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December 24, 2010     Hidalgo County Herald
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December 24, 2010

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, DECEMBER24,2010 11 Letters to the Editor The Hidalgo County Her- ald urges readers to voice their olrin- ions by writing in. Letters can be mailed to 212 E. Motel Drive, Ste. B, or can be e-mailed to Only let- ters that are signed by the au- thor will be considered for publication. All letters that are published should be consid- ered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the Hidalgo County Herald. Read- ers are encouraged to practice their First Amendment fight of free speech. have a dream Dear Editor, I have a dream: Players on two rival high "school teams can. get along and enjoy the competi- tion as they play. Done! Boys on both Lordsburg and Animas bas- ketball teams were exhibiting good sportsmanship in their game last night, and there were even instances of cheerful interaction between players on the two teams. I have a dream: Coaches for both teams can be positive role models of good sportsmanship for both the players and the fans. Done! Coach Saucedo and Coach Moore, as well as their assistants, kept level heads during the games and demonstrated top-notch be- havior on the floor. I have a dream: Parents and community members come to- gether to support the two rival high school teams as the kids ex- perience competition. Done! There was a good mix of Lordsburg and Animas fans in the open seating areas, and the cheer- ing was almost entirely positive throughout the two games. I have a dream: Every fan will be there to support the kids. Well, this one didn't make the 100% mark! Why would an older woman spend so much energy getting angry at three teenage boys whose cheering is appropri- ate and less loud than her own? Of course, having only one dis- gruntled fan out of about 100 has us 99% successful. I believe the players and the fans (99% of them, anyway) are to be congratulated on the posi- tive attitudes and "climate" per- meating our Maverick gymna- sium during Thursday's games. My thanks to all who contrib- uted. Sincerely, Jim Barentine LMS Superintendent Heartsick Dear Editor, Last week my home was bur- glarized while I was visiting friends. My fireproof safe was taken. It's the kind you buy at Wal-Mart, grey-beige in color, about 16"x16"x16". It contains the only pictures I have of my grandmothers, and other papers priceless to me and of no value to anyone else. My husband died in 2002: all of his pictures were in there; love letters, my birth and marriage certificates; car titles, poems and prayers, etc. and irre- placeable genealogy stuff from the 1800's. I keep telling myself I still have the memories, but I'm heartsick. I am offering a reward of $300 for the return of my safe and/or it's contents. There is also a Crime Stoppers reward through the Po- lice Department. Roberta Cull 575-654-4995 I hear you Dear Editor, I would like to thank every- one who came to my listening tour session in Lordsburg. These important sessions allow me to hear directly from citizens in your community about the issues fac- ing our nation. Citizens from across the Sec- ond Congressional District talked about the need to create jobs,.con- trol government spending, and end unnecessary regulations that are crushing small businesses. There were many other local and federal issues that were brought up as well, but these seemed to be the most important to most people. One of the most vivid memo- ries that I recall from the listen- ing sessions was a man who came over to the meeting directly from his mechanic's shop. He was dressed in his work clothes, and his hands were stained from die- sel and grease obviously having worked all day long. Those hands symbolize every American who quietly shows up to work every day, pays the bills, and raises a family. He told me that the govern- ment had recently contacted him about some new regulation that required him to put a certain tire on his service truck. He said he wanted "Tire Liberty!" Unnecessary regulation on small business owners is one of the first issues that I intend to aggressively pursue when I get to Washington. Regulations are meant to protect, but so many government agencies have gone overboard with roadblocks that completely halt the opportunity for small business owners to make a living and create jobs. This message rang loud and clear to me throughout the listening tour. We will have many of these listening sessions in your com- munity so that I may keep the pulse of your views close to my heart. I would like to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May all of our hopes and dreams in the new year come true. Sincerely, Steve Pearce