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February 13, 2015     Hidalgo County Herald
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February 13, 2015
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HIDALGO COUNTY HERALD FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2015 9 "t I Remem b00&apos;x ' by A Editor's Note: Longtime Lordsburg resident, historian, storyteller and poet Allen "Hook" Hill has written hundreds of stories and poems. Back in the 1980's he began writing a column entitled "As I Remem- ber." With his permis- sion, these columns have been dusted off and will appear in the Hidalgo County Herald Allen Hook Hill from time to time. Hook, who is 93, still lives in Lordsburg. This column appeared In the Lordsburg Liberal on June 7, 1991. By ALLEN "HOOK" HILL/ Lordsburg We'll get back to firearm " 00ook Hill r lt! n " / I/ . m 1 3 13 m 16 m 19 25 27 35 40 44 48 57 59 65 69 m m 72 tales after a breather. When Jamie Stillman sent word to our son, Steve, indicating they had a mule in dire need of a good home, he declined the offer. However, she continued to extol the virtues of the mule to such an extent that he fi- nally decided to just consider taking him. Later he relented, switched horses com- pletely-no pun intended--and accepted the mule, Jamie assured Steve they were not interested in just getting rid of the animal. They wanted to let someone take him who would really take care of him. Steve was the man. 6 14 J 17 n m 21 !4 , 29 38 46 u 54 61 d'sh Make the Switch [jl . raDish Today llkJ r m Ti'fll] HBO .,mr,. and Save Up To 50%   stmz CoII Now and Ask How! \\; / - . 1-800-318-5121 Calt 7 days a week 8am- 11pro EST Promo Code:/dB0113 *Oeeut<Hdeedniulzalalil THEME: BE MY VALENTINE StatePoint Media DOWN 1. One of two equal parts 2. Twelfth month of Jewish year 3. Known for gambling 4. A southern 5. "Islands in the ...... " by Rogers and Parton 6. *Bring a date or a __ one 7. Ever, to a poet 8. Spotted bean . 9. Again 10. Target of Bay of Pigs inva- sion 11. Deuce topper 12. Seconds 15. Outdoor stone seating 20. Endangered species 22. Before skip and a jump 24. Resembling a human 25. *His aim is true? 26. Wombs 27. Winter wear 29. *It often accompanies #19 Across 31. Prayer leader in mosque 32. Fluorescent red dye 33. Elvis's "Blue Shoes" 34. Distinguishing feature 36. Last piece of a loaf 38. Musical composition for one, pl. 42. A military trainee 45. 2-unit house 49. One who's active in politics 51. *Romeo and Juliet's home- town 54. Like the Addams Family 56. Established fact 57. "Put a lid __ !" 58. Hyperbolic tangent 59. What those on the lam do 60. 2 and 4, e.g. 61. *It's usually full of romantic fare on Valentine's Day 62. Broken at finish line 63. And others, for short 64. To erase or cancel 67. "New" prefix ACROSS 1. Range rovers 6. Effervescence 9. "Hamlet" has five of these 13. Heads-up 14. Hula necklace 15. Accustom 16. Relating to moon 17. Big coffee holder 18. Three-masted vessel formerly Used nl Mediterranean J9. *A top Valentine's Day seller '1. *"How do I love thee? Let me count " 23. It follows the note soh 24. *In the for love 25. Golfs Ryder __ 28. Flexible mineral 30. *He officiates many wed- dings 35. Bryce Canyon state 37. Grannies 39. *Love in Paris 40. It distinguishes a father from a son in French 41. Lowest deck 43. Away from port 44. Annoyed 46. Kind of pickle 47. Calf-length skirt 48. Broadband predecessor 50. Capital of Ukraine 52. Bottom line 53. Jab 55. " , borrow or steal" 57. Desdemona's suspicious hus- band 61. Properly deserved 65. Innocent 66. *It's the loneliest number? 68. Egg-shaped 69. The Dow, e.g. 70. *Barbie's beau 71. Sherpa's land 72. Subsequently or soon after- wards 73. *I love 74. Anoint In order to know why Steve was the man, a person would have to study his background only briefly. Since he was a kid he HAD to have animals around. My wife, June, says the only reason he didn't have an elephant when he was young was there were no el- ephants around to be had. He hasn't changed much over the years, except maybe he now has to have more animals than ever. Once a family brough t their chil- dren over to play with Steve's kids and after the family left for home, one of the visiting kids said to the mother, "Mom, when are we going to get to come back to he zoo again?". Anyway, Steve went out to get Deacon--that's the mule. The first thing Jamie emphasized was that Deacon was not an ordinary mule. Indeed, she said, "Deacon doesn't even act like a mule. In fact,I don't think he even knows he's a mule". That was good news to Steve because he was some- what experienced with mules and their stubbornness. Jamie went on to explain that Deacon was a veteran of over one thousand miles of endurance rac: ing. To date he had met and con- quered more seemingly impos- sible Western endurance trails than most mules encounter in a lifetime. He gained national rec- ognition during the U.S. 1976 Bi- Centennial celebration when he pulled a wagon from California to the east coast, living the life of a celebrity at every nook and cranny of our country. He was so celebrated that when the centen- nial ended he was flown back to California on a Boing 747, the only mule known to have experi- enced such an honor. Well, Steve soaked in all the acclaim given to his new friend and formally accepted title to the big animal, and he is huge. He had brought along his horse trailer and had dropped the back ramp in anticipation of loading Deacon and driving off. He slipped a hackamore on his nose and over his ears and with a stout rope he led him toward the trailer. Just as he walked off, Jamie nonchalantly said, "He leads nicely". Those were the last soft words spoken in the area for quite a spell. Deacon led "nicely" until Steve got about half way up the ramp. It was then that he learned considerable about the other side--the mule side--of the beast. Deacon began groaning