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December 24, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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December 24, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY T DECEMBER 24 2010 7 Local youngsters send Dear Santa Claus, How are your elves and reindeer do- ing? Merry Christmas Santa. May I have a puppy and may I have a dolly that opens and shuts her eyes? If I could have one wish I would wish for my teacher to win the lottery ! Love, Robyn Dear Santa, How are your reindeer and how is Miss Claus? Oh, may I please have a game for my Wii. And I wish my cousin is going to get a trampoline and all the stuffthat she likes and to have a wonderful Christmas and you too, Santa, have a good Christmas. Love, Anisa Dear Santa Claus, Merry Christmas Santa Claus. MaY I please have a very, very, very happy Christmas with my family and by the way, how-is Mrs. Claus doing. And if I could have one wish I would wish for my family to get one of the things that my family wanted for Christmas! Love, Artemisia Dear Santa Claus, How are your reindeer and how are you? If I could have one wish I would wish for a beautiful day. And ifI could have one more wish that wish will be for me and Ms. Arredondo going on a trip and that trip will be going to Las Vegas. And Merry Christmas, Santa Claus ! Love, Sonia Dear Santa Claus, Merry Christmas. How re your elves? For Christmas may I please have a DSI? If I could have one wish I would wish my mom a "musuy chler". Love Jose Dear Santa Claus, How are you? For Christmas may I please have a mini dirt bike? And for Jordan, Nik and Frankie I'll wish them a very, very happy Christmas and in- cluding Miss Arredondo. Jesus Dearest Santa, Hi Santa. My name is Jordan and may I have an Xbox360? If I could have on e wish, I would wish for Cody to have a Merry Christmas. And I won- der what you do in the North Pole. Love, Jordan Dear Santa, Merry Christmas ! For Christmas may I please have a puppy and a phone? If I could have one wish I would wish for my grandma Rita Matta Torra to come back. Love, Amya Dear Santa, May I please have tls',llat IhH . been bugging for this and it is a cotton candy maker and please this is the thing that I have been bugging for this year. Can you please get me it and it is a touch screen Jord phone and this is all I want from you Santa. IfI could have one wish I would wish for Ms. An'edondo to have a very sweet Christ- mas. Love, Juliana Dear Saint Nicholas, May I please have one of the Spy vid- eos car? If I could have one wish I would wish for an Xbox360 for Frankie. " Love, Ben Dear Santa Claus, May I please have a lot of money, $1,000 or $200? That much money. If I had one wish I would wish some- thing for Ms. A. I would get her a new house with my money. I love you Santa. Love, Celeste Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Claus and the reindeer and the elves? May I please get a good, fun game for my DS? If I had one wish I would wish for one of your elves, one of your re- indeer and you to come to the school. With lots of joy, Toby Cruz Dear Santa, How is your diet doing, and Mrs. Claus? For Christmas may I please have a Merry Christmas and be with my family. That would be the best Christmas to me. ff I could have one wish it'd be for my whole class to have the best Christmas ever. Love, Frankie Camacho Dear Santa- It is almost Christmas. I have been thinking about you, fny family, friends and the true meaning of Christmas. I am glad to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I think I have been a good boy and I hope you think so too. I would like for you to bring me a PSP and a light saver. Can you bring my mom, dad and Allie something? They have been good too. Thank you for my brother Michael that is almost here. See you soon, Santa. We will have cookies for you. Always, Hector lbarra III Dear Santa- I want a DS. I want a drum. I want a book. I want a ball. I want a baseball. Anonymous Dear santa Claus- I think I have been good this year. I have been helpful with my parents around the house and taking care of myJittle sister. My sister Kaelynn ,attd loll and some clothes, And for mc I would like a touch screen iPad and a pretty dress. Anct for my mom and dad, a wonderful Christmas with Kaelynn, and the rest of the fam- ily too, There