Congressman-Elect 2nd District New Mexico Put me in charge The following was printed in the Letters to the Editor section of a Waco, Texas, newspaper: To the Editor: Put me in charge of food stamps. Id get rid of those Lone Star goverriment credit cards; no payment for Ding Dongs or Ho Hos, just vouchers for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk yoti can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job. PUt me in charge of Medic- aid. The first thing Id do is to get Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations for the enrolled women. Vasectomies for the men. Then well test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine, and document all existing tattoos and piercings. If you want to repro- duce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings, then get a job. Put me in charge of govem- ment housing. Ever live in a mili- tary barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your "home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be invento- ried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then ge.t a jO b and your own place. In addition, you will either present a payroll stub from a THi:irlK YOU We would like to thank Margo and Mary Helen Estrada for the turquoise jewelry that was donated for the raffle and to the Chaires Family for doing and selling tickets and all the money given to us. To all the people who have helped us by donating money, sending cards, telephone calls and words of encouragement, thank you. We have been through a lot but with people like all of you we could not have been able to continue. Our journey is not over, but with friends like you it will be easier for us to go ahead. Thank you to each and everyone. You all know who you are, too many to name, Joaquin, Jacinta and Anna job each week or you Will report to a "government" job. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward your hous- ing and food allowance. If you want a fancy car or truck, then get a job. Before you write that Ive vio- lated someones rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules. Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and "ruin their self esteem," consider that it wasnt that long ago that taking someone elses money for doing absolutely nothing was consid- ered demeaning and did lower self esteem. If we taxpayers are expected to pay for other peoples mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system re- ward's them for continuing to make bad choices. Alfred W. Evans, Gatesville, TX Enough said Dear Editor, Welcome to America, the home of the free: Free housing, free groceries, free cars, free col- lege, free medical, free social se- curity, free clothing, all you have to do is come from another coun- try illegally, Wow! Wake up tea party raembers, let's not quit now! Of course Obama and Napalitano have us protected, yeah right. I guess that is why a border patrolman was killed miles inside the US border the other day. The parents should sue Napalitano. She said it is SAFE. That border patrolman was doing his job INSIDE the border. I have never heard such a bunch of lies in my life. I rode my son's four wheeler about twoweeks ago on the fence of state hwy 9 and less than a mile from my house I found where bundles of drugs had been pushed under that fence in two different places. This is 45 miles from the Mexican border. But I'm safe Ha! I sure as hell don't see Obama down here where it's so safe. All he can do is sue the states for doing his job. He is the presi- dent; it's his job to protect the citizens of America from foreign invaders. Hello!! That is in the Constitution! Oh I forgot, he doesn't believe in the Constitu- tion, Sorry. Oh yeah, I forgot Ar- ticle IV section 4 says REPUBLI- CAN form of Government guar- anteed to every state, protection from invasion or domestic vio- lence. I forgot all we have is a bunch of democrats running the place so I guess the Constitution doesn't count. To prove that fact the democrats are touting double taxation. When people work all their lives to accumulate wealth and pay taxes on it as they work and then that bunch of goons in Washington want to tax peoples property after they die is repre- hensible. That folds, is not what the Constitution says. By the way, I want to see Reid, Pelosi, Bingaman and other congress- men arid senators give up half of their fortunes, be it money or prop- erty. Obama included, they all need to give up half! Crooks. Let's just play a little game: You democrats want half of everyone's money, fine, just you cough up half of yours, no deduc- tions, no set asides, just write the Infernal Tax man a check. Figure out how much your property and everything is worth and give half. Pelosi says the estate tax is to generous and unfair to middle class. She's got millions