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December 26, 2014     Hidalgo County Herald
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December 26, 2014

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2014 7 Just A Thought ngoff catalyti By RICK KRAFT Do you bring about positive ch .ange in the life you five? When you go to bed at night, is the world a better place than it was when you woke up because of some action or actions you took during the day? Do you have the ability to take a nega- tive thrown at you and respond with a posi- tive? Are you able to bring about positive change to those around you without yourself being con- sumed? Maybe you are a catalyst. Maybe you are a catalyst for change. In researching the term "cata- lysC' I found many definitions. The core concepts of each are very similar. The first known use of the word was in 1902. The making of soap, the fermentation of wine to vinegar, and the leav- ening of bread are all processes involving catalysts. A catalyst is "a substance that increases the rate of a chemi- cal reaction by reducing the acti- vation energy, but which is left unchanged by the reaction." Wow! A lot is going on here. Let's break this definition down to its three base elements. The first segment of the defi- nition is that it increases .the rate of a chemical reaction. That means a catalyst creates action. It brings about energy. It makes something happen. A catalyst reaction causes change. For something to be a catalyst, it must make a reac- tion occur. A very powerful cata- lyst will, by its action, cause many reactions to result. If you are a catalyst in the life you five, you are making an i, mpact on others as you are increasing reactions by others to your ac- tions. The second part of the definition is "by reducing activa- tion energy." So a catalyst not only is action resulting in reactions, it mini- Rick Kraft mizes the amount of energy necrssary to be activated. If you can lower the effort needed to bring about change, you can cause change to occur quicker with a reduced level of action. The final segment of the defi- nition is very critical. A catalyst brings about change and is "left unchanged by the reaction." A catalyst is not consumed. It re- mains in its original form after causing a chain of reactions to occur. What is around the cata- lyst is modii~ied, but the catalyst itself is unaffected. Can you do. that? Can you take action, cause reactions, and not be consumed in the process? It is the difference between being a thermometer that measures the temperature and being a thermo- stat that sets the temperature. Be- ing a catalyst is causing change by being proactive, not by mea- of Health reports decline in teen birth ral Continued from Page I also the case for Diabetes and Suicide, while Alzheimer's dis- Mexico males was 900.5 per 100,000 population compared to ease and cerebrovascular disease 622.7 for females made up a larger proportion of deaths for the United States. The death rate among men was far greater than that for The death rate for total women. Women were more likely injuries in New'Mexico was 55% to have died at 85 years or older higher than the United States rate. The New Mexico motor vehicle (36.1%) Compared to men (21.0%). accident rate was 29% higher than In 2012 and 2013, cancer the U.S rate. The homicide rate was the leading cause of death in was 26% higher and the suicide l~lew M'rxico'based on numbers rate was 65% higher than the U.S. of deaths. In 2013, 40.8% of all rate. New Mexico's 201"3 age- deaths were attributed to cancer and heart disease adjusted death rate for alcohol- New Mexico's share of induced deaths (21.8) was nearly deaths from unintentional inju- 3 ~imes higher than the 2010 na- ries (7.3%) and chronic liver dis- tional rate (7.6). New Mexico's ease (2.7%) was notably higher ratetfor drug-induced deaths compai'ed to that for United (22.5) was almost twice as high States, 4.9% and 1.3%. This was as the U.S. rate (12.9). suring change and being reactive. This characteristic of a cata- lyst makes me think of the story of the grandmother who taught her granddaughter a lesson one day in her kitchen The grand- mother took some carrots and an egg from her refrigerator and a tea bag out of the cupboard She boiled a pot of water and then one at a time put the carrots, the egg, and the tea bag in the pot allow- ing them time to respond to the boiling water. The gran~lmother said the pot of boiling water represents adversity in life~ After boiling all three, she asked her grand- daughter some questions. Grandma pointed out that the carrots were hard .and firm when they were taken from the refrigerator. The boiling water made them soft and mushy. This happens to some people when adversity hits them.' The egg was liquid on the Q inside and fragile on the outside when it was put into the pot. The boiling water made the egg become . firm. Adversity changed the egg also, but it be- came rigid and hard. The grandma then asked her granddaughter, what hap- pened to the tea bag when it was put in boiling water. The grand- daughter said, except for getting wet, the tea bag didn't change. The grandma then shared about the tea bag, "When placed in an adverse situation, not only did the tea bag not change, it changed the water around it." Being a catalyst is like be- ing a tea bag. In the processof bringing about change around it, it is not consumed or Changed. My challenge to you today is to be a catalyst in the life you live. Create catalytic reactions." First, make good choices in your own life. Then bring about change in others by influencing them to make good choices without yourself being con- sumed in the process. Be the tea bag in times of adversity. Live a life of initiation, pre- cipitation, and acceleration. Bring about change and leave a better world behind than the one you entered. Just a thought... Rick Kraft is a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney. To submit corn: ments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to rkraft@ or write to 1~0. Box 850, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. No information he's pictured in A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDOILordsburg Photo courtesy THE JOHN A. JOHNSON, JR. HISTORIC PHOTO COLLECTION Dr. Crocker, Lordsburg, 1915 is available on Dr. Crocker except that he was a doctor in Lordsburg in 1915. military uniform probably from World War I or from a military school. In this photo 212 E. Motel Drive Suite B Lordsburg. NM 88045 $40 pet year Address City, State, Zip. A gift letter can be sent to recipient if requested Jesus is the Reason for the Se=son. @ Wishing you a very Merry Christmas O Christmas! and a Happy New Year. ~ ....................... i r " I INSUkANCE A.GENC_ Our son Hector Ibarra Jr. was a person with compassion and an exuberant amount of j,.P excitement for life itself and was a man with Christ our Lord in his heart. His true love and passion are his children: Hector Ibarra III, Allie Rae Ibarra, and Michael Jose Ibarra; his sisters Patricia and Melissa that never left his side from childbirth to the end of his beautiful life; his Dad Hector Ibarra Sr. his Morn Terry Ibarra and his very special nept~ews, and nieces Kellie Taylor, Joshua, Mathew, Vivian, Jonus, and Emma. As we write this letter of thanks we believe he is in our hearts and minds when we say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that accompanied us during his illness, were, and are to this day continuing to be of great care and comfort to our family. The desire to express our deep thanks can onl~ be given by sayirig thankyou. However, our hearts will hold you all dear till the end of our lives. We send, special embraces to friends and family for all the care you gave to our family during this very difficult time in our lives. We cannot begin to name all whom took such good care of us, because there are soo many. We would also like to thank the Baca's funeral home, the Cottage House, the Spceial Events crew, Maribel, Chavez, and Alice Ramirez for taking such consideration and thought of our son, Dad, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend Hector. A few others we would like to acknowledge that were very dear to Hector. Those individuals are: Nathanial Salinas, Chano Talavera, Susie Rodrig'uez, Bennie Sanchez, Richard Palomarea, Jessica Antillon, Samantha Contreras, Jenny Garcia, Magdalena Olivas for the memorial remembrance, and the group including Nick Ruiz, pauline Gomez, Maura Rico, Anna Alvarez, Rangel, and Ramona Rendon, that so lovingly prayed the rosary for Him. To each and everyone of you a glorious prayer is sent to the heavens from the Ibarra family. May you all be blessed forever. Have a Merry Christmas, & A Happy New year. Our Love to a11! Thank you, The/barra Fam//y