will be Oreo cookies with milk waiting for you Santa. Have a great Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Aaliyah Dear Santa- Hi, how are your reindeers? How are you? Is Rudolph good? Because I have a pet Rudolph. And how is Prancer hi to Mrs. Claus and the elves and reindeer. I am only going to get one present from you this yar because you have so many children to give gifts too. I would like a woowoo alve white tiger cub. Thonk you. Tell the reindeer we have a gift for them and my family would like a black Wii. Thank you. Jacelyn Jade Laborin Dear Santa- Our names are Arrian and Destiny. Arrian is 10 years old. Destiny is 7 years old. Arrian wants an xBox360. He hopes he's been good. And De- tiny wants a DS, pink one, with the game ZhuZhu pets. Arrian for his xBox get him Call of Duty Black Ops. I hope you get a lot of kids toys for Christ- mas. Arrian and Destiny Alejandro Mata was one of the many children who whispered their desires Into Santa's ear at Western Bank last week. and how is the North Pole? Is it freez- ing? Because I watched a movie that was a Santa movie and I know how you guys can tell if we are good and bad. Because you have a snow globe! I would like a Loopez game and aLive Wowe pup. Thank you Santa. PSI have a little brother named Ruiz. He would like a motorcycle. Thank you. Oh, my dog would like something too. Love you, Ruiz & Larissa Dear Santa- I have been a good little girl this year and I hope you think so too. I hope I am on the good list, so you can bring me a pillow pet and a Baby All Gone for Christmas. Allie lbarra Dear Santa Claus- I have a stuffed animal named Prancer. He is very cute. You might see him. Dear Santa- Tell Rudolph hi. I can't wait until Christmas! I have been a good boy. Sometimes I fight with my sister, but I love her and my mom and dad! I want an Xbox360. I love you so much Santa! Love, Derek Saenz Dear Santa- My name is Adriano Burrola. I want this toy. (picture enclosed) I also want a Harry Potter, Wii game and Hungry, Hungry Hippos game. Thank you for reading my letter. Love, Adriano Burrola Dear Santa- This year I want a laptop with a bunch of designs that have Mavericks de- signs, kind oilike these. PSI want the laptop colors Lordsburg Mavericks colors. Oh, keep the stickers. Love you Santa! He is right by the chimney. On, I al- From, Skeater most forgot. I live in Socorro, New Dear S,an, ta- ......... Mexico. My name is Jacelyn Jade I thinkl have been a good boy. lhope Laborin. My family is doing good. Say I have so anyways, here is my list of Flg TIIIII00 00ILL I11111 I11 IIUIIDLI OaT ILJ ft. IIRI, UlIIMI STflff Of Lordsburg Housing Authority / things I want for Christmas. I want a Zoon like my cousin Adam, all of the Legos from Lego Star Wars and Lego Space Police and a Lego city and air- port and Lego fire station. One more thing, can I get Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. Sincerely sorry, one more thing, can I have a go hand writing and for my family to have a good Christmas. That is my wish.. Zachary Holguin Dear Santa- My name is Melissa. I will like a Wii, DS, Stroller, and Princess and the Frog game. I have been a good girl. I love you Santa. Melissa Rae Lopez Dear Santa Clause- How are you this year? How is Mrs. Clause? I have been a good girl this year. Here are some things I am ask- ing for! 1. The Claw Musical Ma- chine 2. Neat Nail Art the ultimate nail studio and 3. Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker. Love your friend, Danica Salazar Dear Santa Clause- I have been a good girl. How are you? I hope you are doing good. My name is Tina Martinez and I live in Lordsburg. These are things that I want. 1. DQ Blizzard Maker 2. An Electronic Grand Piano 3. Discovery Kids Pottery Wheel 4. Barbie Video Girl doll 5. Disney Princess Castle 6. The movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 7. Movie Karate Kid 8. Movie Toy Story 3. Love, 7na Dear Santa Claus- I want a puppy and a phone and a laptop and a homework book. I like you. I hope you can bring me these. I love you, Anita Longoria Dear Santa- My name is Aaliya Cancio. I have been a very good little girl. What I want for Christmas this year is a pole-go-stick, a Tanble play set and a scooter, please. I will be one happy little girl. Thank you Santa. Love, Aaliya Cancio Dear Santa- How are you? Keeping warm? I'm trying to. I would like this for Christ- mas. Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, Rockband with the guitar and maybe if Samuel hasn't given it to me, AC/ DC live for PS2. Love, Thomas Ornelas Dear Santa- I want a princess clip on earrings and a musician set and a magic book. Love, Chloe Barrera Dear Santa- Hi, how are you and Mrs. Claus? I have tried to be a good boy. Could you please bring me a DS and a Toy Story 3 game and a Transformers toy and a Matt Handy Wrestler. Hope to see you soon. Thank you, Samuel Ornelas Dear.Santa Claus- ......... ,,,-. , ,,, My name is Cameron D. Garcia. I have been a good boy all year and have worked really hard in school. I would really like to get the Lego City Police Headquarters or Fire Department or a city airplane. Your friend, Cameron Garcia Dear Santa- I have been good. I would like a Dr. Play Set, books, and a choo choo train. Love, Breanne Bivens Dear Santa- How is the elf in the shelf that has been watching me? How are all the reindeers? When is it going to snow? Bring something for my dad, my mom, my sister and my dog Butter. Please bring me a remote control truck or bring me whatever you want to bring me. I would also like for you to bring me a semi truck with a crane on the back. Dear Santa, I will be at my nana's house in Lordsburg. I would also like a Dodge Ram truck from Loves. Thank you, Santa. I will leave you some Cook- ies. I love you Santa. I am 4 years old. Take care! Love, Mikey Misquez Dear Santa- Merry Christmas. How are you? For Christmas may I please have a Wii and a Michael Jackson game? If I would have one wish, I would wish for joyfulness for my family. Love, Analisa Dear Santa Claus- May I please have lots of friends for Christmas? Because I want lots of friends I only have a little bit. I have like five or four. Well have a happy Christmas. Love, Josiah Dear Santa Claus- How are your elves and yor wife? May I have a Make Up Set and a DS game and an Xbox360 for Christmas too? And I wish for Paulina to have friends. The end. Love, Shivani Dear Santa- Merry Christmas. How was your Christmas this year? May I please have a laptop? If I could have one wish I would wish for my grandma because my grandpa died and I want her to feel better. Love, Paulina Mendoza Dear Santa, How many elves and reindeer do you have? Merry Christmas. May I please get a dirt bike for Christmas. If I could have one wish I would wish for a gocart for my friend Nike. Sincerely, Caleb Dear Santa- Merry Christmas. May I please have an iPad touch. If I had one wish for my sister and Joe and Joseph and Isiah and my sisters name is Zarriah can come down for Christmas. Love, Selina Saenz Dear Santa- IfI could have one wish I would wish to be happy and a wish for everyone , to be ihappy:May t have a PS3 ,mid Black Ops with it? ' ' From, Nik May God shed His grace on you and yours and upon this great land at Christmastime and in the year to come. El Charro tau00ant Maverick To Our Friends, As this happy Christmas season, it is a pleasure to pause and express our sincerest appreciation, for the wonderful gift of your friendship and goodwill. Thank you for the pleasant association we have enjoyed during the year. We are deeply grateful for your trust and hope that we will continue to merit your confidence in the future. We wish you a warm and Merry Christmas. May you and those you love always enjoya bountiful harvest of all the good things in life1 Sincerely, Saucedo's Supermarket 00600at00cVCal/d00s from Hidalgo Medical & Dental Services Ch,,nk$ for szc00or//ny saT'/,;es. HMS Clinic in Lordsburg will beopen .,,,- to patients until 5:00 p.m. on .,,// : December 23, 2010 and CLOSED on.Friday, December 24. Also, the clinic will be open to patients until 5:00 p.m. December 30, and CLOSED on Friday, .December 31. If you have a medical emergency while we are closed, please Dial 911 immediately For non-emergencies please call UNM- NurseAdvice Hot Line when HMS is closed and at 575-542-8384 and a nurse from the NurseAdvice Hotline may answer your non-emergency health questions 575-542-8384 Toll Free 888-271-3596 HMS is a state and federally funded organization that provides health related services to the uninsured and underinsured based on a sliding fee scale. M/F/H/V HIDALGO MEDICAL SERVICES 530 E. DeMoss Street Lordsburg, NM 88045