so give it up Pelosi! Ha. What a joke. Oh by the way the senate wrote a bill and sent it to the house, that is also against the Constitution! Mister Bingaman, The United States is not one big play ground, No more Government taking pri- vate land, STOP! Nuff said. God Bless our country and the family of that slain border patrolman. My con- dolences, that shouldn't happen in America. Gene Chadborn Animas, NM Central holds Spelling Bee, Courtesy 00,hote The Central Elementary School Spelling Bee was held Friday December 10, 2010. The winners were Randy Rodriguez (l't), Ishmael Talavdra (2"d), Adam McDaniel (3'd),Tommie Lynn Rojas (4th), Pedro Garcia (5 th) and Daniel Alba (6m). These top six spellers will compete in the D}strict Spelling Bee on January 21,2011 at Dugan-Tarango Middle School. Reform law expanding heath care access, protecting NM from health insurance company abuses Submitted by SEN. JEFF sands of families had been denied Before reform, i.nsurance BINGAMAN'SOFFICE/Washing- insurance each year for their chil- companies could decide which ton, DC dren because of an illness or con- doctor you could go to. Starting Six months after a new dition. Starting September 23 rd, tomorrow, if you purchase or join health insurance law was enacted, plans cannot discriminate against a new plan you have the right to U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman said kids with pre-existing conditions, chgose your own doctor in your it is beginning to take effect in In 2014, no one seeking cover- insurer network. Up to 88 million New Mexico and across the coun- age can be discriminated against people will benefit from the pro- try. The law expands access to because of a preexisting condi- vision that protects primary care health services and creates impor- tion. provider choice by 2013. tant protections for New Mexico Ban on Insurance Compa- Ban on Insurance Compa- families against some of the worst nies Dropping Coverage: nies Restricting Emergency insurance company abuses. Before the new law, insur- Room Care: "Starting September 23, ance companies could cancel Before reform, insurance health insurance companies are your coverage when you grt sick companies could limit which required to expand health care ac- and needed it most because of a emergency room you could go to cess and to end many abuses they simple mistake on your applica- or charge you more if you went have employed for years. These tion. Starting tomorrow, insur- out of network. Starting tomor- row, if you purchase or join a new unfair practices have left too ance companies are banned from plan, those plans are banned from many New Mexicans without cutting off coverage due to an un- charging more for emergency ser- coverage for serious medical con- intentional mistake on your ap- vices obtained out of network. Up ditions or made coverage too ex- plication, to 88 million people will benefit pensive for families," said Ban on Insurance Compa- from this provision. Bingaman, who helped write the nies Limiting Coverage: Guarantee You a Right to Patient Protection and Affordable Before reform, cancer pa- Appeal: Care Act. "Combining these new tients and individuals suffering Before reform, when. insurers protections with many others that from other serious and chronic denied you coverage or restricted diseases were often forced to limit phase-in over the next few years, your treatment, you were left with this law will greatly benefit New or go without treatment because few options to appeal. Starting Mexicans." of an insurer's lifetime limit on September 23 rd, if you purchase their coverage. Starting tomor- For example, beginning to- or join a new policy, you will be row, insurance companies can no morrow -- six months to the day Ion er lif 'me limit o th guaranteed the right to appeal after President Obama signed the .. g puta etl .... n e jOsuance gmpany d e_t_to tmourtt or coverage rrrey-r--: ----an iildependent third party. Up Patient Protection and Affordable vide, so families can live with the ........ to 88 million people will benefit Care Act into law -- neff health security of knowing that their from the new appeals process pro- insurance policies being sold coverage will be there when they visions'by 2013. must allow young adults up to need it most. Up to 20,400 people Covering Preventive Care age 26 to be covered by their par- who typically hit their lifetime With No Cost: ents' policies, unless they are of- limits on the dollar amount that fered coverage at work. In New can be spent on coverage, along Starting September 23 'd, if Mexico, this provision could en- with the nearly 102 million en- you join or purchase a new plan, sure that up to 13,000 young rollees who have policies with you will receive recommended adults will be able to stay on theiP