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December 28, 2012     Hidalgo County Herald
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December 28, 2012

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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2012 A Just A Thought Planning for a succesful By RICK KRAFT It has been said that people don't plan to fail, but they do fail to plan. As the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." In Alice in Won- derland, when Alice came upon the Cheshire Cat she asked "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" The Cat re- sponded, "That de- pends a go9d deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where" said Alice. "Then it doesn't mat- ter which way you go," said the Cat. I recently heard a talk on goal setting by a man who has been writing down his goals for over 45 years. The presenter shared the importance of goal setting in the lives we live. As we turn our calendars from 2012 to 2013, I' am going to en- courage each of you to take time to write down your goals for 2013 and beyond. Writing down a goal increases the likelihood of accomplishing it by 42% accord- ing to a study done at Domini- can University in California. Writing down any goal is important, but writing multiple goals and breaking them into categories will provide you with a better opportunity to accom- plish what you need to be accom- plishing. There are eight areas in which goals might be set: spiri- tual, family, physical, mental, ca- reer, community, relationships, and financial. Spiritual goals would in- volve your relationship with God. These goals may inVolve attending a church, reading through the Bible, going on a mission trip, or witnessing to oth- ers. regularly at the dinner.table. Physical goals may involve diet, exercise, or care for your body. These goals may include setting a specific weight to lose weight to, a regular exercise rou- fine, getting a physical, or eating better. Mental goals involve edu- cation, attitude develop- ment, and discipline. Mental goals may in- volve taking a class, reading a specific num- ber of books, or working on a healthier attitude. Career goals involve training and progressing in your job. Career goals may involve advancing in your job, receiving training to make you RickKraft better at what you do, changing jobs to improve your quality of life, or cutting back on your work load. Community goals involve being active in a civic club, local organizations, or other activities that benefit oth- ers in your community. Commu- nity goals may involve joining an organization that makes a dif- ference in our community, volun- teering for a good cause, or serv- ing on a board that meets the needs of members of your com- munity. Relationship goals involve friends and social development. Relationship goals may involve planning activities with friends, having others to your home, mentoring another, or creating new relationships that benefit others and yourself. Financial goals may involve debt reduc- tion, retirement, or financial plans for the future. Financial goals could include paying off specific debts, saving income for a future event such as a child's college or your retirement, or a proper in- vestment strategy. Goals should meet the SMAC test. They should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible with you. For ex- ample, a goal that reads "lose and beyond ate intervals to keep yourself ac- countable and on track. Having an accountability partner who you meet with from time to time would greatly increase the likeli- hood of achieving your goals. Benjamin E..Mays, shared, "The tragedy in life is not reach- ing your goal, but having no goal to reach." There are some who are afraid to set goals for fear they may not accomplish them. These people ask, what if I say I am go- ing to do "x" and then don't do it? Hockey player Wayne Gretsky understood this when he said, "I miss 100% of the shots I don't take." A decision to not set goals assures that you won't fail on a single goal, it also greatly de- creases your likelihood of accom- plishing what you need to accom- plish. I would rather set ten goals and only accomplish six of them than to not set any goals and ac- complish the equivalent of two goals. This exercise is also good for us to have our children do. One summer when my children were younger, I decided they were lounging around too much. I sat them both down at our dining room table with a preprinted sheet of paper with the eight catego- ries discussed above and blanks after each category. I asked them to fill in each blank. I wasn't too concerned about what they wrote in any blank, just that they moved forward to accomplish whatever they wrote down. My challenge to you is to accomplish everything you .need to be accomplishing in 2013 and beyond. