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November 12, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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November 12, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 12 2010 " 5 Here's to Health Lower your blood pressure with food.! Contributed by HIDALGO COUNTY Hypertension) and showed good or fat-free dairy foods (one serv- HEALTH CONSORTIUM results. Some in the study ate a ing = approximately 8 ounces By MELVYN GELB FIN, MPH, typical American diet: others ate milk or yogurt, or 1 ounces CDE 2. the American diet. but with extra cheese) I recently wrote,n article fruits and vegetables: and the last 2 or fewer servings (one about foods to lower ydur:clrL':'+ group atep diet low in saturated serving = 3 .ounces) of lean meat, lesterol. After that peop.!e gtarted f'.t and. cholegtetol 6trtch in poultry or fish  asking me about theirblgtd:pes '- ,frUit"g, vegetables ard low fat " %8 servings of whble ,- sure If nutrition can)i, lowe.I"cho-',: dairy foods. The second 'grbup grains (one serving. =. approxi- :- [" ') lesterol, can it do the same for showed some effect on their mately l-slice bread 'or cup [ blood pressure? .W_0!, 5 .Jz, cooked ric.e  pasta) 1. " back to internet .re ; ,'.,i , " . ' + ' 2-3 'servings 6f/-l+'. : searching I went ahJ.)[o  .: ;! ..,., i'o:n-s'atm'ated fats. (one;., fY. and behold, there m;,:  +  erving = .1, tablespo0;. " nutritional guidelin" :,. maJ'g'arine Without hydro/ ',i to help lower you( i " " '" +  ' "   +' genated or trans, fat,, ot I ::.. . blood pressure. ," . teaspoon .ol. oLl+qrti  : First, let's say , '; ,. caiaolaoil)-.,f . : s9mething about higia   , ., Each' week- ; .blood pressure itself  C.; yOb'.can have 4,- servings When . your heart i' .' of;nuts, 'seed.s, or dried pumps, it forces blood  ,' . beafis (one ser,ving-= ap- through your arteries proximately 1 V2 ounces and veins; this force is of nuts or seeds or cup . , called blood pressure, cooked, beans.) .. ., Animaa Lady Panthers ir Districtjt place trophy. Normal bloodpres, suro . ,z.,.:,+c,.,a.-ko-t,hea.this++-'..+, ........ ,, .+_: .... r end se000tl with wi is not a strain oe.  jdes:..'r"a.'ll'bSfbod; I tt+O.:Infl+,r " '+ "+ +' :,;+ ffi];{l +0+t:/f:ruhs -.  liildll;,!9!lllJ\\;! .t I : n body. However, high blood pres- blood pressure, but the Iffst" rbu]' ..+,ye sure is an ongoing ealth condi-D.,A.S.H, diet group)showed a and vegetables'And" ifyu htVd)!:": needt+:+:: " + I, I|,1)+,' ' ' "-" Carriz0zo advent+ ce to State tion that can cause problems if significant effect as good as tak- diabetes, you will sttll !iitll.. ....  watch flow many p0dioas of car-: : not treated, such as stroke, heart mg medlcatmn. Resea'r.chers be- - attack, sexual dysfunction and lieve that the combination of cal- boaydrates .you "are. eating at aft3; kidney disease. Most people have cium, magnesium, pots+slum, given meal or snack. You can trint By ELIZABET, fi Ill,CHINS/ ing, jumping ahead of the Griz- total. The Panthers will travel to what is, known as "essential hy- and fiber delivered by food is the overall amount wish: ..Hidalgo Coo'nty,Herald zlies in the first set, Winning 25- the State Tournament in Albu- but stick to the basiC+concept of. The Animas Lady Panthers 19. The second set was a lot the querque, which will take place pertension" which means that no what did the trick (this did not .lots of fruitsnd vegetables, with took care of business on Satur- same. as Animas earned each and from Thursday, November ll 'h to specific cause for it is known. On work in pill form.) low fat dairy arid low amountgo day, as thdy took On the Carrizozo " every point they got. The score Saturday, November 13% Pool the other hand, there are a hum- Let us translate this into real saturated fats. Lady Grizzlies in the District of the second set was 25-16. In play will be on Thursday, and the her of risk factors associated with food on a daily basis: What else do to help Championshil. Being the last the