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November 26, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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November 26, 2010

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w &apos;6 HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26 f 00Hidalgo County Residents Give Thai <s This I am thankful to have a home. Tommy I am thankful for the wonder- ful family 1 have, th great boy- friend that puts up with me and the lord wh.o wakes me up ev- ery morning. AIlyssa Olivas Cam and Tom Cavaliere, parents of Bill. I am thankful for my wonder- fui mother, who wili%e traveling "far to spend Thanksgiving with us. for the memory of my beloved father, who' will be with us in spirit, for my wife Jill, the most caring person I know, for my two great kids, who have always made me proud, for my little grandson Jimmy, who already has me wrapped around his little finger, for the good health we all enjoy, for the privilege of liv- ing in the great- est country in the world, for our military who protect us, and for the honor of knowing Jesus. Bill Cavaliere I am thankful for Ms. A and tile other teachers and my sisters and my whole family and my baby cousin Candrea and the class and the good stuff and people and the other schools and the holidays and mostly Christ- mas and my morn and dad. That is what I am thankful fbr. " Love, Celeste Ahmi Granados "I am thankful lbr: God; my children; my morn, brother, and family; my health; my job; my car; my best friend; and my house." --Anonymous I think I am thankful for be- ing nice and for following the schools rules and I think I am special to my room and brother. I am thankful to my grandma and grandpa and my great-great grandpa and my great-great grandma and if I'm thankful to them she ts going to be thankful to me. Jesus A. Munoz "I am thankful for every- thing." --Anonymous l am thankful for having God m my life and for all the gifts that H.e has bestowed upon me. I'm grateful for my husband and even though I may not always show it, he is the love of my life. MY job and teaching in the Title ! setting at RVT and Southside Elementary Schools have given me an oppor- tunity to rekindle my relation- ship with former students and make new memories with the other students. Even though the teaching profession has dramati" cally changed throughout the years, the one thing that remains constant is the gratification that one receives in working with the youth of our nation. Traveling to other countries and viewing not only the natural beauty, but the beauty that is created by man is also a big item on. my list. The simple pleasures in my life, Such as: walking the dog with my hus- band or having a current/former student come up to me and give me a hug bring joy to my life.. Sometimes I tend to overlook or take certain things for granted, but when' I finally stop to smell the roses, I .am amazed at the awesome- ness that is derived from things that cannot be purchased. These things have tremendous value "and will tend to dwindle as I age. My family, friends, and Wing-Kei Tang (our Pekingese), along with the other gifts I've already mentioned, complete my life. Christine Maxwell Gandara "Ben, my mom, and Sam." --Anonymous 1 am thankful for God giving me my parents, brother & sisters, two daughters, my son and my husband. I am also thankful for my friends and my job. Mary Alvarez Lil' Mav cheerleaders give thanks I am most thankful for my family and free- doms we have Ameri- cans. I give thanks for the freedpm to worship a loving and forgiving God who has provided us with so many bless- ings. Lastly, I give thanks for the men and women in the armed forces who put their lives on the line each and every day that we may con- tinue to be free. God' Bless America and all that she stands for! Sheila Massey I am thankful for my best friend becazuse she is nice and i love her. Joie Age: 8 I am thnkful fo my morn becaus you do nice things Angelina Age:6 I am thankful for maverek and dad and morn. eenee Age: 7 1 am thankful for my brothers and sisters because they play dolls with me Keilani Age: 4 I am thankful for my morn because she cookes for me. Jezika Age: 7 I Birthdog, The Lo,dsburg Lil' Mavs cheerleading squad, under the direction of Megan Whipple, share what they ;ire thankful lbr this Thanksgiving. I anl thankful for nly lhlnily be- cause they take care of me and they love mc more then any- thing. Deziree Age:ll I aim thaukful tbr having a morn because she h)ves hie and she cares'aboul me! = ] Sarahi Age:ll I am Thankful for haveing a love family! JaYCee Age: 8 I am thankful for animles and family because i love animles and family. Tina Age: 7 I am thankful for my morn be- cause she is nice to me and i love her. Deidrel Age:9 I am thankful for my dad be- cause he plays hide and seek with me Alicia Age:6 I am thankful for my puppy Roxy she plays with me and cuz shes cute Nayely Age:5 I am thankful for all I have, for all my friends and teachers, for my family, all my pets and loved ones. I am also thankful for my school family, my classmates. I am thankful for all the people and the veterans. I am thankful for peace and all of God's crea- tures and creations. Toby Cruz "God/Jesus, Kokopelli, my children, and my sobriety." ---Anonymous Glenda Mahan I am most thankful for my family, my grandbabies, my friends, and my job. Happy Holi- days ! Tina Diaz "I am grateful for having God in my life, I'm sober, all the posi- tive people in my life, and my family." --Anonymous I am thankful for my morn and dad and my teacher Ms. A and my friends and for all my family and I am thankful for God and Mary and all the people that did stuff for me. I am thankful for the cops and I am also thankful for the people that saved our country and who fought for us and I am also thankful to all the people in the world. Love, ,I am grateful for life, for my Anisa Sanchez job, for my family both blood and "God, .my kids, sobriety, therapists, and Kokopelli." --Anonymous "I am thankfui for my morn, dad ad 'vti's'ister, m6gl: ' of all my brother. I am thankful for my family the Mendoza family. I am thankful for be- ing alive and I am thankful all my friends and I am 'thankful for my teachers who have always been nice to me. My teachers is Mrs. DeFoor, Mrs. Barrera and Ms. AS 1 am thank- ful for everybody who I know in my family. I am thank- ful for my family who is the best Mendoza family. I am thankful for ht epeople who Saved our lives, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and National Guard. 1 am thank- ful for everything and everyone. I am thankful for God, Fatima, Mary and Jesus. PS I love you all and I am thankful for all of you. Love, Paulina Mendoza " I am thankful for my family and my other family and my friends. I am even thankful for me too. I am also thankful for my par- ents. Shivani We are most thankful for family, friends and our health. David & Lupe Ramos I am most thankful for my salvation because without 3od, life would be meaningless and void. I am also. thankful that God has blessed me with a great husband who is my best friend and for all my kids who are also a great blessing in my life. Last but not least my family whom I love very much!! Frances DeLaGarza am thankful for this great country we live in and those who sacrifice themselves and their hap- piness for our freedoms. I am also thankful for my wonderful family and friends. Bobble Orphey Valentines, Halloween, New Year and all the peoples birthdays and' fuherals and baptisms and I'm thankful for the Holy Ghost for telling me what's right and I'm. thankful for my morn and dad and: all my grandparents who cooked. food for us. Love," Robyn Diann StaMen ' Thankful for the Savior Lord Jesus who died on the cross and offered salvation even to those who He knew would not accept the gift of salvation and for a Christian husband. Dear Kids of Lordsburg, It's that time of year again/I hope that all of you have been good this past year. I just wanted to make sure everybody knows where to send their letters to Santa/Here is my address: Santa Claus PO Box 9998 North Pole Make sure to drop it in 3,our mailbox and put the.flag up/ Hope to hear fron you soon, Santa We give thanks for good', health and the love of family and friends. We are thankful, too, for those who have served in the mili- tary in the past and to those now serving so that we are safe to en- joy the many freedoms we ted' often take for granted. Manuel and Lois Saucedo "I am thankful I am sober and I am thankful for my life." --Anonymous I'm thankful for the doctors that saved my father's life earlier this month. And all the my fam- ily who are giving their time, love and care to his recovery. I'm thankful to live in such a caring community. I was at the bank then the post office where, friends ask "How's your. dad doing?" I love this town!! 2*hank you FBC and everyone for your prayers .I Extra thanks tO Ben , Katrina and Marsha for giving me a shoulder when I truly needed it. There are many who will be go- ing through the holi- days without a loved one who has passed, my heart goes out to you. Give extra hugs, count your blessings and be thankful. God Bless us all ! Linda Erikson Bobble Orphey "My family and friends, be- ing sober, being able to live my life as it was intended?' --,Anonymous Thanksgiving brings to church; and I'm thankful for God mind many blessings, the.things my Father, Jesus Christ." I appreciate all year; not just at the holidays. We live in a promised land of that affords us a good standard of living, freedom to worshi p as we wish and freedom to travel freely with- out guard gates and papers. We can dis- cuss our religious or political views without being im- prisoned. The love of my family and_ special friends brings comfor to my heart at this time. Most of all, 1 am so very grateful for our military who fights for these freedoms, so that I can be home with my family sharing Thanksgiving din- ner in peace. God Bless Them All and May Everyone have a Very Blessed Holiday. Annette George I am thankful for our'school, family and my dad and morn and my sister. Nik I am thankful for my dad and my morn and grandpa, who was in the Army and that's who I am thankful for, and my aunts and uncles and my cousins and that who I am thankful for. Jordan Mendoza Ta.- 0,0% O, 'O,,-) ,-uc ,v: [3 6r'Sc' :q --Anonymous I I am thankful for being alive and thankful for all my siblings and my parents for being alive and I am thankful for my friends and teachers for being alive too. I'm thankful for God and Jesus for helping me and I'm thankful for my family because they love me and do as best as they could to take care of us and I am thank- ful for Thanksgiving, Christmas, N C  _.a_ NO MINORS rl, Nov. AVERIC D .... LOUNGE C00A' no min01's NVt I .MUSIC BY l: A