- ganizations you are active with. The order in which they influ- ence you is also important. Are you influenced more by a close friend than you are your spouse? Does your boss influence you more than your pastor? Understand that you control you. Also understand that others influence you to think the thoughts you think and to take the actions that you take. Re- member, we don't live in a vacuum• A teenager is more apt Foster, adoptive parents' needed in New Mexico Submitted by CYFD " - ,4i,erBe4:c¢ i,  1 ove t. Becoming a foster or adop-" and is particularly fond of dogs tive parent can make a huge dif- ference in the life of a child• Join us for an information meeting to be held this month of February in your area. Please call Ronny Diaz, CYFD Foster & Adoptive Parent Recruiter at (575). 434-5950 ext. 121 •for more information or visitus on the web at Se Habla Espanol Foster or Adopt a New Mexico Youth Rosario ("Becca") Age 13. Grade 8 Rosario, who prefers to be called "Becca", is friendly and affectionate, though she can be shy at times. She has a widearray of interests that in- clude shopping, getting her nails done, and •partici- pating, in physical activities such as basketball and swimming• Read- ing and drawing are also some of Becca's favorite pas- Becca 2075. She is at grade level in regular education and likes to participate in science experiments• Becca gets along with children, though she tends to relate to adults much better than to her peers.. Be€ca will thrive in a family who can give her individualized attention, guidance, and clear boundaries. Becca's forever family should be ready with loads of affection and an eagerness to engage in her education and counseling. Becca would thrive in a home where she can develop a trusting and nur- turing relationship with one or two parents. She desires to have a.young active family who likes to participate in out- door and indoor ac- tivities. If your home can bring Becca the happiness and secu- rity she is searching for please contact CYFD to learn more. For more infor- mation about adopt- ing or fostering through the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, please visit www.CYFD.or call 1-800-432- • or to commit a crime if he hangs with others who commit crimes. A mother is more apt to go to a weekly Bible study if her friends are active in Bible studies• 'Let me go a step further with this line of thought• With the exception of the family you are born into, you choose who influ- ences you. None of us chose our parents. This was done by God. But outside this scope, each of us chooses who is impacting our lives• You chose your spouse• You choose where you work. You choose where you live, You choose where you go to church• You choose what organizations you belong to. If you think through a typi- cal we6k in your life and ask yourself why you do what you do, in virtually every instance you will realize that what you have chosen to get involved in started with an individual or individu- als who influenced you to get in- volved. You were placed in the path of another and he or she has influenced your life in a direction that you have chosen to move. So we get back to the base question, who is influencing your life? Are the influencers in your life adding to you or taking from you? Are you a better per- son because of those who influ- ence you? As a result of each re- lationship, are you a better mother, a better son, a better friend, a better coach, a better banker, a better teacher, a better hhsband, a better citizen, a better member• of our community? Are there influencers in your life who trip you up? Are there individu- als whotempt you, who lead you down roads that you should never travel, who cause negative thoughts in your life, who dilute you, WilD cause you to lose focus on your purpose in life? I will represent to you, un- less you are very highly disci- plined, given enough time you will .become like those who in- fluence you. So take time right now to determine the top 10 or the top 25 individuals who impact your world and then ask yourself are these individuals who you would like to become like? Are these influencers adding to your world .... or•are-they causing you-to make stupid 'decisions? My chfillenge to you today is to first recognize that you con- trol you. The choices you make are not anyone else's fault, they are yours to be proud of or yours to seek forgi:veness for. Either way the actions you select cause consequences. Once you recognize the con- trol and responsibility you have over your own life, determine if your influencers are good choices• If there is someone who you are allowing to influence your world in a negative manner, evaluate the relationship• Take action if necessary. It may be nec- essary to end the relationship or to redefine it. If a relationship is darkening your light, you can't be the person you need to be. Recognize that you control who influences you. You have chosen the influencers in your life. You are accountable for you and the impact the influencers have on your life. Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ mailto :thekraftlawfirm @ or write to P.O. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. NFL/NBA A Picture From The Past Submitted by EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg Photo courtesy MARGARET VARGAS FLORES/Las Cruces Granddaughter of Pab/o and Concepcion Aguilera Pablo Aguilera and Concepcion De La Paz Aguilera, photo taken in the late 1800s. Pablo Aguilera and Concepcion De La Paz Aguilera, early Lordsburg settlers, lived on a small ranch on the north side of town. They were the parents of Delfina Aguilera (Ruiz), Fidela Aguilera (Sanchez), and Josefina Aguilera (Vargas). Concepcion preceded her husband in death in 1915. Pablo died in 1964. Pablo Aguilera was an expert carpenter and craftsman who was instrumental in the construction of several historic buildings in Lordsburg, notably the old St. Joseph's Catholic Church, including the hand-carved wooden altar (the church was demolished in the mid-1960s in the name of "progress"); Domingo Saucedo's Azteca Hall on 'A' Street (now demolished); the Triple J Grocery on 'A' Street origi- nally owned by Frank Chavez and later by Jesus Jimenez (now demolished); Frank Chavez's furniture-, store and house (now slowly deteriorating) located south-of the Coiner MaW, pauline's General Stbre"On : 'A' Street; and the Heather Funeral Home on Main Street, now known as the Lordsburg Funeral Home. T'I old Pauline!s General Store building and the Lordsburg Funeral Home are still standing and have been spared demolition. • :i, / 5 tie ' LI rs to thl representatives, to monitor a Las Cruces Tea Party who kep'(7:- website I will provide that tell me informed via email and • you " V" f. , :/ ': ' ..... 13:, Thank?:Co{J,r'HDALGO ,,. • ':'-   ...... aqemever.:bemi.:]RALD and ..SJLVR CITY;-. that active in stat-  "-""e'•lSdrs kiitt=ili'd  to add that to my desktop. ' my letters to the editor and gavel. '." Editor i:T, he Halgo county Her- .... frigid urges readers to ":J ,,oice their opin- ,.:1. • /ions by writing in. i/ •) !Letters can be [ mailed to 212 E. Motel Dri,e, Ste. B, or can be e:mailed! - to Only let- ters that m:e signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication'. All letters that are publishedishould be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo COunty Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice I their First kmendment fight of free speech. I ,i Battle won, nowfor theWar Dear Editor: If the House had not been taken by the Republicans I think I would have scurried away and let fate take it's course, i.e. given my country over to the progressives. This morning as I walked through Hachita, NM and pickup up the Suzana Martinez, Pearce, and other campaign signs, I told myself, the battle is won, not a route, though• Now, we must strategically plan for the 2012 War. Patriots have been called enemies, our troops are dying in foreign :counties for what?; Our country is in debt to China to the tune of, I have heard, 13 Trillion dollars. What now? My fir!t task will be to cre- ate a little booklet that lists our representative's Names,  Ad- dresses, Telephone and Fax numbers, arid emails. I will mail it to people I know as ask them to STAY IN TOUCH with your Special Thanks to the generous d'onations from Smith Ford H&R Block Thank you Judy and Sheila for bringing the signs to me and for all your hard work for your hours and miles; for keeping people in the bootheel in- formed. I hope I helped in a small way by posting signs and • mailing sample ballots out last week to people•in Hachita. Thanks to. the Silver City Tea Party, Hobbs Tea Party, and me a voice, a voice all Ame.ri-: ..,-, cans are privileged to had-; • should they decide to use it." "=; -.- . Thank you to all those who', voted andthe hard work anl5. talking to people and writ•ing'ili letters to the editor, etc, those ..: whose service is not evident...i' Bless you all, and God;Bles.s)!;:: A m eric a; "' .  . ; v:.:'-; :,::';ii ,g " " . '" , " , ' , :.J c,A.€, : HELP - NEW MEXICO, INC;"L:!: ................... 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