last set. the Panthers ended Panthers will play at 11 o'clock having high blood pres+re. Some 4-5 servings of non- lo,;ver your blood pressure? Many game of the, season before the the game with the 3 r+ win. 25-19. at Rio Rancho High School.All of these risk factors include: ge- starchy vegetables (one serving on the'D.A+S.H, diet were'able+to . ; "Stale Championship playoffs the Merrilee Richardson led the other games will take place in the netics, age, gender, ethnieity, = approximately cup cooked lower their blood pressure even,' ,Panthers didn't take it lightly, team in offensive hits. having 7. Santa Aria Star Center. weight and diabetes, or 1 cup raw) further by reducing their sodium The Panthers started off fir- Now, let's, go back to talking 4-5 servings of fruit (one (sail) intake - a future a'rticie ifi about food to help lower your serving=approximately] me- the aking. Also, dgn,tlforget to Gil National Forest seeking equipment with- blood pressure. Studie were dium Whole fruit or cup fresh, inerease,'your activity level, de- .a done using the D.A.S.H. diel (Di+ frozen or anned) crease yrur weight if needed, stop etary Approaches to Stopping 2-3 servings of low-fat smoking, limit alcohol and caf- L " fire ;+ feint consumption.Land whether operators in support of 20100 season you tiave high blood pressure or not(reduce your' stress levels. Subhlitied by'GNFISilver City tracts in support of fire suppres- ' A final word on what your,', Durin fire_season, the U.S sion. In order to pticipate in blood ' ' ...... "'  ...... :i+'+ : + ressure hould- be I FOre t erv +. m P .... :: : s ,.S ee and teragency competitive bldd]ng'/i.esults checked the American Hbrt As+:(cifre narsonneFare focused on in awarding of a Forest, Service socmtton web rote and foun d the - managing witdland fires. But agreement or contract, interested ,latest reconirnended gaidelihes-" +' ,,h.t,,,.' ,,,+ be'n' ,well kn ' , .. . . , -,. , ..-; .,++.. .... . ,., ownls vendors must have access to the . ,& rest, ing" blo'.r'ssUre >-, -,- v ;.;:., ; ..... ;x,,, h, t :,.':[hat-communEYmembers ahd internet with a vatid,'mgil ad- reaoln rDeIQW IZU/U millime g - :businesses art',diSh focused on dress and be registerrcl in several ters of mercury (mm Hg) ts con- providing critical services to en- databases. sidered "aormal." If your resting able firefighters to do their jobs Vendors and equipment, pro- 'blood pressure is consistently safely and efficiently! A Pulaski viders can obtain information 140/90 mm Hg or higher, you have.high blood pressure. A read- (a "special hand tool used in wild- about VIPR. vendor requirements. land firefighting consisting of a and view online copies of solici- ing Jn between these levels places pJ jl,.p;:hypertensi' combination axe and hoe) may tations containing contract re- ego]y. 'Under the new guidelines, not be in the hands of the bdsi- qulrements at - a reading of t15/75 is the level nes's owners but the tools and above which your risk of cardio- operating equipment they pro- vi r. h . Current solicitation vascular complications starts to vide to transport food, water, sup- notices are published on the web mcrease." plies, and heavy equipment gives at Further If your blood pressure is the fire organization the basic information on how to compete WHAT A CHILD LEARNS ABOUT VIOLENCE A CHILD LEARNS FOR LIFE. higher than you think it should necessities needed to accomplish for fire eqmpment contracts may be,.please discuss this with your their mission, also be obtained by e-mailing primary health provider. And, Through the use of a new Felix Flores/VIPR Coordinator having a meal plan closer to the system (the electronic Virtual In- and Local Registration Authority D.A.S.H. diet can't hurt! cident Procurement (VIPR) which at the Gila National Forest 'MeNvn Gelb is a Diabetes Public operates under a 5-year competi- Supervisor's Office in Silver City: .... Health: 'iursd fO:)he Grant plan), the Southwestern Re- Ornelas wins Los Arcos drawing   Cootlt.,.Oblj :ith Office. rive gion of the Forest Service is rais- Examples of equipment used Ray Ornelas Wee the winner of Los Arcos' free iveawa Of,a"!