lifetime limits, will no longer preventive care with no out-of- parents' coverage, have to worry about hitting their pocket cost. Services like A description of how New benefits caps. The use of annual mammograms, colonoscopies, Mexicans will benefit now from dollar limits will be restricted, and immunizations, pre-natal and new the new law can be found here. in 2014 will be banned com- baby care will be covered and Other benefits starting as of Sep- pletely. By 2013, up to 3,500 insurance companies will be pro- tember 23 include: people will gain coverage as a hibited from charging Bun on Discriminating result of the ban on annual limits deductibles, co-payments or co- Against Children with Pre-Exist- that insurers impose on nearly 18 insurance. Up to 88 million ing Conditions: million people today, people will have access to pre- Before the new health insur- Ban on Insurance Compa- ventive care with no out of pocket ance reform law, tens of the thou- nies Limiting Choice of Doctors: costs. AVISO PUBLICO Lordsburg Proyecto de Exploraci6n Entree Gold (US) Inc. (Entree): 2221 East Street, Suite 210, Golden CO 80410 ha presentado una applicacion de eonformidad con el C6digo Administrativo de Nuevo Mdxico [New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)] regulaciones (NMAC 10.10.4) para perforar hata 65 agujeros de exploraci6n en sus reclamos de mina sobre los terrenos p0blicos ubicados en el municipio 23 Sur; rangos 18 y 19 Oeste en el Condado de Hidalgo. La poteneial alteraci6n total de la superfieie de nuevas plataformas de perforaci6n y vias de acceso podda ser de hasta aproximadamente 28.2 acres. La informaci6n del programa de perforacidn se utilizard para determinar si existe suficiente oro/cobre mineral para justificar el desarrollo de minas. El acceso al sitio es proporcionada pot New Mexico State Highway 494 e Hidalgo County Road A009 (la carretera Animas). El acceso alas plataformas de perforacidn seria a to largo de las carreteras existentes y dos pistas a la medida de Io posible. Perforacidnes utilizando camiones convencionales y/o vehicu!os montados en orugas y equipo de apoyo, se prevd que comience en el primer trimestre de 2011 y durar hasta 12 meses. Una empresa cualificada de consultoria independiente condujo una encuesta sobre recursos culturales, biol6gicos, humedales, y especies sensibles de la area completa. Entr6e utilizara los resultados de la encuesta y mejores praeticas de manejo para evitar que afecte recursos sensibles. Copias de la aplicacion en tramite como Permiso No.HI013ER, estn archivadas y disponibles para su visualizaci6n durante el horatio normal en: New Mexico Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources Department (Departamento de Energia, Minarales y Recursos Naturales de Nuevo Mexico) Mining and Minerals Division (Divisi6n de Mineria y Minerales) 1220 St. Francis Drive Santa Fe, NM 87505 O en Iinea en: Permits.htm Las solicitudes por escrito para una audiencia deben set presentadas al Director en funciones, el Sr. Charles Thomas, en la direeci6n antes mencionada dentro de los 30 dias siguientes a la publicaci6n del peribdico de este aviso. Cualquier persona interesada podra solicitar que el Director de Mining and Minerals Division (Divisi6n de Minerfa y Minerales) Ilevar. a cabo una audieneia pdblica sobre esta solicitud de exploracidn de conformidad con el titulo NMAC. Las solicitudes podr,n hacerse del Director en la direcci6n antes mencionada dentro de los 30 dias siguientes a la fecha de la publicaci6n del peri6dico de este aviso. Si la audiencia se pidi6 a tiempo, el Director fijara una audiencia, a menos que scan manifiestamente infundadas. El Director podr& celebrar una audiencia e pdblica en ausencia de cualquier solicitud. Cualquier audiencia p0blica de conformidad con esta aplicacidn se Ilevara. a cabo en un local en la drea de Lordsburg, accesible al p0blico en general. Si el Director determina tenet una audiencia peblica, la fecha, hora y lugar de dicha audiencia se anunciara en el Hidalgo County Herald. Comentarios escritos deben ser recibidos por el Director antes del cierre del registros de la audiencia despuds de una audiencia p0blica que se Ileveacabo. En caso de que una audiencia no se Ileve a cabo, los comentarios escritos ser,n considerados solamente si son recibidos por el Director dentro de los 60 dias siguientes a la fecha de esta publicaei6n del peri6dico de este aviso o dentro de 60 alias despues que la persona que envie sus comentarios reciba noticia de esta aplicacion, si esta es posteriorl d24c WHAT A CHILD LEARNS ABOUT VIOLENCE A CHILD LEARNS FOR LIFE. Remember whose birthday we Celebrate on December 25th! Lord's Living Water Lighthouse 807 Duncan Highway (US 70)~Lordsburg~(575)590-0143 ~ Sunday Morning Service: 10:40 AM Dress is always casual!