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "The great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in what direction we are moving." I believe there are things in this world that only you can ac- complish. I also believe that if you take a little time to write down your plan for the year A Picture From The Past By EDMUND SAUCEDO/Lordsburg Photo courtesy RENE SAUCEDOILordsburg Amelia Earhart (1897 - 1937), ,'. J ,./ 1 ahead, and keep your goals handy -'..', ers. Family goals involve rela- weight" may be achievable and tionships with your spouse, chil- compatible, but it not specific or to be reviewed, you will do world-famous aviatrix, at the Lordsburg airport, early to mid-1930s. Amelia v!sited the late Elsie Lee~-,-, greater things in the days ahead at Mrs. Lee s house on Second Street in Lordsburg next door to David Whipple s hair studio and across,~," dren, and parents. These goals measurable. A goal that reads . the street from the First Baptist Church. ,-~,, may involve spending more fam- "lose 10 pounds a month for four for yourself and those around ily time, coaching a child's sports months" passes the SMAC test. you. :.~id team, going on a family vacation, Other goals that would pass the Don'tworry if you don't ac- Amelia Earhart endures in in Toronto, Canada, Amelia felt thirds of her historic flight - overdi: the American consciousness as compelled to leave school. Tak- 22,000 miles - Amelia vanishe'dL'q or making sure the family gath- .churg, hesSMAC teStinmightjanuaryreadand"visitthenthreejoin down.CmplishIf youeVerythingmerely accomplishYU write one of the world's most celebrated ing a course in Red Cross First along with her navigatot--'-' a: C~tch by the end of the month, a few of your goals you are ahead aviators. Amelia remains a sym- :Aid, .Amelia enlisted, as, a nurse s Frederick N~-e~h-6';-l~9~ l~f~ '~ "read two books a month that will of the majority of ~he world Who bol of the power and persever- aide at Spadina Military Hospi- from Lae, New Guinea, bound.fom,,~ anee of American women and tal in Toronto, Canada, tending tiny Howland Is~nd in thevas_t~ expand my horizons," 0f'%])~nd never started this process, the adventurous spirit so:essen- to wounded so4diers 'clurihg' Pacific Ocean. Tl~"clistand~'f~om every Tuesday evening at home And if you ever run into a tial to the American persona. World War I. -The following Lae to Howland was about equal with my family and every Thurs- Cheshire Cat, you can tell him Born in Atchison Kansas year, Amelia enrolled as a pre- to a transcontinental flight across day evening going out with my which way you are headed! ' ' . . . on July 24, 1897, the daughter medical student at Columbia the U.S. A great naval, air' and family." Just a thought.., of a railroad attorney, she spent University in New York. Shortly land search ordered by Pres. Goals can be set short Rick Kraft. is a motivational her childhood in various towns, thereafter, Amelia's parents in- Franklin Roosevelt failed to lo- term for periods such as a week or speaker, a published author, and including Atchison and Kansas sisted she move to California cate Amelia, Noonan, or the air- a month or long term such as a an attorney. To submit comments, City, Kansas, and Des Moines, where they were living, craft, and itwas assumed they were m year or five years, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to Iowa. At age 19, Amelia at- Learning to fly in Califor- lost at sea. She was rever to be Goal setting takes discipline, ...... The discipline is making time to tended Ogontz School, a fimsh- nla, she took up awatmn as a seen again. Some theoize, based ing school near Philadelphia, hobby, taking odd jobs to pay on the accounts of Amy veter- m put together your plan and then or write to P.O. Box850, Ros~vell, Pennsylvania. Two years later, for her flying lessons. In 1922,ans, that they were caltured, im- ~- reviewing the plan in appropri- New Mexico, 88202 - 0850. after visiting her sister, Muriel, with the financial help of her prisoned and.possiblykilled by It HMS would like to acknowledge and send a special thank you to the following businesses for donating to our Fall Fitness Walk and to the Thanksgiving Turkey/Basket giveaway which took place dulqng the month of November: Saucedos Loves TravelStop, Centers, Desert Wildflower Salon and Spa, Bobby Rangel, Herald, Goldhill Outpost, Lordsburg High School and Hidalgo Countv Ambulance and many HMS Staff members. favored and blessed in 2013 Best Wishes for a H ppy New Year! J sister, Muriet, and her mother, Amy Otis Earhart, she pur- chased her first airplane, a Kinner Airster. Amelia made great strides in opening the new field of avia- tion to women. In 1935, she became the first person to fly from Hawaii to the American mainland, crowning her the first aviator to fly this route. By doing so, Amelia became not only the first person to solo any- where in the Pacific, but also the first person to solo both the At- lantic and Pacific Oceans. She is als6 noted for her solo flight from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, to Ireland in 1932. It w~s the purchase of a Lockheed Electra that enabled Amelia to fulfill her dream - cir- cumnavigating the globe by air. In June 1937, Amelia embarked upon the first around-the-world flight at the equator. On July 2, after completing nearly two- the Japanese on the island of Saipan. ,, GET CASH for your LD!I Gol'ff jewelry, scrap., broken pieces, dental, any condition, 8K- SK' 575-639-2484 COTTAqE House 214 t. Motel Drive II II II May 2013 be filled with | i: happo ess and cheer( I B 0 R D E R4 m ", % P