+/)D :b-feached at ing awareness of how community ` in support of fire' scuppression in- g ' Y ..' . .t',,:;+ .,+ ..... ' " ,, Bunllght cooler. Arnulf ArUagapicked out the winning entry ticket  ' Or at members and businesses can elude bulldozers to construct Courtesy photo 538-5318, Ext. 127 compete their equipment for con- fireline; as well as the use of non- _\\;w/_ _xwl_ _x'#,,'_ _.'ll,z_ _',,,ll,i_ _x, ll,z_ MI,z_ MI'z_ _,,'It/_ I T N K YOUtt TTTTTTTTT;: Democratic Party of Hidalgo County would like to take this l Hidalgo Cc lnty citize,,s a, I ' Las Asembleas De Dios ction, not c dy locally, b I ' , . " ' 701 Animas St. . not get th res N X ,any of us di, " ' I '11  # r t' Lordsbur. NM .qy proud of, ur party an t D, |  ]' ' ' ' " : ' L 0 , dacrossthe tatewhorns l ..... ,'..:.") , . + + . v r the middl. 'class, tel;rain I' Carla serwcm en I tsofallNe+ Mex,cans. I+ ...... Dommgo a las ........ ....... *+:'' +  "I ++very local c ndidate foha, I   I [icoffice, as :isnotan,asy i+s+ciallyl "#" ,10:45 a.m. .! m ++candidates lectandw sht y eryb.stl xsG " . . , in January  ' [)11 The Democratic Party of I TTenemos un lnternrefeT )ntinue its el orts m tn I .= . + . - = actually vi tory for I "" r00=-,,nnl +. dnga59%,oter turn, I I '+ '+'' +-" I tic Party. In closing, a l _x/2" '-,'  ;- " ds we sh, |   - " " ', #' # # Democratic rman j, ' to thank all Hidalgo County citizens and voters for your during this election, not only locally, but also statewide. Despite these efforts, many of us did not get the results we hoped for statewide. I am extremely proud of our party and Democrats through- out Hidalgo County and across the state who ran strong races based on records fighting for the middle class, repairing the economic tiamage created'by-/iafly a decade of failed+economic poliei," arid representing the interests of all New Mexicans.. : : :: want to congratulate every local candidate for having the intestinal for public office, as it is not an easy task. want to congratulate the candidates elect and wish them my very best as they resume office in January 2011. Hidalgo County will continue its efforts in the months to come as I believe that there was actually victory for the first time here in Hidalgo County by having a 59% voter turnout. That, in itself is a victory for the Democratic Party. In closing, and as I have mentioned before, "elections come and go, friends we shall remain" Thank you and May God bless everyone. ++ /;, . ):: . potable water tenders to keep the dust down along dirt roads and enhance safety and road visibil-: ity. Other eqmpment includes engines, potable water trucks.. gray-water trucks, portable toi-  ..+. lets. hand-washing stations, mb-"+!%': !i i bile laundry units communica- tion trailers, computers and printers. GIS units vehicles with drivers (pickup trucks. stakeside trucks, vans, etc.), buses, and crew carriers. Doz- ers. excavators, tractor plows. transports, mechanics with ser- vice trucks, fuel tenders, heli- copter support trailers, and weed washing equipment are also used. A BENEFIT DINNER ": :i:. I: will ,be held on Saturday, November 13 To help defray medical expenses for Billy Otis ;L Brisket ! Beans, Dinner Roll : plcn'- & Dessert Plates will be delivered in city limitsfrom 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Phone in orders tot542-9433 or pick up at 1128 S. Animas Street in Lordsburg I I THANK YOU!l! . TO ALL :THE'VOiSrF HtDALGO : Oi)NTY"T, HATVED FOR ME-AND ' SUPPORTED ME THROUGHOUT MY CAMPAIGN FOR SHERIFF. YOUR CONFIDENCE IN ME IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I:SEE ALONG HARD '"ROAD AHEAD OFME AND ] WILL DO + M,BEST TO MEASURE UPTO YOUR + , ,EXPECTATIONS. / )" " : :' i THANK YOU!!! verstthim.[ must go! Hundreds.of merchandise items will be on sale for $1 ! Sale will continue until items are gone ! 2600)00'FLYING LJ ,:+4:s.+P;