and moaning and then crying like a baby. Steve gave him a hard gull to try to force him up the ramp but the mule in Deacon had com- pletely different ideas. He turned his head, jerked Steve off the ramp, and at the same time took off on a high run. They were out in the open and Steve didn't want the mule to get away and necessitate a search for him, so he hung on like a demon possessed and went for a ride to end all rides. That mule drug him through the rocks and mesquites, over ditches and through fences, down the road, off the road, through the trees, past the open spaces, down through the river bottom....then back to the corral. Of course Steve didn't utter a word throughout the epi- sode. At least, not a civil word, that is. Back at the corral, beat and weary, Steve finally got the mule loaded. As he closed the back gate and all was nearly normal again, Jamie walked up and offered these comforting words . "He's a little head strong sometimes. When he gets that way I just turn loose of the rope and let him go". "Now you tell me", muttered Steve. To be continued. Hook hookjune @ hotmail, cam Sirloin Steak Dinner Baked Potato, Corn, Choice of Cup of Soup or Salad Choice of Pecan $25 or Pumpkin Pie PER COUPLE \\; 11 Old Hwy 70 Lordsburg, NM 88045 575-542-3302 UNM scientist studies the authenticity of meteorites By LENA GUIDI/New Mexico Daily Lobo ALBUQUERQUE -- In 2011, Carl Agee received a rock in the mail from a meteorite col- lector in Morocco. fi.t the time, nobody knew what it was or where it had come from. Even for Agee, director of the University of New Mexico's Institute for Me- teoritics, the. rock's origin I remained a mystery for qu{te some time. : "This col- lector sent it to me because no one knew what it was, and it took me months of laboratory analyses to fig- ure it out,? Agee said. At the De- partment of Earth and Plan- etary Sciences, he tested the rock's chemi- cal composition, isotopic com- position, and mineralogy to de- termine its makeup. "From all of those different lines of evidence, the picture that emerged was that it was a meteor- ite from Mars," he said. Now, Agee is being funded by NASA to study the meteorite, known as NWA 7034, or "Black Beauty" for its dark color. There are several reasons why NASA is interested in Black Beauty. Tests showed that it con- tains 10 to 30 times more water than any previously studied Mar- tian sample. Agee and his team also found that the meteorite is composed of a variety of miner- als, ranging from 4.4 billion to 2.1 billion years old. "There are different frag- ments of the Martian crust all to- gether in the same meteorite in addition to the water, so there's a record of the surface processes on Mars for about two billion years," Agee said. Black Beauty is also notable, Agee said, because jt is very simi- lar to the rock samples that are currently being collected by the two rovers on Mars, which use a robotic remote sensing technique to identify the rocks' composi- tion. "Black Beauty finally forms the first tangible meteorite link to the rocks that NASA's rovers are sampling in outcrops on Mars," Agee wrote in the Univer- sities Space Research Association's report for the high-pressure laboratory to simulate the conditions of plan- etary interiors to study the be- havior of magma, he said. In addition to this research, he investigates various samples sent to him by meteorite hunt- ers and dealers. Most of these samples come from Northern Africa -- Mo- rocco in particu- lar, which Agee said is the focus of the meteorite trade'due to its laws that allow them to be bought and sold. He said that most rocks found in the Sa- hara desert sus- pected of being meteorites end up there, where they are sent out to collectors and Carl Agee holds up a meteorite from the collection at Northrop scientists in Eu- Hall. Age e is currently working on updating the Meteorite Museum rope and the for an April opening. United States. Photo by Paul Talley, New Mexico Daily Lobo "I get Facebook mes- Eighth International Conference on Mars. He notes that the mete- orite provides insight into volca- nic activity on the planet, Which is one of his research specialties. While Agee is best known for his work in meteoritics, he was originally trained as a geologist, which is how he began research- ing volcanoes. He said he became interested in planetary geology while working on his doctoral degree at Columbia University. "If you're trained in geology, planets are like whole new worlds to map out and under- stand," Agee said. After finishing at Colum- bia, he taught at Harvard for eight years before moving to Houston to work at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He said he came to UNM because he enjoys the intellectual atmo- sphere of a university. "I have contracts for NASA that I work on, so I'm still involved with them," Agee said. "In addition to Black Beauty, they have also funded me for years to study the pro- cesses of planetary volcanism." He uses the department's sages from nomads in the Sa- hara sending me pictures of rocks they've found," he said. "Or I'll get a FedEx from Mo- rocco. Just like with Black Beauty, I get these exciting, mysterious, unknown meteor- ites sent to me." Sometimes testing reveals these samples to be terrestrial rocks, or as Agee calls them, "meteo-wrongs." "On the other hand, some of them turn out to be a totally new type that's never been seen before," he said. "That sort of detective work really interests me." He said he currently has a pending proposal to study yet another previously unknown Martian meteorite for NASA. Currently, Agee .is also working on updating the Mete- orite Museum in Northrop Hall, which has not had a major reno- vation in about four decades. He said the department plans to re- open the museum in April. "I always have something in the works," he said. 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